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May 1, 2015 4:24 pm

40 Person Mob Assaults 2 Jews on Paris’ Boulevard Voltaire

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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Two Jews were attacked by a 40 person mob on Paris' Boulevard Voltaire on Friday. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Two Jewish residents of Paris were assaulted on the street by a gang of about 40 people on Friday, Israeli French JSS News reported, citing antisemitism watchdog the Bureau National de Vigilance Contre l’Antisemitisme (BNVCA).

The attack against the two Jewish victims, both in their 20s, occurred at about 2:30 p.m. on Boulevard Voltaire in Paris’ 11 arrondissement, according to the report.

The gang of attackers was associated with the anti-Israel groups Gaza Firm and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign, according to security personnel responsible for protecting the Jewish community.

Police launched an investigation into the incident and warned local Jewish business owners to be extra vigilant, JSS News said.

Witnesses on the scene said that members of the Jewish community volunteered to watch over the many Jewish-owned stores on Boulevard Voltaire, according to the BNVCA.

The attack marks the latest in a growing antisemitic trend in France, and Europe as a whole. Earlier this year, an Islamist gunman seized a Kosher supermarket in Paris and killed four Jewish hostages. Just a few weeks later, a security guard was killed in Copenhagen when a lone gunman opened fire in front of the city’s Great Synagogue.

In 2006, a French Jew was kidnapped from his cell phone store on the same Boulevard Voltaire. He was tortured and ultimately killed.

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  • dion

    Never happened. Notice that not a single French newspaper covered this supposed incident. Furthermore, not even respectable Jewish news sites covered it – the only places you read about this are ones that are citing this same report. The thought that a mob of 40 people attacks two individuals and (a) neither of the victims is hurt, and (b) there are no news articles in the press about it, and (c) no named witnesses to this supposed mob assault… pretty much guarantees it’s a bogus story. It’s a real shame too, because I am a supporter of Israel and definitely condemn anti-Semitism in the strongest way possible, but these kinds of hatred-fueling stories, when proven to be faked, do nothing but harm to everyone.

    • mark hauss

      oh,and I suppose the holocaust never happened either!

      • dion

        The Holocaust happened. I’m just using common sense. If this attack happened, what are the names of the victims? Where are the police reports? What were the injuries suffered by the victims? are there any hospital records? Where are the photos? JSS News was supposedly there, yet they didn’t take any video or photos? It supposedly happened on May Day, where there were demonstrators in the street on that day. Surely people have cameras, and phones to record the incident. Yet, not a single video, nor photo. And no news reports of this to be found anywhere. One source only – JSS, a news organization, yet no normal news reporting provided. They published their report without any of the normal coverage (photos, interviews, video, police reports, etc.) you would expect and lots of websites that simply copied and pasted their press release seemingly without any attempt to verify its authenticity. If it really happened, I’d surely want to know, and it wouldn’t be difficult for it to be proven if it did indeed happen.

  • Lord Kayle

    A ton of you here just got played and suckered.

    Eyewitness debunks claim of “attack” on Paris Jews by BDS activists

    • ricardo

      Yep, this honest, impartial resource for antisemitic fiction is just what I would count on for an accurate rebuttal of the reports by press and police.

    • Ronnie Caplan

      Intifada (انتفاضة intifāḍah) is an Arabic word which literally means “flood” or “flooding”, though it is popularly translated into English as “uprising”, “resistance”, or “rebellion” and it involves big numbers of people, hence the word “flooding”. It is often used as a term for popular resistance to oppression.

      Thus, the Electronic Intifada is not a reliable source at all. Leave it to all of islam and their followers as they destroy the world for the rest of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hitek
  • Anatoliy Kats

    Jews ! I am calling on all of us !Take arms and let’s kick anti-Semitic butts ! Only we can protect ourselves !

    • idiot Anatoliy Kats

      for Anatoliy Kats:

      how about if we come to your house and kick your butt sir

      • Ronnie Caplan

        We’ll all be there with you to fight off these smelly, donkey-screwing diaper-headed animals (if they can leave their sisters and mothers alone for a second that is, but still have to wait until their fathers and uncles give them a turn with the filthy donkeys).

        How brave these terrorists all are via the web; let’s see how they are face to face . . .

  • Tentative Infidel

    Islam is a disease.

  • Dryden01

    It was an unfair fight: there were two Jews and only 40 Islamists.

    • Ronnie Caplan

      Hah, LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ron spectre

    Interesting how NOWHERE in teh article does it mention that these 40 people were muslims. Not even LIKELY muslims. Yet everyone reading knows this to be true.

    There arent any buddhists running around beating up jews…

    There arent any christians in the streets kicking jews

    There arent any protestants punching jews

    There arent any Hindus beating jews unconscious…

    And all I have to say is this: if YOU MUSLIMS bring this to the USA we will END you. PERIOD.

    • Ronnie Caplan

      Awww, the muslims are not happy!

      They’re not happy in Gaza ..
      They’re not happy in Egypt ..
      They’re not happy in Libya ..
      They’re not happy in Morocco ..
      They’re not happy in Iran ..
      They’re not happy in Iraq ..
      They’re not happy in Yemen ..
      They’re not happy in Afghanistan ..
      They’re not happy in Pakistan ..
      They’re not happy in Syria ..
      They’re not happy in Lebanon ..


      They’re happy in Australia ..
      They’re happy in Canada..
      They’re happy in England ..
      They’re happy in France ..
      They’re happy in Italy ..
      They’re happy in Germany ..
      They’re happy in Sweden ..
      They’re happy in the USA ..
      They’re happy in Norway ..
      They’re happy in Holland ..
      They’re happy in Denmark ..

      Basically, they’re happy in every country that is not Muslim and unhappy in every country that is!

      Not Islam.
      Not their leadership.
      Not themselves.

      And then they want to change those countries to be like the country they came from where they were unhappy!

      • Peacelover

        How true, Ronnie, How true!

    • Esther

      Amen! Like in Garland, Texas… come here, and we’ll gladly kill you. <3

      It's on Muslim filth!

  • KCH

    Regrettably these groups are not purely Muslim, but consist of an amalgam of anti Israel groups fed by a socialist media in Europe, from birth. Remember that Democratic Socialists are just Fascists in Drag.

  • Beverley Price
    A good article on appropriate hatred. Not my cup of Judaism, but this rabbi has some brave things to say which are right for our times. It is easier to destroy and takes many more people to create.

  • hal land

    france, a magificent country, has become a victim, a ripe dumping ground for revolutionary foreign radicals – bringing crushing costs and hate with them.This same tragedy is throughout Europe.Indifferent nationals are now losing their heritages,freedoms and futures-becoming prisoners in their own lands–hostages to interlopers..

  • T.Ray

    It ALL boils down to exploitive Left-Wing politicians grubbing for votes. It they pretend to “treat the Muslims right” and “give them what they want” they think they will get their votes.

    As far as Muslims causing trouble?—“No problem” Once the Socialists are in power, they no longer need elections or care about public opinion—They will simply use the police to round up and “KILL all those trouble causing Islamists”—and the citizens will be thankful for it.—That’s likely the plan anyway, a trick to gain power by using Muslims.

    BUT there is the danger it might spin out of control before the Socialists are ready.

  • France is only talking about defeating Jew hatred. They continue to choose death over liberty. The sad news is that this is no surprise, and we all know that the government will do nothing to combat the hatred on French Soil:

  • db

    Sadly American lives were wasted saving that nation from the Germans. Their a weak pathetic people the need to be oppressed. They will never understand freedom. They will be conquered by Muslim extremist. When that happens the weak libertards will be crying to be rescued.

  • dutch

    The Bible predicts the Jews will be in Israel along with the Temple, but, not all Jews want to leave their various countries. So now, they will be forced out, because move to Israel they must. I just wonder when this hits the US.

  • NoMoreMrNiceGuy

    So it is the worshipers of Venus against the worshipers of Saturn again.

  • Lone Wolf

    We have the same situation in America with “gangs”. When the laws of a nation restrict you to a point where you can not protect yourself, then you have no obligation to adhere to those laws. Just a personal point of view.

  • MichaelL

    Yes—again, the brave Islamists and their lackeys, attacking the ‘evil Zionists’ (at a ration of 20:1) in revenge for the Crusades (in which they did not participate) and their takeover of Palestine (where they’ve lived since 900BC).

    What a principled, reasonable group are these Islamists. How could ANYone possibly mistrust their goals in the Middle East, and beyond?

  • Allah=Devil

    • Neither word should have a capital letter, like muslims & mohammad.

  • David Fieldman

    Linda, You can see how manly and heroic they are. 40 against 2. Their martyr heaven is openin a crack in the rodent and vermin section just waiting their eventual arrival. And they will arrive.

  • Mike G

    France has traded Jews for Muslims. This is going to be a very expensive proposition for France. They will get what’s coming to them

  • william

    Did not happen —notice there are NO details,no injuries listed , someone DARED to look at them funny and the WHINING began

    • Bill Brasky

      ding ding ding

  • Denny Crane

    I wonder if schools in Europe even teach about muslims taking over Spain? Do they even know about the horrors of the Caliphate of Cordoba? Probably not.

    • Paddy

      The only barrier to Muslim expansion was the Roman Catholic Church. It defeated Islam at Tours, Grenada and Vienna. It has been defanged by modern philosophy, especially it’s natural enemy, Marxism. So,there is no institutional opposition to Islam. We politely observe, as empty church after empty church is converted into a mosque.

      • JeffB

        Not to speak of the effective assault on religious and traditional Western values by Hollywood and the American “entertainment” industry in general, which has an agenda to promote hedonism and the destruction of morality.

        I am Jewish and I regret the part my people have played in this. America has been welcoming and generous to us and did not deserve this.

      • The pope has just ‘recognised’ the ‘palestinian state’.

    • Alfred

      I doubt they do. I believe they fail to teach (warn) our kids all over the world of Islams evil history.

      • Too late for France. It has already fallen due to socialism and its inability to win any kind of real fight. England, you are next. America, take heed. Learn from their stupidity, or you will die due to yours.

      • Laura

        In America, they are being taught nothing. I mean nothing, “Common Core” has been incorporated into most schools and this curriculum is little rly sucking the intelligence out of the kids. The curriculum doesn’t allow for homework and has completely changed the way kids are taught math and reading; so we can be assured the kids are not being taught anything involving real history. In science and social studies they spend all their time on google earth, global warming studies and learning the ways of every religion except the one that helped found this nation. My daughter’s track coach actually had them doing Mecca (or so it seemed) while they stretched in preparation for running. He had them on their knees with arms raised to the sky saying, “Ah” and then instructed them to bend their faces to the ground with their arms still extended out while saying, “Laah” luckily we educate our daughter ourselves and she knew right away what this was, choosing to say, “ah” and then “choo”…what average American children know more than anything else is how to download free aps on their devices. So very sad.

    • Laura

      PLEASE! If what you’re saying is remotely correct, which I believe it not to be, two wrongs do not a make a right. Blaming the behavior of these thugs on the victims is absurd. People are sick and tired of the hatred being spread by those who believe their “religion” gives them the right to do so. As a gentile, I know that there are extremists out there who would wish death upon me but I DO NOT wish it upon them; just wish people like yourself didn’t make such thoughtless, silly comments…

    • John Smith

      Reasons and excuses are not the same thing. You know that, right?

    • Denny Crane

      Shill detected.

    • MichaelL

      Yes, I see Israelis beheading groups of Christians by the hundreds all the time.
      While ISIS and their followers are out there building daycare centers, hospitals and public parks.

      Try again, hammersmith. Your hypocrisy is showing.

    • Matthew Thomas

      Largely you’re a hate-filled ignorant bigot, or possibly a lying,stinking, muslim jihadist who is deliberately pushing Satan’s lie. Either way you’re a scum-bag piece of camel dung.

      The Role of Judeo-Christianity has been to bring the true liberty that comes from knowing the true God to a world had been in darkness for millennia.

      This “blowback” you’re lying about is nothing more than Satan’s attempt to plunge the world back into darkness and oppression – and it is through Islam that he is doing it. But he, and you, will fail because the Lord Yeshua will return and will save his people, and destroy the enemies of God.

    • Macabee

      “Acknowledge your own role.” Nice way to blame the victims. A mob of forty attack two Jews, and your comment puts the blame on the Jews. Typical remark by a person who holds anti-jewish sentiments, but rationalizes and denies their anti-semitism by identifying themselves as an anti-zionist.
      Just come out and say what’s really on your mind. “I wish the two Jews were not only attacked, but killed.”

    • Maybe you could explain the ‘role’ you speak of, hammersmith? Your statement seems very one sided. Not many subjects are so onesided. As for myself, I’m not responsible for any blowback, nor is anyone I know. I have always thought that it was Islam that came out of the desert with sword in hand, and evil intent, roughly 1,300 years ago. Now, it seems, it’s honorable for 40 cowards to attack 2 individuals? or to practice terrorism and call it jihad? That’s certainly some significant blowback and I am not sure I’ll ever understand it. I don’t agree with you and you haven’t provided any basis to back your statement up.The US President seems to think that people alive today are responsible for things that any number of people did centuries ago. Not many agree with him. He doesn’t seem to be able to justify a lot of his statements.

    • Seriously

      How many heads have been sawed off this year? That is one tough way to proselytize, eh?

    • Ray Vesey

      I think we agree then that Islam needs to be eradicated by fire from the west. Best wishes.

    • B. Drummond

      Not so. This story documents the true evil of Islam and the danger that all non-muslims face. Those that worship this false “religion” have been fooled into believing it.

    • proffessor pompador

      Blame the victim, shame on you!
      That’s why so much mob violence is on the rise.
      You instead of condemning the monsters join them and perpetuate the insanity.

    • Larry

      Blowback and Ethno-Racism? Where do you get that crap from? Clearly you are either an Anti-Semite of the old Alglican/Catholic bent or just and enlightened academic fool who has no Jewish friends nor do you know or acknowledge history, rather the Left/Academic distortions of what really happens and has happened on the ground in the last 80 or so years. I bet you think there is really an ancient “Palestinian People” and believe that whatever the fiction presented to be close enough to accept however weak, as long as its not Jewish. Finally, I bet you have no clue as to what Israel contributes to the world in Medicine and Technology alone…Hmmm?

    • BeetleJuice

      Dear God, have you lost your MIND?

    • you’re one sick lil’ ol’ cuckoo bird, my friend. Ah, yes, those pesky Jews–inhabiting their homeland, how ugly! establishing a democracy with rights for all and rule of law. even uglier!

      yo, dude anytime a fight is more than one-on-one it’s fascism time.

      And you’re an accessory—a cowardly accessory.

    • Manhattansasha

      When any Moslems send in aid workers to Nepal then they can earn respect.

    • Thank you for sharing with the whole world that Stupidity is your families strongest genetic trait.

    • David

      So, hammerschmidt (or is that Obergruppenfuhrer Hammerschmidt?) two Jews get beaten by a mob for walking down a street, people express their outrage at this crime, and you come in to condemn Israel and the Jews? You’re quite the illustration of why the Jews needed Israel in the first place!

    • Speichera

      Yes, of course. The Jews are responsible for this violent attack. Stupid Jews and their cabals with the Christians. Anti-Semite much?

    • Palamas

      Yes, of course. Two Jews on the streets of Paris deserve to get the snot beaten out of them as punishment for being associated by ethnicity with what’s being done by a government hundreds of miles away. I’m sure you’re all in favor of beating up innocent Parisian Muslims as punishment for their association with the crimes of ISIS as well.

    • I forget. Did the Jews kill thousands of Christians in the last several years to deserve this? No I believe that would be Muslims. What blowback do they deserve?

    • julie

      First of all, what race is islam?

      Secondly, exactly what role has been played by Christians and Jews who have been historically slaughtered, as they are being today by islamo-fascists, that you disgustingly believe makes them worthy of such barbarism? When will the likes of you, who give comfort and aid to evil, wake up?

      Will YOU be willing to acknowledge, one day, that you stood arrogantly by – complicit in these savage acts – when you discover how tragically and willfully ignorant you are, or will you continue to remain the useless keyboard warrior who knows nothing more tomorrow than you do today?

    • noam

      we have no role in this. this is mohamad’s teachings. he hated jews and personally beheaded a whole jewish tribe, and his stupid followers keep it up 1400 years later

  • Sytten De Mai

    WAKE THE HELL UP FRANCE – and eradicate Islam from all trace of life there.

  • hank

    Liberals cheer!

  • oldwhiteguy

    Jews need to arm themselves and shoot anyone or group that attempts to attack them. these attacks are meant to kill Jews make no mistake about it. the ignorant French people will soon find they no longer have stake in their country if they allow this BS to continue.

    • Mark Gordon

      I agree completely.

  • Vlad Tepes

    Thank you Germans.. your idiotic ideas of grandeur took Europe by storm in 2 very bloody wars, with the help of modern technology.

    After WW2, decimated population in Europe allowed all the emigrants from 3rd world to pour in. Not only that, but essentially even after your utter defeat in WW2 you did not gave up your funny ideas and embraced the enemy of your enemy, the mu slims. Thank you for the million of innocent dead, and for the tens of millions of savages who replaced them all over Europe.

    • Paddy

      Perhaps Prince Metternich was responsible for the Great War? As for the second, with the Bolsheviks believing Deutschland would be the first to fall to the Marxist disaster, they flooded a defeated Germany for the rape of another nation…and lost. The Marxists now rule the EU, Christianity is gone, and the Jews ( historically associated with Mssrs. Marx and Engels) are next. None of it’s fair. The West’s fixation on destroying the Orthodox Christians of Serbia, Greece and Russia will tell the tale this decade.

    • MichaelL

      The Treaty of Versailles, with its vengeance and financial impossibilities allowed for the Second World War.
      Germany bears more, but NOT exclusive responsibility. No, no; Britain, France, and the US in their selfish structuring of postWW1 Europe set the stage for the second, and more brutal conflict.

      Plenty of blame to go around.

    • Alan Andrews

      The unforeseen aftereffects of WWII of self-imposed helplessness has long been noted, described ironically as “Hitler’s Revenge” (cf.

    • Friedrich Hoeffler

      Haven’t scum like you bled Germany enough?
      The occupied German people are enslaved to their puppet government.

  • Gary Mullennix

    Not antisemitism. This is Islam’s call to its mindless followers to kill Jews. And to take over France and Europe and create poverty and great unhappiness as the go about the task of forcing all others to live a submitted life without hope, liberty or choice.

    • Paddy

      Christian Europe is dead and buried, murdered by nihilists and Marxist “intellectuals”. The coda will be nasty and brutish.

      • Darlene

        James I am so afraid you are right.

    • mjazz

      Islam is antisemitism clothed in a religion/cult.

    • BeetleJuice

      An example of the parasites attempting to overwhelm the host. If they succeed, the host dies — and they also will die.

      The traitorous European “leaders” who invited these avowedly non-assimilating Muslims into their countries –and kept importing them by the boatloads even when it became OBVIOUS that the importees were colonizing, not acculturating to, those Western nations– really NEED to be torn to pieces by their outraged citizens, and their heads displayed on pikes as a warning to the OTHER European traitors waiting to fill their shoes.

      * * * * *

      Please note: If the Muslims succeed, all of Western Civilization dies. The “Great Books” will be burned, because “the Koran is all that is needed”.

      *ALL* the classically-liberal ideas that developed during the rise of Christianity — such as
      (1) the innate value of the individual (because each person is created “in the image of God”);
      (2) the notion of women as moral actors equal to men, and thus no longer “chattel”;
      (3) the idea that human society REQUIRES personal liberty (the freedom to choose good or evil) which REQUIRES personal accountability and self-control (because each person will be subject to his own PERSONAL judgment before God);
      (4) the belief that ALL humans are flawed and prone to error, therefore the institutions we create must be directed by Rule-of-Law-applicable-to-ALL instead of depending on the decree of (falsely-presumed) Righteous Men;
      {{and so forth}}
      will die out. Lost forever. Period.

      The exact same confluence of ideas and principles and popular beliefs which created our culture will never occur by happenstance again. (Example – without the notion of “chivalry”, we would be living in a vastly different world. Do you expect the Knights Templar or the Hospitallers to arise again, two hundred years hence, when Islam’s New Caliphate starts to fall apart?)

      There MAY be a second rise of Christendom (equally possible: perhaps there WON’T be a resurgence, and humanity will revert to warring-tribes-in-the-savannah); but whatever comes after the inevitable fall of Islam (*) will be completely new, uninformed by the ideals of this old civilization we’re now watching die.

      (*) because it IS a cultural parasite, and WILL kill its host. Islam does NOT allow for new thought, progress, or innovation. It’s stuck in the 7th century, and its only concern is “who must submit to whom”. A few hundred years of “don’t think, don’t innovate, don’t challenge” and it too will collapse.

  • James

    so basically, given the names of the groups that conducted the attack, it was Muslims that did it but with the cowardice of western media that is not said.

    • Laura

      Well said!

    • Kitwench

      First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

      Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist.

      Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.

      Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.
      Pastor Martin Niemöller

      And here we go again.
      We have a group that believes they and they alone have the One True Way and that they are *ordered by their diety* to kill and/or convert all who disagree.

      They start by attacking a group that’s an easy political target – but they have NO intention of stopping there.

      They operate under multiple names, multiple guises, and multiple leaders with the cooperation of left-wing media and politicians in every western nation.

      Make no mistake – this is not about Israel, not about ‘the fall of Christianity’ in today’s Western cultures.
      Christians are not safe in nations led by Islamic extremists – nor would they be if every Jew on the planet were to suddenly vanish.

      This is about the fundamental beliefs of Islam.

      Christianity has a bloody past as well – but when will Islam’s leaders come to speak out for peace , when will the followers of Islam decry violence, preach – and practice live and let live, and turn their backs on war in the name of religion?

  • Patrick McGoohan

    A nation and continent that has not learned a lesson from its’ tragic history. These hateful criminals are the Brown Shirts of the twenty first century. The good people of Europe need to assert themselves against this evil before they find that it is too late. Stop the Hate!

  • danh

    Every Christian man and others of good will should wear a Jewish skull cap in public, not only to show solidarity to innocent would be victims of hate, but to directly save fellow citizens. There is strength in numbers. What governments do should be fought out in parliaments not not in vengeful acts against individuals. This is a sign of madness and of barbarism.

    • Don

      A skull cap and a pistol-

  • Myra Gordon



    faux, n’existe pas

    wrong information, it is does not exist


    wrong information

  • Steve Zwillman

    Nonsense. It’s all because of Israel anyway. Stop crucifying the Palestinians, and the “anti-Semitism” will stop.

    • Robin

      Thank you for your idiocy, Neville Chamberlain.

      • william

        “The World wishes Chamberlain had not surrenedered” BULL S–T. Georges Clemenceau and David Lloyd George are the idiots the World should curse,not Chamberlain. What the World WISHES is that Germany had been given VIABLE/LIVABLE terms after WWI that would have NOT have paved the way for WWII …. THAT is what the World wished for. It was the NEVER FORGIVE and NEVER FORGET establishment that CREATED the Nazis. The rabid idiots attempted to eradicate Germany and THEY gave birth to Hitler. THAT is what 47 TREASONOUS senators are attempting today.
        Georges Clemenceau and David Lloyd George are the idiots the World should curse,not Chamberlain.Not only did France want to punish Germany, it wanted to preserve the French empire and colonies. While America put forward a belief in national or ethnic “self-determination”, France and Britain were also strongly motivated by a desire to hold onto their empires.
        after World War 1, the Treaty of Versailles took away Germany’s colonies and forced the country to pay $33 billion (a huge amount of their GDP) to Britain and France. this, in turn, economically enslaved the German people. unemployment and inflation were out of control. the German Mark would devalue so much that people had to use carts full of money to buy bread. this left Germany with grievances. Hitler promised to rebuild the nation and seek revenge against the Allies. this made him and the Nazis wildly popular in Germany during the 1930s. in just a few short years, Hitler revived the economy, built up a massive army, re-militarized the Rhineland, and took over neighboring countries. all of this led to war in 1939.

        • jacquelyn lenhardt

          Hey, don’t stop your nice little History lesson there. What did Hitler do after that? What did Germany do the world after that? Are you justifying what Germany did???

    • Davemon

      palestinians? Are these the same ones who cheered 9 11, celebrated the space challenger disaster, brought you the 72 Olympics, strap bombs onto retarded people, and get More aid per capita than any group in the world? Sure just appease them and they’ll be nice folks. They are scum

    • Linda Rivera

      Taqiyya! Your devilish propaganda and satanic lies for bloodthirsty Palestinian Authority Muslims are disgraceful.

      Every day Muslims barbarically slaughter non-Muslims around the world for the sole reason the innocents don’t worship the Muslim Blood Cult god.

    • Ken Langley

      Congratulations on the dumbest thing ever posted on the internet.

    • um, Mr Zwillman, the Israelis would like nothing more than to never to kill a Palestinian trying to kill their civilians.

      if u really think u can reduce the problem to your two simple-minded idiotic sentences then you’re part of the problem.


    • Palamas

      Because a couple of Parisian Jews deserve to get beaten up for the actions of a government that, for all we know, they opposed, just because they are Jews. How very…racist of you.

    • Palamas

      So every crime committed against Jews anywhere is because of Israel, and therefore they deserve it? You sound like Alfred Rosenberg’s apprentice.

  • Maureen

    We’re going to need the Christian men of the West to stand up soon…otherwise, their children will be endangered for decades due to militant islam.

  • How long will the Jew and Christian suffer?

  • Scrumptious Lad

    Jews should arm themselves.

  • Kit

    This must be stopped
    No more Moslems in Europe

    • austin

      good luck!

  • dave johnson

    BIG bloodshed is coming…and it won’t work out well for muslimes

  • Sam James

    How quickly we forget the Nazi holocaust……if we don’t remember the sins of the past we are sure to repeat them. this anti-semitism is just ridiculous!

  • 40 person mob NOT.

    40 Islamic Muslim Terrorists is more like it!

  • Noble Furr

    That is takes 40 men to attack 2 young Jews in their 20s is beyond disgusting and cowardly. I hope the police got their names or photographs, because this is a crime that deserves retribution.

    Where I live in Texas, 2-on-1 is considered cowardly and contemptible. TWENTY-on-1 is so unacceptable as to be way beyond cowardly.

    The French wanted “multi-culturalism”, and now they have it. So, it is their job to undo the damage, and keep the Muslims under control — or expel them.

  • james

    The Jews in France must leave France.
    Social norms are decaying there.
    They must either come to America (but we”re not letting white people in only poor impoverished people with no job skills , but they will vote democrat

  • Larry

    When you import legions of Islamic trash, this what happens.

  • Maroon

    “The gang of attackers was associated with the anti-Israel groups Gaza Firm and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign”
    You can find these groups on left wing campuses in the US. “Liberals” on the march.

  • ric b

    If an anti Jewish organization decides to attack,use force and abuse peaceful humans that may have attempted to protect properties associated with Jews;can the French government and people tolerate the situation and still be an honest host to humanity and take serious the”rights of man”?or do they want the Jews to leave France?

    • Steve Buxbaum

      ric b, French Jews are already leaving France by the thousands, many going to Israel. Although problems are currently limited to several major cities, the locals estimate that within 10 years France will be uninhabitable by normal people. One would think that the French would have more pride than this, to fight harder to maintain their culture, language and traditions.

  • robert kelly

    “The attack marks the latest in a growing antisemitic trend in France,…”

    The attackers are Muslim, and Muslim Arabs are Semites, so how could they accurately be described as anti-Semitic?

    Surely the intention is not to portray them as self-hating Semites, is it?

    • austin

      Why do you google and discover the meaning of “anti-Semite”?

    • yeesh, why do the simpletons come out of the woodwork whenever some innocent Jews get bashed by some bloodthirsty anti-Semitic haters and reveal their ignorance? Two against FORTY?

      wtf is wrong with you? it’s called a pogrom, you moron.

  • Vengeance is. Mine

    I’m sure the savages who perpetuated this crime were not members of the “Religion of Peace.”

  • Ralph Tutor

    Jews are the only group of people that are persecuted more than Christians. I be leave that some day they will regret their actions.

  • Extropico

    FYI, the use of the term “anti-Semite” when most of the attackers may be Arab Semites is ironic and inimical to veracity.

    Most of the world’s Semites are Arabs! Start using more accurate terminology.

    • austin

      find a brain

    • mjazz

      The term “anti-Semite” has always referred to Jews and not Arabs.

  • robert hunt

    When I read stories lke this, I wonder who was responsible. Is Europe as a whole turning more anti-Semitic? or is it only the influx of Moslims? telling me that, “associated with anti-Israel groups Gaza Firm and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign” does not help. How can a group of 40 random people roam streets and attack Jews? More, how can a group of 40 Muslims roam the streets eo attack Jews. thanks, RL

    • Liliane Abergel

      Robert, if you know Paris, it’s very easy to understand. I grew up there. Boulevard Voltaire, in the 11th district, is a well known street with lots of Jewish businesses. What I think happened is some muslims decided to “casser du Juif” or “break some Jews” which is their favorite pastime. Where will they go but a place where many Jews have their businesses? Because it also involve breaking down and looting stores. Along the road more of them congregated until they saw some preys …

    • Damocles

      The PC media does not want you to know that they were primarily Muslims. That’s why they only give the nonsense-sounding name of a group that could have almost anyone as members, but be sure, it’s Islamic.

  • Looks like progressive socialist pro Nazi Vichy France has crawled out of the basement ?

  • Krusatyr

    France needs to arm the Jews, help them protect themselves from islamist cockroaches.

    Then the Jews will earn a reputation of vigorous self defense.

  • Matt

    So,I get the impression that the 40 guys were Muslim? Come on out and say it man. Get a hold or yourselves and report this thing the same way if a group of 40 Baptists attacked a gay guy somewhere in the world.

    • The Tom

      It would actually be irresponsible to say they were Muslims without first confirming it. Assumption is not fact, and this is fact-based reporting, as opposed to commentary. The facts they have are that the mob is associated with groups that are anti-Israel. Your assumption that they are Muslims, and also MY assumption, by the way, while almost certainly correct, is still an assumption.

      Yes, there are times when reporting intercultural or interracial conflict can be a bit selective in pointing out only one side’s culture or race. But I don’t believe this is one of them.

  • nonya

    savage paleo b’tards.
    and the world sides with these piece of shi*S

  • Mark Reed

    As American Protestants, my wife and I are deeply aggrieved by this latest attack on totally innocent Jewish residents of Paris. When will the civil authorities recognize this growing evil in French society and attack it at its roots? Unless they do so, these awful instances will become commonplace.

  • This is sad. Let the Jews live in peace. Google

  • Haeshu Kasiiki

    If I were Jewish, I would consider leaving France.

  • jose ortega

    When will the stupid Jews finally wakeup and leave for Israel?

    • Davemon

      Those stupid Jews are 1% of us population yet have 40% of nobels in science and math. And you benefit from many of those breakthroughs. So think of some other slur amigo.

    • get back on top of the train and leave the United States, we’re too good for you.

  • Jane doe


  • Dave


  • hymie christkipller

    Go to and type in “a message from hck” to watch a video reply to radical islam

  • aberdeenvet

    Why would anyone visit any countries in Europe anymore? The trash that is taking over is disgraceful and not worth the spending of hard earned money on them, especially American dollars which are worth more than the lives of those who live there now.

  • Truth Detector

    Does Obama have an alibi?

  • william

    What a load of manure ….. If FOURTY people “MOBBED” 2 they would be dead or nearit. WHINE WHINE WHINE WHINE WHINE
    — 557 CHILDREN Ritualistically SACRIFICED in Gaza —-

    • mjazz

      If it happened it’s because the Gazans used their kids as human shields or propaganda purposes by not allowing to leave the schools they were firing from.

    • Palamas

      “Ritualistically sacrificed?” You forgot to mention the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Gotta gie credit where credit is due, right?

  • Howard Immanuelson

    Oh, but wait! These groups claim to just be “anti-Zionist” and “pro-Palestinian” and they are CERTAINLY NOT anti-Semitic yet they they are beating up Jews… I hope no one is surprised by this.

  • ZeroDarkThirty

    The “religion of peace” strikes again. European Jews need to flee the impending holocaust.

  • George Johnson

    Why would anybody be surprised? After all the french people that actually collaborated with the Nazi’s in WWII….. I mean france actually had some great people that actually fought. The rear guard action at Dunkirk was pretty gutsy. But after that? No contest. About half the country, if not more, actually didn’t mind the Nazi’s at all. This is just an extension of that. The Brits had to actually sink their navy because they wouldn’t join the allies! And now you wonder where this comes from?

    You wait, it’s going to get worse before it gets better. It’ll be like 1930’s Germany all over again. You don’t have a job? Short on food? Crummy apartment? No furniture? It rains and you get wet? Blame the Jews! They are the root of all of your problems! You wait, it’s coming. (same thing in America, except “conservatives” are the “New Jews”). It’s just the ideology of the left. Blame anybody “not them”, and the Jews are a convenient target, have been for centuries.

  • Wes Bomar

    It figures that the brave French people have already stated that they are no longer going to do cartoons of Mohammed. They now have found out that Muslims fight back. So they found a new source to go after that don’t kill people for making cartoons or dumb jokes about them. since the picked the Jews I guess they are still trying to get to Hitler’s final solution that they help him with after caving to him in the second world war without firing a shot. So much for backbone. But what the heck we have a entire political party in America called Republicans that don’t have any backbone either. And live well off what they steal (sense they don’t do what they were hired to do)from the American People.

  • Jesse Ellyson

    This is the wave of the future. Islam is taking over the world. Make no mistake, the War on Terror is a religious war. How many Buddhists have you seen in the ranks of al-Qaeda? How many Christians have you seen taking up arms for ISIS? Jews the world over are in danger from a religious war which has no desire greater than the total eradication of all Jews. And perhaps most tragic of all, Israel has lost its staunchest ally. America has turned its back on Israel. Led by a man intent on befriending Iran, America has betrayed it’s only true ally in the region. I am deeply ashamed of my country. I am terribly frightened by the prospects faced by Jews in the near future. And I am saddened by the world’s total indifference. ISIS, or someone very much like them, will win in the end simply because the world is too afraid to raise a fist to stop them.

  • joe smith

    …’ The gang of attackers were associated with anti-Israel groups Gaza Firm and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign’…

    This article is not clear. So were these 40 people redheads from Ireland?

  • fabrice

    are you sure this is not a mistake? isn’t it a last year jss news and not yesterday ??

  • lupe

    “people” is code word for muslims. But apparently this is a touchy feely sensitive tolerant kind of news report. Can’t offend the fabulous immigrants now.

  • HaroldT

    And was there anything on the TV or statements from politicians ?

  • Brown

    That’s called a lynch. Not an assault
    And you still think France is safe for the jews?

  • Frank Messmann

    An equitable settlement of the Palestinian issue may not end attacks on European Jews, but the longer the issue festers, the worse the problem seems to grow.

    • mjazz

      The palestinians refuse to negotiate.

  • M A R

    History repeats itself, are we in the 1930s? Jews, Christians and others are beaten, disenfranchised and murdered. The silence of the world is deafening.

  • jewhader

    Are we sure it was 2 and not SIX MILLION?

  • zozo

    I bet my paycheck… none of the attackers were truly French…

  • DSM

    Europe’s history of anti Semitism rises again. Think about this: What Jews have given to the world and what Muslims have given to the world. It’s not even close. As the Jewish exodus from Europe begins Europe will begin to suffer.

  • David D. Davd

    This story tells the whole world of the
    great courage of the people of Paris.

  • Amalek Haman

    That’s what they get for supporting replacement-level immigration of 3rd worlders into Europe.

  • Muslims are haters of common sense and life.

  • hammersmith

    With the events in Palestine and especially Gaza this is no surprise. It is a chance for Jewish Europeans to reflect.

  • Bob

    The anti-Semitism in the Western World is sick.

  • austin

    Makes sense-

    Jews are attacked by mulsim thugs, so the authorities tell the Jews to be more vigilant.

    Nothing done to the muslim ‘culture’ and mosques that deliver the message of hatred.

    Time for Jews to leave, and leave Europe to the muslims-they deserve each other.

  • David Wilkinson

    Paris needs to roll back it’s civility, an castrate the greasy towelheads that are there, and prevent the muslim invasion from rotting the culture further. Muslims are lie most vermin: stamp them out.

  • Craig Eliot

    Just keep importing the Muslims! When the Jews are gone, the Christians will be next.

  • dave johnson

    Well, there ya go…as Europe “islamatizes” the Jews pay the price. Big bloodshed could be coming!

  • Mike

    And this is the reason we will not allow Iran to get a nuke bomb.

    • Gimme strength

      Guess what? We’re allowing it. And so, the Arab states will get them too.

  • rusty

    Who are these people? Muslim I suspect? France let them flood into their country, now they must pay the price. Any country that lets them in will pay with the lives of their citizens.

  • David Powell

    It is the Jews today, it will be others tomorrow. France needs to get their nation back under control and jail or deport those attacking people and causing mayhem.

  • danny rose

    Friends, allowing stupid animals to enter and control sections of your country has only one result. Fascism, with obvious results. Jews and Gays are always first. Remember what these creeps do to women.

  • Neal Watt

    Jacques DeMolay whom the French burned at the stake knew how to handle Muslims. This is what they get.

  • Jack Berman

    This almost reads like a “sick joke”, when the French government warns Jewish business owners to be “extra vigilant”…….
    Why don’t they show more interest in protecting the French Jews, rather than warning them of this horror.??

    I am a World War 2 disabled veteran, and remember a saying popular during my war. It was, “the French will fight to the last American”….they never fought, were too busy drinking and romancing while we did the killing for them.

    They sicken me to the core.

    Support/Pray for our Troops
    Jack Berman

  • uh huh

    Was one of them Elvis? Because that’s about how believe this ‘story’ is.

  • josetoyou

    ALL of Europe is already doomed to become muslim states in but a few years due to muslim immigration and the rate at which the multiply (>4:1) relative to non-muslim couples. Some schools in Europe today have a student body that is alreadyover 40% muslim.
    Google “muslim demographics” to view the documentary.
    When their numbers increase, so do their demands and acts of violence…

  • Thomasson

    This is exactly WHY MARINE LE PEN AND FRONT NATIONAL HAVE TO COME TO POWER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. France is at war with ISLAM, but the sleeping beauties at the Elisee are doing their utmost best to look the other way. Not only concerning the Jew, but they are also betraying their own indigenous French. No day is passing by without victims on the French side. Some of the victims are paying with their lives …But nobody cares. The French government is, as a matter of fact, not better than the Vichy administration of Marshall Phillipe Petain. The Jews can better leave France as soon as possible. The indigenous French people have two options: TO FIGHT FOR THEIR LIVES AND FREEDOM OR EXTINCT.

  • Nelson garnick

    Arm yourself!! The French could care less about the Jewish citizens . Do not forget the vishey regime in WW 11. Fight or get out . Go to Israel at least you will fight for a country that welcomes you. I would hesitate to recommend my country as we have a president that is an appeaser and a secret muslim bent on destroying western culture. Possible after the 2016 elections might be a better time.

  • GoldenRudy

    Why not provide a description of just who were the attackers? Afraid to say they are Muslims or Muslim sympathizers? “Gaza Firm” does provide a hint as does BDS, however. But clarity/specificity would be nice.

  • kenny komodo

    The time is drawing closer for those Jews still living in France, and perhaps the rest of Europe, to get wise and get out. The Muslim immigration is set to drown native born Europeans within the next couple of decades and anti Jewish sentiment will only grow stronger. Do French Jews really want to subject their children to threats of violence? Actual violence? The continent of Europe is already awash in Jewish blood, not only from the Holocaust years but for anti Semitism from centuries past. Get out while you can. Israel will welcome you with open arms.

  • George

    “Be extra vigilant..”. That’s a pathetic piece of advice. What I would want would the dang government to legalize the owning/carrying of a machine gun.

  • PA Official: ‘If We Had Nuke, We’d Have Used It This Morning’

  • Jesus H. Christ

    This happens in America as well, except it’s black mobs attacking white people.

    • vibrant77

      Correction: white cops killing any ethnic colored person for no reason. We are all immigrants to the USA, even your family. Maybe you should do back to Europe?- oh, thats right…there are “nonwhite” groups there too. Guess you should off yourself now!

  • bill smith

    Sounds like they are fed up with them in France too.

  • David Sanchez

    “The religion of peace” at work again.

  • Amos

    What we have here is the 21st Century French version of “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternit锝

  • UK

    Anti-semitism is rife again in Europe, the ever growing muslim population is the driving force behind the majority of this.

  • jackcandobutwont

    Exactly how it began in Germany 75-80 years ago

  • Charles

    Disgusting Muslims, sorry you don’t have the guts to call a spade a spade

  • TR

    This is very sad, but it could likely be a trend if more Jews don’t stand up and speak out against Zionism.

    More and more “Goys” are beginning to realize that Zionist Jews control mainstream media, governments, the global banking system and Hollywood. Americans are certainly waking up to it more and more.

    Good/non-Zionist Jews should start talking about Zionism so they are not targeted as well.

    There are many Jews against Zionism:

    It is becoming quite apparent that Zionism=Satanism

    • Linda Rivera

      Jews control everything? Rabid Jew-haters repeat that same statement millions of times over and over again.

      If Jews control everything, how is it that highly influential Western mainstream media and powerful Western governments are Jew-haters/Israel-haters?

      I LOVE the Biggest Zionist in the Universe! My Hero!

      Bible, Zechariah 1:14 Thus says the LORD of hosts, “I am exceedingly jealous for Jerusalem and Zion”.

  • Syd

    These 40 are going to give lawless mobs a bad name.

  • Dave In Arizona

    Forty Islamist against two Jews? That sounds about right. If another Jew had arrived, the Islamists would have run with their tails between their legs.

  • steve

    Jews, take baseball bats with yoiu and wack the muslim thugs until thier filthy brains spill onto the street.

  • potvin

    Sounds like Paris has been overrun by Muslim scum.

  • bryan s

    The real story is again missing here. There is no talk about the attackers being muslim. All of us know the attackers were, but you conveniently leave this out of the story; because the muslims control the media by threatening violence against them.

  • coyotewise

    Don’t these people understand they are engaging in the very behaviors they accuse the Jews of? Sad, pitiful, but oh so true.

  • The headline for this article should have read “40 COWARDS Assault 2 Jews on Paris’ Boulevard Voltaire”.

  • Ferd Berfel

    RThe headline should read “40 Muslims assault two Jews”

  • Byron

    Jews are clearly at risk in France, and their talents and enterprise are needed here, so Obama will surely give them priority status for emigration to the U.S.


    Ha-ha, just kidding…

  • Michael Fine

    When are the French “watchdog” groups going to stop watching Jews getting killed and start to arm these businesses and individuals with the weapons they need to defend themselves? Why aren’t mass arrests being made of these known violent anti-Semetic groups? Where is that precious Mayor of yours? Too busy suing FOX News for telling the truth about no-go zones ?

  • observer

    Europeans’ love affair with Jew hatred is a 2,000 year long affair that never boes cold. One can be sure this attack will be blamed on the muslime thugs also present in France but doubt that many muslim street hoodlums were involved with the bds mobs ginned up and paid for by the far left.

  • Denver

    Oh Europe! Haven’t you paid enough for the sins of your Fathers?


    Ah, the “religion of peace” at it again.


  • C Golden

    These people give savages a bad name, but I’m not surprised to see anti-semitism on the rise in France. It has a long history of such behavior dating back to 1026 with the expulsion of Jews from Limoges. Dreyfuss. Drancy. The collaboration of the Resistance and French Christians with the Nazis in regard to the Holocaust.

    If I were a Jew in Europe, I’d already be gone.
    Get. Out. Now.

  • wilypagan

    It is time for Europe to close all mosques and to deport all followers of the pedophile.

  • David

    “Israeli French JSS News reported”

    This is Algemeiner’s source? If such an unbelievable event had actually occurred, certainly it would have been on someone’s phone…or in a real news source? Half of the article is intimation and smear on political groups critical of Israel! The supposed “assault” isn’t even detailed – was it spit – was it noise – was it meany mean words that hurt the Jews’ feelings? Given that Israel is actively fomenting fear among French Jews (see Bibi’s recent appearance in Paris) to increase aliyah and their tax base by suckering in more apartment buyers for the massive Tel Aviv/Netanya building bubble, a respectable publication would vet this information before publishing. To the outside world, it doesn’t seem like Jews are in danger in France, it seems like Jews demand and get attention more than anyone else in France, that’s all.

  • Alan

    This kind of conduct by anti-semitics seems to be the new norm. Don’t we have to meet it with similar tactics? I know we shouldn’t have to, and it is wrong, but we may to travel in groups ourselves wiith able bodied men to defend ourselves.

  • Lord Effington Three Sticks

    France should have never let in any Muslims.

  • bob

    This is a wake- up story for tourist to stay away form France.

  • Jews bring it upon themselves. They disenfranchise everyone else, they help twist the laws to fill these formerly White countries with foreign filth (that hates them too) and then whine like little girls when they reap the rewards of their treachery.

  • No description of the attackers at all? No one saw anything? Were all the victims and other people in the area on an outing from the Paris Institute for the Blind?

  • Reginald Thornton

    Don’t worry, moderate Muslims will police the extremists within their ranks. What, those WERE the moderates? Well, don’t worry, Paris will police the Muslim hate crimes against Jews. What? Paris Jews, I have bad news for you…..

  • An American NOT in Paris

    Cowardly islamists. 40 to take on two Jews. The islamists shoud go back to the sand and camels.

  • Alex Umrichin

    Why can’t you just call a spade a spade and refer to the 40 “people” as the Muslim thugs they are?

  • MacaroniGuy

    Wha Wha Whaaat? But, Israel haters PROMISED they weren’t Jew haters! They SWORE their single minded hatred for Israel, willful ignorance of Muslim and other nations’ crimes against humanity, and plainly obvious double standard isn’t all just a thin veil of the same 2000 year old Euro prejudice against The Jewish people.

    What feckless cowards 40 against 2.

  • jerry

    Is afraid to mention that these 40 men against 2 are Arab Muslims? 40 against 2 are certainly Cowards. I’d like to see 1 against 1. Then they run for the hills. Does this “Growing antisemitic trend in France and Europe” have anything to do with a Muslim surge in France and Europe? You have to think.

  • Mickey Oberman

    40 Muslims against 2 Jews.

    Undoubtedly great Islamic heros in the world of Islam.

  • HMichael Hawkins

    This is proof positive individuals in France absolutely need the right to own and bear weapons. No one should be without the ability to protect their life and property from thugs. The growing hostility towards Jews will soon be followed by hostility to Catholics, Protestants, Atheists, and all other religions and non believers who will never be protected from violence by the police. Islam is coming to your neighborhood, so get a gun and be skilled in its use to defend yourself if you live in France, or anywhere in Europe.

  • Hope they catch the punks dress them as western military soldier and air drop them over isis held territory.

  • James Madison

    Time for the persecuted to start organizing and fighting back against Muslim intolerance and bigotry.
    The biggest threat to Democracy is the totalitarianism of Islam and Sharia law.

  • RussRamey6

    The beast is alive and well from Paris to Baltimore to Baghdad… time of troubles for all men and women of reason. The mob rises once again…

  • What happened with the good old punishment of hard labor, in a mine or something? After 20 years they might have got another idea of what to do for fun.

  • People such as these misfits (the 40) that attack someone (Jews) solely because of religion, color or ethnic background are the “trash of the world”. They are so filled with anger, prejudice and disgust of themselves – that they look for a victim. They are the followers of a dark side that will in the end be “their end”. As for France – I am crossing a visit off my travel list – I don’t have time for displays of evil and this is what France is beginning to show. Peace is a prize – but it comes at a cost – “the only thing for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. – Edmund Burke”. Sounds like a lot of people “doing nothing” is what is taking over the land.

  • Jonathan Silber

    Nothing that another demo by arm-linked Charlie marchers can’t handle.

  • Sanford Paris

    “You’ve got to know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em.” It is time to at least walk away if not to run. Israel is not too far away for Europeans. Mexico, Canada and the USA can also be destinations. There are numerous Countries this side of the hemisphere. Europe is tainted and undependable. Why bless them with your presence?

  • Mike Jefferson

    F— the french. They are racists and anti-Semites. Let them choke on sharia law and when their womyn are wrapped up in bedsheets and they are bowing on their knees to a moon g-d let them lament over the way they treated the Jews. We saved their a–es from living under the domination of the Huns in two world wars let the french enjoy the benefits of radical islam.

  • Forest Popp

    All Jews need to leave Europe as soon as possible. You are welcome here in the States but please leave your terrorist enabling liberalism in Europe. And in the States we have the Second Amendment. Europe has done it’s best to make sure it’s citizens cannot defend themselves.

  • Margie Lyle

    France should be ashamed.

  • Slobbering Fits

    I blame Islam George Soros Roger waters and Progressives .

  • 10


  • Now you know why we need large magazines for guns.

  • Kathleen Boyd

    In the United States we have our own problems but we do prosecute criminals like these 2 very publicly to let others know their fate should they commit the same crime. Anti-semitism, particularly in Europe, is a terrible embarrassment on those countries leaders who apparently did not study history in school.

  • Lisa

    The world has gone mad..too much GMO and fluoride, and big pharma,,The Roman Empire fell and so will the NWO,,we somehow need to find our humanity again..sad, very sad only!

  • Billy Budd

    Two poor people were also attacked in Lisbon. Tired of the Jew story.

  • crazy

    F… monsters .So much jews gives us so much they want to see them destroy

  • Citizen C

    Progressive Europeans have reinstated the pogrom.

  • Jean Dupres

    Any facts to go with this story? You know – names of those ‘attacked’, pictures, videos, witness statements, etc. Or, as usual, do we have to just accept a vague, unsubstantiated report as fact and just trust you that it took place?….Do note that proper news is invariably verified by videos nowadays – check out the images of black men being attacked by police in the USA etc. The way ‘attacks’ of this sort in Paris – the most visited tourist destination in the world – are never recorded by anyone really is very mysterious.

  • Joel Keller

    It’s past the time for French Jews to move to safer places. Israel, America, Canada but no other European country. What a shameful place is France these days.

  • Jeanette jonas

    The Mob of 40 Gaza Firm and BDS attacked two twenty year olds with intent because they were Jewish. These cowards trolled the street as a group with intention of aggression. The French need to make hate crime punishable by long prison terms and verbal hate crime must be punishable without exception

    • Ancient Mariner

      Yes, let’s do away with freedom of speech by all means.

  • Police warned local Jewish businesses owners to be extra vigilant. O WOW! Thats tough action! Warning the victims is sure to stop the nazi-Muslims!

    I was banned in a forum called – strangely – thetreeofliberty – because that forum is full of nazis and mormons. Just like Israel when Hamas attacks them, I was blamed for being a trouble-maker because the nazis attacked every post I made and I defended myself. Even non-Jews are hated if we love Israel.

  • arne normann

    ..well, the jews in France have to answer those herassments firm and hard – as I do think the arabs will not stop, and even attac even harder, if they are not met With hard resistance. The jews in France; hold on and use the necessesary force to maintain Your rights. The rememberance of France 1942-3, shuld not happen once more – as the jews then had to disapear from the surface in order not to be murdered…

  • Dr David MILLER

    At the same time, Jewish mob (yes… Jews DO have mob, like Arabs…) has attacked an Israeli soldier in Israel and broke his car. It’s a miracle he wasn’t killed…

  • Lydia Wilcocks

    How can the world Let this Happen Again !Remember world war 2 what the Jewish people suffered, Please please protect the Jewish people. Pray for all of Israel, I Love all the Jews, God Bless and protect YOU all !

  • looplou

    The French capitulated to the Genocidal Nazis. Now they have capitulated to an equally barbaric and genocidal force, hoards of Muslims. France and the rest of Europe must come to grips with the fact that they have let their mortal enemy into their own countries, and unless they purge these people from their lands they will be living under the boot of these savages or will be beheaded by them. Time to man up Europe and stop being pussies. Islam Raus! Or it will be your death.

  • Luigi Rosolin

    How is that the French police had not arrested or found the criminal’s? Is a shame! That the kidnapping and killing of a person can go unpunished from 2006 is a little to much. I’m sure that the French had some suspected of the killing. Why authority had allowed the anti-Semitism to grow so much in France? Why Islam had been allowed to take over so much of France?

  • Eugene r. Boisselle

    Mohammed invented the Allah of the Q’ran islam is not a religion it is a hate organization ,vowing to Ikill all who disagree with its tenants .its theology if faulty worshipping satan in one of his aliases

  • France has had a long and consistent history of overt antisemitism from the Dreyfus affair to collaboration with the Nazis during World War II to France’s refusal to deliver jet fighters that Israel had paid for after the Six Day War. Now they pay lip service to religious tolerance and support of Jews living in France while throughout the country Jews are terrorized and Jewish institutions are vandalized seemingly without fear of police intervention.

  • Jeff Lestor

    Looks like members of “The Religion of Peace” (I-slam) are up to their dirty business yet again. The only way to rid ourselves of this kind of hatred and violence is to deport Muslims, and do not allow any to enter the country. Japan has done a superb job of keeping the Muslim trash at bay. We should follow their lead.

  • Alan Einhorn

    At least you told it like it is; identifying the affiliations of the attackers. Can you believe president Obama referred to the Kosher deli shooting as “An act of RANDOM violence”. I wonder if all this will cause the EU to consider letting Jews arm themselves ? If not, we can kiss “never again” goodbye. THIS WAS NOT POSTED DUE TO ITS LOOKING LIKE A DUPLICATE COMMENT. I DONT BELIEVE IVE EVER POSTED HERE BEFORE. IF I DID, I CERTAINLY DIDNT COMENT ON AN EVENT THAT HAD YET TO HAPPEN I JUST WASTED my time. Thanks

  • Alan Einhorn

    At least you told it like it is; identifying the affiliations of the attackers. Can you believe president Obama referred to the Kosher deli shooting as “An act of RANDOM violence”. I wonder if all this will cause the EU to consider letting Jews arm themselves ? If not, we can kiss “never again” goodbye.

  • Golum

    “…The gang of attackers were associated with anti-Israel groups Gaza Firm and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign…”

    Just as I’ve been sayin all along…the BDS movement is totally anti-Semitic not just anti-Israel as they claim…..and all those “Dumb-Ass” Jewish college kids have joined and support this group in and around all the big colleges!!!

  • Stevn Hampshire

    Jews of Europe—Arm yourselves if you’re planning on staying instead of gong to Israel. The Muslims of Europe outnumber you by a very large margin now. The increase of Muslims has happened within a single generation or 2. Take self defense classes and get your guns and rifles…don’t go to the slaughter without putting up a fight yet again.

  • The violence on innocents must stop. Attacks upon people who make their way through life peacefully is an attack upon us all. We believers in right and wrong, devoid of all relativity, must defend what is right or erosion of love will stand. Men and women of strong will need to inflict a loss to the hatred that permeates our communities. Protect the innocents and damage the hateful

  • Ira Kasper

    It is time for Jews everywhere to learn to fight and arm themselves. We can count on no one but ourselves. Every Jewish community center in the world should have free classes for self defense.

  • Fred

    Voila France is back to the 1930 then Hitlers French NAZI sympathy now the Muslim NAZI coloniser following the same dogma. What does the French Government do in practical terms, nothing. Rethoric & denials. Meanwhile no Jew is safe in France & Europe.

  • Alice

    what the hell is france doing ??? France must be held accountable for these crimes on its territory ! Could you imagine what would happen if a French citizen was touring in Israel and a mob would attack him because he is an antisemite traitor ? Never forget what France is responsible for during WWII.

  • Carrie

    I saw the movie last week,and was very sad to see this article today.
    Pretty soon all the Jews will leave and go to Isreal . Believe me I would not stay there and I love Paris now I am afraid to go there.

  • duPont

    France remains the same. They have never quashed antisemitism throughout their history. They allow the Muslims to take over the country and will pay the price. The Jews of France never caused any problems. They have always been peace loving and have contributed to the society in great ways. The Muslims create dissention, problems, hatred and bigotry. Will France ever take a stand against these people? Doesn’t look too promising. Quelle domage.

  • WatchPollutionbyRadicalIslam

    These elements must be routed out from French Society.

  • historian

    What do you expect? It’s the French (scrum) we are talking about? Immortal racist Nazi lovers.

  • Jack Holan

    There is no doubt that there are witnessing the beginnings of a loose confederation of Anti-Semitic groups willing to work together to harm or displace European Jewry. The composition may vary from country to country but this not all that dissimilar from our experience in 1930s Europe. European Jewry has a decision to make Fight or Flight however if it’s Fight it’s going to need to be more proactive than relying on the respective governments.

  • Leo Toystory

    Many of the mosques in Europe are little more than armories in waiting for the time the muslims will attack European Jews and Christians en masse. The Jewish population there had either best start arming itself or should abandon the place and let the Europeans suffer alone this horrendous blight they’ve brought upon their continent.

  • carol

    Very bad. Curious if the attackers were leftards or Muzis.

  • Shame on those Parisians. My father and mother resided for awhile in Paris in 1953 where my sister was born. That is a mob attack, a bullying attack that occurred. It is horrific to think what brute beasts those attackers are. We are all made in God’s image, and we should not be acting animalistic with a herd mentality. I would also be afraid of God if I were the attackers. We have a saying in the U.S….what goes around, comes around. God is not mocked. He also is the avenger of those who believe in Him and trust in His divine protection. He will bless those who bless Israel, and He will curse those who curse Israel. Rest assured. The day is coming, and by the looks of it, it won’t be long now. Jesus’ return for the Church body and then Tribulation spoken of in Revelation are just around the corner.

  • noah

    Look for the COWARDLY muslims, there are many of them in France/Paris

  • Shalom-Hillel

    After all the liberal Jews are done with their interfaith meetings with Muslims the fact remains that wherever there is a significant Muslim community there are attacks on Jews.

  • With the ever increasing murderous statistics of muslims around the world,what type of bird seed evil brains have these ridiculous european ignorant converts?

  • First & Utmost Commandment Is Don`t Kill! The G-D of Avraham, Yitz`chac & Ya`acovi, The G-D Of Israel, The ADONAI, YESHUA, Asked: “…Cain..Cain, Where About Is Your Brother Abel? So Is The Lord, The G-D Of Israel, The ADONAI, YESHUA Counts Every & Each Blood! So Is Better For All Human-Beings To Think Twice Before Regretting.

  • Art frank

    France us unable to stop the savages they’ve allowed to pollute their country, the Jews should leave ASAP for Israel

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Jews how many times does God have to tell you to defend yourselves instead of dying like sheep once more.

    If these were Orthodox Jews or Herudim than they are expected to be passive and they are the easiest target for our haters.

    Jews are being targeted and killed because our haters think they’re weak and they are until they’re not.

    Defend yourselves and make them suffer before its too late again.

    God does get tired of telling you to smite your enemies.

    We even didn’t listed to God when he commanded us kill everyone.

    What a people. Be strong and be stronger and fight.

  • Today’s attack took place on the same street where Ilan Halimi was kidnapped in 2006. Discover Ilan’s story in France’s acclaimed film “24 Days”, now playing in theaters and on iTunes. #JeSuisIlan

  • Maggie Wrench

    These cowards are just too stupid to understand that being Jewish does not mean that you are an Israeli, or even that you may not support the idea of Israel, or even that you may not have strong feelings at all.

  • Larry G R

    Ad Mosai

  • Greg

    woah! I used to live on that street!!!

    That is far too close to home.

    What isn’t mentioned in the article is that this incident occurred about 2 mins walk from the Charlie Hebdo office, and is one of the streets which comes off the Place de la République, where hundreds of thousands protested after the massacre in January.

    The 11th Arondisement was the de facto Jewish quarter prior to the Vel’ d’Hiv roundup in July 1942… Which just makes this even more appalling

  • The growing population of muslims in Europe ‘might’ have something to do with growing anti-Semitism. I saw an IS-flag in the center of Antwerp (BE) mounted on a car for weeks. People don’t seem to understand that Israel needs to fight for survival since its foundation after WW II.

  • Thanks to Ralph Tyler, grandson of a US president, Bruno Bettelheim was able to raise me at The University of Chicago at his Orthogenic School from 10 years of age till I was 16 1/2. I believe he was in Bergen Belson and one other. I’d guess he bribed his way out. Regardless, he learned. Small change was required, for the Nazi guards were broke. His home in Austria was invaded by the Nazi SS thugs. Cameras and china were lifted, he was imprisoned… and he ultimately fled penniless to New York.

    Regarding what we now see again in France and elsewhere, Bruno Bettelheim told his half Jew that people of his father’s background would be persecuted forever. Specifically, in response to my shock at reading Ann Frank’s diary, given to me by Bettelheim to help me understand why my Episcopal heritage and baptism would not protect me, he said: at least half the people you will know in life would behave exactly as the Germans did in WW II, given similar circumstances. I was stunned.

    I am stunned no more. Half is conservative. Most would be more like it.

    When I am surrounded by Jews that dislike Christians, I am Christian.

    When in the presence of that that dislike Jews, I am Jewish…

    When on a walk around my farm, I am sad, orthodox agnostic, and I have no use for either religion.

    The Nazi element is encouraged by silence in France and all over. Not to resist is to encourage. Prejudice of any variety kills moderation, trashes tolerance, and threatens peace and creativity.

    Islamic fanatics are what is implied in Mona El-Naggar’s recent piece in The New York Times: sexually frustrated males with noting to do.

    Mohamad has caused issues, Jesus the same…

    It’s time we walked from mysticism for common sense.

    It’s time we found the way to tolerance.

  • bill

    How about describing the 40 people where the muslim.

  • BH in Iowa

    A look at your future, Parisites. When the Jews have fled France…. you’re next!

  • glenda urmacher

    Where were all our Christian brethren to come out when they are physically needed.
    French citizens, the Jews of your country are the canary in the mine.
    When the Jews are gone , it will be you the mobs are after, and who will be there to protect you?

  • Bonnie Loranger

    it is because of the Muslims.

  • 10


  • Harvey

    France will get to keep their jihadists and criminal element while Israel will benefit from mass Aliyah of doctors , lawyers , entrepreneurs etc . Cest magnifique n’est pas !

  • brenrod

    When will europe be made to pay for their despicable stalking of the Jews? May the honor killers consume them in a “euro spring”!