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May 5, 2015 5:23 pm

Amal Clooney Stirs Controversy Wearing Met Gala Gown by Disgraced Designer John Galliano

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Amal Clooney being fitted into her Met Gala gown by designer John Galliano. Photo: Instagram.

Amal Clooney, the Lebanese human rights lawyer who rose to prominence last year after marrying famed actor George Clooney, prompted a social media uproar after revealing that disgraced designer John Galliano had designed her gown for the Met Gala on Tuesday night.

Ahead of the prestigious event,Vogue magazine posted on Instagram a photo of Clooney, 37, being fitted by Galliano into the voluminous red dress before heading out to the star-studded event with her husband. Also appearing in the shot was Anna Wintour, the powerful Vogue editor-in-chief who has been working to rehabilitate Galliano after he was fired from Christian Dior four years ago over an antisemitic rant.

Social media users said they were disappointed by Amal’s decision to wear the design by Galliano. One Instagram user said, “So a human rights lawyer is being dressed by a vicious antisemite? Hideous.” Another wrote, “I thought she was a human rights lawyer? I am so disappointed by her choice to wear something by Galliano.” Yet another said she was “surprised and confused” by the choice.

“I use to be a fan of her work and now I think she may be just a phony. Such a shame she wouldn’t see the hypocrisy,” another noted.

The fashion designer lost his job at Christian Dior in 2011 following an antisemitic rant he made at a Paris bar in which he declared, “I love Hitler” and told two women that their mothers and “forefathers would all be … gassed.”

Shortly after, a video surfaced showing Galliano making similar comments at the same bar about a year before

Galliano voiced strong regret following the incident and pledged to seek treatment for substance abuse. He has also been working to mend fences with the Jewish community, the British Jewish Chronicle reported on Friday, and will headline an event at a synagogue in the West End later this month to launch a Jewish learning program.

Last summer, Amal Clooney turned down an invitation to join a UN inquiry into Israel’s Operation Protective Edge in Gaza.

“I am honored to have received the offer, but given existing commitments — including eight ongoing cases — I unfortunately could not accept this role,” she said in a statement at the time.

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  • El

    It’s upsetting that you end the article stating Anal turned down the UN, but made no mention of how she also
    accused Israel of crimes. Also, her past antisemitic statements in her “textbook” are proof of her evil and bigotry.
    Stopping the article where you did will lead many to believe she was noble in turning down the UN, but in fact, she’s turning them down due to old-fashioned selfishness. She is not only an antisemite, but she’s a selfish one at that.
    I wish her nothing but the worst.

  • Jonathan C Marchant

    Recipe: One Lebanese lawyer, one leftist Hollywood self-serving opportunist with dubious creative ability; personal histories of moral ambiguity easily swayed by a sycophantic following; simmer in a lifestyle of cretin simplicity

    Do not expect challah.

  • Amal smells like hell

    Amal smells like hell and so does her ira husband

  • If Galliano is kosher enough to take part in a Jewish learning program under the auspices of Britain’s [Orthodox] United Synagogue, that’s enough evidence for me that he has made a genuine change. ‘You reach out a hand to willful sinners, and Your right hand is extended to accept penitents…’

  • Edna

    John Galliano was a drunken slobbering oaf.

    HOWEVER, since that time, he has tried very hard and non-stop to make amends, once the alcohol stupor invading his little brain dissipated.

    He has begged forgiveness time and time again for his bonkers racist rants….unlike the Israeli Jewish instructor who verbally racially abused her Ethiopian student and refused to apologize.

    Galliano is an artist first and foremost, and an outstanding one to boot.

    He should be allowed forgiveness, for his past foolishness which he is trying to undo.

    I would gladly wear a Galliano work of art if I could afford it, and show him that we Jews have the wisdom and the ability to understand when someone deeply regrets and atones for racist remarks.

    • Sara klompus

      Oh pleeeeez Edna! So naive are you???

  • Stan

    She is not only ugly on the inside.

  • brenrod

    no one should be surprised, birds of a feather. many call themselves Human rights activists who are actually activists for one side against another.

  • Atilla

    Would you expect anything from a “Human Rights ” lawyer, that’s just a fancy name for an anti-Semite.



  • michelle kahn

    Are you surprised that a “human rights” lawyer chooses an anti semitic designer who was fired by Christian Dior to design a dress for her. She just played her hand openly…..her political interests supercede her “human rights” obligations as a lawyer…..

  • Robert B Geller

    Why is anyone surprised? A Lebanese human rights attorney who has defended Palestinians in the past wears a dress designed by a well recognized anti-Semite. You probably also believe that she refused to join the UN inquiry because she knows how dysfunctional the UN really is and felt that Israel would never receive a fair trial. Keep dreaming.

  • Leo Toystory

    Clooney married her strictly on account of her work as a human rights babe, not because she would show her luscious ripe bubbling right-beneath-the-surface anti-Semitic Lebanese hot stuff. Maybe this is little George’s way of saying he’s with her on all that Jew stuff, too. As a lawyer she helps him with his briefs and he tries to keep her panties from getting in a wad.

  • Golum

    She appears to be only for Arab Human Rights…..not Jews!!!

  • nelson marans

    Certainly Amal Clooney was making a political statement when she hired Galliano as her dressmaker. Her immediate family, including her parents, have been anti-Israel in their actions and statements. Evidently as shown by her previous, as well as present action, she has not deviated from her family’s position.

  • She is a Muslim who reveres the sociopath Muhammad who personally decapitated 600-900 unarmed Jews…of course wears the clothes of the virulent antisemite Galliano…antisemites stick together

  • Mickey Oberman

    A blood red gown.

    How appropriate.

  • Elise Ronan

    Amal Clooney’s mother was friends with Yassir Arafat’s family. What do you expect?

    You also need to finish her quote about serving on the UN mission, where she said she would like to investigate Israel’s war crimes; not if Israel caused war crime, but as a given fact that they did. Lawyers are very absolute in their language. She is an antisemite. Which does not say much for Mr. George.