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June 8, 2015 10:02 am

Websurfer Exposes Staged Photo of ‘Israeli Soldier’ Pointing Gun at ‘Palestinian Youth’

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This photo, purporting to show an IDF soldier aiming his rifle at the neck of a Palestinian youth, has been proven to be a staged fake. PHOTO: Facebook.

This photo, purporting to show an IDF soldier aiming his rifle at the neck of a Palestinian youth, was proved to be staged. PHOTO: Facebook.

A photo circulating on Facebook that purports to show an IDF soldier aiming his rifle at the neck of a Palestinian youth is apparently staged, Israeli Channel 2 news reported on Sunday.

According to the report, both the “Israeli soldier” and the “Palestinian youth” in the image are actors, and a follow up-picture, discovered by  websurfer Roi Rahmani shows the pair standing together for a selfie shortly after the initial photo.

Rahmani, who posted the photo and its explanation on Facebook explained that it “was taken by actors, and their goal was to present the soldiers of the IDF in a negative light.”

He added that, “if you… do a little bit more effort, you’ll find the photo posted below that proves what I’m saying, that these two are actors, and as proof: the ‘threatened’ child and the ‘threatening’ soldier are taking an incriminating selfie [together].”

Rahmani’s exposé was shared thousands of times on Facebook.


The two actors pose for a selfie after staging a scene of Israeli brutality. Photo: Facebook.

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  • Udi

    The problem is not with the arabs.they will keep on liying. In order to win the evil one should

  • April Ballantyne

    ok, let us look at this picture and the piece written about it and what do we find?

    It is a fake, but a fake of a fake is much worse. The idea is that the author and the person the pic was taken for are probably the same person and let me explain my thoughts on that before you dismiss it.

    One, this pic has not made the rounds of any sites that I can see from searching save the pro israeli sites like this one. The piece talks about this pic, that it has been circulated and yet, the only people circulating it are the sites that feed off of this site so this adds to the lack of authenticity of the pic and the piece written about it.

    There are no names. The author writes that after uncovering this fake piece, he says that the men are both actors and that is all he says, if he had their names, why did he not publish them? Who hired the actors, and what organization paid them to pose for this picture .. names, dates, and so on, this piece lacks any bit of information that would make it at least semi credible.

    So my thoughts, that this is one of the fake pictures put out by this man, who ever he is that is supposed to garner support for his agenda, his point of view, which is pretty obvious if you were paying attention. I call shenanigans on this piece, and I doubt a reputable news site would ever post this for these reasons as well as whatever they can find out about the so called Web surfer that ‘discovered’ the truth ..

    I hope this means we will not see anymore posts by this web surfer who should not be allowed to post another word until he can authenticate this story and leave no doubts in the minds of the readers here.

    It is one thing to be against a people, it is another thing to post libelous and slanderous stories without being able to verify them and post the evidence, it makes you look like you have all the credibility of Fox news, and that is not a good thing.

    • Berel Dov Lerner

      I found the original photo (not the selfie) here: (Resist 4 Palestine)
      and here: (an anti-Israeli guy who reposted from Resist 4 Palestine)

      My counter thesis to yours is that after the pro-Israel guys made a big deal about its being a fake, the anti-Israel guys stopped reposting it and started deleting it. This whole proccess preceeded your search.

    • Berel Dov Lerner

      I wrote a post explaining that the picture of the alleged soldier pointing a gun appears on anti-Israel sites (I inclued URLs), but for some reason the post has been removed.

  • classical_hero

    Is the rifle in question even an Israeli weapon?

    • Berel Dov Lerner

      Yep. In Israel we call it a short M16 (I don’t know what it’s called elsewhere)

  • Kris


    by writing the words “showing the Arab Lie” rather than simply “showing the lie,” you expose your own racism. That also doesn’t help Israel’s cause, since it feeds the mistaken idea that anyone who supports Israel does so out of anti-Arab racism. More importantly, it is just simply immoral.

    • Eliyahu

      If the photo was staged by Arabs and published by Arabs with the intent of causing harm to Israel, then were is the racism in referring to Arabs as Arabs?

    • Lisa

      Such BS. The lie originated with the Arabs and it is stoked by the Arabs now. The “Palestinians” are just Arabs, not a people originating in the Jewish homeland. The conflict itself is the result of Arab, primarily Muslim Arab, rejection of the Jewish people regaining sovereignty over the Jewish homeland. The Arab state of the former Mandate is Jordan. Try doing some unbiased research and learn the facts. The historical facts are clear and simple. The conflict and the possibility of a solution is the doing of the Arabs.

      • dani


        Finally! Someone who’s done some unbiased research, using credible sources,shares with us. I’ve been researching this topic for a while now, using unbiased, credible sources like you and it all supports your statement. Good for you! I’m so tired of ppl forming opinions PRIOR to doing the proper research it takes to form an opinion RESPONSIBLY!

    • leedsiy

      For goodness sake, what do you call it then? And if it is the other way around, it is called an ‘israeli’ lie??? That’s ok isn’t it? You are a joke. Of course it is Arab-Palestinian lies and it will continue to be so until they change their whole narrative to the adhere to the truth.

    • citizenstat


      Who but Arabs (assisted by their left-wing Western sycophants) continuously try to slander, smear, and defame the Israelis with falsehoods and distortions? Your remark is absolute horsepuckey!

    • Michael Lederman

      Oh when did arabs become a race? Try ethnicity and maybe you won’t look like such a fool.

    • dani

      That’s simply not racism. Yes, it would’ve been better to say “Israeli Arab” or “descendant of Syrian and Jordanian invaders who refer to themselves as palestinians for sympathy” but the arabs themselves are quite proud of the term “Arab” and we all acknowledge that this article is discussing Israeli Arabs so it’s implied. Calm down.

  • Gary

    Looks like the poster’s name is “Roy Rachamim” not “Roi Rahmani”, no ?

  • [img][/img]
    Spirit of Israel
    The press will crop out just the IDF with the gun on the Palestinian woman,
    OMITTING the Muslim behind her with the gun on the Israeli woman.

    This was sent to me several years ago by a man in Jerusalem – maybe Jerry Golden I cant recall

  • pallywood

    another Palywood

  • Paul

    We always win the military conflict and lose the battle for people’s minds. Even after Andrea has pointed out the really bad mistake of putting the fake picture at the top, the mistake is still in place, causing further damage.
    This is PATHETIC.
    The actors are aware how damaging their fake photo is. And our response is not to fight back effectively, but to bleat about what bad guys they are.

  • T.C.

    I agree with Andrea. Don’t show that photo first.

  • steven L

    The Palestinians as good Muslims that they are, remember the Goebbels technique of disinformation. This is the limit of their creativity.
    They are still fighting WWII and 1948.

  • Mike P.

    Bad journalism.

    You need to show all the photos demonstrating the hoax in the same size.

  • zbrk

    Just another small point: The weapon as shown in faked photo does not appear to have a magazine inserted. I believe that this is contrary to IDF regulations for soldiers who are in a confrontational situation.

    • Berel Dov Lerner

      More importantly; there is no point to pinting an unloaded gun at someone. Furthermore, it would be really weird to aim a rifle one-handed. As someone else already mentioned, the helmet doesn’t look right.

  • Jack Holan

    Boys it looks like you’re busted this time. More and more of us are actively looking for this garbage. Thank you Roi Rahmani

  • Mitchell Baxter

    Better yet, put both photos together as one image, so they show at the same time.

  • Mitchell Baxter

    If you’re going to show the fake photo, you should superimpose the word “FAKE” or “STAGED” over it.

  • Vidal Bekerman


    Even without the selfie, this is clearly a staged photo. Anyone with any knowledge of IDF uniforms can see that the soldier is not wearing an IDF issued helmet.

  • Andrea

    Editors: I have tried to make this point before and this is a perfect example. DO NOT put the original photo up there, lead with the photo showing the Arab lie. Even though most of your readers are on “our side,” you never know who is looking and the lie should never be above the truth! If anyone shares this article on Facebook, the fake photo will appear on their feed for all to see. This defeats the purpose of the article!

    • Ilan

      agreed with andrea!

    • Debbie

      Thank you, Andrea, excellent point.

    • Arye

      @Andrea: Excellent point!! What do you say Algemeiner?

    • Suzy

      Absolutely in agreement with Andrea.
      Also are there punitive measures for impersonating a member of the IDF while wielding a weapon?

    • Ido

      good point!