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June 19, 2015 11:14 am

Australian Police Raid of Neo-Nazi Groups Sends ‘Shudder’ Through Queensland Jewish Community

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Queensland police discovered this Nazi lair at the home of a 48-year-old self-described white supremacist. Photo: Courtesy.

Queensland police discovered this Nazi lair at the home of a 48-year-old self-described white supremacist. Photo: Courtesy.

The discoveries this week of a bevy of Nazi paraphernalia by Australian police across Queensland sent a “shudder” through the local Jewish community, the president of the northeastern state’s Jewish Board of Deputies said on Friday.

“It is a disturbing reality these raids uncovered the vile link between right-wing extremism and organized crime,” said QJBD President Jason Steinberg.

“Revelations like this also send a shudder through the Queensland Jewish community, who have been concerned about the rise in antisemitism across Europe and other parts of Australia,” he said.

Steinberg said the solution to these problems rests in education, and he called for the establishment of a Holocaust and Tolerance Museum in Queensland to help counter the trend.

Steinberg’s comments came after Australian police arrested 61 people in Queensland this week with ties to neo-Nazi gangs.

As part of the raid, police seized a bevy of Nazi paraphernalia, including flags and symbols of the Third Reich, and even an apparent shrine filled with flags, banners, pendants and painted symbols, in a shed at one activist’s home.

Steinberg noted a “significant surge in antisemitic attacks” in Australia last year, which dovetails with a global trend.

Australia registered 312 anti-Jewish attacks in 2014, up from 231 the year before, according to research by the Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry at Tel Aviv University.

Among those attacks last year, in Sydney, eight teenagers boarded a bus of Jewish schoolchildren, terrorizing the children by screaming “Heil Hitler” and threatening to slit their throats. A Melbourne man wearing an IDF T-shirt was attacked by two assailants who called him a “Jewish dog,” around the time of the summer war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. And Rabbi Avraham Shalom Halberstam of Jerusalem was attacked at a Perth shopping center by six youths accusing him of “killing babies in Gaza.”

“Until we have such an avenue to educate the general public, antisemitism in all its forms will prevail. We can’t let that happen,” said Steinberg.

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  • Braham

    Bevy is not a word in UK English. It is a colloquiallism used by London, Manchester & Leeds Jews It means a drink normally alcoholic.

    • Poet628

      a large group of people or things of a particular kind.
      “he was surrounded by a bevy of beautiful girls”
      synonyms: group, gang, troop, troupe, party, company, band, body, crowd, pack, army, herd, flock, drove, horde, galaxy, assemblage, gathering;



  • Doug Craig

    In Australia I haven’t seen this on any media, but I would like to say that most attacks against Jews, Hindus any anybody else of other faiths are carried out by “disenfranchised Muslim youths”; as the local media portrays them. However the Govt is bringing new laws into power to “disenfranchise” these idiots properly: taking away their citizenship.
    Maybe the same laws can be extended to encompass other fools like this Natzi sadboy.

  • Hats off to Australia for the successful raids and hopefully they will assist in locating other possible nests and severely punish them all.

  • June Grant

    Mr. Steinberg is naive if he thinks that education about the Holocaust and a Museum of Tolerance would change the Queensland Nazis’despicable views. It is hard to believe that they are ignorant of the Holocaust in these times of electronic media, and I fear that forcing Nazis to confront the historical mass murder would only give encouragement to their Jew-hatred..

  • This type of anti semitic group is prevalent in many parts of the western world, but it seems , especially in Europe that it is accepted as nothing is done to diminish or prevent it. One only has to consider the recent marches of neo nazi groups in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania to understand what is going on. Reminiscent of Nazi Germany in the 1930’s

    Surely this type of action must rate equally with violations of the freedom of speech, as in the end it surely will lead to attacks and even deaths.

    If the leaders of the western world were honest and accepting of the facts, more would be done and the world made a safer more understanding place.

    The United Nations, that extremely corrupt body which totally defies the reasons for which it was established, has been hijacked by Arab nations and followed by the European union is an example of what we are facing. The lies, distortions of the truth and misinformation, all supported by many in the press says it all

  • Wm. J. Levhy

    Maybe if the Jews were stronger the neo-Nazis would be afraid to start with them.

    Bullies are cowards and they love to pick on weak people like the Jews.

    Be strong, be proud and be tough.

  • Ray Arye Cohn

    And such organizations as the Wellstone Democratic Club of Sacramento and the Student Senators of the University of California Davis will tell you that you can be “against Israeli atrocities and not be ANTI SEMITIC.

    These are the same people who support the Palestinian Governments that support both of the Palestinian Governments — one governs the Gaza Strip and the other the Israeli occupied West Bank of the Jordan River.

    Both of these governments have ADOPTED the HAMAS CHARTER. Hamas is a TERRORIST SHIITE GROUP backed and financed by the SHIITE TERRORIST REGIMES of Iran and Syria.

    Said Charter does the following: 1. Requires Muslims to wipe out all the Jews on this planet.2. Mandates Muslims to butcher nearly 7 million American Jews. 3. Insists that Muslims continue terrorists acts against our country to force us to change our way of life and adopt an Iranian style theocracy.

    What I would like to ask Jason Steinberg here is why his great Temple not taking action to get the Wellstone Democratic Club of Sacramento to have its charter suspended pending an investigation of its treason? Why is it not demanding the removal of the student Senators at UC Davis? Why is it tolerating having Kerri Asbury, founder of the Wellstone Democratic Club of Sacramento as chairwoman of the Sacramento County Democratic Party? In fact she is a special education teacher in a local school system. Isn’t that great? These students with special needs have a teacher who is committing outright treason against the USA? Another key member of the Wellstone Club of Sacramento is an employee in the Department of Finance. He said he is the grandson of a Jew who survived the Nazi Holocaust. And he is backing a Democratic Club that is supporting a new Jewish Holocaust and Treason against the United States of America. Outrageous.

    Isn’t time for the temple to act and FIGHT BACK?

    For the sake of full disclosure for any newcomers, I am an October 1945 native of Tel Aviv who was born when it was Palestine UNDER BRITISH MANDATE. I IMMIGRATED to the USA in November of 1957 at the age of 12. I am a lifelong Democrat who has voted for every Democratic presidential nominee since voting for then Democratic presidential nominee Vice President Hubert Humphrey in 1957. I became a naturalized USA citizen in 1964. I am a December 1957 graduate with a BS in Journalism from the University of Florida.

    I specialized in covering politics and government and was state government bureau chief for a then Knight-Ridder publication the Lexington Herald-Leader. It is now a McClatchy newspaper. I was also president of The Newspaper Guild at the Lexington Herald-Leader and later in semi retirement I was a job steward for Teamsters when I worked as a driver at Budget Rent A Car at the San Ontario International Airport in Ontario, CA.

    Ray Arye Cohn

    • Ray Arye Cohn

      The land these PRO PALESTINIANS, ANTI SEMITIC HATEMONGERS, claim is PALESTINIAN has changed hands HUNDREDS of TIMES. Nobody ever paid anybody for that land nor did ANYBODY EVER APOLOGIZE for TAKING IT.

      In ALL THOSE YEARS THERE NEVER was a PALESTINE NATION. The only people who have had some of their members there through the entire time have been the Jews, who were there at the time of Old Testament through the creation of the State of Israel in 1948. Britain had the MANDATE over the land since it DEFEATED the OTTOMAN EMPIRE in WORLD WAR I.

      You guys portray the PALESTINIANS as these great peaceful people. How many JEWS — and NON-JEWS — have PALESTINIAN TERRORIST GROUPS murdered over the years?

      What will you tell us next 9/11 was a NON-VIOLENT ACT? It was only the WORST TERRORIST ATTACK in US history and nearly 3,000 people died. In the Palestinian areas of the Middle East, including Arab countries that are supposedly allied with the USA, parents and their kids celebrated in the streets.

      Yet when I went and dared question the Wellstone Democratic Voting Members (nearly the whole club) they had the CUTZPAH to say “9/11 is NOT RELEVANT.”

      PALESTINIANS attack our country, destroy out financial centers, crash into our Pentagon, were set on crashing into our White House/and or Congress and these TRAITORS to OUR COUNTRY say the ATTACK is IRRELEVANT?

      I don’t know about you, but I would say something like 99 percent of the American people would say THEY ARE CLEARLY COMMITTING TREASON against our country — the United States of America.

      Ray Cohn

      • Rat Arye Cohn

        They are doing everything to prevent me from telling how the CORPORATE PRESS keeps me — and many others — from telling what they cover-up.

        But one way or the other, I will make sure the American people will get the FULL STORY.

    • Ray Arye Cohn

      Apparently the moderators, AKA the Corporate Censors — are determined to prevent me from telling my complete story.

      It will be told, even if they censor me here.

      1.The reason so many babies, kids and other civilians have have gotten killed in the Gaza Strip is that HEZBOLLAH terrorist SHIITE government has used them as “human shields” around the 10,000 offensive rockets fired against Jewish babies, kids and other civilians in Israel.

      2.The voting members of the Wellstone Sacramento Democratic Club have said it was OK for Palestinian parents and their kids kids to celebrate 9/11 on the streets. Its voting members are on record as saying 9/11 — the worst terrorist attack against the USA, killing about 3,000 people, “is not relevant.”

      3. This is not only a clear violation of their oath of office, but clearly outright treason against the United States of America.

      4. The student Senators at the University of California at Davis have essentially done the same thing and should be immediately removed from office.

      5. Why are your censors trying to cover up for traitors against the United States?


      • Ray Arye Cohn

        Why are the CORPORATE CENSORS covering UP covering up for the Wellstone Democratic Club after the club after their members complained to Joyce Terhaar last year that they were not getting fair play.

        Why, as I have pointed out on FB posts, that these Democrats are committing TREASON AGAINST the USA.

        Will the Sacramento Democratic Party finally take action against that club? Or do we know better since the chairwoman of the PARTY is ALSO the FOUNDER of the FOUNDER of the WELLSTONE DEMOCRATIC CLUB?

  • Julian Clovelley

    I feel this article rather beats up a very minor incident in terms of neo-Nazism. But I can understand the chill.

    Just as in the US ,Biker gangs sometimes choose Nazi symbols as decoration but in most cases it is little more than that. I agree that education is needed so that the upsetting nature of these symbols is understood, but in many cases one would find that earlier generations of the offenders families actually fought directly and courageously against Nazism.

    Here in Australia, as anywhere else, we get isolated incidents such as the Cafe Killings in Sydney and the nasty bus incident. Much of the blame I would place on our increasing American owned media which is dominated by ultra conservative media barons such as Murdoch, an unfortunate Australian export, and whose supposedly “independent” media outlets are responsible for a long spate of dumbing down of the Australian populace, to the point that our newspapers are almost unreadable, and commercial television so awful, that it is going broke from lack of viewers. Many of these media outlets foster racism and Climate Change Denial as political tools to promote Right Wing Governments that are almost puppets of their commercial empires’ interests

    The Ultra Right puppet(sic) Government here has withdrawn much funding from the two Public Broadcasting networks that do much to educate against racism – especially the very popular multicultural and multi language SBS that works enormously hard to encourage racial harmony

    We are in a period when Right Wing Government seems determined to push for commercial ownership of all broadcasting and control of the internet. If you want to be scared of anything – worry about that

    We are down here – very worried. Frankly it is not helped by the Zionist embracing of the American Right. Yes I am saying that you are doing it to yourselves!

    • Rat Arye Cohn

      The moderators — AKA the censors — are trying to preven those of us who are trying to expose what the CORPORATE PRESS does not report, at least in full context from politically educating the American people.

      But slowly and surely we are finding ways to use social media to expose what is going on.