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June 25, 2015 11:51 am

Report: Since Inception, UNHRC Condemned Israel More Than Rest of World’s Countries Combined

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Israel is launching a diplomatic effort to eliminate the automatic Arab majority in the UNHRC. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Israel condemned more than rest of countries combined at UNHCR. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Since its inception nine years ago, the United Nations Human Rights Council has issued more official condemnations of Israel than the rest of the world’s nations combined, a prominent U.N. watchdog reported on Thursday.

The report came ahead of a UNHRC resolution on the recent report about the 2014 Gaza war, which accused Israel and Palestinian terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip of possible war crimes.

Geneva-based U.N. Watch said it expected a resolution by the Palestinians and Arab states to mark the 62nd condemnation of Israel since the council was established in 2006.

With a total of 61 condemnations, Israel has been singularly condemned more times than the rest of the countries combined.

Even Syria, where the U.N. estimates more than 200,000 people have been killed since a bloody civil war erupted four years ago, has only received 15 condemnations.

And Sudan, whose president recently fled South Africa because of warrant by the ICC for his arrest over the genocide of Sudanese in Darfur and other war crimes, has only received two condemnations by the UNHRC.

Israel is grouped together with countries such as those mentioned, as well as North Korea (8 condemnations), Iran (5), and Eritrea (3), a country with a virtual media blackout, according to the U.N. Watch report.

The UNHRC’s Article 7 for every monthly assembly singles out the “human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied territories,” the only region specific issue on the council’s agenda every month.

“Sadly, with members like China, Russia, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Venezuela and Qatar, the UNHRC today may possibly rank as a more corrupt international organization than FIFA,” said Hillel Neuer, executive director of U.N. Watch.

The Geneva-based nongovernmental organizations said it was preparing to release a report on “the endemic selectivity and politicization” of the UNHRC.

Earlier this week, Israeli reports said the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem had launched a diplomatic campaign to remove the automatic majority of Arab states at the UNHRC, ahead of the upcoming vote on the 2014 Gaza war report. On top of rejecting the commission’s findings, Israeli officials complained that the report had put Israel and Hamas on the same level.

While the report issues no indictment, its evidence could be used by prosecutors at the International Criminal Court in cases brought against Israel, but also the Palestinians, who joined the court in April. If the UNHRC approves the report, it will be passed onto the U.N. General Assembly.

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  • What’s becoming patently obvious is that the hatred and loathing displayed for a state that is the best run and ONLY True Democracy in the Mid East, goes beyond the natural mortal dimensions that we live in and proves it emanates from the pit of hell – the unseen dominion of evil and darkness and hate. We pray for Israel and know God Almighty will never forsake His people to the will and dominion of satanic and demonic forces.

  • HaroldT

    The biggest disgrace is that this organization is supported by America, UK and EU.

  • Jack

    Do any of us consider the U.N. to have any relevancy to reality?

  • What else can you expect when the majority of the UNHRC are Muslims?

  • G.M. Ben-Nathan

    The degree to which the United Nations and its Agencies has attacked the Jewish state has now become much more a reflection on the United Nations than it remotely is on the Jewish state.

    The United Nations has transformed itself into a laughing-stock.

    The record it has given itself means that no-one – at least, no-one in their right mind – can take it seriously !

  • José carp

    Sometimes the democratic ‘one man one vote’ is not the fairest solution…

    • David Fried

      There is nothing wrong with “one man, one vote.” The problem is that the UN is “one country, one vote,” so that Qatar, Oman, the UAE and Saudi Arabia, with tiny populations, have four votes.

  • Anschel

    It has become an honor to be condemned by the authoritarian, anti-democratic supporters of terrorism that now comprise a majority of the nations in the UN. The UN has largely become a waste of space!

  • harri

    can the U.N individual members be sued for their entire fortune for acting outside the scope of their job description?????

  • Victor H Miesel

    It’s almost funny, but for the Kafkaesque perversion of truth and the twisting of reality. Not surprising, but depressing none the less.