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June 28, 2015 11:36 am

Iran Blocks Websites Promoting Holocaust Education, State Department Report Says

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An Iranian cartoon of the Holocaust. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

An Iranian cartoon of the Holocaust. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The government of Iran has continued to block the website of an initiative aimed at fostering a warmer Jewish-Muslim relationship and educating about the Holocaust, the State Department report on human rights in Iran revealed.

“The government continued to block the Persian language website of the Aladdin Project, a foreign-based NGO launched by the foreign Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah that provided information about the Holocaust and Jewish-Muslim relations,” said the report, which was released last Thursday after protracted delays.

The Aladdin Project was founded with U.N. support and has since been supported by 1,000 intellectuals, academics and public figures from 50 countries in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America, “to counter the falsification of history in the shape of Holocaust denial and trivialization.”

According to the report, “officials continued to question the history and uniqueness of the Holocaust.” Foreign Minister Javad Zarif was rebuked last year when he called the Holocaust a “horrible tragedy” during an interview with a German television station. And Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei made remarks questioning the reality of the Holocaust and wondering if it “actually did happen.”

Iran has a Jewish population of about 25,000, and one member of its parliament is Jewish.

Other countries where antisemitism occurred at the highest echelons of government included Venezuela, with a Jewish population of about 9,000, where President Nicolas Maduro compared Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip during last summer’s Operation Protective Edge to the Holocaust.

In Turkey, which has a Jewish community of about 20,000, the report noted a rise in antisemitic incidents in 2014, perhaps spurred in part by the Gaza war. The State Department report said Turkish officials and the media often generalized criticisms of Israel to include all Jews.

Antisemitism also made it to Turkish pop culture, when in July 2014, “pop singer Yildiz Tilbe tweeted a series of anti-Semitic messages, including ‘May God bless Hitler,’ in connection with her condemnation of Israeli actions in Gaza,” according to the state department report.

And in South Africa, which has a Jewish population of between 75,000-80,000, ANC Deputy Secretary General Jessie Duart indirectly compared Israel to Nazi Germany and the Gaza operation to the Holocaust.

The State Department country-by-country reports were released last Thursday after several months of delays and postponements.

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  • Michael O’Connor

    Sooner or later the Iranian citizens will wake up and when it doe’s these clerics had better find a new home, there will be a new revolution sooner or later and it will be for the better then the younger people will live like the Westerners do, its only a matter of time.

  • Another example of why this regime, which will only not learn from such a horrific affront to humanity, but will seek to remove it from history, must never be permitted access to weapons of mass destruction.

    The deadline for an agreement on nuclear talks is today, and will be extended, playing into the delaying tactics of the regime. An important qualification for the next U.S. president will be a firm resolve to either achieve a strict agreement of prevention, or if not possible, to remove the capability and the regime by force.

    Iranian regime possession of bomb-grade materials will double the threat for third-party, terrorist use of those weaponized materials, where N. Korea, Pakistan, Russia (post-Soviet facilities) and to a lessor degree, India remain a source, and will introduce a situation of reasonable probability for nation-direct first use.

    Concepts like “timelines for ramped up bomb-grade capacity” must be discarded for terms which provide no future capability, and sanctions must be tightened to the maximum degree until either an agreement on those terms is achieved or use of force becomes necessary.

  • zadimel

    The Iranian Muslim leadership will do its damndest to hide the truth of the Holocaust. Fortunately,the internet – one of many means for carrying information – can be a very resonant barrier. They can’t hide the truth. They cannot render it insignificant.


    Jews have made great advances in Medicine, in the Sciences and improvements that aid humanity. Shame on those who continue to hate

  • They are terribly against for zionism. So they use the Neturi karta jews to discredit israel

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    All in all, the word still has not learned the lessons of the Holocaust. In fact, there is still a significant portion of humanity that rejects that it even occurred. The references to the Holocaust as pertaining to any contemporary Jewish actions, whether they be by Gentile or by Jew, are the incarnation of anti-Semitism in today’s world.