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July 9, 2015 12:55 pm

Amnesty’s Blood Libel Against the IDF (VIDEO)

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Amnesty International created a publicity film for its newly released “Gaza Platform” which I have proven uses inaccurate data meant to bash Israel. under the pretense of being noble.

The film includes this section that is a complete, provable lie.

Watching that video you would think that there was only one minute and nine seconds for the family to flee the house. Amnesty put up a timer and everything! It must be true! There’s no way that a family can escape in such a short amount of time; we must have witnessed their deaths.

But if you look at the original video itself things aren’t quite so clear. Look at the smoke on the side of the house and listen to the background noises – there is a clear edit at 1:16. (It is more obvious at fullscreen.)

The edit proves that there was more time than 1:09 shown in the Amnesty timer. Making this video a lie.

How much was edited out?

From The Independent, July 13, 2014:

A video has emerged showing the extraordinary “knock on the roof” technique used by the Israeli military to warn Palestinian civilians of an impending missile strike.

The footage was uploaded to YouTube yesterday by the Gaza-based Watania news agency, and shows from extremely close quarters a small missile striking the roof of a house across the street.

According to the caption, around 15 minutes later – though most of this time has been edited out of the final clip itself – two fully-armed missiles from an F16 jet strike one after the other, blasting the front of the house away and sending a cloud of debris and rubble into the air.

When the dust settles, the full extent of the damage is slowly revealed, with only the exposed back half of the home still standing.

The Watania agency reported that the home in this case belonged to Samir Nofal, who was able to get out in time along with his family and neighbours.

The 15-minute gap in the video was also reported by the New York Daily News, the Daily Mail and CNN.

(Watania‘s description, however, says that Israel called the homeowner first, waited 15 minutes for the “roof knock,” and the larger bomb was 5 minutes later after the family was safely out of the house. Only The Telegraph got it right, showing how lazy reporters are in copying others’ stories. )

Perhaps, you might say, this is an innocent mistake. Somehow Amnesty saw this video without the explanation that was easily available in major news outlets and in the YouTube video that they edited to create their propaganda film.

Perhaps it is possible, but every one of those stories quoted Philip Luther, Middle East and North Africa Director at Amnesty International, saying how Amnesty is against the “roof knock” procedure. Amnesty, like any large organization, follows its news coverage closely. They read each of these news stories that emphasized that the video edited out several minutes of inactivity.

The only conclusion is that this little propaganda film was knowingly deceptive. Amnesty knows the truth and chose to create a film that strongly implies that Israel cruelly bombed houses that they knew still  had civilians inside scrambling to grab their belongings.

This is a blood libel.

Amnesty’s on-screen timer is the exact same kind of deception that the entire Gaza Platform propaganda is. They are overlaying their own spin and lies on top of flawed information and presenting it as if it is more accurate than what had been seen before.

But all that Amnesty has proven is that it has no credibility. To Amnesty, bashing Israel is far more important than little details like truth and accuracy.

The Gaza Platform data also includes in many cases the an insulting term for the IDF – it calls the army the “IOF,” or “Israel Occupation forces,” a term used up until now exclusively by Arab media and Arab NGOs. Now Amnesty has adopted that derogatory term as its official terminology, further proving that Amnesty is not an unbiased source.

Amnesty has a halo around it as a reliable, major human rights NGO. Any fair observer, looking at only the evidence I have compiled over the past three days, must conclude that it Amnesty is a travesty. 

Every day that they refuse to apologize for and correct this consistent pattern of lies, deception and bias is more proof of that very bias. Newspapers issue corrections, but that is beneath Amnesty.

Amnesty is well aware of my posts which have been tweeted to them hundreds of times, and others including myself have emailed them asking for comment, which they have ignored.

To Amnesty, truth is sometimes just an inconvenience that gets in the way of a good story.

Their donors might be interested in knowing this.

If I am wrong in a single one of my accusations, I invite Amnesty to respond. I promise to print their response in full.

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  • Frank Adam

    This sort of thing calls to mind the oldcynicism, “Might as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb.” Otherwise why should Israel bother to be careful if it still gets slandered by those… “who have never set a squadron in the field.”

    We have seen Israel trying not to kill civilians that Hamas want killed for PR and by bigotry think they are doing their “martyrs” a favour. We have seen Israel avoid killing Hamas leaders to preserve an oppo to talk peace with while being fully conscious that these medieval bigots do not want a peace, only a truce.

    In the same way that both World Wars slipped the gentlemanly restraint fairly quickly to head for a finalising show down as soon as possible, it is time to not be surprised if Israel – so far the only gentleman in the Levant – finally slips its brakes and treats these bigots and vicious villains the only way they understand.

  • Interesting that they had a camera ready and filming this building which probably housed Hamas leaders or was a rocket launching sight as they knew exactly what will happen. Nice shooting IDF.

  • montlasky

    Amnesty International? Should read Amnesia International!

  • steven L

    Should AI be allowed to invest in movies making?
    The stench of petro$ and moral rot is everywhere. Who claims that money has no odor?

  • Ephraim

    Jew haters HAVE to lie. If they told the truth, the media would have to completely reverse direction. Amnesty’s world is an Orwellian world.

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    Amnesty never was and never will be a friend of Israel!

  • Julian Clovelley

    I do not accept your blanket criticism of Amnesty International but as a donor I do agree that this video does require an explanation

    However what you do not point out in your criticism is that the event is not screened as a continuous piece of video in the original Amnesty video and therefore a deliberate falsification by Amnesty would have been unnecessary any falsification of time frame could have been done using the insertion of a speaker

    What I question is the original source – including the placing of the timer in the screen. That in the continuous version you display there is an edit is without question

    If you have indeed identified a deliberate falsification I would expect Amnesty, as an organisation of great integrity to acknowledge it. But I would see it as a slip up which they did not try to hide

    • Like the UN Amnesty International is a Biased Organisation.What about Iran.Syria ,afghanistan,Sudan,Turky,Irak<lybia and so on,just Our Beutyful Israel With Its *8 000000 People is the bad Guy in this Twisted world .We Have To million Arabs,Druse, christians living with us side by side wit equel Rig, Working in our hospitals,Beeng in our govenement, working together with pleas dont blame us Jews about everything wich is wrong in this world.we do alot good in this world in sience,healthresearch, sunenergy,water,and so on. we allways giving a helpinng hand when disaster srican countrys need our help,So please Amnesty Bag Off ,do your work proberly.Sorry obout spelmistakes,I am From the Netherlands and imigrated to this beutyful country Called ISRAEL

    • LINDA

      In July 2014 I emailed a series of complaints to Amnesty London after I discovered that one of its executives has links to Palestinian terror groups. Amnesty refutes this, although there is established proof by an Israeli human rights group that this individual IS linked. I asked Amnesty how this individual can possibly be trusted to remain neutral and unbiased towards Israel in the light of his connections to Palestinian militants, but again I was almost laughed at. Amnesty is despicable and they LIE. You cite Amnesty as ‘an organisation of great integrity.’ Kindly explain upon what evidence you base this assumption [compliment] of yours?