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July 23, 2015 4:26 pm

After Nuclear Deal, Iran Announces $2 Billion of Trade Projects With Europe

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Iran and the European Union are anticipating an increase in trade and economic cooperation after the signing of the nuclear deal. PHOTO: Annahar.

Iran and the European Union are anticipating an increase in trade and economic cooperation after the signing of the nuclear deal. PHOTO: Annahar.

News reports on Thursday indicated that Iran is already seeing an inflow of trade funds and investment from Europe and other Western countries in the wake of the nuclear agreement signed between Iran and the P5+1 powers on July 14.

Since Iran and the world powers agreed on the deal, European leaders and representatives of major industries have been rushing to explore business opportunities in the country.

Iranian state-controlled Press TV reported that Iran and the European Union have opened a conference on trade and investment in Vienna, with Iran pledging to spend more than $180 billion on oil and gas projects.

According to the report, Deputy Economy Minister Mohammad Khazaei told the conference that the Iranian government has already granted licenses for more than $2 billion worth of business projects with countries in Europe.

“We are recently witnessing the return of European investors to the country. Some of these negotiations have concluded, and we have approved and granted them the foreign investment licenses and protections,” he said.

“Even in the past couple of weeks we have approved more than $2 billion of projects in Iran by European companies,” he said.

Iran’s Minister of Industry, Trade and Mine Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh is leading the Iranian delegation at the two-day conference to discuss opportunities for cooperation with Austria, France, Germany, the U.K. and other European countries.

“We are looking for a two-way trade as well as cooperation in development, design and engineering. We are no longer interested in a unidirectional importation of goods and machinery from Europe,” he told the conference.

Nematzadeh said his country was looking forward to building up its petroleum, gas, minerals and automobile sectors, and to exporting these goods to the European market after sanctions are lifted.


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  • John

    European capital flowing into an islamic terrorist state in the middle of the greatest economic crisis in history; muslims flowing into Europe among the largest invasion in European history. I’m an atheist and all I can think to say is “By God, we’re all going to die!”

  • Irwin Graulich

    The Europeans are just a bunch of prostitutes–clear and simple.

  • zadimel

    Where are the other three responses?

  • mary daly

    money greed starting wars and endless name calling and yous have the cheek to actually say your a peaceful nation how many billions has Israel taken from other countries how much land has been taken from Palestinian families how many innocents were killed last year yous care for no one but yourselves I dont want war on any country certainly not a nuclear one in nearly every country in this world there are terrorists wither their in an army uniform or all in black but to have peace first you must want peace I’ve read all three comments ne wants to first strke on Iran two satan nation three money maybe before engaging mouths think

  • A Jayssson

    If European nations can redevelop trade with Iran, why can’t we? The way towards peace in the mid-East is via a mutually beneficial trade relationship. Better than warfare, we should build a peaceful relationship by building bridges, roads, and hospitals via a Marshall Plan in those counties where we have destroyed civilian homes. America can no longer be the “power behind the throne” of oil-rich countries, like Saudi Arabia and Iraq. We must accept the move to nationalize oil in the mid-East, even though major American oil companies will lose some of their profitability — but to sacrifice the lives of American soldiers for the financial benefits of Exxon in a war purported to defend democracy is an outrage beyond comprehension.

  • “Great civilized” world where you have to demonstrate power to bring investors to do their overdue job of restoration of this part of the Globe! It is time to reevaluate the criteria of the International Organizations for investments in humanitarian aid, education and skills in the regions where the growth of human capital is from a big importance.
    How about the Christian missions? Are they going to expand their work there?

  • Ktris Kristian

    Amazing how the world has sold it’s soul to the drvil, all for money.
    In 10 years time, when it will be too late, the world will wake up to find that the deal was all in favour of Iran, and nothing to protect the rest of the world, when Iran drops (GOD forbid) a nuclear bomb on Israel.
    Israel will be the first to be attacked. Then USA etc will follow. This will lead to WW3, and half of the world’s population will be wioped out.
    Hoefully, Israel has other plans to strike at Iran befiore Iran strikes at Israel.

    • John

      Capitalism is dead, even the OECD has stated this. Welcome to Fascism. Now it’s the mad dash to grab up all the wealth you can before a perfect storm of crises hit all of us.

  • Michael Mayben

    The Europe Trade Projects with the Satan nation is like the beginning of the end for peaceful nations.

  • Steve

    England France and Germany have been negotiating deals over the past few weeks no wonder they push through the deal