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July 23, 2015 2:35 pm

‘New York Post’ Slams Senator Schumer for Failing to Take Iran Deal Stance

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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Senator Charles Schumer (NY). Photo: Wiki Commons.

Senator Charles Schumer (NY). Photo: Wiki Commons.

The New York Post inveighed against Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) for failing to take a strong stance against the Obama administration’s Iran nuclear deal — actually for refusing to take any stance whatsoever.

The Post said it had sent Schumer a list of 10 crucial questions over the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, and one of its reporters had asked him for a follow-up.

“I’m studying the issue,” Schumer reportedly responded.

“There’s nothing to study: Just nix the deal, Chuck,” the Post’s editors said. “Iran can’t be trusted with any deal, period — let alone one that explicitly limits efforts to ensure Tehran isn’t working to get nuclear bombs.”

The Post also reported Schumer has been getting the “cold shoulder” from the pro-Israel crowd.

He is in a bind because he wants President Barack Obama’s approval to replace Harry Reid as the Democratic leader, but “his key supporters all want him to quash the terrible Iran giveaway deal,” the report said.

The reports came after thousands — demonstration organizers said as many as 10,000 — thronged seven Manhattan blocks around Times Square on Wednesday to rally for Congress’ rejection of the Obama administration’s deal with Iran, which the White House says cuts of Iran’s pathways to a nuclear bomb by at least 10 years.

For Schumer, a traditionally strong pro-Israel advocate whose influence could sway other Democrats, the pressure is certainly on.

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  • Reform School

    So many Obama actions since 2008 directly benefit Iran, can anyone but a brain-dead, Liberal Jew believe the Iranian mullocracy has not bankrolled Obama’s rise to power from its beginning?

    If all men resemble their fathers by the time they reach their senior years, why does Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. not even remotely resemble Barack Obama, Sr.?

    Because President Obama resembles his REAL father.

    Hang down your head, Chuck Schumer,

    Hang down your head and cry.

    Hang down your head, Chuck Schumer,

    ‘Cause your tongue is caught in your fly!

  • zadimel

    What happened to my reply?

  • zadimel

    Senator Schumer should have immediately denounced the nuclear “deal” for having placed the Jewish State in a position of imminent danger by a nation which has called for its destruction and annihilation of Jews everywhere. Israel may have to react in its own time and in a manner which will cause great pain for those European nations which stand to gain financially.

  • Robert Weintraub

    To expect a politician to put any issue before his or her own political career is to misunderstand politics as well as human nature. From what I read it would take the defection of 13 Senate Democrats to override the presidential veto of the Iran agreement. The likelihood is that Schumer and several other Democrats will be granted leave to vote for the override but not enough leave granted to override the veto.

    A lesson can be learned from the reaction of Jewish political figures to the holocaust while it was going on. Almost without exception Jewish political figures refused to criticize the president for his lack of action on behalf of European Jewry. None were ever punished by voters or constituents after the war.

    For an entertaining instruction in real politics see the move “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” shown from time to time on TCM. You will learn more about political reality in two hours than in a yearlong college course.

    • Reform School

      Great explanation of the new corrupt political reality.

      Does ‘Schumer’ mean ‘scammer’ in the mother-tongue?

      • Sofie Sokolov

        You mean German? Germany forced Jews to take last names, long ago.

    • Mali Leitner

      Mr Weintraub,

      I am 100% agreeing with you. So why we are giving a dime to these politicians? One lesson I learned. To help Israel by giving my time and money directly to Israel ,the country who will protect me as a jew no mater where I will be. Lets make Israel self sufficient so they will not have to wait for another kisinger who believed in letting the jews bleed, for a pice to be in the Mideast dose he think this way now? or mr chumerr taking his sweet time to make this crucial desesion. Israel be aware who is your real friends.

  • DockyWocky

    Chuckie, although unmistakably Jewish, is first and foremost, a proud liberal progressive Democrat.

    That means his only loyalties are to the liberal progressive Democrat agenda – and that agenda means making Obama look good by allowing him to sacrifice any and all Jews to Obama’s crazed kookie plan for humanity well into the future.

    Chuckie is one Jew the Jewish folks here, and in Israel, could well do without.

  • Dr. Netta Kohn Dor-Shav

    To Schumer, one can only paraphrase what Mordechai said to Esther: Do not imagine for a moment that you can escape the fate of your people by trying to remain in the favor of your president, for, if you insist on remaining silent at a time like this, relief and salvation will come to the Jews from another source, while you and yours will
    perish in ignominy. And who can know if it not just for a time like this that you attained your position?

    • matttis kantor

      Remarkable clarity in your comment. It is also powerful on the emotional level (mine at least.) Ashreichem Yisrael.

    • Prince Michael

      Salvation is coming from another source, The Lord’s chosen servant and the angry retribution of the Lord.
      God does not want this virgin daughter of babylon to flaunt her arrogance, He wants her to sit in the dust and lament, her fall is coming, those who light their candles on their own will also be punished.

      Read Isaiah 47-49


      Well said, Dr.!

  • Of course he’s ‘in a bind’, but surely he has a conscience as well?

  • evelyn fabrikant

    Shumer can’t have it both ways. He talks the *talk*…like so many in the obama administration. ..who claim to support Israel….but his actions belie his words. I for one am finished with doublespeak. Senator shumer …get off the fence now…put your actions where your mouth is…or remove yourself from office. You can’t have it both ways.

  • wm.j. levy

    Chuck Schumer might have had 1600 on his SAT’s but to me he is a complete zero and an embarrassment to every Jew in the world.
    Once again he proves that there is no JEWISH UNITY and this will be our downfall and makes us so easy to hate and kill.


  • Howard Kahan

    Schumer is Pro Schumer. He is another one of the political animals. He only proved the party comes first, and the country may come next, and Israel may come somewhere down the road. This is the obama doctrine.


  • Sara Springer

    SCHUMER is no Shomer.

  • Azriel Berkovits

    Senator Schumer this time can show what is more important for him; serving his corrupt leader or serving his constituence. Supporting dark murderous forces deadly enemies of the Jewish people, and the American people or dignity? Senator Schumer this time has the clear chance to show who he really is.

  • Susan

    This Iran Deal should never even created.
    SO, Let’s See…A DISFUNCTIONAL Deal with all the gain for Iran. A Terrorist Country, Who Parades
    The Iranian people, Who Chants….


    Call Me Crazy, But This Is the Deal Obama
    Promotes To The Citizens Of The United States Of
    America. …Time for the Kool Aid



    Russia has announced that it will sell Iran ICBM technology. Iran does not need ICBMs to attack Israel. ICBMs in the hands of Iran with a nuclear weapon are a threat to the entire East Coast of the United States. They still shout “death to America” in Iran. Several days ago Pres. Rouhani led a parade through the streets of Tehran whose theme was very vocal: “death to America”. 

    Russia has also announced that it will upgrade that portion of its IBM force both qualitatively and quantitatively that is aimed at the United States. Money coming from weapons sales to Iran will help finance this enhancement of Russian capability which will improve Russia’s  position as they announced in terms of their assaults against Ukraine, and in their announced aggravations against  Poland and Latvia. 

    Russia has also announced that they will sell Iran short-range attack missiles which place US naval forces in danger and give Iran a lock control over the essential waterways which control a major portion of international petroleum traffic.

     Russia has also announced that they will sell advanced air defense missiles and communications to Iran which would make any nuclear/missile force impregnable to attack.   


    There are no restrictions on the money that will be released to Iran. There is only hope that it will be spent for internal economic  and social improvements. 

    Currently Iran is the major funder of international terrorism. They are active in South America and Central America. They are  active in Jordan, Yemen, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Gaza, the West Bank, Syria, Lebanon, etc.

     Since April 2015 the Obama administration has released $700 million per month to Iran. Unfortunately, a substantial percentage of these released funds have gone to fund internal security operations within Iran and to finance increased operations of the IRGC throughout the world.  Accordinfg to the sworn congressional testimony of Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Dunford, President Obama’s nominee to be chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff:  “Iran  is directly linked to deaths of  more than 500 U.S. troops in Iraq, Afghanistan.”

        According to DOJ interpretation  this agreement:

             a. has already  taken  those who have been found guilty of murdering Americans and have been penalized by US courts completely off the hook and has granted them  complete freedom from these judgments and verdicts.  

             b.  obligates  the US  to assist and train Iran in preventing any sabotage against its  nuclear facilities. This obligates the US to protect the Iranian nuclear and missile programs from cyber attack and may require the US to share cyber protection technology with the Iranians.
             c.  states that the US may not impose any new sanctions on Iran for any other reasons.  So if next year Iran’s terrorists were to attack a US embassy , the US would not be allowed to sanction Iran for such aggression{. If you think this is far-fetched consider the attack by Iran on the Jewish center in Argentina and the current lack of follow-up by the Argentine government. Also, it is public record that the US did not report Iranian transgressions and violations of the current agreement to the UN in order not to jeopardize “progress” on the negotiations with Iran. Further, the US refused to accept the evidence that the reactor under construction in Syria which had been financed by Iran and was utilizing North Korean technology was in fact a nuclear reactor until after Israel destroyed it and the exact nature of the installation could no longer be denied by US intelligence/State Department.}

  • And the worst of the deal is the billions that Iran will acquire and spend lavishly on terrorist activities enlarging Hamas and Hizbolah opportunities to make havoc. Assad will also be a beneficiary of our folly.

  • Jacques Bertrand

    HOW did America ever convince itself to select Obama for President.George Washington helped open the door to what we know as America . Obama is helping to shut the door on your amazing, great country. Quel dommage ! Soon the Middle East will be full of nuclear weapons. How long until a nuclear exchange takes place? The fools in Iran think they will be able to trigger their end of days scenario using nuclear weapons as a trigger.

    Ce qui plus est, Israel is being abandoned, thrown under the bus as it were ,unless Netanyahu takes action. Once again, Obama is key here. He hates Irael, but is afraid to come out and say it. He is making every effort to undermine that country, the only representative of civilised nationhood in the Middle East.Wake up America. If America becomes a weak-kneed version of Latin America, throws its principles and its democracy overboard, the world is lost. I am not American, but I freely admit that without its American anchor of democracy ,principle and decency ( and military power),le monde est foutu. The world is .. well, I don’t have to translate “foutu”.Use your imagination,America !Also starts with ‘F’.

  • nelson marans

    Senator Chuck Schumer should be ashamed of himself for not immediately denouncing the Iranian deal, which places Israel in mortal danger. If he sides with President Obama or is non-committal, he has established himself as a false friend of Israel.
    Currying favor with the president at the expense of Israel discloses the true face of Schumer as being two-faced

  • Rabbi Simeon Schreiber

    There comes a time in everyone’s life when the principles one espouses must take precedent over personal ego and personal gain. Chuck Schumer is at that crossroads. Does he have the guts to disagree with the Iran Nuclear proposal ..follow his conscience..and risk the ire and consequences of President Obama repercussions? Let him study Genisis 12 verse 3 Let him be strong and courageous this one time in his life

  • steven L

    Looks from here that he will go the liberal way. He gave a hint to that effect not long ago if I remember correctly.

  • ART

    It should be made very clear to Schumer that not only is Israels’ future at stake but so is his political future. This issue is too important for individuals egos to allow Iran to become a nuclear power. Schumer has enjoyed the benefits of Shomer Yisroel now is his time to act where he has talked

  • Suzi Ferer

    Let the man study! Why propose a treaty if you don’t want to reach
    An agreement?! Oh yeah , that’s Israels game. pretend peace talks.

  • Francis Figliola

    Schumer is a proven party man. The party always comes first with Schumer, BEFORE right or wrong. Before his duty to his constituents. He was instrumental for killing financial regulations for a subprime-house-in-every-pot Democratic agenda. Fought hard to continue the charade until recently when he said “they” made a mistake. Takes most of his contributions from financial institutions and banks, the very entities that he has sworn to regulate as a member of the Banking and Finance Committee. The fox in charge of the hen house! Was the 51st vote for the Un-Affordable Care Act, where the booby prize for the Un-Affordable Care Act is Medicaid! 6-1/2 years of Obama and Schumer has gotten us……….where?

  • Jackt Moss

    The Post is dead wrong! The so-called deal is on target for a diplomatic solution. The alternative is a military solution for which there is no justification. Read the document before making a judgement call. Schumer is right!

  • Jeffery Saddlemire

    Chuck Schumer has always played both sides of the fence and will never stick his neck out to do the right thing. He is a snake in the grass.

  • Yaakov Holansky

    Senator Schumer
    What is more important to you; Party leadership in the Senate or voting Yea for a ‘Deal” that may very well turnout to be Holocaust 2 with 7mm Jews dead! How would you explain this to your Children and Grandchildren? The USA actually working to protect the nuclear program of a State Sponsor of Terror, a Theocratic Dictatorial Regime against Democratic Israel, key strategic Ally of the US. Kerry today would not answer in the Senate hearing if the US would use physical force against Israel to protect Iran’s nuclear sItes. The Obama/Kerry AdmInIstratIon Is plain EvIl turnIng our AllIes Into the enemy and enemies decades old AllIes. Don’t you fInd somethIng most bizarre and odd In all thIs? Next the EU and US have plans to force Israel to accept an unacceptable plan hand a trophy to terrorists. Senator Schumer do you want your name inscribed wIth these people?