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August 10, 2015 7:17 pm

Inspired by Oscar Schindler, Jewish Businessman Leads Effort to Rescue Christian, Yazidi Girls From ISIS

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CYCI's mission is to liberate Christian & Yazidi children held hostage and sold as sex slaves in Mosul, Iraq. Photo: Facebook.

Maman’s mission is to liberate Christian and Yazidi girls and women held hostage and sold as sex slaves in Mosul, Iraq. Photo: Facebook.

A Jewish businessman is leading an effort to rescue Christian and Yazidi girls kidnapped by ISIS militants and sold as sex slaves in northern Iraq, U.K. based Catholic magazine The Tablet reported on Friday.

Steve Maman, 42, founded the Liberation of Christian and Yazidi Children of Iraq (CYCI) a year ago after ISIS jihadists took over the Iraqi cities of Mosul and Sinjar, forcing more than 100,000 civilians to flee. The Canada-based charity works closely with a team of negotiators, based inside ISIS-occupied areas, to reunite the kidnapped girls with their families. The group claims to have rescued more than 120 women so far.

“We liberate children from their captors through the use of on-the-ground brokers,” said Maman. His organization’s website says, “The price of a child’s life to remove them from the hands of ISIS is between $1000-$3000.”

Maman says his personal hero is Oskar Schindler, the German industrialist who saved 1,200 Jews from the Nazi Holocaust.

CYCI also collaborates with Anglican Canon Andrew White’s Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East, which provides shelter to those who have fled ISIS.

ISIS kidnapped 7,000 Yazidi women and girls into slavery last August, according to Tablet. An unknown number of Christian women and girls were also captured, and CYCI estimates that around 2,700 are still being held by the terror group. According to the charity’s website, the women and children, some as young as 8 years old, are held in horrible conditions and are often forced to sleep in cages. They are then “sold like cattle in markets” as sex slaves to ISIS fighters and militants.

Maman said CYCI receives money for rescue missions mainly from his own “remarkably generous” Jewish business partners. He noted that he has approached 60 church organizations in Canada but has failed to attract their support.

“This is a finite problem that can be solved with money,” said the entrepreneur. “We need Christians to open up at the same rate as my Jewish friends have.”

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  • mike service

    awesome work your doing wish i had monies to give but cant work my back pray everyday for these people they are so beautiful wish i could adopt 3 they be in my home and soak up love everyday

  • Dr prashant V

    I would like to adopt a orphan yazidi child in india

  • Lara Moore

    wow! This is wonderful….How do I contribute?
    Thank you for rescuing these girls!!!

  • kale lilian

    go to “STOP CYCI” on facebook and get the real story on these money to isis for sex slaves schemes. They even posted a pic of a childs mangled shoe from the Pakistan Peshawar massacre passing it off as yazidi to pry open wallets.

  • WhereisGOD

    A lot of church members treated GOD like M&M chocolate – melts in your mouth, but not in your hands.
    They love their new GOD – ‘money’ more than anything else.

  • Barbara Sneller

    Just a note to my Jewish friends who think Christians are not helping their own out. Let’s not stereotype. Some of us are giving to private Christian organizations who have formed their own “army” to go over to these areas armed to get the Christians out. The mainline Christian organizations may not be doing much, but there are plenty of Christians that are giving not JUST to Christian causes of trafficing, but also to Jewish causes like Fellowship of Christians and Jews to help the Jewish people in other lands find their way back to Israel and help those in need in Israel. Please do not bash Christians like me who are helping both Christians and Jews in need. Be careful of stereotyping. Thanks.

  • Sam Omekara

    Oskar Schindler was a hero and deserves to be regarded as one of the righteous among the Nations. Now Steve Maman has followed in the footsteps.
    I remembered watching the movie and was affected by Oskar’s efforts. The so called Christian groups ain’t gonna do much towards the misfortune of those God’s creatures because there wouldn’t be cameras and publicity. They are the Lukewarm churches.
    My family and I are ready to contribute to this noble act of Steve. Will definitely get to him. We will do it because it is right and in keeping with the Lord’s command.

  • Jemal

    Any donations are welcome this is directed access to Steve Maman charity

  • Robert Wagner

    Tiny Israel has not only open their borders to every Jew who wants to enter, they have assisted with travel those Middle Eastern Jews who were being persecuted. We have opened our borders to every Central American , South American and Mexican who wants to enter our country. why can’t a christen Country assist Christens who are being persecuted for their faith into the United States?


    How can a contribution be made?
    Thank you.

  • Noel Eliscu

    Why are Christian leaders not helping and ignoring the problem ? Why does it take a Jewish organization to help?

  • Vivienne Havalant (Leijonhufvud)

    Sadly for all Christian talk about charity many Christian organizations have been slow at coming forward. Men like Mr. Maman are rare. With so many children, mainly girls and women they could so easily be integrated into western culture. I hope Mr. Maman comes up with a solution to have orphaned girls adopted in the west. As a private individual €3,000 can be raised through one’s personal bank to pay for a little girl bring her out – provide her with loving parents and grand parents. Trauma is a big issue for these girls and must be taken on board by adoptive applicants. So I hope Mr. Maman’s next step will be to establish an adoptive system to find parents in the West either Christian or Jewish for children. On my own public FB page is a photograph of four siblings, I personally tried to trace – dead end. They need love, to learn to respect themselves again and probably some surgery for they will surely have been damaged by these savages.

  • Reform School

    Hostages must be fed. History shows the number of hostages taken is directly proportional to the price paid for them. Successful political coercion by the “Free Gilad Shalit” movement is partially responsible for these kidnappings. Abhorrent as it may seem to two generations brainwashed by Liberal college professors, Maman & Co. have [unwittingly] become part (the Demand side) of the slave trade. Publishers and readers alike should examine the value media self-censorship might have on an imperfect world. Back in 1976, before the ‘Great Western Dumbdown,’ how many dollars did Israel pay ‘His Excellency Field Marshal Idi Amin Dada’ to free his Jewish hostages? Have 40 years of Liberalism turned us to ‘Idi-ots,’ dumbing our ‘yiddisher kopp’ to where our Mamans enrich our enemies’ Dadans?

  • Yoel NItzarim

    My utmost respect to the man for saving lives. A human life should never have a price tag attached to it: these young women should have never had to undergo such utter humiliation. It is absolutely mortifying to read that such devaluation of the human mind, body and spirit takes place in this world today, yet it is gratifying that someone cares and is doing something concrete to help save the women. A Jew helping save other human beings is most noteworthy and honourable.

  • Allan Fritz

    Mr. Maman is a real hero in the style od Oscar Schindler.

  • Sister M. Michele S.C.M.C.

    May God bless Mr. Maman and all those who are acting with such compassion and charity. We can pray that many others follow his example. How ironic that Schindler saved Jewish people, and now a Jewish man seeks to save Christians. The thought of so many people enslaved and terrorized ought to awaken us all to imitate the actions and efforts of men like Mr. Maman, especially governments and other organizations throughout the world. And those who might not have money, prayer is a powerful tool, as well as spreading the word for more support for Mr. Maman and his noble endeavors.