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Shocking New Iranian Video Imagines Islamic Takeover of Jerusalem, Destruction of Israel (VIDEO)

August 17, 2015 7:15 pm 23 comments
A video recently released by Iranian media shows Iranian proxies, led by the IRGC, gearing up to destroy Israel. PHOTO: Video screenshot.

A video recently released by Iranian media shows Iran’s proxies, led by its IRGC, gearing up to destroy Israel. PHOTO: screenshot.

A newly revealed video produced under the auspices of the Iranian regime in early August threatens and visualizes the destruction of Israel at the hands of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Iranian Middle East proxies, The Investigative Project on Terrorism reported on Monday.

The animated video, produced by the Islamic Revolution Design House, depicts soldiers preparing for battle. One dons the IRGC insignia on his left arm, another the emblem of the Iran-backed Iraqi Shia Badr Organization. Yet a third dons a headband bearing the Lebanese Hezbollah logo, and a fourth is seen clad in Hamas’ characteristic balaclava and the Qassam Brigades green headband.

Each brandishes a weapon, a helmet and a keffiyeh. They are shown poised on a hill overlooking the Israeli capital of Jerusalem, prepared for battle.

The video then pans out showing an ever-growing number of soldiers, presumably all members of Iran’s loyal proxies, like the fighters portrayed at the beginning of the footage.

The clip then transitions to a black screen with Persian script that says “Israel must be obliterated,” or literally, “erased from the annals of history,” a command first issued by Iran’s late Ayatollah Khomeini and famously repeated by former Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, as well as leaders of Iran’s proxies such as Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah.

The video continues, “and the youth will definitely see that day when it comes.” The soldiers are then seen marching to battle towards Jerusalem’s Temple Mount and Old City.

The video’s message is unmistakable: Israel must be destroyed by Iran and its allies and Jerusalem must be brought under Muslim control.

Watch the disturbing video below:


  • The video was removed is there another way of seeing it?

  • Let’s see Exxon-Chevron-Conoco Propaganda had us killing 2mil. Arabs in order to steal millions of gallons of raw petroleum for 20yrs.. Sure lesser casualties than WWII but is it more moral ?

  • Iran does what on their own ? Since we gave them nuclear warheads in 2013 (see Dyes AFB TX), we tell them when and whom to launch against.
    So USA wants to wipe out Israel and blame it on the Muslim Arabs in order to destroy Iran next with approval of Communist Consortium because perceivably an attack against an ally has commenced. It is all a game, theft of resources, de-population, control of the masses (the remaining uncapable of critical thinking).
    The Bilderbergs, worlds 0.001% richest own governments and run all affairs, the rest is Sat. night Theater for your Brainwash, Entertainment, Self Righteousness & Emotional Response.

  • Aloha Snackbar

    Wow! What an inspiring video! Obama has to get a nuke into these people’s hands ASAP! Yes we can!™

    • Please accept this Hollywood move for reality, even the Federally Imposed 10rd. magazine for rifles, which is all you need in a war, that Iran surely abides by….

  • This is propaganda. Not only is it just a video using inflaming language, it is inaccurate compared to what the Ayatollah and Ahmadinejad said. Nonetheless, people live in their emotional states, versus their intellectual states, and thrive off inflammatory news. Research how MSM target emotions vs. providing news.

  • Mike Schwarzer

    Nice peace of work the Mossad must be very proud. Just in time for the vote in congress. It’s amazing that the volumes of revealing information has so conveniently appeared exactly when it’s needed.

    Benny has no facts and Benny has no credibility. What does that leave him. Propaganda.

    Israel will know how fast and loose Benny is treating Israel’s security with this game of his.

  • It’s obvious that the Iranian military “leaders” have not read the Scripture concerning the destruction of all of Israel’s enemies.

  • It is very scary indeed. We need to do all we can both physically and spiritually to defeat them. G-d willing, we should be successful

  • Dr. Paul Melnikov

    At the close of the second world war, the biggest concern was the re building of both Germany & Japan. The US was more interested in laying waste to the then Soviet Union, its ally against Germany which lost upwards of 20+ million combatants & untold millions of civilians, than it was in punishing Germany & Japan which sponsored the deaths of between 55 & 95 million human beings.

    Yet here is an advocate of genocide. “Wipe away the jews from the annals of history and re take Jerusalem” & the territory now occupied by these decadent non muslims.

    Genocide- in the form of ethnic cleansing, was advocated & promoted against the Serbs in what was then Yugoslavia in the 1980’s-1990’s. It was allowed to take place until it was decided it was too dangerous to allow it to suceed. It was NOT objected to on moral grounds as it should have been/should always be.

    No one has the authority to decide who should be “wiped away from existence” on the planet. No one has that authority. Period. No one has that “right”. Anyone advocating same must be completely isolated- shunned from contact w/ the rest of humanity unless/until they no longer advocate genocide against one or another group of humanity. Occupation of one by another un fortunately is a gateway to genocide. It should NOT be allowed.

    No one has the authority of genocide, no one and not on any basis nor according to any religious dictum or political ideology. It is just beyond that which is acceptable.

    Ironically- Any alien race, watching what it going on here, would regard this planet to be backward beyond all recovering, and they would be very close to being right.Thus any contact w/ alien races is likely to be hostile- it is unlikely any alien society would take a chance on a planet where genocide is advocated by one race against another. Technology does NOT belong in the hands of those lacking such moral ideological bearing. No alien race is likely to ever chance non hostile contact w/ species of this planet. It would NOT be worth the risk.

    No one on this planet has the right to engage the genocide of another race. Such right simply does NOT exist. Period. I am neither stupid nor naive- yet genocide must be seen as and spoken about for what it is- the ultimate NON right of any race on this planet against another. These are the terms about which it must be spoken. Anything less allows it to happen for want of calling it what it is.

  • Where are the nine comments?

  • Before the scenes on this bit of propaganda were to occur, the IDF and its navy and air force would have destroyed Hamas,Hezbollah, returned to Judea and Samaria,cleared terrorism from southern Lebanon and the fringes around the Golan Heights. In addition, the Jewish State would have sent a hundred or so nuclear devices against the government of Iran and those who call for Israel’s destruction. Peace would have returned to that part of the Middle East.

  • bonifcae mwansasu

    Iran is infamous for propagate terrorism and violence in the middle east by using uholly alliance with Hezbollah,Houth rebels in Yemen,Hamas and Assad regime.This is unacceptable behaviour and am confident one day Israel will bring Iran to its knees.Believe or not those who fight against Israel and deny its existence are enemies of God.

  • Michael OConnor

    These Iranians are sending a message LOUD and CLEAR what its intentions are, President Obama you had better get out of your coma because ISRAEL will not wait for you sitting on the fence kissing and cuddling up to Ayatollah Khomeini, because Israel will commit Hari Kiri (Nuke Iran)and will not think twice, so like i said Obama wake up and the West as well, or we will all be seeing MUSHROOMS the kind we cannot eat.

  • Again:

    What Iran wishes to happen to Israel, as it so vehemently
    predicts, may the 10 plagues that once Egypt received, when it
    did not let the Jewish people go, Mat Iran get these plagues as well.Only then will this “Rasha” get the total picture.

    History repeats itself and it is time Iran gets the picture.

    “B’ezrat Hashem”!

  • What Iran wishes for itself, in destroying Israel, let it have the Black Plague and destroy itself.

    Allahu Agbur!!!!

  • Nobody ever won a war by simply producing an infantile piece of video film.

    • No, but they used media like this to whip their people into starting a war that costs the lives of tens of millions m

      “The propaganda used by the Nazi Party in the years leading up to and during Adolf Hitler’s leadership of Germany (1933–1945) was a crucial instrument for acquiring and maintaining power, and for the implementation of Nazi policies, including the pursuit of total war and the extermination of millions of people in the Holocaust. The pervasive use of propaganda by the Nazis is largely responsible for the word “propaganda” itself acquiring its present negative connotations.[1]”

  • Its missing the part where the Israeli air force is bombing the crap out of them

  • Bloody frightening and i live in Australia where it’s happening by home grown people we have let into our country fed them sent their kids to school given them the dole, free education free medical and this is what they are doing. SHAME, SHAME SHAME.

  • Debra S. Michels

    Is there any chance that Algemeiner’s could translate the Arabic writing in this video?

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