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August 23, 2015 5:00 pm

Report: Retired Saudi General Makes it His ‘Personal’ Goal to Achieve Saudi-Israeli Peace

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Anwar Eshki. Photo: Screenshot.

Anwar Eshki. Photo: Screenshot.

Anwar Eshki, a retired major general in the Saudi armed forces, has made it his personal goal to strike peace between Saudi Arabia and Israel, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

A former top adviser to the Saudi government, Eshki raised eyebrows in June when he appeared alongside Israeli Foreign Ministry Director-General and longtime confidant of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Dore Gold at a conference held by the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington DC, espousing desires to build a Saudi-Israel peace, especially to counter the regionally destabilizing expansion of Iran.

“The main project between me and Dore Gold is to bring peace between Arab countries and Israel,” said Eshki.

The former general noted that while the initiative is “personal,” Riyadh “knows about the project” and “isn’t against it, because we need peace.”

Eshki said Israeli and Saudi plans for their shared principal enemy Iran do not completely align, especially regarding an Israeli strike against Iran. He added, however, that Israel would be interested in dealing first with the threat posed by Iran’s proxy in Lebanon and Syria, Hezbollah, before committing its military to countering the much larger and imposing threat of Iran.

Saudi Arabia is also fighting an Iranian-backed group in Yemen, the Houthi rebels, who have taken over the Yemeni capital of Sana’a, and Eshki said it was the common threat of Iranian attempts to destabilize the region and “revive the Persian Empire” that has brought him and Gold together.

Israeli and Saudi officials have reportedly held several meetings in light of the P5+1 arrangement with Iran to peel back international sanctions in exchange for some restrictions on and monitoring of its nuclear program, which Jerusalem and Riyadh view as a boon to Iranian efforts to spread its influence in the Middle East.

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  • typo correction: should be ‘unpretentious’ (not unpretentions)

  • A good start reflecting sincerity towards peace with Israel on the part of any Arab State would be the simple, unpretentions, unconditional recognition of the State of Israel.

  • Jeff

    It would be wonderful if they manage this, peace between Saudi and Israel

  • Stan

    They have a common enemy. Iran. It makes perfect sense for them to forget past differences and become allies.

  • Mireille Mechoullam

    Saudi Arabia is one of the most important countries in the Middle East. I am sure this project will succeed if the Saudis don’t incluce in the project : peace with the Palestinians who at the end of the day aren’t interested to have any peace with Israel and for a reason because if there is peace, the “Palestinians” will soon learn that Israel isn’t the enemy, it’s their own Abu Mazen and Co who won’t get most part of to learn their is a better way of life.

    • Jeff

      Great post

  • Bahlol Dana

    Obviously Saudi Arabia is trying to make peace with Israel to counter Iran’s increasing influence in the region. Saudi Arabia has been killing Shia religious ethnic group all over the Middle East, with the supposition that all Shias support Iran.

    Now we see why Israel is also making peace with the Terrorist group Hamas. Read this link below and you will get the idea that Israel is doing this on behest of Saudi Arabia.

    Also all those fools who say that Iran is trying to capture any Middle Eastern country are delusional. The Pentagon has recently released a report to indicate that Iran military posture is defensive and not aimed at invading and occupying any country!!!!

    • Jeff

      Sorry, you are Iranian or delusional!

      Explain, death to Israel and death to America please as they don’t sound defensive or peaceful.

      Explain Iran backing Hesbolla?

      Explain destroying Israel is non negotiable?


    if Israel & Saudi establisg peace, diplomatic exchanges, business and trade, this could be th start of M E peace and end of wars.

    Hopeflly, other Arab Islamic states will follow suit.

    Iran has threatened many countries, and with Saudi Israel ties, and others following , Iran could face huge problem, and may not carry out their threats.


  • Pastor CJ CLM

    For several years I have seen a hidden partnership between Saudi Arabia and Israel. I am pleased! But Israel – always watch your back!

  • If The Iranians want to revive the Persian Empire, they should remember that Cyrus the Great, the creator of the Persian Empire, has been the first to allow pluralism of religions, and noticeably, the first to free the Jews, and let them come back to Israel (Palestine). He even made a decree for the rebuilding of the Temple of Jerusalem, and some jews considered him as a Messiah. I will believe that Iranian have revived the Persian Empire when they will side with Israel against the enemy of Israel.

    • El

      It is not that way any longer. To think so is very foolish.

      • I agree with you, it is no more like that since a long time, but I said this as a reductio ad absurdum: Iranians of today have no relation with Persia at all. Their idea of “reviving the Persian Empire” is false advertising.
        And the Iran deal is a deal with the Devil, and since some times I get the feeling that Obama knows it, and that he is very dangerous for Israel and the democracies.

  • Very good. Saudi arabia should never forget that the ayotullahs will never rest till they capture mecca and medina