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September 4, 2015 1:44 pm

Eminem’s Jewish Manager Joins Meeting With Antisemitic Nation of Islam Head Louis Farrakhan

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Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan meets with rapper Eminem in Detroit. Photo: Instagram.

Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan meets with rapper Eminem in Detroit. Photo: Instagram.

The firebrand and often antisemitic head of Nation of Islam, Minister Louis Farrakhan, hosted a high-profile dinner with Marshall Mathers, the rapper commonly known as Eminem, and his Jewish manager, Paul Rosenberg, at a Detroit hotel during his visit to the cash-strapped Midwestern city.

While Farrakhan also held meetings with politicians, pastors and a police chief during his Detroit stopover last week, it was his meeting with the legendary hip-hop artist and his manager that drew the most attention.

Farrakhan has sparked controversy several times over incendiary and antisemitic remarks, including implying Jewish complicity in the 9/11 attacks and singling out Judaism as a “dirty religion.”

He was included in the Anti-Defamation League’s 2012 roundup of that years most antisemitic comments for statements alleging Jews control the media, banking and the legal profession, that Jews are the world’s “most violent people,” and that Zionist and Jewish forces manipulate the media for the benefit of Israel.

According to Detroit Nation of Islam chapter head Troy Muhammad, Farrakhan told Eminem that he should use his artistic influence positively to influence people, the Detroit Free Press reported. Farrakhan apparently told Eminem to use his lyrics to help influence children and young people to become positive adults.

Farrakhan posted an image to Instagram saying he “was very honored to receive my brother, Marshall Mathers aka @eminem, last night at my dinner table for a beautiful dialogue.”

Rosenberg could not be reached for comment.

Farrakhan was in Detroit largely to promote Justice or Else, an October 10 Washington D.C. march to commemorate 20 years since his Million Man March to bring awareness to minority and race issues, in the U.S. capital.

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  • Now you know The Honorable Minister Louise Farrakhan did not call Judaism a “gutter religion” so why do you and others keep repeating this lie? Am I to safely assume it is to the same motive of seeking to cause others to dislike and quite possibly seek to harm a man that has done no wrong to anyone? And to say “often antisemitic” is once again a fabrication. Opinions based on factual data is not anti-jewish no more than a statistic on the high rate of heart disease in the Black Community is Anti-Black. If you are going to write articles try stating your truth to back up your claims. Or are you saying like a young Jewish boy told me years ago:”He doesn’t have the right to criticize any Jewish person because he is a non-Jew…” what arrogance! #JusticOrElse Do better research please.

  • brenrod

    Farrakhan is a wannabe Hitler…. no jew should deal with him

  • Farrakhan is a fool in my opinion and is looking for all kinds of publicity. He sounds like Adolph Hitler blaming Jews for all bad events. Jews have been very helpful to Black people through the years.