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September 8, 2015 7:11 am

It’s Disgraceful to Compare European Migrants to Holocaust Victims

avatar by Tibor Krausz

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The gates of the Auschwitz death camp. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

The gates of the Auschwitz death camp. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

If we are to believe Robert Frolich, Hungary’s chief rabbi, we’re witnessing scenes not seen in Europe since the Holocaust. “It was horrifying when I saw those images [of migrants in Europe],” Frolich told The New York Times. “It reminded me of Auschwitz.”

What were those images? Thousands of migrants had entered the Czech Republic illegally, and police had written numbers on the arms of some with markers, to help keep track of them. This simple procedure reminded the rabbi of the tattooing of concentration camp inmates marked for death. Meanwhile, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece and France  have been erecting flimsy razor-wire fences in a desperate and unsuccessful bid to keep out illegal immigrants who have been pouring across their borders en masse for weeks and months.

Another outrage caused Kenneth Roth, Human Rights Watch’s Jewish executive director, to trot out his own Holocaust comparison. “Certainly those images of the trains can’t help but conjure up nightmares of the Holocaust,” he pontificated.

Roth was referring the trains carrying thousands of migrants from their points of illegal entry in sovereign nations like Hungary towards Germany, via Austria, where they had insisted on going, and where they would be housed in relative comfort – not shuffled off to their deaths in concentration camps.

“They tell them that the train was going to Austria and then take them to a camp instead,” Frolich chimed in. “[I]t is very similar to what happened to Jews in the 1940s.”

Is it? Such gratuitous comparisons to the fate of Jewish Holocaust victims are not only fatuous; they are disgraceful – especially coming from a rabbi and a human rights activist, both of whom should know better. It was the migrants themselves who had insisted on getting on those trains in the first place. When Hungarian authorities in Budapest tried to stop them, the asylum-seekers came close to rioting.

Nevertheless, Jonathan Greenblatt, the Anti-Defamation League’s national director in New York, couldn’t resist his own Holocaust comparison. “[T]he insensitivity and the ignorance of the imagery [the police’s] actions evoked is stunning; it’s just sickening.”

That’s not what’s sickening. It’s cheap moralizing and spurious comparisons that arouse nausea. Nor is it particularly commendable to keep reminding Europeans – be they the descendants of Nazi perpetrators or their erstwhile victims, like the Czechs – of the Holocaust any chance we get.  

So let us remind Messrs. Frolich, Roth and Greenblatt: Jews who ended up being butchered by the Nazis were not stampeding across the borders of several sovereign European states to seek a better life. They were taken against their will. My grandparents’ generation in Hungary, hundreds of thousands of whom perished in Auschwitz, would surely have appreciated the kind of hospitality that Europeans, Germans included, have generally been showing these asylum-seekers.

Let us also remind these gentlemen that there are already hundreds of thousands of newly (and illegally) arrived people in Europe, a continent facing a massive humanitarian crisis, with potentially millions more on the way. Most of them happen to be young males, many of whom hail from as far away as Pakistan and Bangladesh, who surely could have found plenty of other safe havens en route if they had needed one.

Since most migrants carry no IDs of any sort (presumably on purpose), and routinely refuse to be processed administratively at their points of forced entry, we have no way of knowing who exactly they really are. Many are surely genuine refugees; many others almost certainly aren’t. The Islamic State has repeatedly boasted of embedding their fighters among the ranks of refugees, some of whom have burned off their fingertips with acid to foil efforts at being properly registered or potentially identified through fingerprinting.

Yet any attempts by European authorities at enforcing even a semblance of order and verification instantly remind Frolich, Roth and Greenblatt of the industrial-scale genocide of Jews. And this when Jewish communities across much of Europe are increasingly being targeted by militant Islamists.

It’s disgraceful and they should be ashamed.

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  • Lorraine

    The Holocaust v2.0 is all the girls in Europe being raped by muslim men, it is all the Jews being harassed and attacked by muslims, it is all the elderly, the homosexuals and the disabled being attacked and harassed by muslims. Finally, it is the collapse of European civilization, the result of muslim terror and violence. THAT is the HOLOCAUST!

  • It is long overdue, but I have been saying this for the past 20 years. I have written my Books based upon the Fact that there is but one Holocaust, and it is the Slaughter of 6,000,000 Jews of Europe, Men, Women and Their Children. There are no other ‘holocaust’! There is but one, uniquely evil, unparalleled assault upon the integrity of a People, and that should be Remembered and Never Forgotten!

  • Sofia B

    Think of all the countries that turned the Jews away during the Holocaust – including the United States, i.e., St Louis Ship with German Jews. Even Cuba didn’t take them in.
    These migrants, one was working as an accountant in Istanbul for two years, now he decided to join all the rest to flood Europe that is already doomed.
    Atleast Hungary and Poland now said NO! Their slogan:
    Today a Migrant
    Tomorrow a Terrorist

    Enjoy yourself in England, Germany and the other countries, you are already doomed, now comes the final stage. Even the little boy that drowned it was staged for the picture his hair perfect, his clothes, his pink skin, doesn’t reflect the reality of being drowned in a rough sea, he would have been all messed up. It is unfortunate indeed, but that day, how many children, were killed, raped, sold as slaves, and the world doesn’t give a damn.
    Well played media, you won the battle for Islam.

  • Valentín

    we can compare with the treatment that the citizens of Israel give to the Palestinians?

  • Yoel larry

    It’s all over for Europe.
    Jews and Christians who intend to keep their religious faith and cultural traditions had better start packing fast while they can still get out.
    This is not going to turn out well for anybody except for the Muslims and even those truly secular or ‘moderate’ ones are going to be in for a very rude awakening.
    America, particularly under a Democratic administration, can expect the same traumatic experience in a few short years. A Republican administration in 2016 can possibly slow the advance of the Beast from the East but I wouldn’t bet any political entity has the will and means to turn it back from America’s Gates without the sort of Draconian measures that may, unless they begin soon, be too little too late.
    Obama and the left have inadvertently laid the groundwork for the Islamization of America with legal attacks on Christianity already in motion, and anti-Semitic innuendo from the mouth of the president sending entire Jewish Communities into therapy sessions and breast-beating fits of cultural consternation.
    Black anger in American cities, ramped up for crass political purposes over the last several years in Baltimore, St. Louis, Ferguson, and elsewhere, will further enfeeble law enforcement to the point of being virtually at the mercy of the media and far-left political puppet masters with deadly and inane Alinskyesque bumper sticker sloganeering they’ve used so effectively to beat down the thin blue line in America’s cities.
    The giddy American Left may be celebrating all this today but as the Islamization process proceeds into the next stage, the insidious institution of nation-wide Sharia law one small step at a time, they will be like the proverbial lobster cooked so slowly that as the ‘water’ gets hotter by degrees they’ll be walking around in their iPhone fantasy world with beards and burkas before they even notice something’s gone quite wrong.
    The rest of us Americans who have our eyes wide open will probably find out what it feels like to be skinned while alive and fully conscious.
    How’s that for a waking nightmare?

    • Lorraine

      It is possible to stop it, and people world wide are waking up to the threat of Islam. This won’t end well for anyone, but we will see a massive loss of life before it is over, mostly of muslims.

  • patrick hammel

    The tragedy with the Jewish people very often lies with those who speak in their name, whether they were chosen to do so or not.
    It goes without saying that the tragic events that happened during WW2 affects the Jewish people to this day in numerous ways. So many of us consider themselves to be uberchachamims, sadly they have no knowledge whatsoever of their environment and lack the necessary intelligence quotum to surf the waves that living on this planet requires. It is quite tragic to watch extremely stupid people who are getting their two minutes of fame on tv being manipulated by reporters who have as only goal to tarnish the reputation of Israel and the jewish people at the same time.Just last night the Dutch national tv had a 50 minute report about Gaza which was full of pathetic lies and who had Gideon Levy spew “his ghetto mentality-be nice to the goyims-make their day”against Israel advocating a boycott ala South Africa’s Apartheid regime. Then followed Y.Shaul from “breaking the silence’ who does not know that he and yariv oppenheimer from “peace now” are not being interviewed so much for what they have to say about the conflict but what the inside kitchen of the anti-Israel reporters call their “freaking gorillas looks” which automatically makes you want to puke.Have you noticed how those reporters always seem to bring great looking Palestinian childrens in front of their cameras while at the same time bring ugly fat and irrationally talking jewish women in the spotlight when interviewing them in the West Bank? So who is to blame the antisemetic reporers or the ignorant bunch of fools from the likes of Roth and the Budapest rabbi down to the better shut up jew appearing on our screens? Jews need to be thought either to shut up or learn how to adress themselves in public !!!!

  • Vivienne Havalant (Leijonhufvud)

    I am sorry to say that the muslim immigrants invading Europe have nothing to do with real persecuted Syrian immigrants. If any one cares to look at the videos of these foul rioting muslims in Kos Lesbos Hungry etc. I personally feel it would be a good idea to stick them in concentration camps for Saudi Arabia to pick up and re-home and provide jobs in the middle east, Saudi have 3 million tents on bonafide camp sites. I live in Europe I am sick to death of the sympathy for this muslim scum. These awful people are nothing like the gentle Jews who were gassed murdered shot and put into gas ovens. The Jews never deserved this but forgive me the Muslims do. Raping women and children, decapitating babies and children, Imams who are so disgusting cannot even be bothered to comment. Europe and Scandinavia should be looking to ISRAEL backing ISRAEL and saving only middle eastern Christians, Yazidi’s, starving children in Africa. Muslims are nothing but trouble.

    • Rose

      I completely agree ?

    • Hana

      “I personally feel it would be a good idea to stick them in concentration camps”..”Muslim scum”
      Wow!!!! Do you hear yourself?? All that disgusting hate is eating you alive…just like ISIS. You are such an ugly human being.

    • Ms havalant! Have you learned nothing from The Holocaust. 6,000,000 Murdered Jews and the best you can arrive at is the same sickening hatred that faced these Jews of Europe. Sad! Tragic?

  • Sue Deutsch

    No, the plight of the refugees is not like the Holocaust. However, the suffering of the refugees is genuine and should not be trivialized. And their plight does deserve a unified, and sensible response on the part of Europe. This includes legitimate security concerns, but also should include compassion. The UN, Europe and America must also put pressure on the Arab nations(other than Jordan and Lebanon who have taken in thousands of refugees) who have done nothing to help the refugees.

    • Rose


  • rhonda travis

    It is clear that any comparisons made here are on the basis of identification with human suffering. For this, Jews make exemplary role models, especially since the holocaust is only a generation behind and we find the last of its survivors disappearing from our midst.

    The events that led to the slaughter of 6 million Jewish souls were attributable to an ages-old historic anti-Semitism that Nazi nationalism was readily able to exploit. Jews throughout Europe were hunted down according to their only commonality; i.e. their connection to the God of Torah; even as they differed in every other possible way, rich and poor, urban-educated and rural-peasant, religious and unaffiliated, young and old, and of varied European national identities. They were transported like sheep to the slaughter and while they awaited mass incineration, their last remaining human dignity was exploited through forced labour in order to strengthen the hand of the murderous regime against them.

    There is no parallel situation here to the plight of Syrians fleeing their own oppressive tyrannical leaders. The tribalist nature of Islam compels each Muslim leader to instil his particular brand of Islam forcibly upon the masses before taking Islam’s battle to the world stage.

    The pervading truth of watching human suffering wakes up the Jewish soul, owing to its familiarity with suffering. Jews today readily cry out against suffering with the words, “Never again”. Jewish leaders who unapologetically speak out on behalf of refugees are to be admired, not disparaged for their commitment to uphold these words. Have we not yet learned by painful experience that all humanity must be treated as one before peace can be achieved in this world? It is unbecoming for any Jew to pick bones against coming to the aid of humanity, whoever is in need.

    Still, reality forces us to acknowledge that every nation has a duty to insist on responsible leadership, one that upholds the freedom of rights for its individuals. We do not yet see this in the Arab world. We, in the West must insist that their Shariah laws and customs cannot be exported to our shores in effort to undermine ours. We can NEVER justify equating our rights to freedom with Islam’s religious beliefs that justify oppression and tyranny. Nor can we assume unto our free Western borders all those fleeing individuals who prefer freedom over tyranny.

    We must lead by the example of love for humanity and simultaneously demonstrate our fierce commitment to our democratic values and freedoms. We can never permit our system of justice to be mocked, trampled on and used against us by those who wish it to be otherwise. We must learn to stand firm and uphold our democratic values proudly, even when this is inconvenient and flies in the face of relationships with those who possess something we covet. We must acknowledge that if we wish to go to bed with the Devil, we must also wake up with the Devil.

    Our most humane act is to support those living under less developed systems of government, to grow in strength and commitment to the cause of freedom and equality for all. Equality can only be achieved by converting the minds and ways of leadership, one country at a time. Freedom will never be achieved by populations fleeing en masse and abandoning the less fortunate. Our common humanity insists that we support one another’s struggle for freedom if we are to survive.

  • Marcella Wachtel

    So where are the crematoriums, and the gas chambers? The barracks fitted with wooden shelves that served as beds? The communal latrines? The shouting, whip wielding guards and their dogs?
    Where are the rooms full of shoes, rooms full of eye-glasses, rooms full of shorn hair?
    Anybody that draws a parallel between these situation is stupid.

    These people, refugees or fortune seekers, are in paradise compared with the millions who died at the hands of the Nazis: the Gypsies, Homosexuals and Jews. Eventually, they will coin a phrase for this ongoing tragedy but it should not have ‘holocaust” as part of it.

  • Fred

    Idiotic comparison between an invasion of Muslim colonist who come to Europe to have an easy life & the Holocaust where the trains to you to certain death. Europe certainly did not go out of their way to bring benevolence to Jews but death . Least one forgets that the world shut the door fast to Jews of Europe thus shown complicity in the mass murder. Think well before you tell …..

  • Stan Nadel

    “Illegal immigrants”–just like the Jews who fled through the Balkans en route to become illegal immigrants in Palestine and the Jews who immigrated illegally across the Pyrenees to Spain to escape Nazi occupied France? Refugees are not simply “illegal immigrants” and this commentary is a disgrace.

  • robert davis

    I agree with the author : jews simply will never learn politics. It is totally stypid and counter productive to compare jews plight during ww 2 rejected by all nations and those migrants today who are welcome and given billions to settle in europe, houses, food,medical help etc. If a german or frenchman is sick he has to go to urgent medical services by himself,if it a syrian 3 ambulances will rush in!Evidently europe is afraid of these INVADERS who are feared as genghis khan troops were. Only a fool would compare the 2 situations. On top of that MILITANT medias and journalists are there to help still more!

  • Not only is it blasphemy and antisemitism to compare the mass migration from a civil war to the Holocaust, it is a total distortion of history. Here, in the UK, the migration is being compared to the great “generosity” of the British in taking in the 10,000 or so children of the Kindertransport. The fact is that the treatment of Jewish refugees in the UK and the USA was shameful, especially the USA who did not allow in Jewish refugees (see “Ship of Fools”, the movie). Any adult Jew who was allowed into the UK was FORCED to work as a servant! Can you imagine if such a restriction was applied to the Syrians! How DARE people make the comparison, if the countries of the West had been as generous to the Jews as they are being to the Syrians, there might have been no Holocaust!

    • Vivian Wise

      Ms Bacon, I am replying to your comment because you referred to the statement by Mr. Frohlic as blasphemy and antisemitism. I personally believe that Mr. Frohlic was merely implying that it is a horrible thing that people do to other people and the hatred behind it. But to say that it is blasphemy to compare the holocaust with another injustice is not showing any understanding as to what the real cause for the holocust. This was not the first time or only time that serious and destructive actions were allowed to take place against the nation that should be setting the example to the world as to how to be human. Remember the past to learn from it; holding on to it as a chain around the neck or a rope attached to a pole, prevents you from moving forward and becoming truly human and part of the human race that includes all those who love and appreciate the God who gave life and are willing to be obedient to his instructions.

      Do you know the ‘real’ cause of the holocaust, not the emotional outcry, but the real cause?

      • charles koton

        Vivian, what is the “injustice” here to which the Holocaust is being compared? i see a humanitarian embrace of refugees fleeing to Europe…is that an injustice?

        • Vivian Wise

          Sometimes, because of emotional attachment or severe persecution, we miss the point of what justice is concerning another person or group; feeling our suffering is worse and should be considered and all others ignored. The injustice is, and i know you know this, that they had to flee their homeland and leave behind family, friends, material wealth; but more than that the remembrance of the blood that was shed and is being shed. I really know that you know that Mr. Frohlic was not talking about an “embrace”. And Charles, I know you know that. Read these emails, feel the hatred for another’s plight. And not one of the emails have referred to used or even acknowledged God in the equation. Except Ms Bacon whom i responded to.

    • Your concerned is only for members of the “Tribe ” !
      Try being concerned for the Human Tribe .

    • Marsha Coleman

      This humanitarian crisis is NOTHING like the Holocaust! And, that’s a good thing! That is if these people don’t turn on their host countries! Jews weren’t turning down food because it’s labeled with a Red Cross! They weren’t dumping perfectly good food on the ground because it wasn’t good enough for them! Jews were tortured, murdered, run to death, worked to death, starved to death, gassed to death, even innocent children! What you have here is people who want a better life! Like the father of the little boy found on the beach! Perfectly good job in Turkey, but he wanted a new set of teeth free at the expense of European taxpayers! Some people might be in dire straights, but then why pass through countries that are not at war, but continue on in treacherous conditions! Turkey doesn’t give welfare! These people belong in rich Arab countries! Just like the “Palestinians.” Just utterly disgraceful, pethecic and so insulting to compare the two situations!

  • Dear Rabbi Frolich and Mr Hoch, I am not a Jew & I’m not a Holocaust survivor, but this is nothing like the Holocaust: this is a planned & forceful invasion that people like you (probably from the best possible intentions)help authenticate by unworthy & untrue comparisons. I’d like to hear from both of you in say, a year’s time from today?

  • Julian Clovelley

    I fear that the writer of this article – perhaps unintentionally – displays a disturbing lack of sympathy for the hordes of displaced persons. The global total for displaced persons incidentally now exceeds fifty million persons. The problem is massive and indeed not seen on this scale for seventy years

    Deaths in Syria have far passed the 100thousand mark and may well be over 300thousand – accurate figures are unavailable at this stage

    I do not find comparisons with the Holocaust enlightening, and consider it is an event best left out of comparisons and political rhetoric. However its use by a Chief Rabbi is something that needs to be taken on board in that it implies that the situation is one of gross apparent significance and suffering

    At least its use made the writer of this article sit up and take notice

  • theo

    Disgraceful to compare this with the holocaust Absolutely !
    This man is a nut !

  • Pinchas Baram in Boston

    contaminating and cheapening the Holocaust theme yet again: thank you, stupid rabbi, k.roth (a known jerk, and anti-Zionist to the core), and blowhard ADL rep– your comments are misleading and are worthless.

    Meantime, Europe is beoming Eurabia— and personally, i don’t care one whit. Just keep the Moslem hordes away from the US and Israel!

    • You are a Racist Sick Evil Person, The Last people on Earth who should say what you just said, should be a Jews !
      Be Carefully the GODs have a way to punish man for his hubris.

      • Yocheved

        Sir, you don’t have a damned clue. No comparisons to the atrocities committed in WWII should be made. The current refugees are not fleeing their country due to Islamophobia; they are all Muslims there. If Shia and Shiite want to kill each other that is not due to a racial hatred, it is due to their own in-fighting. Jews were KICKED OUT of their homes, all their property taken away from them, ghettoed, shipped off in trains with no ventilation, and headed for either a gas chamber, shooting squad, or terrible diseases like typhus. And let us not forget the ghastly experiments done to people. For whatever the reason, people do not like to see the Jews as victims; instead, because of their suffering they are supposed to understand ANY suffering by everyone else. Where are all of the Arab nations? Why aren’t they chipping in with assistance and taking some of these people? They don’t want them, the same way no Arab nations have helped the “Palestinians.” Israel helps ANYONE and EVERYONE. IsraelAID is in Greece right now assisting with the refugees. They have even offered assistance TO IRAN after terrible earthquakes. So don’t you dare accuse the other gentleman of being a racist evil sick person. You nothing about G-d’s wrath.

    • Hana

      You sound so dumb and full of hate. FYI there are plenty of Muslims in USA already, born and raised. Nothing you can do about it, except keep on hating.

  • Choosing to compare Jewish Holocaust victims to the migrants the disgraceful human rights activist of today are trivializing history. Ben Hecht rallied American Jews to expose the murderess Nazis to the world, to save Europe’s Jews. His calls went mostly unanswered. American Jews philosophical thought diffused the reality of the day, they valued being Americans first, they chose not to be a Jew and silence followed. While they fought for all other causes “the Jew vanished” giving antisemitism power to thrive. In six short years, six million of Europe’s Jews were allowed to be murdered. Ben Hecht’s experience from 1940s is relevant, Jews keep trivializing their own history.

  • Tomas Kubin

    With this view, I agree one hundred percent. Thanks, that finally someone wrote it.

  • tan

    Agree totally with Mr.Krausz. Outrageous and ugly that anyone should see any similarity between the mass murder by the Nazis and the this mass rescue by Europeans, however badly handled.
    That Jews in leadership positions should see some sort of similarity….is infuriating. Does any crush into a train generate those thoughts …what the heck is wrong with those Jewish leaders….

  • Ron Brandt

    It is not a valid comparison to the Holocaust and what occurred in the concentration / death camps. But it is a valid comparison to how jews were treated at the start when they sought refuge and were denied in all countries. Perhaps there wouldn’t have been a Holocaust if the Jews were accepted as refugees. The St. Louis ship story is a valid basis.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    Of course it’s silly. Europe didn’t want any of the survivors of the Shoah to live in Europe after the war and tried their hardest to ethnically cleanse the continent of all of them. Whereas they can’t welcome in enough Arabs. Good luck and godspeed.

    • ShaniNJ

      You are right, and I love your name.

  • Jukka Ari Ilari Moisio

    The migrants, refugees, etc. are aiming, in despair or not, into the well fare markets of modern West Europe, seeking for better life !
    The Jews were chosen, just because they were Jews, from all over Europe by force into the death camps for industrial slaughter, aka death !

    The former are given a better life. The Jews were forced to death !

    What would be more of contrast than the life versus death !

  • this is a Trojan horse

  • Amnon

    Why not ask president Barak Hussein Obama why he started this migration and why are they not calling this migration by the real name TROJAN HORSE this will transform EU in a couple of years in the biggest Muslim continent. No one sees women ,old man sick people in any of the pictures only military age young man.

    • You Forget , they said that ” SAME ” things about Jewish people not so long ago !

  • Andre Vincenzo

    I will have to agree with Mr. Tobor Krausz. There is no event in the world past or present as horrific as the Holocaust. For Hungary’s chief Rabbi,Robert Frolich To make such comparisons is ludicrous. Any comparison marginalizes the worst event in human history. Of course everyone is jumping on that band wagon. I think Rabbi Frolich, Kenneth Roth, Human Rights Watch’s Jewish executive director and Jonathan Greenblatt, the Anti-Defamation League’s national director in New York, have all misspoke. Brains are stuck in idle while their voices engage.

    In all fairness and not to be too blunt, this is not a European concern but one of the middle east. There are plenty of other middle eastern states that are predominately Muslim who can open their borders to fleeing Sunni or Shite refugees. We cannot overlook the fact of Muslims mind set of the west in general, they think of western Europe and America as nations of infidels. They will not assimilate into the western culture that nas offered safe haven but in tern, repay our hospitality with train bombings in Spain, supermarket massacres in France and a bombing of the Boston Marathon. The Saranayev family were refugees from “Muslim on Muslim” conflicts in their land and they repaid the U.S. with their killing and maiming of Americans citizens here.

    So much for our accommodation of ” Humanitarian refuge” here in the U.S.

    Where are the calls by the press and world leaders to come to the rescue as save the Coptic, the Orthodox Christians and relocate them in countries who should openly welcome them and offer refuge?

    Sunnis and Shiites have been killing each other for hundreds of years between times they are not too busy J killing and plotting to annihilate Jews and Christians off the face of the earth.

    We honestly cannot allow the marginalization of the Holocaust and relegate if to a term by those ignorant comparisons by people and organizations trying to link the two events that are worlds apart different from each other. Certainly, those refuges fleeing sectarian wars in their own lands is an important issue but their advocates must use another means of describing their terrible plight and the expression of a seriousness of their claims.

    I am afraid that the western populace now operate as low information societies that have gotten lazy in the use of terms to express a point at the expense of the significance of the Holocaust.

  • Leann

    Beautifully written cogent piece. Thank you, Mr. Krausz.