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September 8, 2015 7:58 pm

Survey Finds 85% of European Jews Fear Bringing Children to Rosh Hashanah Services

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A rally against anti-Semitism in France. Photo: CRIF, Twitter.

A rally against anti-Semitism in France. Photo: CRIF, Twitter.

A massive majority of Jews in Europe are fearful of publicly identifying as Jewish, leading to decreased participation in ceremonies and prayer services, a new survey of European Jewish communities revealed.

According to details published by Israel’s Channel 2 on Tuesday, 85% said they will not bring their children to synagogue on Rosh Hashanah this week out of concern for their safety.

The survey, which revealed a widespread decreasing sense of personal security  among Jews, was conducted by the Rabbinical Centre of Europe (RCE) in 179 Jewish communities across the continent. The questionnaire found that Jewish fears have been stoked as a result of the recent large influx of immigrants and refugees from the Middle East into Europe.

European Jewish organizations are concerned over these statistics, according to the report, because they further demonstrate the negative effects of the rise in antisemitism and nationalistic fervor across Europe, as well as the increasing level of Islamic immigration to the continent, on Europe’s Jewish communities and the participation of their members in communal activities.

“Rabbis and many community leaders from across Europe are, unfortunately, reporting an increase in Jews who are refraining from all public identification with their Judaism,” Rabbi Menachem Margolin, the head of the European Jewish Association, told Channel 2.

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  • The question is not about the refugees in the first place. The ultime question must be: who are those who are really the ones who bears the main responsibility? Doesn’t tell the names of some very influential and powerful American neo-conservatives something? Charles Krauthammer, Richard Perle, Henry Kissinger, David and Irving Kristol? These Jewish neo-cons (and with them many others by the way), were the ones who were responsible for the re-invention of the Middle East. First of all, Iraq had to be destroyed; after this was done, other countries would follow: Libya, Syria etc. A remarkable note on this is: before their destruction, these nations had still no Rothschild-owned Central Bank. And one of the very negative results of this heinous plan to reform the Middle East is the influx of the millions of refugees. So, the many European Jews must be made aware of the fact that the grave dangers wich they nowadays have to face must be traced back to the dark plans of a neo-conservative-Jewish clique in the U.S. And believe me, this is just the beginning….

  • Sherlock Holmes

    These figures don’t add up — or something has been left out. 85% will not take their children to synagogue for fear of being identified as Jewish. How does that tally with a country like the UK where about 70% of Jewish children attend identifiably Orthodox Jewish schools 5 days a week wearing blazers with Jewish insignia? The 85% figure does not apply across the board and should have been broken down by country. Just to note, Germany is considering taking as many as 800,000 refugees to support its ageing work force. Berlin’s Israely ex-pat community beware!

    by JDO National Director Mordechai Levy
    After September 11, the horrible attempted massacre of Jewish children in Los Angeles, and shootings of Jews in Chicago, there has been debate about the need to “get security” for synagogues and Jewish institutions. One recent author in the Forward even titled his well written piece “If Jews were armed” and advocated Jews being armed with guns as a deterent.

    But even the best of the writers have missed “historical precedent” which a knowledgeable Jewish Militant will always be sure to cite. The actions of Jewish resisting forcefuly against their oppressors is many, but the story of one brave Jewish Militant leader founder of the Jewish Self-Defense Organization Zev Jabotinsky needs to be told, and retold, so that no Jewish group and no Jews will make the mistakes of the past happen again.

    The year was 1905, and Jabotinsky had been speaking all across Russia trying to organize self-defense units like the one that had been put together in Odessa. It was launched after the Kishinev Pogrom. Jabotinsky spent day and night trying to arm Russian Jews just in case of a repeat of the horrible pogrom were to occur. His men actually saved Jews in a number of places, but many of the Jewish Establishment rejected his call for armed self-defense. Never was any Zionist leader condemned as loudly as he was, but never did the Jewish youth, teens, and college age students embrace a cause as the first modern day Jewish self-defense force. Jabotinsky after his men protected Jews became a household name, and many other Jewish groups imitated what his outfit had so bravely done.

    Following this Jaobtinsky spread his message of armed self-defense for Jews around the world. His slogan “Jewish Youth Learn to Shoot!” was even the title of an article he wrote in the Yiddish press in the late 1920’s a few short years before the coming storms of the Nazis. Jabotinsky set up special training camps all across Europe to teach young Jews to shoot.

    As the Nazis were rising to power, reform Rabbi Leo Baeck misleadingly told German Jews “the Nazis like dark coulds will pass.” Baeck, and many other leaders of the German Jewish establishment, urged German Jews to ignore Jabotinsky and his warnings of doom and his call for Jews to arm with guns. A few years later most of those Jews who laughed the loudest at Jabotinsky’s prophetic warnings would end up the chimney stacks of Auschwitz. Many looked back wishing they would have heeded Jabotinsky’s warning and acquired as much proficency in firearms as many of those unfortuante Jews had in the Greek classics. In many speeches I have asked Jews “if German Jews would have had guns before the Holocaust how many more Jews would be alive today?”

    The fact is neo-nazis today and yesterday’s nazis are cowards that are very good at shooting Jewish children. Now, if they had to face highly disciplined well trained legally armed Jews don’t you think that the pejorative “tables” and guns would have been turned? Who would they have been turned on? The neo-nazis who think think the entire Jewish community is an easy mark and every Jew a potential victim. We must learn from the mistakes of the past or we are doomed to repeat them. We must tell any Jewish Establishment leader that dares oppose this program that the blood of the children shot in the JCC is on their heads for not having security teams of trained Jews. We must also remind them that it was their predecessors 60 years ago that opposed Jabotinsky’s plan to arm and train Jews before the Holocaust. We will repeat Jabotinsky’s most famous quote on the right way to fight anti-semites until it’s in their heads, and they act on it. “It’s better to have a gun and not need it, than to need it and not have it!” This is what Jabotinsky taught then We can implement it now. It is the surest way to have safety in our synagogues, and in our homes.

    • stephan

      My friend,thank you for the excellent history lesson.

      European Jews probably will have to look for a well meaning Russian Oligarch to supply funds for guns and self defense,it is unlikely to find a well meaning real wealthy Jewish American one who would part with the money needed for defense when there is no medal or publicity involved.

      Money for a hospital wing sure, but GUNS, don’t make me laugh.

  • Linda Golden

    Jews of Europe wake up!!! With the EU taking in refugee’s from Syria, Africa, and othe Muslim countries, things will get worse for you than it already is. Instead of insisting that Arab countries should be responsible for these people , Europe opens its doors. Your plight, does not concern them, it never has. Leave and go where your talents, intellect and resources are appreciated. Christian Europe has lost its moral compass and was never good for the Jews anyway. Get out now and let them live with an Islamic Europe. The lessons of world war 2 hang over your heads…whoever believes never again has not picked up a newspaper or watched a news program lately.

    • stephan

      You would do a hell of a lot better thanking Uncle Barack and Sweet Hillbilly for creating the massive failures in Libya and Syria.The results of the American not willing to win the war attitude with IS has lead to this massive flow of refugees.
      Christian morals are no different than Jewish morals when you voted for Adolf Barack and the honeybunny party willing to sell out Israel and the European Jews (American Jews will be sold out later in Phase II).Blame your lame duck Congressman or woman,or your lousy Rabbi for not speaking up when needed instead of pointing the moralizing finger

  • Mark J. Hoffman

    Europe, with Germany at the helm wants to commit demographic suicide by inviting millions of Muslim refugees to settle. There might be one or two or ten terrorists among them. That alone should be reason enough to leave.

  • Mark J. Hoffman

    Europe, with Germany at the helm wants to commit demographic suicide by inviting millions of Muslim refugees to settle. There might be one or two or ten terrorist. That alone should be reason enough to leave.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    Jewish life in Europe is winking out, everyone knows that. Don’t be the last ones to leave

    • stephan

      If Jews keep bending over it will only take one more generation before that happens.No one to blame but yourselves.
      Stand your ground,NEVER AGAIN NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES>

  • Time to make aliyah.

  • Steven Wenick

    Islamophobia is not the problem. Islamists are the problem.

  • It is unfortunate that anti-Semitism has become so prevalent in Europe during the past year that about 85 percent of European Jews will not bring their children to Rosh Hashanah services this week for fear of their safety.

    Perhaps a way to resolve this problem would be for European Jews to put pressure on local police departments to provide armed guards at and around local synagogues during Rosh Hashanah services.

    • Brian Sinykin

      i live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We have had at least two police officers at Temple for over 50 years. It started out as parking assistance. It’s now also including two others in the temple providing security. We pay for that service.

    • stephan

      Ignorance is bliss, bring your own!

  • SteveHC

    If this is true, Eurooean Jews are planning on doing EXACTLY what they should NOT do – namely HIDE. For their long-term health and safety they need to either go out in full force AS identifiable Jews – with PKENTY of observable security – or LEAVE Eurooe EN MASSE.

    Showing nothing but meager weakness by hiding – and hiding their observable “Jewishness” in particular – will lead only to their physical, spiritual and emotional demise..

    LEARN FROM WORLD WAR II ALREADY and either grow sone backbone or LEAVE NOW.

  • Thomas Ellner

    I think European Jewry should reconsider the idea of moving .

    • stephan

      Sure take the easy way out.Put your money where your Jewish mouths are.As the son of a survivor of Auschwitz and Dachau
      and there are many more of us in Europe than you think we need your help. Supply the funds for arms and we will fight and protect.
      We need one Righteous One with funds to protect and assist all European Jews.Self defense is allowed but we need funds for guns. Jews must set an example for ones and for all.
      Jewish Defense League is more than welcome.

  • Martin Katchen

    It sounds like there is a need for rabbis–probably Chabad shluchim who can organise and lead “home minyanim”, like the underground evangelical “home churches” that we see in Russia, China and the Mideast where L’havdil, Christianity is physically dangerous. Home minyanim can get and keep Jews organised against the day when they can make the decision to make aliyah and prevent Jews from falling away from Judiasm. The biggest need would be for sefer torahs but there are a lot of possel sefer torahs floating around shuls both in the US and Europe that could be referbished by sofrim. Chabad has long experience in organising “underground” Judaism. Chabad should be up to this task.

  • Abraham

    Since vast number of Jews feel fearful of publicly identifying as Jewish, then its time to come to Israel and live. Its time to make the journey back to Israel after being in the Gaul for hundreds years. Israel is welcoming all Jews to come to Israel and live as Jews.We want you, come home.

  • HaroldT38

    They would rather be apostate Jews than move to a country safe for them and their children.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    Let us pray that our Jewish brothers and sisters living in Europe will find the inner strength, reason, and love for their people and the majesty of this wondrous holy time to share in the worldwide celebration of the Jewish New Year. Shana Tova U’ Metukah: A Happy, Healthy, Sweet New Year To Everyone!