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September 21, 2015 2:48 pm

Following Outcry, UK War Museum Apologizes, Removes Item Calling WWII Jewish Brigade ‘Terrorists’

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The Imperial War Museum describes Jewish Brigade soldiers of WWII as "terrorists." Photo: Screenshot.

The Imperial War Museum describes Jewish Brigade soldiers of WWII as “terrorists.” Photo: Screenshot.

The Imperial War Museum (IWM) in the U.K. removed an item from its website this week and apologized for its offensive nature following complaints from a Jewish human rights group.

The description of a photo featuring men from the Jewish Brigade’s 1st Battalion from WWII opened with the words “terrorist activities.” The Jewish Brigade was defined as having been formed in September 1944 and fought in Italy under the British Eighth Army — with this additional assertion: “Many of its members went on to join the Haganah and other illegal formations.”

The poster, part of the museum’s collection on World War II, is currently inaccessible on the website. The IWM on Monday apologized for featuring the item with such an offensive description and said the label was uploaded accidentally.

“We apologize unreservedly,” Bryony Phillips, corporate communications manager for the IWM, told The Algemeiner on Monday. “This was the historic label we received alongside the photograph, accidentally uploaded in order to give the public access to our comprehensive archives. We have now removed this item and are looking in detail at all other captions.”

The photo was removed after Simon Wiesenthal Center Director for International Relations Shimon Sameuls wrote a letter to IWM Director-General Diane Lees  on Monday urging her to “to withdraw this offensive poster, take disciplinary measures against the apparent antisemite responsible and make a public apology to the Jewish community.”

“The Jewish Brigade under British command were heroes who combated Fascist terrorists in Italy,” he argued. “They were eye witnesses to the annihilation of their people as they joined the liberators of the camps…”

Samuels said calling the Jewish Brigade soldiers “terrorists” is “the greatest Holocaust revisionism imagination.” He added that the offensive description tarnished the museum and “betrays the cause of British integrity.”

Jewish blogger Elder of Ziyon called the description “inexcusable” and “outrageous.” The blogger berated the IWM for “calling [the soldiers] future terrorists” while failing to give any details about “how the Brigade was formed, how the soldiers trained and how they fought.”

Elder of Ziyon also criticized the IWM for referring to the Haganah — an underground military organization in Israel from 1920 to 1948 — as an “illegal” organization. “It wasn’t,” he asserted. “At times it cooperated with the British.”

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  • Begrudger

    In the light of what has been happening in Britain for a considerable time, does anyone really believe that the person responsible for this did it ‘accidentally’? You really can’t ‘accidentally’ take a photograph of a British military unit in WWII and describe the soldiers in British uniforms as ‘terrorists’. Again and again now in the British media, in publishing, in the academic world (which presumably is where the person ultimately responsible for this is positioned, as some kind of ‘military historian’ – presumably it’s not the Imperial War Museum cleaner or maintenance guy) we see similar ‘accidents’, which are only recognised, with a ludicrous kind of ‘oops, sorry, no idea why we said that’, when they are complained about. How exactly was this ‘the historic label’ that came with the picture? Where did it come from? Where does the IWAM source pictures of British troops described as terroists? Who decided that a picture of British soliders in uniform bearing the label ‘terrorists’ was correct and a great image for a poster? Will anyone be questioned as to motives? You bet your bottom dollar not. Well, accidents happen in every walk of life! Nothing to see here, just another accidental calumny against Jews. Sorry, but these mistakes do occur… well, they do, and they’re going to keep occurring… in a Britain shamed by the mainstreaming of anti-Jewish prejudice to an extent where even the custodians of its military history are prepared to slander those who fought against Hitler… just so long as they are Jews. The grim irony of this is probably now lost on the Imperial War Museum… but what is really being lost is everything that Britain claims it fought against Hitler for. Watch out for more of this.

  • shneer

    The noose is tightening around the Jews neck everywhere.. Brazilian Pres. Rouseff rejects Israeli envoy, BBC prints antisemitic caricature of Jewish violinist, Iceland boycotts Israeli Goods, This War Museum story… And the ADL responds by smacking down Ben Carson for telling the truth about the danger of a Sharia- obedient President. The most dangerous of times.