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September 27, 2015 12:21 pm

Doctors Without Borders Condemns Israel, Ignores Hamas War Crimes

avatar by Yona Schiffmiller

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Hamas terrorists in Gaza. Photo: Wikipedia.

Hamas terrorists in Gaza. Photo: Wikipedia.

As an internationally recognized humanitarian organization, Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders, aka MSF) is viewed by many as apolitical, solely concerned with improving the well-being of people in need. In truth, MSF has strayed far from its goal of providing emergency medical aid, and it has violated its own pledge to observe “neutrality and impartiality.” Instead, it is taking advantage of its reputation to engage in anti-Israel political warfare.

Over the summer, a number of MSF publications adopted an extreme anti-Israel narrative. First was a July 7, 2015, opinion piece written by MSF-USA Executive Director Jason Cone that whitewashed Hamas attacks against Israeli — and Palestinian — civilians. In the article, Cone ignored Hamas’ war crimes, which include targeting Israeli civilians for death and using innocent Palestinians as human shields. Incredibly, Cone’s only criticism of Hamas related to its decision to ban painkillers in Gaza.

Cone said that rocket attacks against Israeli civilians are “called acts of resistance on one side and terrorism on the other.” Similarly, Cone casually mentioned the rise in “Palestinian attacks against Israeli civilians (mostly settlers),” suggesting that some terrorist attacks are more acceptable than others.

In contrast, Cone showed no nuance or understanding when it came to Israeli policy: “Israeli fears of rocket fire from Gaza… and the ongoing threat of tunnel-enabled attacks… cannot justify the devastating medical and psychological consequences for Palestinians of the barriers, checkpoints, bombing campaigns, blockades, and incursions.” It is unclear what expertise an executive officer of a medical organization has that allows him to weigh military and security strategies in the complicated dynamics of an ongoing conflict.

Another political attack against Israel appeared in a July 2015 promotional video, featuring Mathilde Berthelot, an MSF program manager. Echoing Cone’s propaganda, she charged that Israel uses Palestinian violence “as an alibi for a policy which is repressive and expansionist,” adding, “we are no longer able to accept this alibi. We must take an even bigger stand for the people of Palestine.”

The video also refers to Israeli military operations in Gaza as “wholesale massacres” and decries the“humiliation and oppression they [Palestinians] are subjected to daily.” These vitriolic attacks are further proof that MSF has aligned itself with one side of the conflict in a way that is wholly inconsistent with its humanitarian standards.

This type of antagonism from MSF is not new. During the 2008-2009 conflict in Gaza, Felipe de Ribeiro, Executive Director of MSF-France, argued that Israel used the decision of Palestinian snipers to take up positions near medical facilities as an excuse to attack these sites — with the implication that Israel was targeting civilians. Dr. Marie Pierre Allie, President of MSF-France, claimed that the violence in Gaza was worse than violence against civilians in Somalia, Congo and Darfur.

Recently, MSF’s use of demonizing language has been accompanied by a series of demonstratively false claims, including the accusation that Palestinians are prohibited from leaving Gaza to receive medical treatment – despite the fact that Palestinian patients leave Gaza for medical centers in Israel on an almost daily basis.  So too, these doctors-turned-political-activists falsely state that Israel’s military “continues to starve the territory of desperately needed supplies, including building materials,” ignoring the Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism that allows building materials into Gaza under UN supervision. Similarly, the group absurdly claims that one “million children still live in bombed out ruins,” despite their own finding that 12,000 homes were destroyed in Gaza during the fighting in 2014.

These distortions and offensive attacks demonstrate that MSF should stick to what it knows best — providing medical aid. Taking sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a gross violation of MSF’s stated principle of neutrality, and well beyond the organization’s expertise. It is an abuse of MSF’s status as a humanitarian group, and severely undermines the doctors’ credibility. Worse yet, their demonization of Israel, coupled with the free pass they have issued Hamas, emboldens and immunizes terrorists.

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  • Lawrence Bates

    It is with a sad and heavy heart that I read the article by Yona SChIffmiller Re: Anti-Israel crusade. You would think that after Hitler and the Nazi party with help from many in Europe, murdered 6 million plus Jews, before and during the second world war that we would have learned some kind of a lesson. But we did not. The Nazis along with the Muslims of the middle east worked with each other to foster this hatred and when the Nazis were defeated, the Muslims carried on with there hatred. Today the middle East is still filled with this same hatred. They fuel this hatred to make up for their short coming and that is why they still live in the 8 and 9 hundreds locked in a religion that thrives on this fuel. I(f they spend time learning how to live, instead of blind hate maybe they as people could move forward. Please remember once thy are done with the Jews we are next. This is t0 advise you that after many years I am done with giving to an organization that I thought was trying to do good works to one that seems to thrive on hate. Maybe you should read some history instead of propaganda from Muslin hate groups. Just remember it will not be the Jews that com to behead you and crucify it will be the Muslims, just as they are today. Lots of luck with that.
    Lawrence R. Bates

  • Dante

    What position does MdM (Médecins du Monde, Doctors of the World) maintain?

  • wsg

    2 October 2015, Kunduz, Afghanistan.

    Poetic justice?

  • Monty

    Nearly forgo. Josef Mengele was also a doctor.

  • ptsargent

    This position by MSF is ahistorical sand amoral. Palistinians can have peace and love from Israelis as soon as they forsake intifada and Hamas. Until they do that are nothing but a bunch of intolerant muslims living in the 6th century and they’ll be treated accordingly by those living in the 21st century. Period.

  • Lawrence Kuznick

    The Red Cross saw no evil even while walking around concentration camps. MSF sees only evil and from the sons of those from whom the Red Cross closed its eyes and hearts. Well, Israel is not those unfortunate murdered Jews who nobody gave a damn about. It will fend for itself, has historical and legal rights in the land called Palestine, ignored by so many others, but there is nothing new about that disdain.

  • Dante

    I thought that if I had known before about the MSF position, I would not even have promised a donation at all but after all I think it is more effective in hitting the organisation.

  • Isaac Schmidt MD

    Any time an organization leaves the so called neutrality to became politicized to target such a narrow point, it is relatively easy to understand that this people have gotten themselves a cushy retirement. No attempt was even made to try to cover this, ballant and to the point. The higher the rhetoric the more idiotic bullies would join in, demonstrating lack of integrity ( purse driven ) and intellectual fortitude. Shame on them and shame on me to have in the past supported them.

  • Tess

    Only charity worthy of our support are those that protect Israel and its people.

  • Morty Mooze

    So, landsman, what else is new?

    Blame the Jews.
    Blame the Zionists.
    Blame the Israelis.

    It’s the same old story….

  • Dante

    I already promised MSF a donation which I immediately canceled when I read this article. I wrote a long e-mail where I elaborately motivated my cancellation and expressed my hope that MSF might stop letting themselves being used by deadly enemies of Israel.

  • Since Israel is being subjugated by Doctors Without Borders than let them stop giving aid to the enemy it couldn’t be any worse and where is the voice of the Jewish doctors who lend their time

  • Joakim Wohlfeil

    Probably one of the most stupid articles i read for a long time, and clearly from someone without any knowledge about the situation in Gaza.
    The author suggests that NGO´s should continue to hand out humanitarian aid without questioning the root causes. This is an aid strategy that was outdated more than 50 years ago, to not analyze the causes of the need for aid is irresponsible and waste of public Resources. To call this political warfare (there are actual definitions of war and to write reports do not fall within them) reminds of the language from spokespersons from the Israelis extreme-right and the settler movement like NGO-monitor or JCPA trying to despise all criticism towards the Israeli government policies.
    The article is clearly without any factual substance and can only be regarded as an attempt to scare NGO´s from criticizing the actors causing the need for aid in the Israel/Palestine conflict

    • Dante

      Probably one of the most stupid articles i read for a long time, and clearly from someone without any knowledge about the situation in Gaza.

      I don’t see the author denying that the situation in Gaza is bad. What he denies is that this were all Israel’s fault, and he is right by it. Everyone knows that Gaza is rules by HaSSmas (pun from German Hass=hate, and the double S for obvious reason) who were once elected but soon made an autogolpe against their Fatah rivals, oppresses anyone who is not on their side, firing rockets against Israel (and sometimes hitting their own population by this) and building terror tunnels which prove that the non-existence air-shelters is not due to unability but to nonwillingness to protect civilians who are more valuable for HaSSmas when they’re dead. This strategy reveals the utter cynicism of HaSSmas, since even the Nazis built air shelters for their own population (of course, only for the Volksgenossen).
      HaSSmas themselves prove by speach and action that to them,
      (i) Jews are “alien bacteria” (Abdallah Jarbu in 2010) and
      (ii) killing as many as possible of them is even worth wasting hundreds of their own peoples’ lifes.
      Supporting or just trivializing this is not just criticism of certain Israeli policies but indeed political warfare – warfare at the site of someone like the Nazis. THIS is extremely right-wing policies, not criticism of it.

    • Yona Schiffmiller

      Mr. Wohlfeil is the policy officer “on armed conflicts” for Diakonia, a radical NGO, funded primarily by the Swedish government. Diakonia is among the leaders in political warfare against Israel, funding organizations that oppose the right of the Jewish people to sovereign equality. For details on Diakonia’s anti-peace record, see

      • ThomasJ

        @Yona S.; Right You are! Furthermore, the Swedish government acknowledged Palestine as a ‘state’ and we (the S taxpayer) are pumping in appr. 1,5 bio sek/p.a. – without ANY control or knowledge on the whereabouts of those huge funds, once submitted… Think twice + more before You agree with anything coming from the ‘official’ side of Sweden.
        Brgds from Sweden/TJ

      • Joakim Wohlfeil

        Dear Yona, thanks for your clarifying reply. Especially grateful for your focus on name-calling but leaving my main statement that providing aid without addressing the root causes is a strategy outdated in all general development work decades ago. Especially grateful as the name-calling without substance proves much better than I could have done myself how the article serves as an example on how conflict actors in many of the worlds ongoing conflicts, by many means including proxy voices try to silence NGO-reporting, voices of victims and criticism towards their actions. Grateful for your support to highlight this important issue.

      • Joakim Wohlfeil

        Dear Yona Schiffmiller, thanks for your very clarifying reply. I’m especially grateful for your focus on name-calling but ignoring my statement that providing aid without addressing the root causes are a development strategy outdated decades ago. Also the name-calling proves much better than I ever could have done myself that your article serves as an excellent example how conflict actors in several ongoing conflicts with many different means, including proxy voices, try to silence reporting and criticism towards their actions. Very grateful for your support in highlighting and illustrating this urgent and important issue.

      • Scott

        Thanks Yona for revealing the bias of Herr Wohlfeil. I wonder if his parents or uncles were SS ?

  • Shameful. A sad day for the Medical profession.

    • Dr Sue Beutum MBBS FAMAC

      What a disgrace to the medical profession Medecins sans frontier is! They have definitely lost my donations as a consequence of their appalling lack of empathy towards ALL HUMANS as they advertise. They have absolutely no right to have any political points of view and most certainly no right to make comments that are at the very best misinformed by the Hamas public relations and misinformation lobby! Have they thought perhaps to look at what Israel does for its own enemies in their hospitals? Race, religion and politics plays utterly no part whatsoever in any medical setting .Israel sets an example by treating both the terrorist and their ilk in the same away that they treat those injured by the terrorist. Having spent time looking at Hadassah Hospital I see what the true meaning of “medicine without borders means” along with the belief and upholding of the Hippocratic oath. Staffing in Israeli medical settings ,comprise of Arab Israelis, Arabs being taught by Israelis how to care for their own in the countries they come from, Israeli Jews, Christians and Atheists.
      Having read this article about the organisation calling itself “Medecins sand frontiers” I suggest the donkeys in that organisation go get informed about what the true situation is and to get themselves trained up in evidence based theories and “how to spot false information” They also need to stick to medicine and not politics. There is absolutely no room for politics in medicine!
      ” Medecins Sans Frontiers” just lost their credibility- especially when you see their advertisements when requesting donations. Hypocrites!

  • Carl

    Doctors without morals. Sad that otherwise intelligent, well educated people can so completely lose their moral compass, inverting aggressor and victim.

  • Yale

    What this really does is prove that MSF is another Leftist group that cannot acknowledge that what it believes is simply wrong.

  • Ken Maltz

    I would not want to receive medical aid from an organization that practices ignorance on such a regular basis. To be a person of science, one must apply the standard of truth to all that one observes; screening out prejudice when coming to conclusions. This standard has been regularly shoved aside in the case of MSF, which has revealed itself to be yet another outlet for anti-Semitic ravings.

  • ESLombard

    In the 7th century, the Arabs created a contiguous caliphate extending from Persia to Northern Spain, and any lands lost .e.g. Israel must be restored to the Caliphate. Inasmuch as the Jews have been an unbeatable impediment to those plans, another device had to be found and that has proved eminently successful: get the displaced Palestinians into zoo like camps so that the Jews can be seen as the vile zookeepers.
    At the same time, the N.African Jews, the Mizrahim, were expelled from the remnants of the old caliphate. In even greater numbers, they descended on Israel and promptly began making lives for themselves and Israel. The Arab League meant no kindness when it expelled almost a million Mizrachis, now the largest group in Israel and not rabid haters of the Arabs.

  • Based upon this info I will cease to contribute to MSF. Their move into the political arena is disappointing and really unnecessary. Anyway, I support ISRAEL.

  • Doug

    Probably someone with big oil wells made a donation

  • Fred

    Medicine Sans Frontiers have the same attitude that the Red Cross had during the NAZIO period. Not Jew friendly.

  • I did not boder to read the entire article this time. the reason is: we know who those doctors are and what is their aim. there is only one little question: If they are really doctors how come that they so much extra time to deal with politics instead of treating the ill humans who realy need them?

  • Sam Harris

    As a former donator to MSF I am saddened to read this.

  • montlasky

    These doctors need to see other doctors preferably good shrinks!

  • Adrienne Kahn

    It’s sickening!

  • Dr. Howard P. Kenig

    A number of years ago, a young man from my home town (Harrisburg, PA) was murdered by Hamas. He was having lunch in a student cafeteria at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem when a bomb planted by Hamas operatives exploded, killing him and other fellow students.
    I have rich personal memories of this young man, and a continuing friendship with his parents. They are highly respected medical and scientific professionals whose son was full of promise for a life of profound service to his community. His funeral, in our local Orthodox shul, was attended by representatives of every component of our wonderfully diverse community.
    I describe this incident by way of providing evidence that Hamas has a well-established and long history of engaging in acts of wonton barbarism against randomly selected individuals who bear not the slightest trace of responsibility for any of the grievances, real or imagined, which that fanatical organization claims to address. It is directly evident on the basis of common sense that no self-respecting country on the face of the earth could rationally be expected to abstain from defending itself and its people from such actions.
    Now, if I understand their announced position correctly, some highly-placed officials of MSF (an organization to which my wife and I have, in the past, contributed financial support) avail themselves of the claim that, to some hypothetical non-partisan and completely objective neutral observer, the exact same acts of Hamas which I and many others describe as particularly barbaric instances of terrorism, would be virtually indistinguishable from legitimate acts of political resistance. And so, with one unstated proviso, they would be. Unfortunately, however, for these smugly bigoted officials of MSF, that proviso is that the putative neutral observer be a complete sociopath, devoid of any comprehension that there is a moral dimension to human existence.
    Finally, judging simply on the basis of the nature and mission of the organization at whose helm they stand, it seems evident that these officials of MSF are most certainly not, themselves, sociopaths devoid of any moral sensibility. In that case, it follows that their own utterances in supposed justification of their alignment with Hamas are, themselves, indistinguishable from something; and it is something which they, themselves, as physicians, have actually seen and heard:
    Their utterances on this topic are indistinguishable from the rantings of a delusional paranoid residing in the back wards of a psychiatric hospital.
    We American citizens, Jew and gentile alike, are known around the world for our generous support for all sorts of charitable institutions. I suggest, however, that some of us might want to consider carefully the wisdom of placing any of our hard-earned resources into the hands of such people.

  • kris Kristian

    What can we expect from a French organisation?
    Those doctors should spend some time in the cities which are close to the Gaza borders, and see if they would appreciate their hatred of Jews, to glorify terrorism.
    I bet they are mainly Catholic.
    So, according to those bastards, it is acceptable to fire rockets at Jews, hoping that they will be killed, or to build tunnels so that they can attack the Jews when they are asleep, and murder many hundreds of Jews.

    They also say that Israel has no right to destroy rocket firing areas, even if it is next to hospitals and mosques.

    Every one of those areas, are legal military targets.

    Some tome ago, they were in Cape Town and had a table at a shopping centre.

    I asked them why are there no Jewish doctors in that organisation. They answered that they do not want Jews.

    I hope that when next out at sea, their ship sinks with all on board.

    Why have they never referred to the immediate help Israel always gives to distress areas?
    Why do they lie about the treatment Israel gives to Gaza citizens and those of Syria who are injured?
    I bet they support ISIS.

  • I stopped supporting MSF in 2009.

  • ESLombard, PhD

    I would expect that the good doctor would use his diagnostic skills which should reveal to him that the real culprit is the Arab League and not Israel. It is the League that urged the Palestinian Arabs to flee, five Arab armies to invade, 21 Muslim states to expel all their 875,00 Jews and then decreed that no Muslim state give them the rights of citizenship

    Most of the Sophisticated Arabs had anticipated trouble and emigrated. The balance had stayed on confined to camps, supervised by UNRWA generation after even larger generations. The League will never accept less than the return of all Caliphate land; discussion is just an occasion for no more than dishonest posturing. What wonder drugs will aleviate the pain and suffering of these infantilized patients?

  • Isaac Brajtman

    I can’t wait for the next appeal for money from those biggots.

  • Shalom-Hillel

    We need to look squarely at the fact that the Big Lie of Arab/Muslim propaganda has found fertile soil to grow within European media and thereby spread out to the people of Europe and throughout the world. Every era “knew” its truth about Jews. These are the 21st century versions of the blood libels.

    There are over a billion Muslims in the world. The vast majority want to see the Jewish State destroyed. That is a fact. If only 10% of them participate in social media that comprises an army of over 100 million people constantly flooding media with anti-Israel and anti-Semitic libels. Anyone battling on this front knows how pervasive their activities are.

    Looks like Doctors Without Borders has drunk the Kool-Aid. They probably believe it’s all true and feel noble as they spread the lies further.

  • Ron

    Ironically, many of the doctors affiliated with MFS are Jewish, including the co-founder Bernard Koucher who also was France’s Minister of Foreign and European Affairs. And a number of them are Israeli-born as well. So much for protecting your own country.

  • marlene

    We openly condemn doctors without borders – or the internal organs of a human being. We support Israel – and God.

  • Noel Herasfield

    Just another anti Semitic bunch of hypocrites,Did you ever see them in Israel after s massive suicide bombing? Not on your life.The crazy thing is they have a presence in thebWest Bank,twenty minutes from some of the worlds advanced hospitals.Why Israel allows them in it a mystery,much like Israels stance against terrorists.Imprison them,feed them,educate them and send them free in exchange for on murderer,whose family is paid and they are as well.Then ,when free,they are free to kill and maim again.Tome for Israel to forget about Tikun Olin,and start acting like a conqueror!

  • VC Walton

    Thank you for publishing this article as I had not heard of the new MSF position as pro-Hamas/Palestinian activists. My family and I have financially supported their work because of their policy of neutrality while serving hurting populations across the globe with their medical know-how. They are certainly free to become activists in any situation. But in taking that stance, they are negating the principles under which they were chartered originally. Additionally, if they want to become activists, they need to do a good deal of research to try to understand the root of the Israeli-Arab conflict and be open to hear the truth before they decide to take up sides. As of today, my family and I are withdrawing our financial support to MSF.

  • I think I can tell you why the world is against Israel and accuses it of aggression, expansionism and tyranny. It’s not because it sees Israel in the present this way but because it instinctively knows that one day Israel will be the head and not the tail of nations. It’s happening as we speak and soon to be manifest. However, the difference is that it will be a righteous and not a wicked rule, for everyone’s benefit, both Jew and Gentile.

  • enufizenuf

    This is very funny for I thought it was pretty well understood the a large number of MSF physicians and support staff actually supply information on Hamas members to Israel. Numerous apprehensions have been made of patients recently treated and released. Quite funny,
    I wonder what kind of game they think they’re playing now.

  • Leslie Benjamini

    MSFshould be ashamed of themselves considering that they have lied, twisted the truth regarding Palestinian patients leaving Gaza daily for Israel for treatment in Israeli hospitals & other issues. MSF has gone against its own Charter as this article has stated. As a medical humanitarian organization it should stay out of politics & do its job. I fail to see what it gains by taking this stance against Israel. I suppose next it is going to come up with some perverted reason to bash Israel for setting up field hospitals on the border with Syria to treat Syrian victims of that war, which it is under no obligation to do, or for taking the more seriously wounded to hospitals inside Israel for treatment. When is the world going to give Israel credit for the good that it does? What kind of sick perverted world allows these lies to be spread with no opposition. What kind of sick perverted world allows an organization like MSF to turn the truth inside out & to bash a country like Israel & to turn a terrorist entity like Hamas into heroes.

  • Lena Hebard

    DWB don’t know that missiles from another state is WAR? “Progressives” who imagine that their racist selves are not racist are hallucinating.

  • nelson marans

    Never gave to Doctors Without Borders and this makes me glad that I did not. Supposedly impartial organizations have shown a marked bias against Israel,including UNRWA, UNESCO, UNICEF and many others. Doctors without Borders has joined the crowd.

  • viv

    This is such a shame. Anyone with a minimum intelligence can see and should be able to observe the ones causing the conflict. Israel has done so much for mankind and never been a problem. The Palestinians have done nothing but cause problems.
    Wonder why? Could it have begun with Isaac and Ishmael?

  • Dave L.

    Thank you for an excellent article.
    I am saddened and disturbed but not surprised by this report. I will not be making any donations to MSF.

  • SteveHC

    Israeli citizens and government, and the country’s various labor and economic sectors need to take a *serious* look at the extent to which the country currently contributes to these types of organizations – especially those that seem to turn against Israel politically, diplomatically, public relations-wise and otherwise, and re-evaluate Israeli participation in and general support of them.
    And then HEAVILY publicize the results and outcomes of those re-evaluations.

  • Dr Harold Fields

    I and my colleagues have supported Doctors without Borders for years and presumed they were purely a humanitarian organization without realizing their political associations. We will now advise our associates that the support given to them is being funneled in directions not compatible with their moral obligations

  • William Kaplan M.D

    Unbelievable that Doctors Without Borders (MSF) apparently is a Antisemetic ,Political Organization now!In my opinion they now have lost all credibility!

  • David Kane

    Unbelievable! But then again, I’ve been saying that a lot lately.

  • Veronica R. Kaufman

    I am absolutely disgusted with Médicins Sans Frontières. My mother, a Holocaust survivor who regularly contributed to them would turn over in her grave.

  • jackweb

    stop giving

  • ART

    MSF has yet again adopted a blind adherence to an extreme leftist agenda. They have been silent when hamas had female patients smuggle bombs into Israel Medical center under the guise of needing medical care. MSF has again decided that it has a right and the intelligence to stand in judgment against Israel while refusing to apply any standards of behavior on hamas, islamic jihad et al. Where is MSF along the Syrian border to provide aid, where is it to condemn assad,isis al nusera etc? They know that should they criticize hamas they would be seriously punished. While they once did good work they have become cowards and bullies

  • gunther bauer

    The third paragraph of the Hippocratic Oath says:
    “What ever houses I may visit, I will come for the benefit of the sick.” (not mentioned, that is Unless it is an Israeli House.)
    The last paragraph of the oath says:
    “If I fulfill this oath and do not violate it, may it be granted to me to enjoy life and art, being honored with fame among all men for all time to come; if I transgress it and swear falsely, may the opposite of all this be my lot.”
    As a fellow physician I am ashamed of these Judases of the profession,which
    should always be and remain above politics.

  • Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz

    The crude fact is that the present Israeli PM is too right wing for 80% of American Jewry and probably 95% of European Jewry. Telling French Jews or European Jews to immigrant drives European Jews nuts! Israelis are IMMIGRANTING TO EUROPE, ESPECIALLY GERMANY and SPECIFICALLY BERLIN! The total sham of the talk of “European Jews going to Israel” is laughable! So when a left wing group with a reputation says Israel is wrong, WHO IS GOING TO DEFEND THE ISRAELIS? CAMERA and its gang of Iraq War Architects and comments taking Gay/Lesbian Civil Rights Activitists in Boston? The bad news is that as long as Netanyahu is Prime Minister of Israel, Israel’s foreign supporters will not include anyone by right wing Jews. SAD, SAD, SAD, and SAD!

  • Joseph Effiong

    They are frustrated. They have borders. Fire is their border because of partiality.