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October 14, 2015 6:44 am

The Palestinians’ Death Culture Is Responsible for Recent Terror Attacks

avatar by Tibor Krausz

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The Bezeq vehicle an east Jerusalem man used to ram a bus stop on Malchei Yisrael Street in Jerusalem. Photo: Hillel Maier, TPS

The Bezeq vehicle an east Jerusalem man used to ram a bus stop on Malchei Yisrael Street in Jerusalem. Photo: Hillel Maier, TPS

Alaa Abu Jamal was dying to be a martyr — literally. So on Tuesday, October 13, he rammed his car into a crowd of Jewish pedestrians at a bus stop in Jerusalem’s Geula neighborhood, which is home to mostly ultra-Orthodox Jews. He then jumped out and proceeded to hack at two injured Jews with a meat cleaver. This Palestinian Arab terrorist murdered an elderly rabbi and severely wounded other Israelis before he was shot by an alert security guard. The entire attack was captured on a security camera.

What could have driven Abu Jamal to do such a beastly thing? Surely, it couldn’t have been desperation born of poverty and unemployment (the media’s favorite justification for Palestinian terrorism). Abu Jamal, it so happens, worked for Bezeq, the Israeli telecommunications company whose uniform he wore during the attack.

A clue about the Arab man’s true motivation emerged soon enough. Abu Jamal was a cousin of the two terrorists, Uday Abu Jamal and Ghassan Abu Jamal, who murdered four ultra-Orthodox Jewish men and a Druze police officer who came to their rescue at a synagogue in Jerusalem last year. Both terrorists were shot dead before they could kill more Israelis.

In an interview broadcast on Israeli TV shortly after that attack, Alaa Abu Jamal recalled how elated his family was to hear of the killing. “There were calls of joy among us and they passed out candies to the visitors who came and there was support for the two martyrs,” he explained. One of the cousins, 32, had been married with three children, but martyring himself while murdering Jews clearly took precedence over raising his children, who will doubtlessly be encouraged to emulate their “martyred” father. “Thank Allah for someone who dies as a martyr, that’s a great thing,” Alaa Abu Jamal said.

On Tuesday, Alaa decided to accomplish his own “great thing.” His friends and relatives must be passing out candies happily as we speak.

That’s what Israelis are up against: cold-blooded murderers who consider butchering random Jews to be the greatest accomplishment of their lives and a great honor to their family. It’s this culture of death and destruction that has left Palestinian society mired in a medieval mindset of martyrdom. In what other culture do family members celebrate relatives who murder random people? Is this what’s going to be the Palestinians’ unique gift to the world?

Many of the other stabbings have taken place in land that is clearly Israeli territory — from western Jerusalem to Ra’anana to Tel Aviv — so the media’s narrative about Palestinians fighting “settlements” and “occupation” also won’t wash.

The attackers — males and females alike, many of them teenagers — have routinely been described as “lone wolves,” but that’s a misnomer. They have hardly acted alone. Taught to hate Jews through poisonous cradle-to-grave incitement, they have the support of Palestinian society at large. On television channels, in mosques, and on social media, Palestinians have been calling on their brothers and sisters to murder Jews, along with giving detailed instructions on how best to stab them to death.

They’re allegedly acting in defense of the al-Aqsa Mosque, which is — of course — under no threat from Israel. The meme of al-Aqsa being attacked by Jews dates back at least to 1929, when the odious Grand Mufti of Jerusalem (one of Hitler’s closest allies) used the same excuse to incite murderous violence against the Jews of the British Mandate.

Nearly 100 years later, the spirit of the mufti is alive and well. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (who many claim is a “moderate”) frequently echoes him. “We bless every drop of blood spilled for Jerusalem, which is clean and pure blood, blood spilled for Allah,” Abbas said recently on the Palestinian Authority’s official television channel. Peace in our time? It looks as though for many Palestinians, “peace” will come only when all the Jews are dead. The Grand Mufti would be proud.

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  • Mr. Wahl, you write that Pres. Obama needs to see Abbas for what he is. I have a nasty feeling that we need to see Pres. Obama for what he is, a Moslem protecting Moslem interests.

    Rudyard Kipling write in his poem IF:
    If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken,
    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,

  • DockyWocky

    “Peace in our time? It looks as though for many Palestinians, “peace” will come only when all the Jews are dead. The Grand Mufti would be proud.”

    Although not publicized much, “peace in our time,” is also a possibility when all the Palestinians are dead.

  • Richard Wahl

    Abbas and his minions are terroists and the world should label him so. Our President Mr. Obama needs to see Abbas for what he is. Cut off his money, and freeze his assets. Then America and the world needs to declare war on the terroist groups and use all their power to distort them.

  • Steve

    Sick bunch of people

  • Sharon Kay

    Mr. Krausz’s article on the Palestinian fascination with its culture of death is excellent and very well written.

  • The PLO terrorist entity must be replaced with Israeli administration over Judea and Samaria. The PLO incitement apparatus needs to be shutdown. Only by using a credible use of force, will the PLO terrorist entity be destroyed. Anything less, invites more intifadas, and imperils the “Jewish Life Culture.”

  • ART

    When Obama ordered the boycott of Netanyahus UN speech and refused to condemn abbas’ speech he was giving abbas/plo/fatah/hamas to attack Israel. Sec Kerry confirmed this when he again blamed Israel. When dealing with the terrorists Israel should take no prisoners and should hold the bodies.No money to abbas and shut down travel from arab neighborhoods.

  • dante

    yes, “palestinian” society is a sick society; it doesn’t build anything because all its energies & all its creativity is devoted to destruction, destroying what the Jews have built.

    but another remarkable and consequential fact is that the “palestinians” are profoundly dishonest: they shout their fanatical hatred, their veneration of murderers, vandals & theives, and their desire to murder and, at the same time, when the attackers are caught or killed, the “palestinians” insist that the terrorists were innocent. what about the knife? what about the rocks? what about the blood? what about the victims? what about the videotape? all that is just ignored. the lie is accepted and broadcast. it becomes the only reality, the “growth medium” for this toxin.

    the article mentions the ever-handy lie about al-aqsa being threatened by the Jews, a lie which has been used for 80 years as a way to mobilise the “palestinians” for murder.

    another case in point: the kleoptocrat-liar-terrorist in charge of the p.a. insists with a straight face that Israel “executed” an attacker (who, in this case, was not killed). NO SENSE OF SHAME. NO EMBARRASSMENT. NO HONOR OR HONESTY. NO DECENCY. JUST EFFORTLESS LIES, INCITEMENT, HATRED & MURDER. (and, all this is eagerly received by the media, the u.n., the e.u., the ngos, all of whom are accomplices to murder.)