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October 15, 2015 12:41 pm

Report: Family of Teen Terrorist — Touted as ‘Killed in Cold Blood’ — Tried to Prevent Israel from Filming Him Alive (VIDEO)

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Footage of 13-year-old Jerusalem stabber filmed after Abbas decried his "execution" by Israel.  Photo: Screenshot

Footage of 13-year-old Jerusalem stabber filmed after Abbas decried his “execution” by Israel. Photo: Screenshot

The Manasra family, whose young son was wounded after stabbing a Jewish Israeli teen his age, was working with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to fabricate their son’s death at the hands of Israeli security forces, sources close to the Israeli health minister, Yaakov Litzman, told Israeli news outlet nrg on Thursday.

The report came after Litzman apparently intervened to allow cameramen to snap photographs of 13-year-old Ahmed — who is being treated at the Ein Karem branch of Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem — after Abbas blamed Israel for his “execution.” According to nrg, the Manasra family had refused to permit reporters to document the boy, who is alive and well.

Ahmed, together with his 17-year-old cousin, Mohammed Manasra, carried out a stabbing attack in Jerusalem’s Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood on Monday, wounding two Israelis. Ahmed was hit by a passing car after bystanders began chasing him. On Wednesday, Abbas bemoaned his “execution.”

“We will not succumb to the logic of brute force, policies of occupation and aggression practiced by the Israeli government and the herd of settlers who are engaged in terrorism against our people, our holy places, our homes, our trees and the execution of our children in cold blood as they did with the child Ahmed Manasra and other children from Jerusalem,” said Abbas, demanding an end to the Israeli “occupation” and the creation of an independent Palestinian state within the pre-1967 lines, with east Jerusalem as its capital.

The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office quickly responded to Abbas, calling his speech “incitement and lies,” while stating that “the teenager he [Abbas] is referring to is alive and hospitalized at Hadassah, after he stabbed an Israeli child who was riding his bicycle.”

Still, following Abbas’ speech on Wednesday, Manasra’s story quickly spread through the Internet, as did a video of him lying on the ground while some Israeli bystanders shouted: “Die, you son of a bitch,” and “Die, you whore.” The hashtag  trended, with users claiming photographs showed him bleeding “to death.”

By Thursday, the story had mostly flipped back to those posting videos proving Manasra is alive and recovering through the treatment of doctors in Israel.

Sources with Litzman claimed to have foiled a plot between the Manasra family and Abbas, underscoring the extent of the information war playing out around Manasra, but also throughout the escalated prevalence of individual, small-scale terror attacks against Israelis over the past few weeks, of which Manasra was a part.

“Abu Mazen [Abbas] and the terrorist’s family cooperated to falsely claim that the boy [Ahmed] was dead, and the family refused to allow his picture to be taken, under the pretext of privacy and his being a minor. But the reality and the family’s motivations are clear. Here it is, the boy is alive and here’s the proof,” the sources said. “We cannot allow false incitement under protection of the law, so to speak.”

The P.A. has blamed Israel for the escalated violence, especially over alleged violations of the status-quo agreements relating to prayer at the Temple Mount — violations that Israel denies, accusing Palestinian officials of cynically using the issue to inflame Palestinian tensions against Israel.

Israeli police shot dead two terrorists in separate attacks in Jerusalem on Wednesday, one of which resulted in the stabbing of a 70-year-old woman at the Central Bus Station. They were the latest attacks since the surge in violence began about a month ago. Israel deployed 300 soldiers in Jerusalem and around the country to prevent new street attacks.

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  • Carl

    This is pure Pallywood! Only question is whether the young terrorist’s parents actually put him up to it, fully expecting he would be killed in the process. They were all simply following the written script. How disappointed they must be that their son survived and spoiled the grand plan!

  • Yale

    I guess the Arabs don’t have a counterpart to the “Boy Who Cried `Wolf'” because they have learned to keep up the lies no matter how often they are exposed.

    What would happen if the world decides it doesn’t want to be treated like a bunch of idiots and simply started ignoring the Palestinian tales of woe? Sooner or later they might have to face up to the reality of how badly they have been led and then sue for peace.

  • dante

    “deceptive speech” or lying is not a problem in Arab society. the “truth” is something mutable, whatever serves or is convenient at the moment.

    so, the families of terrorists routinely provide stupid alibis for attackers who are arrested: “he was at home,” “he was at school,”
    “he was with me,” “he couldn’t have done it,” “it’s the Jews” the Jews, the Jews, the Jews

    another, typical case: an Arab farmer is burning thorn bushes; he loses control of the fire and it spreads to his own crops. what to do? blame the Jews! become a hero to the “palestinians”! get compensation! get sympathy! become a hero to the e.u., the u.n., & the ngos! avoid the loss and the humiliation. The Jews…an excuse for every frustration and hurt and loss in the world…just blame the Jews.

  • A Zionist

    This was an attempt to replicate the Al Dura fabrication of 2000.

    Palestinian libels about Jewish murderers of children is merely a rehash of the Christian libel about Jews murdering innocent Christian children (usually boys) and using their blood to make matzot. This was written on Hanan Ashwari’s website last year and hastily removed when it was discovered.



  • Dov

    Why are we American taxpayers supporting Mahmoud Abbas who is rabidly inciting Arab terror against Israel? Many Israelis have been murdered in the past few weeks and many more injured by agitated “Palestinians” who are inculcated with seething hate non-stop by “Palestinian” media. Furthermore, why is Abbas not dead, or at least in jail, as the arch-terrorist who financed the Munich Olympics Massacre in 1972 and personally planned and orchestrated the Ma’alot High School Massacre in 1974?
    Instead he’s honored as a de facto head of state and perpetually financed by the U.S. and the Europeans! What a disgrace! He’s no moderate; he’s just Arafat in a suit. Contact your legislators to immediately halt all funding to the “Palestinian Authority” (which is neither!) and demand personal accountability by Abbas. He has more blood on his hands than all of America’s mass shooters combined, many times over, yet the media has barely given any attention to his murderous deeds and incitement. Do ‘Jewish lives’ not matter?

  • Fatah needs their poster boys. When death tolls are not high enough for propaganda purposes, Arab propagandists find ways to inflate them. Remember the fake funerals following the Jenin Massacre when the press began to realize there was no massacre? And in Gaza, there were all sorts of stunts to boost the reported death toll.

  • In a way, I feel great sadness for all the young terrorists whose maturity hasn’t reached the stage of free choice and whose minds have been indoctrinated since birth with de-humanisation and hatred of Jewish Israelis. and the continual incitement from some religious Muslim Imams and politicians. These kids deserve a life of light and not evil darkness. It is the head of the snake that needs to be cut off!

  • ART

    nothing new. Remember mohamed al dura? Or the many pictures of a person being carried into a hospital covered in blood then walking out on his/her own power. Or the so called “massacre in Jenin” or a thousand other phoney reports. Shame on Obama?Kerry for playing along with abbas. They know better. After 20+ years of lies from abbas/pa why does the media or Obama/Kerry still listen to them? They hate Israel and Jews

    • ric waits

      Well said i am in total agreement,We were in Israel in 2005,it was quite heartbreaking to see The Jewish People extracted from there own Land.And the way they treated those that had to leave ,homes synagoges,farms ,agriculture etc. so the palestians can destroy all the beauty that GODS PEOPLE WORKED FOR.No the only SHALOM will come to THE LORDS LAND, is when MESSIAH returns and HIS PEOPLE SAY BLESSED IS HE THAT COMES IN THE NAME OF THE LORD…Whom I believe is YESHUA MESSIAH JESUS,TURN TO THE LORD AND HE WILL TURN TO YOU. SINCERELY boric california AMERICAN FOR THE LOVE OF ISRAEL, GOD BLESS THE JEWISH PEOPLE,FOR THERE WOULD BE NO BIBLE FOR CHRISTIANS…OMEN Grace n Shalom

  • Michael Fox

    The Manasara family are responsible for the behavior of their underage teen son who attempted to murder a 13 year old Jewish boy on his bike. They fed him hateful propaganda and justify his attempted murder. They tried to martyr him but in the end were just your common ordinary Muslim liars. The Koran supports lying if it is done in support of Islams best interests. Perhaps when he gets home they will have an honor killing as he embarrassed the family and their dear leader by showing up alive in an Israeli hospital. Let this family be a shining example for Israels new policy in dealing with terrorists. Destroy their house. Confiscate their land. Deny Israeli government insurance coverage for their terrorist sons hospital stay and deny any welfare programs.

    • Also fine them for raising a child this way.

  • Sarah Olsen

    What a lie, what a HATRED!
    This Abu Mazen is evil of all evils. This young Palestinian boy shall be in school learning, like Jewish kids are,and not running with a knife to stub and kill Jews. Ahmed is lucky to be alife and treated in Jerusalem hospital. This woudn’t be the case for a jewish boy wounded in Gaza.

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    Here are some details not known via the usual sources of “news”. The Muslim murderous teams are enjoying the same degree of maneuvering ability as the Titanic had in the last hours. The young vermin was not liquidated against the people’s demands to terminate that poisonous item.
    No use to keep that alive as it will certainly grow to more of the same or worse. His whole “family” is guiding it to be what he is.

    How viable is the speechster’s ensemble? We are researching that.

  • HaroldT

    Why doesn’t Bibi publicly on TV call Abbas a liar and show Ahmed on the show and accuse Abbas of incitement.
    When ill Bibi learn to fight back using the same tactic as Abbas ?