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October 18, 2015 8:50 am

Disappointed in ‘Failure’ of Stabbings, Hamas Calls on Palestinians to Drop Knives, Commit Car-Rammings for Higher Jewish Casualties

avatar by Ruthie Blum

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The aftermath of a 2008 bulldozer attack that killed 3 Israelis and the Arab attacker. Photo: Wikipedia.

The aftermath of a 2008 bulldozer attack that killed 3 Israelis and the Arab attacker. Photo: Wikipedia.

Following a string of stabbing attacks on Saturday that resulted in more harm to the terrorists than to their Jewish-Israeli targets, Hamas called on Palestinians to stop the stabbing attacks and aim for a far greater numbers of casualties, Israel’s Channel 2 reported on Sunday.

Six stabbing and attempted stabbing attacks committed by Palestinian residents of Hebron took place over the weekend — four of them in the West Bank city itself, and one at the Damascus Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem – which ended unsuccessfully where the perpetrators were concerned.

Hamas, the Palestinian terror organization that rules the Gaza Strip and has ambitions to take over the West Bank, as well, immediately bemoaned this “failure.” Via social media and sympathetic Arab TV stations, Hamas has begun a campaign to promote vehicular terrorism instead of stabbing as a preferred method to murder more Jews.

This comes not only in response to the weekend’s violence, but following several weeks of knife attacks carried out by Palestinians and Israeli Arabs, mostly from Jerusalem. Vehicular attacks have been less prevalent during the current terror wave, something that Hamas would like to rectify.

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  • Mickey Oberman

    Once again, where are the comments?

    How can I get to read them without always asking?

  • Atilla

    A good solution is to seize ALL vehicles owned by arabs or Palestinians ( I refuse to capitalize their names )and take their driving licenses.

    They want mobility, leave Israel. A net win, win situation.

  • What a sick, sick culture. And the world stands by, blaming the wrong(ed) people. How can one deal with these maniacs???

  • sriranga

    This is absolutely from the pits if hell which is trying to enlarge Yeshua Jesus’s Name this canceled by the blood if The Lamb of God shed for all mankind. Even though the nations are silent at the evil atrocities against my brothers and sisters the Jews….there is a God in Israel who called EL Elohi Israel and EL Shaddai and Jehovah Gibbor and God of the Armies Of Israel who brought out ohr fathers from Egypt to the Land flowing with milk and honey.He neither slumbers nor sleeps..He will render the reward upon the heads of the enemies of Israel and wound the head if the hairy scalp of the one that goes on in his tresspasses.

  • Mark A

    Hamas is a government in Gaza.

    For a government to advocate these kinds of actions against the citizens of another government is an act of war.

    Acts of war should have military, diplomatic and economic consequences.

  • You need pay no attention to me, as I am not an Israeli and do not live in Israel. It seems to me that
    ‘vehicular terrorism’would leave all the 13-year-olds out of the terrorists’ attempts: probably good for the terrorist children. However, in the case of the young hospitalised arab who stabbed the Jewish boy 15 times, his family should lose all social benefits, at least.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Israel should immediately declare that all Muslim drivers licenses are invalid.
    Let the newest pedestrians fight with their leaders to reverse their latest declarations and instructions until they revoke their murderous orders and are overthrown.
    Until then ban camels and asses (the equine variety) from the streets of Israel.
    A hardship? You bet it will be. And it might cause some Muslims with aching feet to start using their brains for a change.

  • yussi

    Ok Arab squatters, I say one attack more and then level Gaza once and for all

  • ART

    Where are Obama?kerry or even Hillary to condemn this as an impediment to peace. I guess that in their eyes a call to kill Jews is OK but building homes for Jews is warlike

  • Patti Zentara

    This should be confronted at the UN. Someone unabasdadly must confront
    the UN which is mute as Israelis are slaughtered.
    Hamas, the PLO and even our retarded John Kerry needs to be
    confronted as aides to incite murder.

    The entire world knows it is pure hogwash that the Palestinians are
    defending themselves.

    I don’t expect the Presidenf of the USA to do a thing. After all, he
    is known for his hatred of Bibi, Jews and Christians.
    And Israel…well, he wants it gone!

    You need to own a prayer rug and bend over for his support.
    I think he dreams of Jihad and loves if. It makes me nauseous.
    This is a war against any Isreali.
    The sheer evil and madness of running people over with cars.
    The PLO and nutjob alliances are no different than Charles
    Manson…Killers and all! Shalom to you.

  • ART

    The pa/hamas/plo/fatah have declared WAR on Israel. This must be responded to accordingly

  • Michael

    Israel needs to immediately eliminate the fowled nest of Hamas leadership.

  • Reading the leftist (and even pseudo-neutral) media slant, I think they share HAMAS’s disappointment – as do – to a point – Kerry and Obama.

  • SteveHC

    I would expect that a switch to vehicular terrorism would be accompanied by a dramatic decrease in the frequency of issuance of new driver’s licenses and car registrations to Palestinians in Israel, among other measures.

  • Diane Gordon

    Rx: Haldol

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    Gaza should be sprayed with biological weapons.

  • Abbey Aznar

    They should drive themselves to Hell, because Heaven won’t take them.

  • Gary Katz

    Hamas leaders essentially tell Arabs, “Sacrifice yourselves – we’ll be at home, praising you, and looking for more patsies, er, shahids!”