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October 28, 2015 12:33 pm

3,000 Moroccans Sign Petition Condemning Incitement to Murder Jews

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Thousands gather at a pro-Palestinian demonstration in Morocco. Photo: MEMRI/ Screenshot.

Thousands gather at an anti-Israel demonstration in Morocco. Photo: MEMRI/ Screenshot.

At least 3,000 Moroccans signed a petition condemning what they said was incitement to murder Jews on full display during a Palestinian solidarity demonstration in Casablanca this week, Egyptian newspaper Youm7 reported on Wednesday.

The petition urged Moroccan authorities to hold rally organizers accountable for the mock executions of Jews and other inciting displays, which it called illegal. Also identified by the petition, which was titled “Moroccan Citizens Gathered Against Incitement to Kill Jews in Morocco,” were demonstrators dressed as Palestinians, with assault rifles pointed at others dressed as Orthodox Jews, and children trampling on the Star of David.

Video footage from the demonstration, reported by The Algemeiner, showed children marching and shouting “Death to Israel!” and “We will sacrifice our soul and our blood to you, Al-Aqsa,” in reference to the holy site also known as the Temple Mount.

Signatories expressed concern about the reaction of Morocco’s Jewish community, which today numbers under 3,000, and said the demonstration had offended many Muslims as well. They said antisemitism threatened the pluralism and tolerance enshrined in Moroccan law.

Sunday’s demonstration came in response to the spike in Israeli-Palestinian violence, which many in the Arab world claim is a reaction to Israeli crimes against Palestinians.

Clashes have been sustained since last month between Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli security forces in and around Jerusalem, also amid rumors that Israel was trying to change the status quo on the Temple Mount. Compounding this has been a terrorizing phenomenon of successful and attempted stabbing attacks across Israel, targeting Israeli civilians and security forces.

Some Arab media outlets have begun consistently claiming that Israeli security forces are executing unarmed Palestinians, or planting weapons by their dead bodies to fabricate attacks.

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  • BUTSeriously

    Never trust a Muslim or a Roman Pope who calls Muslims as Palestinians. Muslims are occupying Jewish Palestinian lands.

  • zadimel

    Where are all 21 comments?

  • jakob wasi

    As a Moroccan Jew I am ashamed at the conduct of the Zionists. What would we say if Muslims or Christians tried to take possession of the Kotel? We would see demonstrations the world over by Jews calling for the murder of Muslims or Christians or both.
    As long as Netanyahu & co hang on to the expansionist dreams of an Israel from the Mediterranean to the Jordan, and the marginalization of Palestinians, the pillars of Israel will shake either till Ir David collapses or peace and a two-state solution is at hand. So, it is hypocritical to criticize the Moroccans who see that one of the holiest site of Islam is under assault by official Israel who ignores a treaty it signed after the 1967 war promising only Muslims can pray at the al-Aqsa mosque. Netanyahu lies, too, when he says, he’s not changing the status of the agreement…then why does he restrict access to the mosque for all to pray?

    • Liz Wagner

      Don’t know where you get your news, but the al-Aqsa mosque is not now, nor was it ever, under assault by Jews or IDF. It is a tragedy that many of the world’s Jews are so misinformed, along with non-Jews, about what went on in the past and what goes on still in Israel. If you are familiar with Zionist history, the Arab riot in Hebron, 1929, was instigated by similar false claims that Jews were attacking al-Aqsa mosque. This claim about al-Aqsa is code for, “Time to riot on the Temple Mount. Grab your rocks, knives, whatever, and let’s go kill some Jews!” The world has been telling lies about Jews for at least 3,000 years. Don’t believe the lies they tell, today.

  • It is harder to make peace than war!

    When I was in Israel supervising the building of the hotel across from Jerusalem’s Jaffa gate in 1995. The Oslo agreement was implemented. There was euphoria in the air. Many companies and individuals were talking and ready to invest billions of dollars. I myself contacted some investors to invest in building an automobile manufacturing plant which would create jobs and have a locally manufactured automobile at a much more reasonable price. All that faded as soon as the suicide bombers started blowing up busses on Jaffa road in Jerusalem. Talking peace, signing peace agreements and living in peace and coexistence are two different things. There are external powers that do not want peace in Israel. That has been going on since the end of WWI. If you know, or anybody knows a way how to overcome it and bring peace and coexistence in Israel, I would love to promote it. It is unfortunate, that you have the Arab leadership for the past 3 generations promoting terror and violence and educating their children and the masses to commit terror and violence, while celebrating terror attacks and financing terrorists. You are banging your head against the wall. It has to start with a change in the mindset and the education of the children and the masses to live in peace.
    The Arabs have to prove that they truly want peace. Israel will need to see years of non-violence and peaceful coexistence, prior to resuming peace talks. Furthermore, the world at large must stay out of it, let the Israelis and Arabs work it out without external involvement. Then you night have a chance for coexistence.
    YJ Draiman

    Jewish roots and rights to all the land of Greater Israel are stronger than ever!
    “If I am turned out of hearth and home and remain outside one night, I am legally entitled to return the following day. If I suffer for ten, twenty, five thousand or fifty thousand nights, does my right of return stand in inverse relationship to the length of my exile? Quite the contrary; my right to return and recover my freedom becomes stronger in direct proportion to what I have endured, not by virtue of some abstract arithmetic, but because of the nights spent in exile, and because I want my children, to be spared a similar experience.”
    YJ Draiman

  • my opion is all the jews should leave there this will make israel stronger.a lot of smart people from there will be good.there
    .obama dont say aword to protect jews. in reverse you wouldd se him on t. v.blaming israel

  • zadimel

    Where are all the comments?

  • zadimel

    I am sure the Moroccan authorities will uphold their laws concerning hatred and incitement against those who express such disgusting anti-Semitism. I am surprised that this demonstration has taken place in Morocco.

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  • Yoel Nitzarim

    I believe that My Facebook friend from Casablanca, Morocco, sent me a digitalised Facebook profile as a gift last night as a reminder that there are Muslim friends to us Jews in Israel. I really appreciate the gesture of good will. I am an Israeli Jew who lives in Ramot Bet Jerusalem.

  • I feel as if I’ve typed the following disclaimer thousands of times. I am not Israeli, I don’t live in Israel and, as far as I know, I do not have Jewish blood. However, as anti-Semitism raises its head again around the world I beg Jews to return to Israel. You have a place to go. You are no longer delivered over to the antiSemites. And you’re better off than the rest of us, who no longer have safe places if we support Israel. Am Yisrael Chai! (I also can not read or write Hebrew, so you have just seen all the Hebrew I know – but please do not let yourselves be killed any more. The world needs you.

    • A Zionist

      Dear Lia,

      You may not be Jewish, but a “Righteous Gentile” is someone who shows love and concern for Jews. Israel is the Jewish Homeland, but is also home to those who love Israel.

      Please come to Israel and see for yourself that love triumphs hate.

      We also need people like you.

    • Robin Yvonne

      G-d bless you always.

    • Thank you so much for your beautiful thoughts and support. You don’t need Jewish blood. You have a soul. You are a righteous gentile.

    • Mike Degani

      Even in Israel Jews can not live in peace. I blame only the Imams that preach hate and intruction how to kill Jews and the “infidel” around the world.

  • Joel

    Time for Israel to stop being politically correct and sort out the mother#######!!!

  • Ralph Falkenstein

    This is exactly what all decent people and nations must do to counter those who incite hatred and violence. There are many more decent people who need to shed their indifference in order to achieve a real difference.

  • Mickey Oberman

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation. ”

    My comments are always immoderate.

    Those who would annihilate me and my family and my people have no comprehension of moderation. They deserve no moderation.

  • Mickey Oberman

    I am always amazed and appalled how an entire people who falsely purport to be civilized can continue to exist on nothing but hatred and lies.

  • Livin’ Out Loud

    * correction…other columns, comments and the tons of every day proof. The terrorists that kill in many countries are not Jewish. You all know who THEY REALLY ARE!? ??

  • Livin’ Out Loud

    After this and other why do folks pick on the Jews? Jealousy, fear? Their strong belief in G-d? Let’s pray for peace..??.

  • THANK YOU MOROCCO-You have ALWAYS supported the Jews.. and as a Moroccan Jew – I can say thank you for this.. Please keep up the good work to spread to other Arab countries!! They said antisemitism threatened the pluralism and tolerance enshrined in Moroccan law.

  • anon

    Is it coincidental that there are “under 3000” Jews in Morocco and there were 3000 signatories? The difference was probably made up by a few foreignors who happen to be living in Morocco.

  • Historian

    What do you expect from the Illegal Palestinian ANIMALS!!
    And they want their own state? Laughable. Who would want to live next to those PIGS? No one.

  • yobee

    as a Moroccan and ex Muslim , i am ashamed that these terrible acts of hatred and incitement to murder ,took place in my country , apologies to whom it had offended

  • jeremy

    Often and historically from my impression, anti-Semites love and thrive in those contradictions, they sign the petition and attend the hate rally, and are the real Jews, and need to kill all the Jews.

    They draw blood, and love non-violent left-speak they stole.