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November 11, 2015 12:04 pm

Blaming ‘Zionist Administration’ for Their Financial Plight, CUNY Students to Hold Protest at Hunter College

avatar by Ruthie Blum

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The New York City Students for Justice in Palestine Facebook page, inviting students to the protest at Hunter College. Photo: Facebook.

The New York City Students for Justice in Palestine Facebook page, inviting students to the protest at Hunter College. Photo: Facebook.

Student groups planning a protest on Thursday at Manhattan’s Hunter College are using classical antisemitic tropes for advertising.

The rally is part of a nationwide campaign called “Million Student March,” demanding tuition-free education and the cancellation of student debt.

The New York activists all attend schools within the City University of New York (CUNY) system – the largest urban university system in the US.

The Facebook ad for the event reads:

On November 12th, students all across CUNY will rally to demand a freeze on tuition and new contracts! We must fight for funding for our university, and for CUNY to be accessible to working class communities in NYC as the public university system. The Zionist administration invests in Israeli companies, companies that support the Israeli occupation, hosts birthright programs and study abroad programs in occupied Palestine, and reproduces settler-colonial ideology throughout CUNY through Zionist content of education. While CUNY aims to produce the next generation of professional Zionists, SJP [NYC Students for Justice in Palestine] aims to change the university to fight for all peoples [sic] liberation.

We demand:

An End to the Privatization of Education!

-Tuition-Free Education
-Cancellation of all student debt!
-15$ minimum wage for campus workers!

An End to Racial and Economic Segregation in Education!

-Racialized college-acceptance practices
-Work Program requirements for students on public assistance
-Rapid gentrification and privatization of public school property.

Transparency in Administration!

-Gender Resource Centers and perpretrators of sexual assault expelled
-Demand CUNY divests from Israel, companies that maintain the Zionist occupation, private prisons, and prison labor.

-Pay Parity for Adjunct Professors
-A fair contract for CUNY Professors

NYC Students for Justice in Palestine
Students for Justice in Palestine at Hunter College
Students for Justice in Palestine at Brooklyn College
Students for Justice in Palestine- St. Joseph’s College
Students for Justice in Palestine at College of Staten Island
Students for Justice in Palestine at John Jay College
CUNY School of Law Students for Justice in Palestine
Students for Justice in Palestine at Pace University – Pleasantville
NYU Students for Justice in Palestine
Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the leading Jewish human rights organization the Simon Wiesenthal Center, blasted the ad, in which students are accusing “Zionists” for their financial plight.

“This memo debunks the myth that there is any difference to bigots between the words and concepts of ‘Israeli,’ ‘Zionist’ or ‘Jew,’” Rabbi Cooper told The Algemeiner on Wednesday.

“It is long overdue that the Jewish community demand of church leaders, academics, elected officials, The New York Times and other media to publicly denounce such rhetoric and imagery for what it is: Jew-hatred. Left unchallenged, such hate will poison the attitudes of many of our neighbors towards the world’s largest Jewish community in New York and far beyond. That, in fact, is the goal of these bigots.”

In its “Statement of Autonomy,” the Million Student March asserts it “is not affiliated or aligned with any established political party, candidate or organization,” and describes the US as a “a broken political and economic system, structured to benefit the few at the expense of the many. A capitalist, neo-liberal social order fueled by exploitation and fear, systemic inequality and deceit. A society of isolated and alienated consumers through which widespread homelessness, hunger, misery and illiteracy are acceptable while truth and integrity are suspect.”

Its detailed online Million Student March Organizing Guide lists Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals among recommended reading materials. Alinsky, known as the “founder of modern community organizing,” was a mentor to President Barack Obama in his early years as a community organizer in Chicago.

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  • Good article! Keep it up!

  • skeeziks

    I am an adjunct who has taught at Hunter–and other CUNY schools–for many years. I “bumped into” the very small rally in front of the college on my way in to teach on 11/12. What I’ve read about the rally organizers in the Algemeiner story itself is upsetting to me, as an educator and as a Jew. But I also find the comments in response to the story hysterical and unthoughtful. Knowing CUNY students, I don’t believe them to be anti-semitic. I also know they are not “freeloaders,” etc. Dialogue and calm logic, not angry counter-accusation, is key to making people change and listen to you. At least, that’s what I try to teach my students. By the way, my students didn’t know much about the rally (I asked them what was going on)– they had all just arrived from a full day at work to take evening classes–and after class, we had an lively political discussion (after an exciting class about poetry!). We had some disagreements, but no one got too worked up. On the whole, I find my students to be politically engaged but not bigots.

  • Sharita

    An end to the privatization of education? Sure. But if you think my tax dollars are going to fund you little fascist, whiny brats when most of you are probably majoring in subjects you can’t get a job with after graduation…keep dreaming.

  • Kalte Lokshen

    CUNY? Is it a Y at the end or maybe a tea?

  • Betty Schneck

    I went to Hunter College also. Not only did we go to school but we had to work part time. It wasn’t a free ride. You are just a bunch of free loaders and rabblers. Who needs you? You don’t even have the intelligence to be in college.
    what have you accomplished with the desert. It’s just as barren as before. Where would you be without what you parasites take from God’s earth?

  • Charles Hendrickson

    This is the result of a generation of parents who have never said “NO” to their children. These kids are used to getting their way, holding their collective breath when they don’t, and resort to screaming and name-calling when that doesn’t work. Perhaps its time for Hunter College to start a required freshman level course entitled: How to Be An Adult.

  • Mike

    I would bet all these arabs in these so called justice for peace groups pay absolutely nothing for their education. Do they think the teachers should work for nothing?

    These are all useful idiots for George Soros and the anti-semitic Democratic Party who are trying to destroy America.

  • Sammy

    Ban J-Student Visa from Islamic countries. This is where this cancer comes from.

    • Kalte Lokshen

      The cancer is already deep-rooted in CUNY’s students’ minds.
      What will pay for tuition-free education? Taxes. What will they say when taxes are raised? You know the answer.
      I bet everybody that the students do not know what Zionism means. It means the establishment of a Jewish state in the Jewish ancestral homeland – Zion.
      I am sure that not a single CUNY student asked himself why 1.8 million Arabs living in Israel were OK but Jews in settlements that could become a minority in a future Palestinian state are a no-no. Hypocrisy? Ignorance? Anti-semitism? You tell me.

  • Sam Harris

    Spoiled Brats!Kick them out of collage .Let them work in the real world.

    • Fraide

      What a bunch of lazy, mindless hypocrites. They want, they want, they want. Tell them to get off of their lazy asses and do something productive and earn a living. If they don’t like it, move to the middle east where they seem to be part of.

  • Mickey Oberman

    I dread what the future of the USA will be like if these mindless students are examples of its future leaders.

    • Bill Markson

      These students are examples of our present leaders.

    • Truthseeker

      What “future leaders?” We have one of these Alinskites in the White House already.

  • they get free education, they want free everything. i bet most of them would never fight for america. the muslims get to them as they are afraid to disagree with them.what did the muslims ever do for america. iguess they all forgot nine eleven. wise up kids israel is a true friend of america. you kids got it all wrong

    • Tabitha Korol

      What they really want is bigotry and hatred to flourish; they want chaos; they want power over everyone, which is what they’ll get if they are not stopped. Their demands are meant to disrupt our lives; there can’t be equality when people are not equal and these Islamists are not equal to democracy- and freedom-loving people. It’s time to show them up for what they are and tell them to go to Islamist countries for Sharia and Islamic “equality.”

  • Just more rhetorical proof that exposes, in their own words, the dripping hate for Jews-not merely Israel- and Judeo-Christian culture, which is being threatened and challenged as never before by the LEFT, epitomized by such pro-terrorist groups such as SJP, front groups for Hamas/Moslem Brotherhood/ISIS. The PC culture has infected all society, especially on college campuses (see Mizzou, Cal-Berkley and UCcampuses in general, Yale, now Ithaca College)- the hypocritical espousal of “civil rights”- but for them only, not for those who oppose their views and are shouted down and not permitted to engage in Free Speech. And who is going to pay for all of these demands for free stuff? White privileged folks of course!! This sickness is going to undue us and is unsustainable. Makes one want to go to Europe, G-d forbid even, where their culture is being overtaken by jihadist Muslims and their supremacist sharia law beliefs that the rest of us are dhimmis.

    • Kalte Lokshen

      Going to Europe nowadays is no solution.
      Go to Sweden? Rape capital of the world (by Muslims).
      Go to Paris? They kill journalists (Charlie Hebdo) and innocent civilians (Hyper Kasher). When Muslims are dissatisfied they burn cars and loot shops.
      England? The Sharia groups are very active and some schools already offer Halal only food. Who knows when bombs will again explode in public transportation? Hundreds of British Muslims joined ISIS.
      Germany? Almost a million Muslim have arrived since the beginning of this year. Mostly males, uneducated, jobless, living on free-housing and allowances. Would you like to be there when the money runs out? I won’t.
      Greece? They are practically bankrupt and do not want to work hard to get themselves out. Expect more riots.
      I could go on and on but the bottom line is that Europe is not a solution but rather a problem.

    • Kalte Lokshen

      Hey, loony CUNYs.
      Why don’t you begin your protest by throwing away your laptops and cellphones as their processors were designed and built in Israel?
      Why not ban food drip-irrigated to save water as it is an Israeli invention?
      Draw your money (if you do not use your parents’ money) from the major US banks because they use Israeli-written software?
      Refuse medical treatment by drugs and methods developed in Israel?
      Why won’t you use Palestinian inventions? because there are none? Well, Arabs are very good at killing each other – Sunni kill Shi’ite and vv.). Not a good idea, eh?

  • Tim

    Man, thank God no one reads “the algemeiner.” Otherwise, people may believe this propaganda. Excellent “reporting”.

    • Justin

      Tim get your head out of your arse, or don’t. Even if this is hardly read it takes all of two seconds to find the event for yourself. They merely took the statements verbatim from the NYC SJP event page, so much for your claim of shoddy reporting…

  • Christopher Joseph Hebert

    So much can be said but I’ll limit my remarks to noting how laughable that they issue a disclaimer. It’s possible they are not officially affiliated with any Party or organization. So what! They absolutely are aligned with countless Totalitarians, of various flavors, who have uttered, nearly word for word, the description of the United States quoted in this article. I remember the same mindless rhetoric in the 1970’s. I was college age then though I did not attend college at that time. I believe Rabbi Cooper is right about the expressions of antisemitism. They need to be challenged loudly and as frequently as they are made.

  • Stephen Hukari

    I demand and end to taxpayer financing of higher education. I demand you get a job and earn your keep. I demand that you contribute to society. And I demand that you shut up and go away until you are useful for something or have discovered reality.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    If all the Jews in New York don’t unite and fight this anti-Jew action by the Jew haters than no Jew will be safe.

    Whee does all this organization come from?

    Who’s behind it?

    For once it your lives stop being so afraid and protect yourselves and your family and your right to be Jews.

    • Richard

      The problem with American Jews is that far too many (certainly not all), are more concerned about fitting in than making at fuss. This is clearly anti-Semitic sentiment and must be quashed and addressed by those who run this school. However, far too many Jews are afraid to insist that this occur. Same thing happened in Germany in the 30’s. Look where it got us then.

    • Tabitha Korol

      The idealism of communism and Islam is behind it; it is supported by George Soros and liberalism. They are a monumental threat, well funded, and if New Yorkers don’t rise up in unison, they will fall in unison.

  • Robert F.

    The student groups leading this demonstration must be labeled as racist anti-Semites, and it must be made clear they will not be spoken to until they abandon their racist anti-Semitic associations. There must be a sharp disconnect between legitimate requests for increases in student funding and any link to anti-Semitic organizations (anti-Zionism = anti-Semitism). Should the administration respond to a similar protest by the KKK or neonazis? I think not!


    I hope everyone understands what is happening here. This divisive president promised to unify…..he has done the exact opposite. Poor against rich….black against white….many against Jew. History has been manipulated and altered and a dangerous situation faces us.
    Where are these students getting their historical information? Who is teaching these skills full of mush? How have they been molded into these misinformed and dangerous anarchists?
    We live in a eerie and very dangerous time.

    • Sandy

      This is NOT the fault of our president. It is clearly the fault of Congress and the Oligarchy.

    • Kalte Lokshen

      Michele, roughly half of the American voters voted for the president who weakened America globally, ruined (and still ruins) the Middle East, distanced friends and allies and is doing his utmost to advance the interests of America’s enemies (Iran and its proxies).
      Can you blame him? I don’t think so. The ones to blame are the ones who brought him to power – for the second time.

  • Only a small percentage of blacks actually graduate so all this is BS – the only degree they will earn.

  • Edward

    Counter chant this:

    From the River to the Sea,
    Palestine Will NEVER BE!

    P.S. Ask where in the world Muslims are living in peace and respect for NON-Muslims?

  • G M Ben-Nathan

    All this contrasts the continuing vulnerability of Jews in the Diaspora with that of the Jews in Israel who are able to defend themselves – and do.

  • Marc

    Stupid Meshnun Sharmutas,

    USA education isnt free. Go back to your loser countries if you arent happy here.

  • john

    This is just another excuse for these people to live off our system. They will blame the world of their problems not just the country who gave them their freedom. They can not do even a quarter of what they do in this country if they were in these countries they protest about. This is honestly disgusting, have you ever seen zionist complain or jewish people protest the way these muslims do about everything.

  • Michael

    The palestinian lobby in USA went too far. We must stop them now. Before they are organised into violent mobs.

  • a yid

    Has ANYONE figured out yet how to ban SJP from all American college campuses? Can they be sued for harassment and violation of Jewish student civil rights? Can Shurat HaDin prosecute them in court? This massive Nazi hate group needs to be banned immediately.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    This group ought to acknowledge its fealty to Mr. Hitler.

    Their declaration is a verbatim summary of “Mein Kampf.”

  • steven L

    the liberals universities have created a ‘genie” they cannot control!

  • montlasky

    Simple! Recommend that they go to the non existent state of “Palestine” and get all there demands there- They will be taught a different curriculum : a degree in stabbing, bombing and a host of other little googies to go along with it,driving into pedestrians and killing Rabbis. It,s more exciting too,they may get shot and have short ticket to Paradise!

    • Kalte Lokshen

      montlasky, wait a second! 72 virgins in heaven are promised to Muslims only!

  • yussi

    The general premise of tuition free public education is excellent however,the groups demonstrating are a bunch of hateful antisemites.Of course they blame the jews (one of the few groups who supported the civil rights movement back when).They show an affinity to a group of subhuman barbarians instead . Is this what CUNY is turning out as educated people? Sad…

  • It is not surprising that South African students at Universities started to demand the same type of demands using similar tactics as the NY students last month.It seems to be an orchestrated movement to blame the Jews & Israel .

  • Steven

    Disgusting. Palestinian-funded claptrap.

  • William Hausman

    Ho-hum. The malcontents will always be with us.

  • nelson marans

    Where did the money come from for their ad and public campaign? Perhaps a few more hours in the classroom without a free ride should be helpful. Has our university system come to such a low level with the support unfortunately of tenured professors.


    I was trasined by Saul Alinsky’s IAF organizers and am an organizer for American evangelical Christians and politically conservative Jews…And I greatly doubt that Obama was old enough to be “mentored” by Alinsky.
    Enough of the right wing beating up on Alinsky. He isn’t the reason the left is rising, his tools are available to everyone.

  • James Bishop

    Rabbi Abraham Cooper, an associate dean, didn’t answer any of the student’s statement with specifics. He used the tired old technique of crying ‘antisemitism!’ Any criticism of Israel’s practices, even from present and past United States Presidents, (You know, the country that gives Israel ten billion dollars a year in grants and ‘loans’ that become grants? About 135 billion to date.) draws the same nonspecific reply. Anyone that isn’t 120% behind every move Israel makes is a NAZI. Rabbi Cooper should pull his head out.

    • Betsy L

      Hi James,

      I agree, I wish that Rabbi Cooper had been a bit more specific about why he disliked these students’ protests. I think the Million Dollar March’s (MDM’s) argument was a bit general as was Rabbi Cooper’s. It’s also unclear from the MDM’s mission why US investments in Israeli are tied in with unfair tuition prices. How are the two related, if at all?

      The US invests money in numerous countries around the globe, why is the MDM singling out Israel? The US gives money to other countries with border disputes, why not mention those as well? Yes, the US has given more money to Israel than any other country in the world, but why call for a total divestment? To me, the sort of double standard that the MDM holds against Israel does appear anti-semetic.

      I do not pretend to understand this whole issue. I’m trying to learn more. What do you like/dislike about MDM? What do you wish Rabbi Cooper had said instead? Do you think there is anything wrong with the message MDM is preaching?

  • MH8169

    After reading this article, I was completely dumbfounded by the ignorance of these people. Clearly, what is motivating them is a clear case of anti-semitism. How in the world can one utter that the reason for tuition increases is due to some Jewish conspiracy. These kids are clearly do not have a strong analytical balance and their cognitive reasoning capabilities are quite vacuous and empty of substance.

  • Reform School

    50 years ago, the laughter inside the Industrial Processes classes at Brooklyn Tech poured forth from guys suffering from Heepe Jeebies. Two generations later, students who already know everything before they attend any classes are infected with the Freebie Jeebies. These students are now marching on Washington, anxious to solve America’s problems while they still know everything. Yesterday the march was spotted about 200 miles west of Seattle. Let them drown!

  • Art frank

    These punks who pay a tiny tuition. Have the. nerve to make demands. The wholes who are also Jew haters, should be expelled. Unfortunately. Those in charge have no balls to expel the vermin. And where are the Jewish students who vastly outnumber the vermin?

  • art

    Tragically so called higher education has become little more that a brainwashing institution undermining free speech, free thinking, the exchange of ideas and anything that is/was good about “western” civilization. What we are seeing is a pre planned act to usurp total control of the university and of course the money and power behind it. SJP a fascist group in practice is spearheading this take over. I hope the administration stands up against them. My own school, Brandeis has become hostile to Israel and Judaism, its founders would be ashamed of it

  • harri

    Stalin and Mao would be proud of these bolsheviks; will they be murdering, rioting, burning and looting next?

  • harri

    WTF; this is hate speech and the “palestine” group (funding from where????) need to have their a** sued for fomenting violence. where is Dershowitz?

  • Yoel larry

    Can Kristalnacht be far behind?

  • Colyn King

    If they do not like how CNUY is run they should leave, put the money where the mouths are.

  • Sally

    Jews compose 20 % of Nobel Laureates though they are 0.19% of world population. That’s what these students don’t like. They should spend more time trying to get ahead and less time bashing Jews. Jews make it in school without demanding so much welfare…working after school snd on summer breaks, saving,and not complaining.

  • anon

    The President of Hunter College must immediately resign!

  • Noel Eliscu

    Please notice who sponsored these demands. These demands are totally anti american and more like socialistic and not practical.

  • It is quite something to watch a supposedly liberal institution like Hunter College throw Dr Martin Luther King Jr with full force under the bus. In March 1968 with his great wisdom and prescience Dr King said: “When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You’re talking antisemitism.” By its action Hunter College has established itself as one of the major.antisemitic institutions on earth.

  • Steven Kalka

    If they don’t like capitalism, let them move to North Korea or Cuba. Now you see these peoples true colors. Yes, they’re classic anti-semites as well. They sound like spoiled brats too.

  • schm0e

    It probably won’t surprise anyone that Hunter has had members of the Communist Party on its staff. Bella Dodd, for example.

    And we know that Communism, like all bad ideas, never dies — it lives to destroy the Church.

    And we know that Communism is atheistic and secular and, being so, is also anti-Semitic.

  • Anti-Antisemitism is a phenomenon that has existed for thousands of years. It is not only completely irrational but destructive to civilization. Those that hate people (Jews) view them in conflicting terms: Too rich, too poor, too quiet, too loud, too insular, too overbearing, too meek, too warlike, too weak, too controlling and on and on. The world must wake up to this hateful evil until it consumes us all.

    The secular progressive agenda of these Leftist radicals must be exposed. Their right to express their hateful agenda is guaranteed but we have the right to reject it and expose them accordingly.

  • brenrod

    I dont imagine it is legal to disrupt and interfere with others when holding protests. these groups should be sued and their leaders for any civil violations which can be measured in monetary damages. Jews need Lawfare as a weapon, forget PR and hasbara… the best defense is a strong attack.