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November 12, 2015 8:59 am

The Problem With Labels and the European Union

avatar by Chava Light

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The Problem With Labels and the European Union, by Chava Light.

The Problem With Labels and the European Union, by Chava Light.

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  • David Goshen

    It is amazing that the EU prefers to avoid the humanitarian crisis namely the fact that no rebuilding has commenced in Gaza because of the War between the PA headed by Abu Mazem
    and Hamas.Bank E Moon the secretary general of the UN appointed Abu Mazem of the PA to supervise the rebuilding in Gaza of tens of thousands of homes in Gaza but Hamas refuses Abu Mazen to enter Gaza and refuses to allow him to carry out his task,All building materials shipped by Israel into Gaza each week are bought by Hamas in the black market and used by Hamas to build more tunnels in preparation for the next war against Israel.I have written to Bank E Moon the secretary general of the UN who acknowledged my letter but did NOTHING!A second winter is at hand.The EU is more concerned with product labeling rather than dealing with humanitarian chrises!

  • Luisa Davila

    Parece inocente marcar con una etiqueta los productos de Israel, pero no lo es ni lo será, en tanto los productos de los demás países también los etiqueten. Desconozco la etiqueta. ¿Qué pretenden con eso? Así comenzó Hitler. ¿Están replicando la estrategia?
    ¿Tratan de someter a un país que hizo de un pedazo de arena un vergel? ¿Un país que congrega unas de las inteligencias más grandes, creativas y generosas del mundo? Tal vez sea por eso. Nunca nos pondrán de rodillas.

  • Eugene Levich

    If you are a supporter of Israel, I ask that you follow my example and boycott the boycotters. I will henceforth cease purchasing any products or services of European origin and I am selling any European stocks I may own and any stock or bond funds with a significant European component. I will not travel on a European ship or airplane and will not vacation in Europe. Let’s see how they like it!

    • Elliott Alhadeff

      Be content that your virtue is its own reward because after centuries of relentless, irrational anti-Semitism, any call for justice will go unheard.

  • steven L

    The other side of the coin: people who want good quality stuff need ONLY to look for the STAR of David.

  • Dale Baranowski

    Just to drive the point home, pro-Israeli activists should enter the stores that have the EU stickers on the packaging and put over it another sticker, a duplicate of the yellow star-of-David with the word “Jude” in German, the very symbol that the Nazis forced Jews to wear THAT will get them to make the connection.

  • Paul Cerar

    Most members of the Jew-hatred movement are “Generic Fascists”, persons who are by nature fascist, and given the opportunity would engage in fascism against anyone, on behalf of any cause.

    Paul Cerar
    Toronto, Canada

  • The EU has resurrected the 1933 Nuerenberg anti Jewish law.
    There was little hesitation or consideration by Mogherini who has proven herself anti Semitic. It is interesting to note that Europe is in denial of its anti Jewish outburst in the 1930 and complicity in the mass murder of Jews. BDS is a reminder that this law has not been discarded but newly resurrected. The question is . What next is in store ?? Another Krystallnacht to please the new Islamic Nazi’s. Already Jews do not feel safe in Europe as for Gov. protection . Don’t hold your breath.

  • Dante

    If the caricature were realistic, it would provide me with an advantage because I would know where I should buy to support Israel. However, I fear not to have this easy possibility because supermarkets and discounters in my neighborhood might simply not offer articles with that label because they fear they won’t sell them or they might lose Muslim customers because they see the articles.

  • jak40

    Jostle it all like Muslims would do ..(?) and make them all get feared. No reasonable solution with “Brown Shirts” once and now…
    Jews are legalist coward good citizen. You have seen what IT all did bring since 1929 to nowadays..? in Europe and the remain of the World?
    When will you, US Jews, have a true reaction Forcing the State to take side, and decide what is legal AND moral ! The State is very able to decide FOR YOU… what is Moral and never retreats in obliging you by Police or/and by some New Law..(!!).. to agree what the Government esteems what is moral or not…
    If Jews remain so passive and weak and simply just coward as usual; they will be wiped of America also…

  • Afnan

    if you are so concerned about where things are made, just grow your own food!

  • Jonas

    The real European unity is antisemitism

  • Brilliant cartoon!!!! Thank you.

  • danny kid

    Europe murdered and expelled its Jews and welcomed the muslim arabs – and is continuing to do so. Soon Europe will be without Jews, full of muslims and blood will fill its gutters. Gezundheit.

  • Peter Joffe

    The main reason for antisemitism is because of the massive hatred campaign conducted by Muslims. Please give me one reason to hate a Jew? Think about it, you don’t have any reasons other than misinformation. I saw a video where a mother of a martyr was raving about the heroism of her son in protecting the Mosque in Jerusalem, when as we all know there are no threats to the mosques from Israel or Jews. Its mindbogglingly stupid but Muslims die for this obvious lie??

  • If labeling is a prelude to boycott, how does the EU decision square with the recent ruling of the French ‘Cour de Cassation’ which condemned the promoters of BDS?

  • Let’s make a point of buying Made in Israel products – from all parts of Israel, including cities and kibbutzim, settlements and big companies…Algemeiner: please print the names of products available in the US…Let’s turn our anger into action.

  • ART

    time to remember Obamas not very veiled threats. Remember when last spring obama said that if Israeldid not make concessios to abbas/pa during the “peace” talks the eu would take measures against Israel, well he was signaling that measures were accepable to him Now we are seeing them

  • Nehemia Levin

    This political cartoon comes to show us that European’s racism and discrimination against the Jews has never disappeared.

  • Gale Levin

    We must find a way to get control of the narrative. Others (read: radical Islam and uninformed sympathizers) are defining who Israel and the Jewish people are. We are baffled why we should be cast in a bad light, but people only know what they read or hear. Remember Hitler’s Big Lie.

  • Sarah

    This is how it begins..

  • Mendy

    Scary and unfortunately very true

  • Joseph

    Scary….Just another way to discriminate.