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November 16, 2015 7:41 am

It’s Dangerous to Be Jewish and Pro-Israel at Vassar College

avatar by Ziva Dahl /

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Vassar College. Photo: Wiki Commons.

Vassar College. Photo: Wiki Commons. – “Vile at Vassar,” exclaims an editorial in the New York Daily News. “Anti-Semitic Times at Vassar,” notes a Vassar graduate at the Daily Kos. “Anti-Israel Jews and the Vassar Blues,” pens an op-ed writer in the Wall Street Journal. Jonathan Marks in Commentary magazine asks, “What’s going on at Vassar?”

Jewish students at Poughkeepsie, N.Y.-based Vassar College, responding to a 2015 questionnaire, said that at Vassar, it’s unwise to advertise that you are Jewish because it will threaten a student’s sense of safety. Jewish students self-censor pro-Israel opinions out of fear of retribution from intolerant peers and professors. At Vassar, voicing a pro-Israel view brands you a fascist, a racist, a colonialist, and morally compromised. The intolerant atmosphere suppresses freedom of expression, constructive debate is impossible, and conformity to an anti-Israel orthodoxy is demanded.

Unfortunately, at Vassar, criticism of Israel often crosses the line into antisemitism.

Although there is zero tolerance for racist, homophobic, or sexist hate speech or activity on campus, Vassar tolerates antisemitic hate speech.

I’m not talking about legitimate criticism of Israel, its policies, and its government. According to the U.S. State Department, criticism becomes antisemitic when it satisfies one or more of the following: It demonizes Israel (calling it “apartheid,” “Nazi,” or “the worst human rights abuser in the world,” or exaggerating Israel’s actions out of all sensible proportion); it delegitimizes Israel (claiming that it has no right to exist as the nation-state of the Jewish people); it holds Israel to a double standard of behavior, a standard higher than for any other nation (singling out Israel in the United Nations for human rights abuses while ignoring China, Iran, Cuba, and Syria or accusing Israel of mass killing of civilians in Gaza while ignoring Hamas’s use of human shields). Historically, antisemitism was directed at individual Jews. Today, it is directed toward the Jewish state.

There are numerous examples of antisemitism at Vassar College, often promoted by Vassar’s academic departments. Here are just a few:

While Vassar academic departments would never sponsor a Ku Klux Klansman, an anti-gay marriage spokesperson, or pro-lifer, Vassar’s Religion, Political Science, Sociology, English, and Geography departments, as well as its International Studies and Jewish Studies programs, found it perfectly acceptable to co-sponsor a lecture in 2014 by known antisemites Max Blumenthal and Ali Abunimah. At Vassar, Blumenthal and Abunimah demonized Jewish Israelis as Nazis and, among other things, called Israel the most militaristic nation on earth. They advocated the ethnic cleansing of Jews from the Middle East and exhorted students to rise up against Zionists. These same antisemitic rants caused Blumenthal to be banned from speaking at the German parliament later that year.

In 2014, 39 Vassar faculty members, in a public letter supporting the boycott of Israeli academic institutions, demonized Israel as an “apartheid” and “oppressor” state, and justified the boycott of Israeli academics by claiming that Israel today is the equivalent of apartheid South Africa in the 1980s. No Vassar faculty members stood up to oppose this defamation or the suggested boycott.

In the spring of 2014, one of the 39 professors and at the time the director of Vassar’s Jewish Studies program, avowed anti-Zionist Joshua Schreier, in a workshop on the “Origins of Zionism,” delegitimized the Israeli nation-state, asserting that Jews lack any historical connection to present-day Israel and stole the land from the indigenous Arabs.

In March 2015, Jewish Studies and five other academic departments and programs co-sponsored a lecture by Sa’ed Atshan, who delegitimized and demonized Israel by advocating for the elimination of the “apartheid” Jewish state and its replacement with yet another Arab state.

In April 2015, the Vassar student government, the Africana Studies program, and the Geography department co-sponsored an event featuring Rebecca Vilkomerson, executive director of the anti-Israel group Jewish Voice for Peace, and Hind Awwad, Palestinian coordinator of the Palestinian BDS National Committee (referring to the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement). Both advocated that Vassar should support BDS, an antisemitic movement that demonizes and delegitimizes Israel with the intent of destroying the only Jewish homeland. They labeled Israel “apartheid,” delegitimized Israel’s right to exist by promoting the Palestinian right of return that would transform Israel into a Muslim-majority state, and called Israel’s founding a “crime.”

In September 2015, Angela Davis — invited by the Vassar president, the faculty dean, and multiple academic departments to speak on campus to commemorate the Women’s Studies program’s 30th anniversary — equated Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to the Holocaust.

When Vassar and its faculty promote these antisemitic voices, they legitimize antisemitic positions in the eyes of students. Intellectual debate and free speech are stifled and a supporter of Israel is seen as advocating for a totally evil entity.

A 2015 study by two Trinity College professors found that 54 percent of Jewish college students are subjected to or have witnessed acts of antisemitism at their campuses. Therefore, the fact that there is antisemitism on the Vassar campus is not terribly surprising. But unlike the situation at most other schools, the environment for Jewish students at Vassar is much more difficult because there is no diversity of narrative about Israel.

Opinions at Vassar regarding Israel, inside and outside the classroom, range from characterizing Israel as an irredeemably evil nation that must be eliminated to acknowledging that its many alleged evils may have the potential for repair.

There are no faculty or administrators speaking up publicly in defense of the Jewish state, none opposing the departmental sponsorship of antisemitic speakers, none serving as role models to support pro-Israel students. Given the all-pervasive antipathy towards Israel, faculty who hold the power of grades, and peers who quickly and publicly ostracize those who support the Jewish nation-state, Jewish students — and others who speak out in support of Israel — are harassed, bullied, isolated and silenced.

In the humanities and social sciences, many Vassar courses focus on victimhood, anti-colonialism, and social justice. Israel is described as a white colonizer and human rights abuser within an Arab-Muslim region, while Palestinians are viewed as noble people of color, oppressed victims in no way responsible for their fate.

In his class on the roots of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Schreier — the former Jewish Studies director — has stated that this class is not an “objective” account of a “two-sided” conflict. He’s quite correct. His course is political propaganda against the Jewish state masquerading as history.

Over the last three years, Vassar has sponsored, through its academic departments, 14 grossly anti-Israel events, two that could be considered neutral and zero events or programs that could be considered pro-Israel. There is no balance to the campus narrative regarding Israel both outside and inside the classroom.

In an August 2015 article in, Vassar junior Jason Storch commented about Vassar that there have “been a lot of terrible things said about Jews and Israel.” Vassar alumni have brought this problem to the attention of the Vassar administration and faculty, urging them to foster a more diverse narrative about Israel and to exercise zero tolerance for antisemitic speech, but the administration has refused to acknowledge the problem. Doesn’t Vassar realize that the integrity of the college is at risk?

Ziva Dahl is a Vassar College alumna and a retired financial investment advisor with an MA in public law and government from Columbia University. She writes and lectures about U.S.-Israel relations, U.S. foreign policy, Israel, Zionism, anti-Semitism, and BDS on college campuses. 

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  • Sarah Backer

    Thank you so much for this article. As a rising senior, I have been touring colleges recently and thinking about jewish life on campus. Do you have any advice on how to avoid schools like Vassar, that have only one opinion on Israel that translates to anti-semitism? Do you know of other small liberal art schools that are NOT like this?

  • JJ

    I think many of the alums threatening to revoke their donations from Vassar are smart enough to know that one person’s (hypocritically) charged views (half of which are simply factually incorrect. point blank. and the other half of which are totally blown out of proportion or isolate a single instance without context) cannot paint the Vassar landscape with the stroke of a single brush. I would hope that you were trained to think critically enough to consider that very little of this article is grounded in experiential knowledge. And, to Ms. Dahl, I think you need to reevaluate your definition of danger. The racial terrain in U.S. colleges is a really lazy and incompetent scapegoat to compare the position of students from Jewish backgrounds. At least I got a good laugh from how poorly this was written.

    • Sophie

      The problem at Vassar starts at the top with a president who hired many of the faculty who have a strong anti-Israel agenda and doesn’t seem to care about the Jewish students on campus. Her goal has been to admit as many economically deprived students as possible. While many (including me) would normally support a goal of increasing access to economically deprived students, many of them minorities, the problem at Vassar has been that the president’s single-minded, get-out-of-my-way approach has meant that she doesn’t really care about anything else and doesn’t give a damn about the emotional safety of pro-Israel students on campus. Every appointment she seems to make is designed to make sure that her legacy lasts years after she leaves the presidency.

    • Yba

      Care to elaborate? What’s false?

    • Christine

      “The racial terrain in U.S. colleges is a really lazy and incompetent scapegoat to compare the position of students from Jewish backgrounds. At least I got a good laugh from how poorly this was written.”

      Someone capable of creating the indecipherable mess that is the first sentence quoted above should not be laughing about poor writing.

  • Peter

    You know what is more dangerous than being jewish on campus of a private liberal arts school? Being a human being born palestinian, where the international governmental bodies like the UN can condemn a neighboring states actions as war crimes on multiple occassions, yet still get billions a year in military funding from the U.S. and elsewhere. Its dangerous when you can have more than 2,000 people killed in one summer, yet no one in Israel is really held accountable. Where you can have a wall and settlements deemed illegal by international laws but they still exist and assist in maintaining apartheid structures against the indigenous population in that region of the middle east.
    Another country that was founded by religious refugees invading indigenous peoples land is the United States, whose actions are regularly critiqued on campuses like Vassars. Though I am American, I do not think that people protesting drone warfare, or our challenging our latest invasion in the middle east and Africa is anti-christian, or anti-white. Even though white christians came here to escape persecution in their homeland, I do not feel threatened when people criticize the violence we perpetrate on other countries. Do not feel personally threatened by a critique of a violent nation state. It is not about you, this is about a country that happens to share your religion. I will always decry any form of bigotry or violence, and I will be there to fight with you when anti-semitic words and events occur, but there is no anti-semitism in criticizing a colonial nation state.

    • Joy Shavuatov

      You have a warped sense of history. Israel was desolate for hundreds of years, void of people. (Read Mark Twain – he visited this land and wrote of the lack of people for miles and miles). There were always Jews in Jerusalem. They were the majority of the population in Jerusalem. Only around the time of the British Mandate in the early 1900’s did Jews and Arabs start pouring into “Pallestine”. The Arabs came from all over the Middle East because there was work. The Jews came because they were coming back to their historical homeland. The Jews are the indigenous people of Israel. The Jews want to live in peace with the Arabs. The Arabs want the Jews out, period. The Arabs have high numbers of deaths during wars and intifadas because the Israelis are better at protecting their population instead of using them as human sheilds. The UN condemns Israel left right and center and ignores the rest of the horrific problems in the world because of anti semitism and holding Israel to double standards. If the Arabs would accept the state of Israel and lay down their arms there would be Peace. If the Israelis would lay down their arms there would be genocide of the Jews living in Israel. Israel is a beacon of light in the violent, war stricken Middle East. And watch out, because the MIddle East is moving to Europe and America. Let’s see what France or the USA will do to protect their population!

      • Judith Levine

        Joy, Thank you for your clean and clear, reply to Peter. I am so tired of hearing that Jew is a religion, not an ethnicity. You are right about the reason more Palestinians died, they are not allowed to leave their homes even when their leaders know the site is targeted. Their leaders keep weapon dumps in hospitals and schools, then raise a ruckus if they get targeted.They can’t wait to show off their dead. But they also use false advertising featuring families like the Clan Tamimi. The mother has ‘died’ several times, for example. All Israeli citizens have the right to vote, hold office, live where they chose, worship freely, and speak freely and marry who they choose.The LGBT community is not harassed and members thrown from rooftops for being gay. Speaking out against the government doesn’t get you tossed in jail or killed. Women aren’t raped because the Morality Police decide they are not modestly enough in dress. The basic tenet of education in school is not how to hate and destroy your neighbour or anyone who is not like you. Israel became a member of the nation of legitimate states because the UN voted to make it so. The Arabs refused the land they were given, refused to share anything. Instead they announced that they would go to war and destroy the tine states. For 70 years, instead of building an infrastructure, growing an economy, living in peace, they have devoted all their might to demonizing and the destruction of the one democratic state in the entire Middle East. And Israel stands. Am Chai Israel

    • Yba

      We invaded Africa? Really when? No one is Israel is held accountable? Your attitude is vile Who held Hamas accountable for thiusands of rockets on southern Israel? The Arabs in gaza voted hamas into office knowing they would conduct warfare against Israel. They are solely accountable for the results. You are aware that Hamas murdered all the PA officers by throwing them from the tops of buildings correct?

  • Mitchell Rapoport

    Is this another example of a proud American institution driven into the ground by an invertebrate president and administration. What do these people do for their pay checks? Do they actually consider themselves educators?

  • Dorothy Newman Polayes ’50

    I am horrified and disgusted. I’m now rethinking my decision to include Vassar in my CRUT. It can be done. My adored alma mater is not what I have always thought it was. Shame…shame.

  • Sandi

    I totally agree with Golum. Also it would be so excellent if the (above) facts could get on national news.

  • Karen Goodis

    this is very disturbing. While I am not able to donate a large amount, I have donated money annually since I graduated in 1973. Until I read that the anti-Semitic atmosphere on campus has been changed and that Jews feel safe, I will withhold my donation and encourage all alumni to do the same.

  • Bud Donalson

    Perhaps the liberated women at Vasser would prefer to live in the Islamic State, where their bodies will be mutilated as a matter of policy; they cannot associate with the men folk, where they will have to cover every inch of their bodies in public, where they will be subjugated daily, cannot drive an automobile- shall I continue? Israel is an open democracy that encourages women’s and minorities rights, where women do equal work with men, where they can vote and hold office- shall I continue? Open your eyes Vasserites. Do not let you liberalism overtake you intellect.

  • Marcia Harris

    As a Vassar alum, this is particularly disturbing to me. How do we get the word out to all Jewish alumnae/alumni and other fair-minded people to protest this through withholding contributions and application to Vassar. Why is it that colleges arecso concerned with having a welcoming “campus climate” for all minorities except Jews?

  • All alumna contributions should cease immediately and not to be resumed.

  • Vassar 1979 graduate and Jewish, Very upset to hear this .Have 2 grandchildren to apply to VC, but in light of what is going on there I will not advise them to apply to VC , It has to be stopped or ti will destroy VC. Do not people realize that ISIS will destroy this planet? Our President is obviously antiemetic also and I believe Muslim. This world is in deep trouble. I pray everyday and night that G-d will help us! Please Note; I have always been proud of Vassar but no longer !

    • Sophie

      Oh, my! Vassar’s president is an anti-semite who doesn’t care about the Jewish students on campus, but that doesn’t mean I see eye-to-eye with you. I’m ashamed to realize that we both graduated from the same school. President Obama is not a Muslim, and even if he is, so what?

      • Karen

        Oh my! Vassar doesn’t want you either. Lefty Jews are not exempt either, even the Kapo types

  • Philip Honig

    The above comments are as a result of tghe Jewish organizations are not doing their Job. Hillel is a farce!

  • David

    I was very disappointed to read this article. I first became aware of Vassar College back in the 70’s . Vassar had a stellar reputation for brilliant students and an open , progressive and challenging academic environment .

    Today , that much about the campus remains the same – brilliant students and a progressive and challenging academic environment . But something has changed . When my high school friends who attended Vassar spoke of the college , they spoke glowingly about great professors and a super open campus experience . Now I understand from my niece ( my last name is omitted to provide anonymity ) that she is very uncomfortable on the campus based upon overbearing professors with political agendas, and fellow students with a one sided view.

    How uncomfortable it must be to on a campus to learn about the world, when those around you make you feel ” less than ” and even unwanted . I am so disappointed to learn about this from my niece , and I know that the two higher academic institutions that I attended – Lehigh and Washington and Lee — would not permit antisemitism or anti ” anythingism ” to perpetuate on the campus . Same for the places my kids attended — BU, IU, and Pace University.

    It is one thing to look at issues from both sides and we applaud universities for stretching the minds of attending young students . It is quite another thing to have both students and professors create an environment where some students are made to feel less than because they are born to a parent of Jewish descent .

    I have always taught my children and the employees in my company ” in order to gain respect, one must give respect ” . To the president of Vassar College, there is something wrong on your campus . You have the responsibility and obligation to fix it . You are in a position of great esteem, and your fellow academics are waiting for your Leadeeship

    As Spike Lee would say , ” Do the right thing” . Ensure my niece and everyone’s nieces and nephews the opportunity to attend and learn at Vassar without any fear to express their race, creed, religion or sexual orientation.

    • In complete agreement with this alum– very well spoken, Thank You

  • a yid

    The bigger picture here is of great concern. Our colleges and universities are where leaders are educated (indoctrinated) and prepared (conditioned) for the future. Take the example of Vassar and spread it all over the country. What are we to expect in the years ahead? And, this phenomenon has been going on for years already.
    We would love to see at least three things 1)Jewish parents and alumni withdrawing all financial support from any such institution. 2) Jewish students at these schools rising up and standing up for Israel 3) Jewish students all over America choose to opt for pro-Israel, pro-Jewish institutions only.

  • Reform School

    Vassar or Nasser?

    • Truth Ruth

      lmao how hard did you work to come up w this?

  • Kris Kristian

    Who are the so called palestinians?

    Arch terrorist monster. Arafat, coined the name after Israel re captured Judia and Samaria from the Jodanian occupation of the biblical Jewish land, (Westbank)

    There never were any so called palestinians.
    Palestine was a geographical area, where Jews, Christians, Muslim, Druza, Bahai lived for centuries.

    They are all the real Palestinians.

    How can anybody say that Israel is illegitimate?
    So, they are saying that God spoke rubbish when HE gave the entire land to the Jews.

    They will be punished by God.

    San Remo confeerence as well as the UN vote,Lafor declaration, gave the land to the Jews.

    Unfortunately, the spread of Israel/Jew hated, is one of the main goals of Islam. With their huge money, and their ablity to pay for the best propaganda in the world,
    they have convinced the evils of Jew hatred that Israel has no right to live.

    Those who are for the end of Israel, and support the terrorists, will regret what they have and are doing.
    I estimate that within 10 years, Islam will rise to all hights, and convert many Christian countries to Islam
    WEithin 20 years, Islam will ahve converted millions of Christians to Islam, the religion of peace.
    But to Islam, peace means the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people
    Then the Christians will suffer.
    They must never forget what the Muslims have sid.



  • Dave

    Academic scum that ignore the truth and peddle lies.

    • Wendy Aronson

      Would that be, “Academic scum that ignore S the truth and peddle S lies??

  • There is a long history of antisemitism in the exclusive private schools of the northeast. From discriminatory entrance criteria to mandatory attendance at religious services the schools of the Ivy League and the Seven Sisters have been very well documented.

    Now we are in the 21st century and Vassar has taken a whole new tack. Now Jewish students at Vassar are being subjected to an insidious and macabre form of bigotry. It has moved from the admissions office and the sororities to the classrooms and assembly halls. Students at this institution of higher learning no longer have to be troubled by the free exchange of ideas.

  • Anti-Semitism is a pthology emanating from a lack of self-esteem. People suffering from that pathology are not amenable to rational reasoning and are therefore beyond redemption. They are pitiable.

  • Anti-Semitism is a pathology emanating from a lack of self-esteem. People suffering from that pathology are not amenable to rational reasoning; so, unfortunately they are beyond redemption.

  • steven L

    Is Vassar a ground for neo-Nazi development.

  • Debra S. Michels

    Dear Ms. Dahl,
    Another aspect of this problem is that the “holy and inerrant” scriptures of Christianity actually over-generalize and demonize “the Jews,” so that people can actually grow up having internalized, having learned to think in such ways about Jews, or about anyone.

    Vatican II is being celebrated, and there have been improvements – formally articulated and embraced – in how both Catholics and Lutherans are taught to think about Jews. There’s quite a ways to go, but it’s better than it was.

    I think such changes will someday be made in Islam as well – the tendency to over-generalize, dehumanize, demonize Jews. Perhaps daring of me, but hey – if it could happen in Catholicism, why not in Islam? The bright side of people’s making the most egregious and cruel mistakes is that in the long run people do feel shame and guilt and they do correct their errors, and some – many – do make amends, as well.

    So maybe someday the professors and administration at Vassar will learn some of the lessons of the Holocaust, in the same way as German academicians, lawyers, judges learned and continue to learn. Maybe they’ll catch up with the brightest and most loving Catholics and Lutherans.

    A fascinating woman professor and writer to study about the religious bases of anti-Semitism is Amy-Jill Levine, Ph.D. of Vanderbilt University. She takes a loving, self-respecting Jewish heart and mind into the field of Christianity and challenges the many mistakes made with wit and grace, courage and determination.

    I hope my comments comfort and encourage you…
    Debra Michels – last comment!

  • steven L

    Vassar liberal ignorants and biased promote antisemitism, ignorance and divisiveness. These are the future of our nation. No thank you. There must be a few intelligent students there.

  • Barb blond

    No surprise.bthere is a war on jews in the US, especially college campuses that sboind often with Muslim students. BDS is vile. Boycotting jewish academia is a horrid thought. Next we will be burning books by jewish authors on campus. It’s funny – we are supposed to worry about offending Muslim students but no one cares about offending Jewish students and making them feel uncomfortable.

    • Truth Ruth


  • Debra S. Michels

    Dear Ms. Dahl,
    This is Debbie, writing to you again.
    Do you think it might work, to write to Vassar’s administration and teaching staff about emotional intelligence – the seductiveness and destructiveness of permitting individuals and groups to indulge in spewing anger out at people or other groups – to over-generalize and demonize about “the other”?

    How doing this is very unscientific because it is so blind to all of the aspects of reality that are not black or white, all or nothing? How of course indulging in such extremes of feeling and thought leads them to resemble extremists – and do they really want to land in that camp – that way of perceiving and operating in the world? And if so, why do they choose that? And is that academically respectable, to them?

    How they are failing in their task of teaching young people to think and to become productive citizens of this democracy, if or when they permit such attitudes, behaviors, and ways of thinking and feeling to go unchallenged – in their own hearts and minds, and in the hearts and minds of their students?

    What a failure among educators who I thought prided themselves as being superior! What a shame…

    What’s happening, among Jewish students at Vassar? Are they all transferring out? I think I would, if I were there now! How to survive among people with such closed minds and unloving, merciless and compassion-less hearts?

    • Sophie

      I am a pro-Israel Jewish Vassar alumna but very critical of the settlers on the West Bank. I don’t know if Jewish students at Vassar are transferring out, but I know of Jewish high school students who have crossed Vassar off their college lists because of the anti-Semitism on campus. As you can see from some of the comments on this page, especially Beverly’s comments, too many in the pro-Israel camp are extremists, too. You cannot count on either side to be reasonable.

      • a yid

        The actual word in Hebrew for “settler” is mitnachal or “inheritor”. The Jewish people are the true inheritors of this land. It is yet another tool of the rabid Left and jihadi Arabs who want to delegitimze the true indigenous rights of Jews to our ancient, ancestral land.
        The inheritance comes to our ancestors Avraham, Yitzhak and Yaakov from our Torah–mentioned many times such as Genesis 12:7. Further, we are the specific descendants of Shem (one of Noah’s three sons) to whom Noah designated that land. The Canaanites took the land from us and, 400 years later, Yehoshua and the Israelites took it back. See Rashi on the Torah portion Noach. See Rashi on Genesis 12:6.
        When Israelis use the English word “settler” they are referring to the Hebrew “yishuv” to settle down– to make a place habitable. It is a terrible misunderstanding that in the West, the term “settler” connotes Americans stealing Native Americans’ land. This is not the case in Israel at all. Most of the Arabs who are there came in after the Jews developed the land and half a million (!) came from 1922 to 1941–encouraged by the British while they slowed and then halted Jewish migration resulting in millions killed in the Holocaust.
        The upshot is that we are the true inheritors of the land and have not only indigenous rights but our Torah rights from time immemorial.

  • Debra S. Michels

    Dear Ms. Dahl,
    Is there anything I could do, to make a difference at Vassar? Could you give me names and addresses, for example, at Vassar to whom I might write, adding my voice to yours and shaming them for tolerating such shoddy thinking and hypocritical behavior in what used to be a highly respected academic institution?

    I went to Bryn Mawr, myself – I’m not sure if such things are happening there nowadays, or not…

    But I would gladly help, if you will suggest some action to me.

    Yours, Debra Michels in Los Angeles, California

  • D

    Well people aren’t crazy … If everyone says that Israel is a racist society then it probably is

    I’m a Jew that is anti Israel policy and no one seems to have an issue with me

    • Max Liskovich

      You are a loon, my friend

    • Sophie

      I’m “anti-Israel policy,” too, and I have an issue with you.

      I am sure you would not have agreed with someone who said in the 1930s and 1940s “Well Germans aren’t crazy…If everyone says that Hitler is our savior, then he probably is”.

      You would do well at Vassar today. No critical thinking or respect for other viewpoints needed.

      But people who do not accept fanatics at either extreme- people like me- are not accepted at Vassar today. The anti-Semites at Vassar do not see any difference between moderates like me and extremists on the far right.

  • Myron Slater

    Vassar College has always been a white, rich kid, snob college. Jews were not welcome.

    • Sophie

      Obviously, you aren’t familiar with Vassar. The characters in “The Group” are no longer an accurate portrayal of the students at the college. I’m a Jewish alumna, and no one is making the charge that white Jewish applicants are treated any differently from any other white applicants.

      And Vassar is no longer a “a white, rich kid, snob college,” though plenty of celebrities and rich people send their children to the school. I bet if you knew the truth, you’d be saying the opposite. Vassar has increased the percentage of Pell Grant students dramatically, and many of them have been students of color.

  • No, Vassar apparently does not care that the integrity of the college is at risk. And it is better to be Jewish and Pro-Israel at a fine institution like Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

  • Arthur Cohn

    Don’t those faculty members who invited Angela Davis know that she abetted in the murder of a Judge in California? Her defense was that she was too stupid to understand what was happening!

  • Boycott Vassar

    Boycott Vassar and their arab paymasters today!!!

    • Truth Ruth

      arab paymasters????? l o l where?

  • Ilya Bixon

    I find the ending of the article quite naive: “Doesn’t Vassar realize that integrity of the college is at risk?” They don’t care. It’s as simple as that. Or they also support the antisemitic views. The point is what should be done. Alumni should monitor the situation in college and find a sufficient reason to take either the college or individuals to court. Jewish students should make it known that they will boikot the college. Jewish donors must stop all the donations and let the college know the reason. Something should be done in order for Jewish students not to feel isolated and harassed.

  • Jane S. Gabin

    Sounds like a college NOT to recommend to one’s high school students. After all, how can college students learn to make choices and see alternatives if the are presented with only ONE point of view?

  • Golum

    This is nothing short of Insane!!!
    All financial support by Vassar alumni should be withdrawn immediately!!!

    • Truth Ruth

      i agree. tek back de money.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    When will American students boycott these evil racist antisemitic organizations? Is a Vassar (or Smith, Amherst, Brandeis, Bard, etc) so special that there are no other options?

  • dante

    the faculty is hopeless. the best of them are cowardly, timid sheep; most are self-indulgent, willful, hypocritical morons. some are simply evil.

    the admin has responsibility for the school. it has been given notice of the problem. but, it steadfastly refuses to remedy the problem. it must be held accountable.

    on the whole, university administrators and faculty are a sickening, complacent, sanctimonious, craven, morally repellent lot.