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November 18, 2015 7:05 pm

Polish Anti-Refugee Demonstrators Burn Effigies of Orthodox Jews at Wroclaw Protest (VIDEO)

avatar by Algemeiner Staff

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An effigy of a Jew at an anti-immigration protest in Poland. Photo: Screenshot.

An effigy of a Jew at an anti-immigration protest in Poland. Photo: Screenshot.

Dozens of demonstrators in the western Polish city of Wroclaw participated in burning effigies of Jews fully equipped with peot (side-curls) and black hats, Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza reported on Wednesday.

The demonstration was part of a larger protest against admitting refugees of the civil war in Syria into Poland. Demonstrators were protesting that many of the refugees were actually economic migrants and terrorists, according to the report.

The demonstration took place on a portable stage in front of the Wroclaw city hall. Police contained the demonstration but allowed it to happen, with no formal complaints.

Many in Europe are concerned with the influx of refugees fleeing the violence in Syria, which has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives over the past nearly five years and caused widespread devastation.

Earlier this week, the Algemeiner reported on another anti-refugee banner hung on major thoroughfare in the city of Poznon.

Poland has officially decided to accept 5,000 refugees.


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  • James Walsh

    Low breed fascist scumbags!

  • TjMurphy

    Indeed, George Soros is behind every color revolution in Europe and the Middle East, except Poland.

    The Polish people seem to be a lot more savvy than idiot America.

  • Truth

    If it hadn’t been for the Jews, we never would have had Jesus Christ! He came because a remnant that included blessed Mary were faithful Jews. God is not finished with the Jewish people who are going to recognize Jewish messiah. By the way, many called him rabbi. These Polish people who hate the Jews so much, are doing Satan’s will. Satan hates the Jews, because he knows that the Jews were the vessels God used to bring His savior Son into this evil world. We are to pray for everyone and not spew hatred. Anyone who hates the Jews will bring a curse into their life.

  • John Doe

    So much hatred in one post, Poland was always anti Semitic like Ukraine and east Germany. you can do nothing about it. i think for the better for all that all the remainder jews that still there to immigrate to Israel and lets the polish live side by side with muslims. let them accept not 5000 refugees but 6 millions of tham and see in 40 years there will pray to bring back the jews. have fun and good luck with your life.

    • Stefan

      and there were Jews who were anti-Polish. Every group has good and bad.

  • A. Fishman

    I’m married to a Jew the only survivor of his family of many in Poland WWII . Shame on you Poland. No change.

  • Jack Kuper

    My wish is, to see in my lifetime, Poland without a single Jew, thus no one to
    blame for its real or imagined misfortunes.

  • Joanna Millick

    Dear All, I am Polish, from Warsaw, born and raised Catholic, and I read the comments written by my compatriots with complete disbelief. I am absolutely ashamed of every word of hatred, anger, xenophobia that appeared here and in Poland recently. It is hard to believe these are my brothers and sisters writing nonsense like that. Please know that not all of us, Poles, Catholics, feel and think this way. Those hateful ones are just a small percentage, they are just awfully loud. We need to be louder than they are!! Please know, that in just in last 4 days, on FB, 37 thousands of us, liberal democrats, open-minded Poles, organized a social movement protesting against the new right wing government and its policies breaking the constitution and inviting the language of hatred and homophobia into our society. All of you, whose feelings were hurt by the substandard comments, please accept my deepest apologies. I am sure I speak on behalf of thousands and thousands of us.

    • Musia Rokajach

      Where are those Poles who object to anti-semitism.
      After centuries of anti-semitism and prosecution it is about time that Poles like yourself let themselves be heard and act.

    • PermReader

      They say, the Germans will never forgive us for Holocaust,the same with the Poles, who are angry for our reaction on their hatred.

  • ir

    Absolutelly Great, Poles are united! Western Europe has lots to learn.
    As for the “silly side of history” I would recommend to read some of the research material found
    /or other real history books/
    Poles and Europe are trying hard to shake off the jewish dirt of its body for the past at least 1000 years, but the parasite seem to cling on to the body as if driven by some ferocious psychopatic need for more sacrifice to Adonai or other Yaldabahut ;)))
    Poland! we western europeans wish you all the best, and hope you will lead us out of our jews/arab misery because we became too ” paralysed ” to accomodate change without someone strong and clear minded.
    Thank you Poland!

    • Leonard Weiss

      You sir are an obviously ignorant ignoramus…I lived in Poland for my entire youth…you have zero idea…you should go live in Poland and experience it first hand…perhaps you could head up the next anti-Semitic rebellion…you sound well-qualified

  • Masada

    I am really happy that I could live to this day and see with my own eyes that Poles actually did what they were accused of. That they helped to kill and killed polish Jews. It is enough to provoke them with refugees and the bitter, hardly concealed hatred for strangers is turning up again. There is no better evidence than that. Today Muslims but yesterday Jews. History repeats itself. Let 5000 trees i Yad Vashem not mislead you. It was less than 0,05% of Poles.

    • Mike

      There is good and bad in all groups of people.

      The actions of these Anti-Jewish Poles should be condemned. No doubt about it. But Jews have bad people to. As usual the predominately Anti-Polish media uses the action of bad Poles to DEFINE all Poles. How would Jews like it if they were ALL defined by those bad Jews who disproportionately participated in the slaughter of Poles and Slavs by Communist Jews who collaborated with the Soviets? Google: “Stalins Jews” and “Communist Jewish Atrocities”.

      How would Jews like it if they were defined by the vicious Left-wing Jews at powerful TV networks like NBC=TV, CBS-TV, etc which have for DECADES been pushing NAZI originated “Polish jokes” into the American public to create MASS anti-Polish Bigotry in America? SHOULD ALL Jews be defined by the Jewish Anti-Polish Bigots at the TV networks?

      Just last month…Jewish Lourne Michaels of “Saturday Night Live” had Colin Jost BASH Polish people with a NAZI originated “Polish joke”. Lourne Michaels in 1992 had a picture of the Polish Pope RIPPED UP on national TV! He claimed he “didn’t know it was going to happen” but that was only after there was a big backlash against him and NBC-TV.

      One of the producers of the Anti-Polish show “2 Broke Girls” continues to push a “Polish character” who has Subhuman intelligence….which is meant to CONDITION Americans to see Polish people as having subhuman intelligence. The number of Nazi Anti-Polish imagery coming from Jewish producers in “American” TV is too long to list here. Its been going on for DECADES! Would it be fair to define ALL Jews by the Jewish bigots who have been bashing Polish people for decades??? And these Jews pushing Anti-Polish Bigotry are pushing NAZI propaganda Anti-Polish Bigotry! What is up with that?????

  • Omg

    All your muslism comments are totally retarted, muslims are not welcome in Poland!

  • pole

    Its funny cuz it was reported by “gazeta wyborcza” which is leaded by anti-polish jew Adam Michnik. How butt-hurted jews can call poland anti-semit when we have jewish president?
    You dont live there and dont know how many jews is in government spreading anti-polish propaganda.

  • Sam

    What does Jews have to do with African and Arab immigration?

    • Edward

      Everything, duh.

  • House

    I am just wondering – the same western societies that were quite silent in 40ies when GERMAN Nazis were gasing and burning in crematories thousand of Jews in Auschwitz and other concentration camps now shout about burning an affigy ??? HOW HYPOCRITICAL ARE YOU PEOPLE …

  • marek

    I see only dirty leftist comments… If you don’t like what you see here, gtfo from this country, morons.

    • a

      it’s not your country Mareczek. NO FOR CHAUVINISM & RACISM !!

    • A Proud Zionist

      Dirty Polish Anti-semites. I am happy to be an Israeli citizen.

    • Truth

      This is sick. People forget history very quickly. I feel sorry for all you antisemites

    • Zofia kapel

      You did not wanted Jews even that they were assimilated and we’re living in Poland for few hundred years. I am happy that now you have Muslims to deal with. You deserve it.

    • RASHID

      SHAME of you!!

  • PL


    • Alexander A

      lol nah

  • Izzy

    Gosh!! Could u all please open your eyes and for once actually open your brains – Google it and investigate little more this subject and you will found out what is really about rather than straight away judging others and calling them idiots. They r not burning effigies of Jews, but newspaper want YOU ppl to bealive in it! Protest is about economical imigrants – so simply, but newspaper wan to you to see that its a Jews lol!! (from when Jews = Islamic, and why we actually talking about Jews when it’s about imigrants ) .. but oh no u know better. Remember also that Polish ppl saved and give them own lifes to protect so many Jews ppl through the 2WW so why they would hate them, before 1935year jewis was part of Poland, as well as in camps not only jews died but also polsih,slovakian,Ukrainian. u ppl r so uneducated and simply to manipulate.. pls? open your eyes, learn little more about history and read some books – ur life will actually have more sense!! With regards – me!!

    • William

      To Izzy. I agree with all that that you’ve said. I had left your country more than 50 years ago, and still hear, read and see disturbing actions against Polish-Jewish population. Will Poles ever learn? Their education level, especially in history, is on a higher level than in many other countries. So why such a hatred of your fellow-countrymen? Jews had contributed greatly to Polish economy, history over the millennia! They suffered greatly in that same millennia; admittedly, so did the Poles, to a lesser degree. SORRY!, education starts at home, than Church, then at school: what you learn as a child, right or wrong, will stay with you for the rest of your life!

    • Mira

      Please do you think that we are blind? Or you like to confuse us? I see what I see and I’m not the only one, shame on this people to burn a Jew on the anti Islam propaganda, that’s only proves what a bunch of drunken imbeciles they are full of hate, remember that it was hate that brought Nazi Germans into the war, Racism, as usual by Polaks and nobody stopped them, sad, Burning a Jewish dall on anti islamic demonstration? It looks like they are blaming the Jews for it as usual.

  • Zbigniew Zawadzki

    I am a Polish Jew living in Poland and I hate all that nationalist an racist scum, but I also hate the offensive, biased and hateful anti-Polish comments I can read here. My mother and several of her relatives were saved during the Holocaust by a long chain of courageous and selfless people. You can never generalise against any nation, Poles included. It is not only Poles who shuould learn this lesson from our history.

    • Olaf

      to co ty jeszcze w Polsce robisz? wypierdalaj do Tel Aviv

      • Leonard Weiss

        The happiest day in my life ? July 31, 1957…we finally were able to leave Poland…not a place to attempt to raise a Jewish family in peace…real shame because there are many positives but anti-Semitism is a poison which inflicts the uneducated and religious Catholic peasantry…I visited my homeland recently and my guide in Oswiencim (Auschwitz) were I lived as a youth, basically said that unless you are a white, Roman Catholic Pole, there is no room for you in Poland…they will tolerate maybe 1-2% gypsies and some other minorities but no more…and this guy had a Ph.D in Polish-Jewish relations…very sad indeed.

      • Yossi

        morda polaczku !

    • Silent man

      @Zbigniew Zawadzki:

      thank you, Sir, for your friendly and good words.

  • Marta

    Hi! I’m Polish and i’m in deep shock… I’m sorry for what you have read and seen… I just want to tell that most of us are open-minded and very tolerant, this is just margins… I hope..

    • Ana

      Continue to expose your point of view as well, in the future will be easier to identify traitors.

    • Leonard Weiss

      Marta…I hope you are right…certainly, the intelligentsia are excluded but the xenophobic miniscule minority is much more vocal than the silent majority and bring shame upon Poland…very sad indeed…if I were still living in Poland, I would be hesitant to express loud opposition to this lunatic fringe of your society…every country has them…wszystkiego najlepszego do Pani Marty.

  • Ron

    Please note – there are dozens, not hundreds of them and their ONR party gets something like 0.001% of the popular vote; it was much worse in the 1940s when there were Polish ultranationalist partisans with a lot of support among the most chauvinistic elements of the Polish society literally helping the Nazis carry out pogroms – Kielce 1946 will not happen there again though and believe me it is much worse in Hungary… As for 1904… I think as far as the responsibility for it is concerned it probably was something like 95% Russian and 5% Polish responsibility…

    • Leonard Weiss

      Ron…my Dad was caught up in the July 1946 pogrom in Kielce but survived…we could not get out until 1957…to this day, I visit the monument erected at the Kielce Cemetery here in Toronto, Canada and read the names of the 38 who were murdered for no reason in post-war Poland…unfortunately, the vermin spoil the many good people who make up the Polish population.

      • Edward

        Who was behind the pogrom?

  • Noel hershfield

    A few psychopaths should not cause hatred for all poles.Jews are bring attacked at many of our universities but no one publishes their stories!

  • dosse

    The jews lied about WMD in Iraq. Result was 2 million innocent dead because of jewish neocons lies in America. They did the same to Libya, and now they want to knock off Assad in Syria. A week ago Iraqi special forces caught an israeli mossad colonel instructing ISIS in Iraq in weapons, terrorism. Eric Snowden also reveal israel supported ISIS economically and militarily and was giving them tactics and strategy.

    The jews are going for total world domination. The only thing standing in the way of them accomplishing this task are the good guys Russia, Iran, Syria and Lebanon.

    The US is a puppet of israel

    • George W. Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Powell- are they all Jewish? You must know something that they don’t know.

    • Mira

      Where you the one who lighted the fire there? where did you read all this crap bull from Dosse you are a complete Idiot what you say is sick and it never happen, stop making up stories !!



  • Nigger

    It being 2015.
    Not kicking out all the jewry and having an actual country to serve your loyalty to.

    God speed Poland.
    Don’t let the Jews subvert Europe from being monolithic societies.

  • Anon

    Wow. All you commenters are really dumb and early have never opened a history book. First of all, while (some) major Nazi camps were situated in Poland, they were actually run by Germans and Not Poles. Get a fucking clue and better yet, open a history book before getting pretentious and commenting on something you are obviously ignorant about.
    Secondly, if you think the influx of migrants in Europe is a coincidence and not orchestrated by someone you are delusional.

  • Jacob Rumsfield

    75 years ago they built death camps and now they turn against the Jewish people again. I thought Poles had become more civilized in the 21st century, but I guess i was wrong.

    • xyz

      No they didn’t build any camp, Camps were biuld by Germans in Poland. Capms were run by Germans, Poles died in this camps you ignorant moron.

    • Mickiewicz

      Is that a troll or you are just retarded?

      • Edward

        He is both.

    • Pan Wieczernik

      What did you just say? Polish people built death camps? Are you serious? Make some research before writing things like that. THERE WERE NO POLISH DEATH CAMPS! They were build by Nazists!

      • Leonard Weiss

        You are correct…they happened to be built on Polish soil controlled by the Nazis…I lived near Oswiencim for many years…the villagers of nearby village (Birkenau or Brzezinka) on the other side of the birches had no idea and were powerless to do anything about it.

        • Stefan

          Mr. Weiss, I appreciate your comments. Thank you for sticking up for Poles and correcting the hateful and ignorant comments of others directed at Poles. What was done by those demonstrators is stupid, or they were provocateurs. Either way, hate breeds hate, unless we commit to not hating, and speak against it, as you are doing.

    • Wojtek

      Get a book. Read it. Then make comments.

    • Ana

      Have you ever wondered why the Jews are so persecuted? The Jews are leading and financing degenerative movements that are destroying the European races and nations. Jews are provocative, perverse and usurers and this will cause revolt of the people against them again. They are the uncivilized, this is a reaction of self-defense of the Poles.

      • Leonard Weiss

        Ana…you sound like a self-hating Jewess or an imbecilic uneducated anti-Semite…either way, I have great pity for you.

    • Isabel

      Excuse me?! Who has built the death camps?! Maybe u will tell me, that German actually unleashed them? Here u go, learn smth before u will say something as stupid as this again. Geting some knowlege will not hurt u.

    • Kajman Diera

      I suggest you learn the history and then speak because your statement shows ignorance in which you live you created your country help each of the partitions of the First and Second World War idiot

    • Leonard Weiss

      You were dead wrong…the average Pole will never change!

      • Stefan

        Although now you seem to be stereotyping ……!??

    • Edward

      You imbred retard, if poles built and ran the camps and ovens, there would be zeo Jews left. They are very hard workers.

  • TheMoonMan

    You’re a bunch of F****** normies

  • John Smith

    If you want to know the connection google Barbara Spectre and “george soros immigration”. I’m not saying anything is justified here. Also, it’s ironic how this comment section turned into xenophobic/racist bashing of *all* Polish people, because *some* did something you deem as bad.

  • Izak Shekelberg

    Oy vey it’s like shoa all over again, this time for real.

  • ed g

    1945 or 2015 in some places, somethings never change 🙁

  • ss

    Well done

    God save the Poland from semites be it arabs or jews

    • Edward

      God helps those that help themselves. Poles follow this.

  • Garda

    Have you ever heard about George Soros?? And do you realy think that migration crisis is not made by someone(maybe world financiers=Jews)?? Gather some facts and stop being ignorant. Night kids.

  • E. Sekulow

    Clearly Poles imbibe antiSemitism with their mother’s milk.They are true haters — remember nothing and forget nothing.

  • slavek

    I am Polish. This is so stupid and it is a shame for us to see these guys, but do not think it is a representation of our nation. They are only a margin. Police was already called. But I see here many of you have to learn history. I was told that in US people learn about “concentration camps in Poland” and you often think “polish concentration camps” but this is not the truth. There were Nazi-German concentration camps in Poland where a lot of Polish people died. We helped and rescue a lot of Jews. Please read only about Karski or Pilecki, but there were a lot of us helping Jewish people. Please stop thinking like nationalists that “Jews” and “Polish” were not the same, the 3 million of Jews before II World War in Poland were Polish people but with an own religion, which was different than popular Catolic Church, and we lived many years together because Poland was a very tolerant country! Hugo Steinhaus, Stanislaw Ulam, Alfred Tarski and a lot of other people they were Polish, Polish Jews and we miss them… Some of them love Poland and were very patriotic! Our culture was very rich because of them. Please do not follow this propaganda.

    • Leonard Weiss

      I am a Polish Jew and was basically forced to leave Poland in 1957 due to an outbreak of violent anti-Semitism…always hoping that things would get better…but the disease of xenophobia in Poland seems to be getting worse and not better…great pity. I did have a very happy childhood in Poland and understand that it is the ignorant miniscule minority that behaves in this manner…unfortunately, a bad reflection on the silent majority…too bad.

      • Edward

        Violent anti semitism? Name ten Jews killed in Poland after the war by non jew polish cutizens.

  • Jeffrey Glowka

    Always funny listening to jews complain about Poland while none of you worthless ki*es mentions how many people you killed in Eastern Europe when you were collaborating with the Bolsheviks.

    Jews should go to Israel, stop taking 3 billion yearly from the US, stop killing Palestinian children and gtfo out of Europe.

    • Pan Glowka nie ma mozgu.First you were screaming: Zydzi precz do “Palestyny”. Now you are screaming: “Zydzi, precz z Palestyny” You just love to hate, you mongrel.

    • another worthless Polish piece of sh-t hater, no wonder you all ate Russian crow for a long time and may be you should eat their sh-t forever!

    • Leonard Weiss

      Pan Glowka…mysle ze pan jest prawdzimym wariatem…niestety pan jest bardzo chory…to jest choroba mentalna i wPolsce mamy specialna szpitale dla ludzi jak pan, to znaczy bez muzga…pan musi tam wyjechac…wszystkiego najgorszego to takiego idioty !

  • Kate

    Chill out people, it has nothing to do with Jews. They scream about muslims. Poles protected Jews during the WW2 even when it meant risking their lives. It was the German Nazi who killed Jews don’t forget that!

    • valerie leroy

      Ja Pani FAITH, będąc w poszukiwaniu kredytu w ciągu 3 miesięcy, byłem wiele razy oszukany, na stronach internetowych pożyczki między osobami prywatnymi, chcąc, zrobił pożyczki między osobami prywatnymi u kilku osób. Ale za każdym razem, nie być oszukany przez fałszywe wierzycieli, i w końcu, ja nie mam nic na mój koszt. Ale, na szczęście, natknąłem się na Pani, VALERIE LEROY naprawdę prosty i dobry, który pomógł mi znaleźć mój kredyt w 250. 000 €, które otrzymałem na moje konto w ciągu 48 godzin po nie zbyt protokołów, z oprocentowaniem w wysokości 2 %. Więc komu potrzebne są takie, jak ja, możesz napisać do niego i wyjaśnić mu swoją sytuację, może pomóc ci go na e-mail :


  • Luke

    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that they are linking Muslims to Arabs and Arabs to Semites and Semites to Jews. I’m not approving this linkage but surely most commentators here should be able to see the obvious if it wasn’t for their visceral hate for 1) Muslims 2) Poles. Another issue is that these Poles must feel that the powers that be (i.e., Germany and Brussels) are forcing them to accept refugees and in their imagination the powers that be are controlled by Jews. All of this is factually dubious, but really folks its not hard to figure out their motivations/thinking.

    • valerie leroy

      Witam Panie / Szanowna Pani,

      Jestem Pani Sabine Kotecha Francji, szukam kredytu gotówkowego na kilka miesięcy, byłem 4 razy ofiar oszustwa z bankami, które powinny były zrujnowane mnie, zrobiłem próbę suicide gdyż z nich. Ponieważ miałem długi i rachunki do zapłacenia. Myślałem, że to się dla mnie, że nie mają już sensu życia. Ale na szczęście, widziałem zeznania złożone przez wielu ludzi na Pani VALERIE LEROY, to jak ja skontaktował się z nim, aby uzyskać pożyczkę zapłacić swoje długi i mój projekt. Z Pani R VALERIE LEROY niż życie, moja mysz znów, jest to prosta i Pani bardzo wyrozumiały serca. Uważaj na kredytodawców chętnych Afryki, bo tam rzeczywiście są osoby fizyczne kredytodawcy tutaj we Francji. Jeśli potrzebujesz finansowania; pożyczanie pieniędzy lub nie importować, że planowane przedsięwzięcie Pani VALERIE LEROY pomoże ci osiągnąć i utrzymać finansowo


      Dziękujemy za zrozumienie

    • Leonard Weiss

      Well figured out…but does this total lack of logic excuse their behaviour ? I lived in Poland for many years and trust me, many, anything bad is blamed on the Jews, yes, including the weather and thus Syria, Paris and anything else…why burn an Orthodox Jew in effigy…oh, I forgot, we killed the Jew, Jesus Christ so this must be our fault too…such obvious idiocy !

  • Niall

    It seems they hate all non-Christians, Jews and Muslims alike. The guy burning the effigy appears quite well dressed and ‘respectable’. Curious

  • Alexander

    Polish Jews? What Polish Jews?

    • it looks like there are still some polish people that miss hitler, too bad, I am very sorry to tell you that the muslims will giving you more problems in a short time then the jews gave you in 1000 years. good luck to you!!!

    • WakeUpAmerica

      Poland would be that lucky to have Jews in their country today. They traded brains for vermin. let them see what’s coming now to them ..

      wszystko to szalone gówno przychodzi do głowy głupi w Polsce. Niech Polacy jedzą gówno. Donlt zasługują na coś lepszego

      • maniek40

        Oh how lovely. Yeah, we obviously need more of brains like yours, filled with hatred and despise. Nothing is coming for us, that’s the point. All the other countries will got what they wanned. Just dont come to us for a safehouse, when whole EU will be flooded with radical islam. Stay at Your desert, sourrounded by your “friends”.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    When are the Polish Jews going to start killing their haters instead of hiding in the barn?

    • KKK

      Dream on, dream on …
      Not in your live time.

    • when good American Jews put their money where their mouth is and supply the weapons, instead of voting for Pasha Barack and their own pocketbooks!

  • Jason

    I’m not particularly sensitive to anti-semtic stuff, overall, but as an American Jew living in Poland, it’s become clear that this country has a serious problem.

    • KKK

      With you Jason !

    • Leonard Weiss

      Hey Jason…wake up…lived in Wroclaw my entire youth before we were driven out by anti-Semitism…get out while you can…wszystkiego najlepszego and safe travels back to North America.

      • Edward

        Yes get out and take a muslim under each arm.

  • The Poll’s are so stupid,they can not tell the difference between Muslem refugees and Jews.

    • Tomasz

      Please do not generalize, stupidity has no nationality

      • Poland should have stayed divided between the Germans and the Russians.Europe would be better for it.

    • KKK

      Yo … Galambos you’re so freaking dumb you don’t even know the difference between poll and the Pole.
      Ahole !

  • Hardly Surprising that 3,000,000 Polish Jews were Murdered and that Hitler had x6 Death Camps established on Polish soil! Dare we mention Kielce, Snina or Sokoly. The simple Truth is, people need a victim and ignorance will always supply them with the Jewish People because of a lack of learning on the part of those who should have learned, should have known, and as many Poles were willing partners in the crimes of The Holocaust, should be sorry. Not forgetting that Hitler destroyed more than 3 Million Poles too, but they simply ignore the horror that was Nazism and reflect back toward 2,000 years of antisemitic hatred! Despair!

    • arrasz

      I am Polish and I live in Kielce and as far as I condemn those people’s behavior, I have to disagree with you that Hitler chose Poland as a place for extermination of Jews because of Polish anti-Semitism. Actually, you already answered this question in your post – why would Hitler build camps in, say, France, and then transport there 3,500,000 Jews from Poland, instead of building camps in the country in the middle of Europe, where most Jews currently lived, like Poland? Polish anti-Semitism was no more special than anywhere in Europe at that time (it was Germans who elected Hitler with his anti-Semitic slogans for their leader). I do work a lot with Jewish persons and also conduct a lot of conversations with Poles on Jewish topics. The Polish are divided in their attitude towards Jews, which is caused by a lot of historic and religious stereotypes. It works both way. Do you know that the language used in this forum under this article is not much different than the language used by the people in this video and vvery often in Polish forums similar to this one? My solution is to ignore those people and condemn what they did, and I believe you should do the same. Once again, answering with hatred to hatred is pointless. I personally feel hurt reading comments above and below, as I have nothing in common with those protesting skin-heads and read comments like “Once a Pole, always a Pole” or “Polish scums”. You generalize about the entire nation, just as those idiots in the video about the immigrants or about Jews.

      • Leonard Weiss

        I am a Polish Jew now living in Canada having spent my youth in Poland…I agree with you 100%…obviously you are an educated person unlike the morons giving the good Polish people a bad name.

        • Leonard Weiss

          Arrasz…my father was born in Kielce and was there on July 3, 1946…I had a very happy childhood in Poland but things got very bad in 1957 after the Hungarian revolution and we had little choice but to emigrate…Canada has been a wonderful country for us since then…be well.

    • KKK

      Look at the bright side Pat, Poland now is free from madoffs and a likes.
      You’re not really good in English gramma ?
      You must be a dumb “mick”, hmm … ?

    • maniek40

      Yeah, 2k years of hatred, and the only place where jews were allowed to live was Poland. Such hypocrisy. Why dont we mention gettopolizei, jews collaborating to kill other jews? Why dont we mention polish people that died from jewish hands? Antisemitic my ass, Jews were antipolish for years, and polish people were second biggest group that were killed in holocaust, but you dont mention that, dont you? Its not ignorance, its simply a lie. Making yourself a victim is usefull, but after 70 years its time to stop spreading the lies-jews were killing other jews, whole europe colaborated to kill jews. Yeah, there are examples of polish people collaborating, but the scale is COMPLETLY DIFFERENT. We dont feel guilty, not for a moment, and dont try to make us feel this way, it wont work anymore.

      • May the Russian bear come back to bite your stupid -ss.

  • Frredzio

    Polish scumb Polnische Dreck אשפה פולנית

    • KKK

      Up yours, kike !

      • may the Russian bear when he comes spit out those small balls you have!

  • Mickey Oberman

    Once a Pole always a pole. A long stick with no head.
    Just another example of genetically malformed anti Semites.
    I am alive today because my grandparents fled Polish pogroms in 1904.

    • Jeffrey Glowka

      Murder any Palestinian kids recently?

      • Not even the Russian bear will eat your small nuggets, they go straight on the trasheap where your type belongs!

    • Nice insult about faulty genetics coming from the most inbred group in the world.

      Maybe the Polish people just don’t want to be replaced in their homelands.

      • Edward

        How many refugees has the loving and compassionate jew taken into his homeland?

    • KKK

      You!re alive …
      What a pity !

      • Your sick soul will not burn in hell but your -ss will.

    • Sorsimmanis

      You are wrong. Your poor gradma & grandpa didn’t tell their children that those “pogroms” were organized by Russian tzar’s government.

      It very likely they didn’t do so, because they were so alienated from the society that they cannot tell the difference between Poles and Russians with Ukrainians. Could your dearest and most reverend granma and grandpa speak in any other language than jidish?

      You see, Isac Bashevis Singer (a wise guy), e.g., wrote somehwhere, that untill his 13th birthday had been convinced that in the country he had lived only Jews had lived…

      The most important is, however, that in 1904 there was no such entity as the Polish state.

  • I don’t understand Polish, so I can’s imagine that an anti-Syrian refugee’ protest can turn into burning Jews in effigy.

  • David

    These people don’t seem to have any historical memory that the Holocaust centered around Poland due to the long history of vicious anti-semitism. Doesn’t seem like much has changed in 70 years!

    • slavek

      I agree that these guys are stupid and they don’t have any historical memory what was made by the Holocaust organized by NAZI-Germany in Poland. These guys are stupid, it is only a margin of Polish society, but please say it clearly there were no polish concentration/extermination camps during the II World War. There were German camps in Poland because we were also kicked by nazi-germany and treated as a worse race, same as Jews.

    • maniek40

      Yeah, that why only place safe in europe for jews was Poland. They were kicked out of any other country. Long history of antisemitism, and it were Germans who kicked you out, not Polish people. They had 700 years, Im sure they wanned, just never had the time. How come is that? Oh yeah, you just feel guilty you havent fight, and other had to fight for you.

      • your ignorant soul will be doomed to wander for ever to obtain real education but as far as I am concerned I hope your -ss will burn in everlasting hell where you can keep KKK company.

    • Stefan

      It takes two to hate, and you will reap what you sow. The Holocaust centered around Poland because that was where most of the Jews were, and they were there because Poland gave them more protection than anyone else – until Poland ceased to exist, and Poles were persecuted themselves. Unfortunately, Poles have been blamed for pogroms that the Russians or Ukrainians did, even though Poles were victims as well.

  • shloime

    what do the arab migrants have to do with *anything* jewish?!

    anti-semitism must be deeply rooted in (some) poles, even though most of them have never met an actual jew, as they seem to use any opportunity to express their hatred.

  • Justine

    I am Polish and I love Poland, but this makes me furious. Utterly disgraceful and idiotic. I sincerely hope they will be prosecuted – there are laws against “incitement to hatred” in Poland. And if nobody cares, Jewish organizations such as ADL should up the pressure (now is the time). If Polish authorities don’t care that thugs are conducting such manifestations on a market square of a major Polish town then they deserve to be dragged through the mud.

    • Ana

      Justine, you are a traitor of your own people.

      • Leonard Weiss

        Fortunately, I can tell you that Justine is representative the intelligent and educated segment of the Polish population, unlike Ana, who is a representative of the ignorance of the Thugs of Wroclaw…”Polska tylko dla Polakow”…” “Polska jest tylko kochana Matka”…xenophobic and hate-mongering shameful slogans of the thuggery that accounts for a miniscule portion of normal Polish people.

    • Leonard Weiss

      Justine…you are obviously an educated and intelligent person, unlike the Thugs of Wroclaw where I lived for many years. I chose to remember my wonderful Polish teacher and all the good times we had in the many years we lived there. I refuse to let the ignorance of the thugs erase the pleasant memories that I have of my homeland. The xenophobia gripping the country is a lingering disease and with time and more education it may get better…dziekuje bardzo za ta opinje

  • Abe Muchnik

    What does the Jew got to do with the influx of refugees from Syria into Europe?!!! It goes to show that Antisemitism is ingrained in some of the Poles, going back 100 years!

    • KKK

      You are wrong “mister”‘ not 100 years but forever !

    • Jojo

      newobserveronline . com/jews-demand-open-borders-for-usa-but-use-dna-to-keep-israel-racially-pure This is the stuff that pisses of countries with white people and you can sure as heck bet that the same sort of lobbying is happening in Poland too.

  • SteveHC

    It would have been much better if the author had been able to explain why Orthodox Jews were being burned in effigy at an anti-refugee rally or demonstration…

    • Alpha

      I’m Polish. living in Netherlands. I disagree with this manifestations…
      I am trying to figure out why they are burning Jewish and after analyze I guess it’s suppose to be a symbol of any different nationalities in Poland, as I understand what they are screaming and looks like this group of not educated hooligans don’t want any refuges, not only Syrian. For a lot of Polish people Muslim, Islamist, Jewish, Orthodox, ISIS, terrorist just mean all the as same, just not Catholics and not Polish, but they also don’t want any Africans, Americans and any other different skin color and especially religion.
      In this manifestation was also present Catholic priest -against refuges! (he suppose to be an example of tolerance!)
      By the Polish law all of this kind manifestations are not allowed and should be stop immediately (but police just watching and let for this haters behaviors)
      WTF in my country 🙁

  • Edith Gould

    They are a bit confused, they don;t want the terrorists,they burn Jews but there are none left. Now they can have the Muslims

  • how dare you poland burning an effigy an image of a religious Jew
    you are a sick nation don’t you get it these refugees are the replacement of the Jewish people you did wrong too burning this effigy will only bring you more refugees that you have to FEED
    Jews are the flourishing of the economy your obsession , your jalousie about the Jewish people make you shoot your own foot you are cowards sick people

    • KKK

      Oh … Get a grip Jew !

  • Charles Martel at Tours

    The Poles have been poisoned by the Catholic Church. I wish them only the worst. Too bad the Russians do not invade them again.

  • What does the burning of Jewish effigies by Polish protesters have to do with the protesters’ rejection of Syrian refugees going to Poland?

    It seems to me that we are mixing apples and oranges in this scenario.

    Can anyone explain to me the logic of Poles burning Jewish effigies because they oppose Syrian refugees?

    • Someone

      They believe that Jews are behind the leftist policies and multiculturalism in Europe.

      They often use the speech of Barbara Lerner Spectre (search it in Youtube) in various anti-refugee/anti-muslim videos as an “evidence” of an alleged Jewish conspiracy to genocide the white people by race mixing.

      I know it sounds ridiculous, but this is the answer to your question.

    • Leonard Weiss

      I am a Polish Jew…the uneducated segment of the population here, namely the thugs in the Wroclaw demonstration, blame the Jews for everything…no logic or linkage is required…hope this clears it up for you…been there and done that.

  • Carol Ann

    So the Polish are confusing Muslims with Orthodox Jews…. Sorry, but this is so stupid, it’s asking for a new ethnic joke.

  • NuritG

    What does Jews have to do with the flood of Moslem refugees to Europe? Why the burning of a Jewish effigy is part of the equation?

  • wilfred weinstein

    The Poles never miss an opportunity!! More than 3 million Polish Jews died- many many at the hands of Poles (“Hitler’s willing executioners”).

    • Tomasz

      You can be prosecuted for these statements.
      Versuchen Sie deutsches Schuld für Holocaust zu verkleinen?

      • Silent man

        Ha ha ha.

  • David Abramov

    It is very simple to understand what is ISlAM trying to achive: using war situation speed around while world Muslims and finally to take over the WORLD.consequences very predictable – massacre and total mass conversion to Muslim religion. It is very nonetrustable “people”. Their nature is always lying.

  • Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz

    What out of context junk. I have lived on Jewish historical projects in Poznan since 1981 and never had a single bad ecperience and all major book stores feature positive accounts n reconstructions of Poznan Jewish history n on a recent trip to Wroclaw the samem The paper you quote has no coverage in Wroclaw n Poznan n hates the political affiliations of the city governments in both cities.

  • tiki

    what is the connection to Jewish people??????

  • polish lemmings go back to the woods

    Better yet go jump in the north sea and let Russia erase your wretched lands.

    • Jeffrey Glowka

      You guys already tried that in 1920 when you collaborated with the USSR and we slaughtered you. Better luck next time.

  • Dorothy Nicolazzo

    Well, at least Polish antisemitism hasn’t changed one iota since WW II.
    There were 3,000,000 Jewish Poles at the start of the war.
    There were 3,000 at the end. I
    guess even that number was too much for the Polish population.

    • Tomasz

      Are you retarded? Do you know who invaded Poland on 1st of September 1939?

    • KKK

      You are right dumbo !

    • maniek40

      Yeah, and all that thanks to Polish antisemism. They invented death camps and attacked Poland. Oh wait…

  • Elaine fidel

    Jews dont want to be in Poland. The poles have murdered enough Jews, beforecandcafter the 2nd world war., as well as stole millions in lands and possessions. We will leave you to the Muslims. Enjoy sharia law

    • Jeffrey Glowka

      Lol we have no muslims here and never will. But please do leave us.

      • Bronek

        If Jeffrey Glowka would study Polish History he would learn that a great number of muslims live in Poland today ever since the times of King Jan Sobieski to gave them land in Northeast Poland for their military support in war against the Ottoman Empire. These are Tatars, they have lived in
        Poland ever since and have been good citizens of
        Poland. But you Jeff are a retarded idiot who spits out bullsh-t with no knowledge of your countries history. People like you are asshols.

        • Leonard Weiss

          Bronek…you are 100% correct !

    • maniek40

      Really? Like, how many? They had 700 years, its enought time to slaughter all of them 10 times. So why didnt they? Oh yeah, they lived pecefully together, contrary to ANY OTHE COUNTRY. Why didnt all those suffering jews got out of Poland? Because of spreading antisemitism obviously. Jewish logic. Hatred is what runs you. Dont worry about Poland, we will take care of ourselfs.

      • stephan

        Poles can never take care of themselves but the Russian bear will gladly help you to some camp in Siberia for re-education first and a bit of brain washing thereafter.If after that there is anything left but the mush that is evidently present in your thinking you will be ready for the trash heap. Not even the dogs will eat from that heap.

        • Stefan

          Unfortunately, Many Jews in the East collaborated with the Russians against the Poles in the murder of hundreds of thousands of Poles. You appear to show a similar inclination. Tit for tat does not work. The Russians were not that great for you either.

      • Yossi

        Europe is falling under islamization and you are going down too 🙂 I can see all the british and french nuclear power in hands of the muslims 🙂 Bye Bye polish cunts.You deserve all the worst antisemitic scum !

        • Stefan

          Yes that sounds just like the ones the article was about.

  • S B “Sandy” Lewis

    This reminds me of the Nazis in Germany.

    Poland has no charity. The nation has learned nothing.

    • KKK

      Ooo , they’ve learnt a lot !

  • harri

    um; are they really that stupid? do they really think Jews=Islamists?

    • KKK

      You all look alike, you stink alike too.