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December 28, 2015 5:08 pm

Report: Palestinians Using Laser Pointers to Blind Israeli Drivers

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The light from a green laser pointer -- the kind Palestinians have been using to blind Israeli drivers. Photo: Screenshot.

The light from a green laser pointer — the kind Palestinians have been using to blind Israeli drivers. Photo: Screenshot.

Palestinian agitators have purportedly been using laser pointers recently to blind Israeli drivers, local news website 0404 reported on Monday.

At least three such “laser attacks” have occurred on different routes in the West Bank, according to the report. During the latest incident, Palestinians from a village near Nablus used a green laser light to target one vehicle.

Israeli drivers said the lights severely hamper their vision and ability to safely operate their vehicles.

“You’re suddenly struck with a flash of light [aimed] at your eyes and it’s incredibly dangerous. High beams from an oncoming car are disruptive; so imagine what it’s like to have a laser beam directed right at your eyes,” one driver said.

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  • E Levine

    The silence of the world is deafening. To the shame of mankind, the only possible rationalization is that it has to do with the the single Jewish State in the world. The double standards are sickening. This is raw antisemitism.

  • Roger ‘charles

    They are victims of the satanically inspired Koran. Think about it, Satan is a liar and a murderer who hates God and all humans, especially God’s chosen people, the Hebrews/Jews to whom God promised the land of Israel. God also warned that those who bless Israel would be blessed, but those who cursed/opposed Israel would be cursed. Mr. Obama and his agents have put our nation at risk of being cursed/abandoned by God with his clear animosity toward Israel.

  • dante

    this another illustration of the profound pathology of “palestinian” society: ever more inventive and insidious ways to destroy, damage, injure, torment. that’s about all they aspire to do and that’s all they have ever done.

    and, they convince themselves that the disgusting, degraded, demoralized state of their society is the fault of the Jews. the “palestinians” are the victims of themselves and the leaders that they choose for themselves. but, with the help of the e.u. and, most notoriously, norway, sweden, suisse, ireland & germany, one can be certain that the palestinians will be allowed to avoid any confrontation with the truth; for the self-righteous euro-haters, the Jews can be blamed for everything; the Jews can do no right and the “palestinians,” however vicious, sadistic, racist, homophobic, misogynist, can do no wrong.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Those killers with lazers should be shot on the spot whether they are using them at the moment or not.
    They are carrying lethal weapons.

  • Mickey Oberman

    It is obvious that no one can tell when a so called Palestinian is going to decide to kill Israelis with his/her car.

    All of them should be banned from driving in Israel.

    Or does the government relish seeing their fellow Jews crushed under the cars and trucks of these Jihadi murderers.

  • Jonas

    Those ‘laser attacks’ should be answered with a red colored laser point followed by a bullet.

    • exacto, no mas paños tibios, eliminarlos, nada de capturas, tener que alimentralos y luego liberar, se eliminan o terminaran ganando

  • Mordecai Ben Natan

    If, or when these savages are caught, Israel should confisate the bems from them, first use it on theperpetraters, then on rab drivers.

    Now that the arch terrorist, Abbas is talking about rprinting passports fro the invented peoplr,
    Israel shsould ensure that every Arab car hjas it’s own distinctive number pale, and will need to show a passport if the want to enter Israel.
    Israel must stampp “ISRAEL” in their passports. Lets see if they will be bale to travel to Islammic countries wit israel stamped

  • Rachel Pitchel

    Here in Arizona, somebody is aiming them at planes and trying to blind the pilots!

    • Idal Gass

      It’s really a crime. This should have a Strong response from the israeli authorities.