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Palestinian Human Rights Activist Receives Death Threats From Anti-Israel Protesters During U of Chicago Lecture (VIDEO)

February 21, 2016 9:24 am 25 comments
Hostile questioner at Thursday's reception of Bassem Eid. Photo: Youtube

Hostile questioner at Thursday’s reception of Bassem Eid. Photo: Youtube/Screenshot.

A Palestinian human rights activist said Thursday that he was “terrified” by the hostile reception and physical threats he received while lecturing at the University of Chicago.

Bassem Eid, founder of the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group, expressed this sentiment on Facebook, after his speech, critical of the Palestinian Authority, was interrupted by angry protesters, questioning why he was talking about human rights abuses in the PA, while letting Israel off the hook for the “occupation.” One individual in the audience — a former student at Chicago’s Columbia College who said he was from Gaza — even threatened him physically.

The young man is heard in a video of the event yelling in Arabic, “I’m going to destroy this place!” Later, he was heard saying, “I’m going to kill this motherf*****!” and “Wait until you go to your car!” He also said, “we” are going to be at Eid’s lecture at DePaul University in Chicago on Saturday evening, so he should be “ready for” us.

The police can be seen toward the end of the video attempting to calm the situation.

Eid’s Facebook post read:

Ok and here we are. I was terrified from what’s happened at [University of Chicago], a Palestinian who claimed that he is from Gaza threatened me, he start shouting in wonderful hall of the International House, and I was escaped from the place by the police. Horrible unbelievable how the Arabs who are supporting the BDS causing damage to the Palestinian’s reputation. But any how I succeeded to deliver my message for half an hour without any interruption. Welcome to paradise Chicago University.

Two days later, on Saturday night, Eid posted another statement on Facebook saying that his lecture at DePaul had gone “smoothly,” although “some Arab students kicked themselves out by themselves during the lecture.”

In 2016, Mr. Eid assumed the role of chairman of the Center for Near East Policy Research, a think-tank exploring the core issues of the Israeli-Arab conflict.

Watch the video of the event at the University of Chicago here:


  • Columbia University is sponsoring a pro-BDS ANTI Israel Apartheid Week in the next few weeks. This nationwide movement is all over our campuses under the guise of free speech. Their hate speech is fueling another genocide. No one wants the facts; they want only to exterminate Israel and the Jews. The Jewish students are fearful, alone and have no one protecting them. Please read letter from Israeli Columbia student

  • For a while I’ve advocated to pro-Israel activists to put this question to BDS activists: “Are you really pro-Palestinian or are you just anti-Israel?” The difference is that if you were truly pro-Palestinian you would not just crucify Israel when they do something that is perceived as harmful to Palestinians but you would also protest when Egypt destroys homes, tunnels, and closes its border to Gaza. You would have been outraged when Assad starved to death thousands of Palestinians in Yarmouk for siding with rebels, you would be outraged by the international community in general for keeping Palestinians in refugee camps for 75 years but Syrian refugees get resettled immediately to begin to create a better life. You would be outraged by the policies of the UNRWA which also denies Palestinians the right to resettle. This speaker is truly Pro-Palestinian and I commend him for this speech. And those that want to harm him for it are just anti-Israel which in turn is really just anti-semitism. It’s hate pure and simple

    • Well said! I couldn’t have said it any better myself. Now if we could only convert the followers of this anti-Israel drivel….

  • Please note the initimidation. In the beginning of the video a dude in red waiting to ask a question motions to someone of camera that they are being filmed.
    Within a few minutes the camera ceases to focus on the questioners.
    Seems the BDS gang are against all forms of freedom of speech, including the speakers and those videoing the event.

  • The J Street Valley girl is truly vacuous, and yes she sounded like she represents the BDS.

  • Indigenous? Although at one time there were peoples from at least 50 other places speaking 35 different languages the present Palestinian Arabs are chiefly from Arabia.
    In 1948, the Palestinian Arabs, even with British aid, fled the Jews. Their Husseini helped Hitler soften up North Africa for German forces under Rommel which led to the 1948 expulsion of almost a million Jews and their lands two times the size of Israel.
    Husseini escaped the Nuremberg trials, but inspired his nephew, Arafat, to carry on with his anti-Jewish, anti-Zionist zeal in Israel.
    Most of the original Palestinian refugees are now deceased and, according to treaties all that is left now is to compensate their heirs AND those of the Mizrahi Jews.

  • The freedom of speech is abused by genocidal fanatics who import their own ME madness in this country.
    Canada parliament is rejecting racism therefore rejecting BDS.
    The EU and the US are still vacillating on the BDS issue clearly suggesting their ambivalence when it comes to rights of Jews.

    • It’s insane because they always censored and censor Jews. This is the most insane humanity has ever been, by far.

  • Criminal charges should be file and suits against the individuals…. take all their assets of their orgs too.

  • It is way past time that the JDL be resurrected. This hatred against Israel is pure anti-Semitism. There is a time to “fight fire with fire”, and now is that time. No college or university wants the publicity of having students seen attacking each other. And, the only way to stop this anti-Semitic hatred on campuses is to ensure that it will be met with physical violence. Next time someone puts up an “Apartheid Wall” on campus, tear it down! And, if a physical confrontation ensues, then so be it!
    If every time an “Apartheid Wall” is put up it leads to violence, then you will see the end of this nonsense.

  • Andria Switzer

    What’s obvious is that BDS is opposed to free speech, opposed to truth, opposed to the rights of both Arab and Jewish Israelis in favour of a tyranny by Hamas. They are a potential danger to western countries and individuals who disagree with them. There is a significant problem in that universities are a breeding ground for this type of arrogant ignorance.

  • “…The police can be seen toward the end of the video attempting to calm the situation…” – Are you all insane?! You should have been arresting these fascists, not “calming them”!

  • If Palestine and Israel would team together they would be a force to be reckoned with and stand against the powers that want to control them (like America and Iran).

    It’s a shame that Universities are a place where intelligent speakers are heckled to silence when people are emotional and would rather be angry then listen to facts.

    Bless Bassam Eid for speaking on behalf of his people from the perspective of how things happened and what may come in the future. It would have been a gift to the students who wanted to listed to what his plan was, but with their attitude they didn’t care and didn’t deserve it.

  • The very questions themselves asked by the audience are de facto proof of how misinformed they are!!!!

  • “The police can be seen toward the end of the video attempting to calm the situation.”

    Nevermind “attempting to calm the situation” – the police should have ARRESTED the criminals who were engaging in the disruptive and threatening behavior. What on Earth is wrong with the administrators, staff, security and even police officers at our colleges and universities these days???

  • This is so sad in so many levels. Bassem Eid is a Palestinian Arab that want to live in peace with Israelis, but his opportunity to share his views were taken away because of some BDS BULLIES , which became an integral part of the Western universities.We are losing our FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY in the West ,to accommodate a minority of people that despise freedom and democracy.We give too much power and rights to some minorities and as a consequence,take away rights of other minorities.We are living with BULLIES and we let them BULLY US……!!!!! How is it possible that in a DEMOCRACY and in ACADEMIC environment we allow the VIOLENT, and the LOUD persons to win….???? How is it possible that we allow some people to shut others up, because it does NOT match with their extreme violent ideology…..???? This is truly tragic….!!!!

  • this event did not allow photography or video recording…I find it ironic that the organizers of this event were more interested in monitoring Palestinian students than white Zionist students in the audience.

  • Jane Callumezo

    This video was illegally recorded at the UChicago event that did not allow recording of the speakers or audience. This needs to be taken down immediately. No consent was given.

    • You are WRONG:

      “Public Meetings

      A provision of the Illinois open meetings law states that “any person may record the proceedings at meetings required to be open by this Act by tape, film or other means.” The statute goes on, however, to say that the authority holding the meeting shall make “reasonable rules to govern the right to make such recordings.” 5 Ill Comp. Stat. 120/2.05″

      The person recording the video could have continued to do so legally, and given the lunatic arab muslim racists, should have done so despite their childish threats.

  • Thank you for speaking out. It is with these Palestinians that Israel needs to sit down with and discuss peace.

    • Mickey Oberman

      How many more times do you want Israel to try?

      Neither Abbas nor his so called Palestinians want peace.
      They want the destruction and elimination of Israel and all Judaism.

    • Correct.
      Israel sat down zillion times with these Palestinians and talked peace.

      These Palestinians divide in two.

      1) The Hamas type that would not sit down with Israel, but put down Israel in a grave.

      2) The Abu Mazen type, who sit down with Israel, but refuse peace and demand that Israel collaborates to its self-destruction under the label of “right of return”.

      The US and EU understand very well that no Palestinian leader acceeds to pace so they decided to act for the second alternative, pressuring Israel to liquidate itself by going back to the ’67 lines and taking 5 or 6 million Muslims into these lines.

      Very simple, you see?

  • Everyone knows that support for the ‘Palestinian Cause’ in Europe and the US has become a Mafia-type protection racket. “What a nice faculty you have here, what a shame if someone burned it down..”

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