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April 10, 2016 5:45 pm

For Third Time in Week, Sanders Inflates Gaza Civilian Death Toll; Accuses Israel of Using ‘Disproportionate’ Force (VIDEO)

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Bernie Sanders on CNN. Photo: Screenshot.

Bernie Sanders on CNN. Photo: Screenshot.

For the third time in under a week, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has exaggerated the number of civilians killed in Israel’s 50-day conflict with terror-group Hamas in Gaza in the summer of 2014.

Confronted in an interview by CNN‘s Jake Tapper on Sunday morning, Sanders defended his earlier inflated figure of  “over 10,000 innocent people” killed in Gaza as an inaccurate recollection in the course of a conversation with The New York Daily News that was quickly corrected after an on-the-spot Google search.

“What I said is, I, am I right on that? I didn’t know what the number was, and the gentleman there… the fellow who was conducting the meeting said let me check it, he looked, Googled it up and the number was I think 2100,” Sanders said. He added that he believes Israel’s use of force in Gaza was “disproportionate.”

In fact, as reported by The Times of Israel, the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) puts the Gaza civilian death toll in the 2014 war at 1,423, while Gaza’s terrorist rulers Hamas cite a similar number of 1,462.

The UN numbers themselves are vociferously disputed by Israel-based research groups.  An in-depth report, titled “Gazan Casualties: How Many and Who They Were,” published by the Israeli think tank the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs noted in part:

On December 1, 2014, the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center reported on its detailed, name-by-name analysis of 1,598 Palestinian fatalities in Operation Protective Edge that amounted to 75 percent of those who were killed. Of the fatalities who could be identified, about 45 percent were non-combatants, while 55 percent were combatants – nowhere near the levels of civilian losses that were discussed in the media.

Sanders’ initial claim, made on Monday in the now infamous interview with the editorial board of the Daily News, was widely panned by Israeli politicians, as well as major Jewish groups in the United States.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) blasted the Democratic presidential hopeful for his “misstatements regarding the 2014 conflict between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas.”

In a statement released on Thursday, ADL CEO Jonathan A. Greenblatt asserted: “Even the highest number of casualties claimed by Palestinian sources that include Hamas members engaged in attacking Israel is five times less than the number cited by Bernie Sanders. As Mr. Sanders publicly discusses his approach to key US foreign policy priorities, including Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, accuracy and accountability are essential for the voting public, but also for US credibility in the international community.”

In an interview with The Algemeiner, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, called on Sanders to “immediately acknowledge that he made a huge error and apologize to the people of Israel.”

B’nai B’rith International Executive Vice President Daniel S. Mariaschin was equally harsh in his criticism of the candidate.

“It appears that Sanders has accepted the Palestinian narrative on the Gaza war whole cloth,” he told The Algemeiner.

Israel’s former Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, said, “He accused us of a blood libel. He accused us of bombing hospitals. He accused us of killing 10,000 Palestinian civilians. Don’t you think that merits an apology?”

The Sanders campaign swiftly responded with a statement of its own, asserting that the outcry was a product of “distorting the truth,” and that Sanders — unsure of the actual number — had only suggested the figure of 10,000 innocents dead, and he subsequently “immediately accepted” the correction from the Daily News editor.

Speaking on MSNBC on Friday morning, however, Sanders again cited an incorrect figure — though far less inflated this time, The Times of Israel reported. Acknowledging that he hadn’t known “the exact number” when he spoke to the Daily News, Sanders said that, “according to the United Nations, over 2,000 civilians were killed” in the war.

Sanders, a longtime Vermont senator, is the first Jewish candidate to win a US presidential primary contest and has spoken proudly of his Jewish identity.

Watch a video of Sanders’ remarks made to CNN on Sunday below (2:50):


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  • UR

    The legal principle of proportionality is highly complex and technical having to do with determination of legitimacy of a specific military target in each individual instance and then determining the measures used to put that target into effect, whether they were proportionate to the target set.

    In popular parlance it’s used, however, as Sanders exemplifies, in some kind random rhetorical way, with general reference to a 50 day war involving countless individual instances in which that determination had to be made.

    He’s using a technical term in a colloquial way in such a way as to change its meaning and deprive it of the deliberative process by which it can be a measure of military action.

  • Enough of this “disproportionate” argument.
    What about the French or the Belge or American who send special forces and police by dozen for one or two or three terrorists to arrest them. The same when it’s a lunatic killer of civilians. Is this not “disproportionate”? Israel is at war and want to defend their land and civilian. Nothing is “disproportionate” when there is war.

  • He admitted that he did not know the amount, AND THEN THROWS OUT AN ESTIMATE, a candidate for an office in which if he blows his nose incorrectly markets fall or soar and he throws out an estimate? Secondly his concept of proportionality is confused. If the head of the Arab League had all of its members dig back in history and can find (with a little exaggeration and ignoring the number of Muslims killed by Muslims and Jews killed by Muslims) that Jews killed 8,000,000 Arabs/Muslims over history, then proportionally would they would have the right to murder 8,000,000 Jews?

  • Spinoza

    If Bernie’s opening position is that at 10,000 the “number” is what determines disproportionality ( Wrong Bernie, it isn’t a “numbers” game) then why did he not revise his “feeling” when the number dropped to 2100? Big difference. So if 2100 is still the “line” for what is disproportionate, does the revised Hamas number of about 1600 now make it proportionate? No? How about the Israeli number of about 1000? No? What number is it that would define the “response” as proportionate Bernie, if that is how you make your determination?

    • Ezra

      Excellent response and analysis.

  • Sam Harris

    Lefty Putz

  • The only people that don’t tell the truth are the isralis. Why don’t you keep your nose out of our politics? You get enough of our money now shut up

    • Bernard

      Another idiot Shelly DiStaola, join Sanders who is a Liar by even Hamas Claims. He has not had the decency to appologise. Shame on him obviously scratching for support from his terrorist friends

    • Spoken like the the truly ignorant,lying anti-semite you are.Go back and finish the 3rd grade,so you can learn how to properly write a sentence.

    • Howard Immanuelson

      Gosh, Shelly, the Israelis are being defamed by a presidential candidate and in your opinion they should shut up? Just let the lying and misinformation continue?

      Why do I think if someone were defaming you personally that you might just have a different attitude?

    • Nancy

      Why don’t you keep your hateful, ignorant nose out of our business, and shut up? Now everyone knows what an idiot you are.

  • Steve

    Pay no attention to anything the idiot Sanders says. He’s an anti-Semitic Jew. The lowest of the low.

    • Ezra

      Agreed. But don’t forget that the political left has much too many Jews who buy into anti Israel rhetoric – including statements by a self hating Jew like Sanders.

    • tiki

      Sanders is doing what all journalists, artists, writers, politicians, NGO’s etc., who want to further their career are doing…… jump on the ‘poor Palestinian bandwagon.

      Israel of course “has the right to defend itself” but only as much as the politically correct ‘expert with an agenda will allow. After that it becomes disproportional!

      This is the message that left wing Socialists want to hear and that’s the Bobkes Soup he is serving them.

    • Nomi

      Who needs anti-semites when Jews do well enough bashing our own when we can’t agree on perspective. Bashing Sanders isn’t any different than what he is accused of. The world is going to continue on in this silly darkeness till one day we all grow up and know the difference between a real enemy and someone who just disagrees with us.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Sanders would make a perfect US president.

    Like his predecessor, Obama, he lies incessantly.
    That seems to be what the American electorate wants rather than the truth that might be unpleasant.

  • Steve Wenick

    Sanders is as honest about his view of the Israel-Gaza war as he is wrong. Honesty counts but the facts count more.

  • robert davis

    sanders confirms once more time he is not pro Israel at all in fact he is the WORSE candidate for Israel : he is anti Israel, he is a LIAR, and a jewish antisemite who are the worse of all antisémites and a marxist thiose who already provoked 2 wws and are doing their best to proveke a 3rd one! only stupid students with a mental age of 8 years old want such a candidate because he is as stupid as they are but they are not 70 years old as that retarded scumbag. Leftards are good for nothing except bankrupt States and people, provoke wws, antisemitism and spread calamities on the world.

  • Max Cohen

    Bernie Sanders is now and always has been an agitator for the cause of communism. Algemeiner may substitute whatever term it prefers, but BS is the enemy of Israel because Israel is a thriving capitalist nation.

  • Lawrence

    It’s silly and naive to ask for this self-hating Jew to apologize. His Israel hatred goes back at the least to the early 1970s! when those of us middle-aged were born. He believes in nothing but lies about Israel and his precious Palestinians, why not ask for Abbas to apologize for his lying and terrorism? It would be just as dumb.

    Sanders will go on lying about Israel because he loves to believe in lies about Israel. Asking him to apologize is itself asinine. He should just be called out for the lying Jew-hater that he is, and leave it there.

  • Jonas

    Poor Bernie dementia!!!!!!!!
    He can’t be take as a friend

  • Hamanslayer

    Let us say, for the sake of the debate, that I hate Catholics. (It’s not true, some of my best friends are Catholic…:).) So, since Bernie’s wife is Catholic, I want to kill her, in some cruel fashion. I let Bernie know of my intention, and approach her with only a large kitchen knife in my hand — with him present. (But none of his campaign staff or security people, of course. Maybe only a UN member could be there, on behalf of Human Frights…)

    Do you think Bernie would react in “proportion,” or in “disproportion?” I wish someone could pose this question to the brilliant pinko-socialist. A proportionate reaction would be for him to call 911. Any attempt to use force to stop me (using a gun, or a knife, for example,) would be “disproportionate,” RIGHT?

  • Joseph

    I believe this article and its headline is making hay out of what should really be almost non-news. As stated in your article, and in your previous article Sanders’ figure of 10,000 was a question, not a statement of purported fact. When the on the spot google search produced a figure of 2100, he immediately accepted it and went ahead on that basis. So much for Rabbi Cooper’s call for Sanders to “immediately acknowledge that he made a huge error and apologize to the people of Israel.”
    Well, Sanders had already, on the spot, acknowledged that the figure he had queried about was an error. There is no need for him to apologize to the people of Israel, after that, for him to apologize for anything. Rabbi Cooper and all the other organizations (including the Algemeiner) that criticized Sanders should apologize for misrepresenting what he said and taking it out of context. Now, the Algemeiner has found a still lower figure and is reporting that Sanders is “still” inflating the Gaza death toll. Well, for better or worse, the 2100 google search result is apparently the best number Bernie knows.

    • A Zionist

      You are entitled to “believe” whatever you wish to believe, no matter how mistaken or misguided. This is what is referred to as a democracy and freedom of speech.

      However, as Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr pointed out, this does not give someone the right to cry “fire” in a crowded theatre.

      In other words, whether deliberately or not, making false statements, libels or lies does great damage and in some circumstances can lead to death.

      In Germany, words used by Nazis led to the deaths of Jews, not just by Nazis, but by ordinary or willing Europeans who went along with the lies and libels.

      Sanders is a Marxist and like all Marxists Jews, they have no connection with Jews, Judaism and the Jewish State. Sanders is incapable of commenting on the principle of proportionality since this refers to a very particular principle during a conflict where the commander has to make a decision as to whether the response is “proportionate” to the threat. Only someone with military knowledge and military law can answer and only after reviewing all the relevant information that the military commander had at that precise time – not in retrospect,or in any other circumstances. Sanders does not have that knowledge and should apologise for the presumption that he “knows” when it is clear he does not.

    • Zucker

      Again : a candidate for the White House can be speechless at times but never clueless.
      One has to wonder if amongst the more than 250.000.000 americans there is a true
      statesperson that can come forward with an inspiring vision and rise above the actual political circus.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    This man is not a friend of Israel. At this time no one knows what will happen in the elections in November; nevertheless, I hope that Bernie Sanders remains out of history and maintains his status as a footnote in the annals of American memory.

  • dante

    the facts don’t matter to sanders. what matters is his opinion. and, his opinion is that Israel is always culpable.

    • Peter Joffe

      So Mr Sanders, what is a ‘proportionate’ response to 10,000 rockets aimed at Schools, Hospitals, synagogues and so on? What would you do if you were the President of the USA and these missiles were aimed at the USA? Perhaps you would lodge a complaint at the UN, or would you wipe out the people who aimed those bombs at you and from where they came. Hamas kills one of yours and you ‘retaliate’ with a letter to Bomb Ki Moon??

    • robert davis

      This is because an opportunist and a selfish power avid cretin such as him with no real capabilities and still less Statemanship knows he can get the power only thru treachery, lies, antisemitism and other vile tricks. I would not trust him a dime.

  • OK. Lets see if the elements chosen by the US folk to charade as leaders and leaders in waiting understand a bit better how the muslim war against civilization will be dealt with in our back yard. And, Bernie dear, Eretz Israel is THE Jews land. NO partners or meddlers will stand on the way.
    What is starting to happen is the expression of our innate right to destroy enemies before they do into us. Nowhere that I have studied it is mandated that we consider “proportionality”. They murderous beasts formed in Islam’s hovels will be destroyed. Nekudah!
    We will attend as we see fit any and all enemies if that is at all possible.
    Don Bernie claims, on occasion, to be Jewish, again, on occasion so he should peruse Jewish Biblical Commandments.

  • jakob wasi

    The ‘Allgemeiner’ is in denial, as are all Zionists about Israeli aggression against Gaza. It is the sign of weakness in that Israel carries out preventive war. The Zionists are no different than the Americans in Iraq or the Saudis in Yemen. The Zionist state may kill and main with seemingly impunity but winning battles doesn’t mean you’ve won the war. And you haven’t and you won’t. It takes a man of courage like Sanders to recall the Jewish tradition of being a Mensch.

    • Hamanslayer

      Jakob Wasi wasn’t wasi, wasi? What “preventive war,” you imbecile? This was a “war” to stop DAILY bombardment of Israel by rockets fired from Gaza, and only after Israel repeatedly asked them to stop and warned them over and over she would take serious action! And even so, Israel did not purposely kill “civilians” — not the ones placed by Hamas as human shields (including, and especially, children), not the ones located at sites purposely chosen by Hamas as launch points for their rockets, and not even the ones whom the Banned Key-Moon counted as civilians but were actually members of Hamas, NOT wearing any uniforms….

      And — did we warn the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to evacuate before we bombed? Did Britain warn the people of Munich and Dresden to leave before bombing those cities and others in Germany? Israel DID warn, in almost every instance, the civilian population of bombing targets in Gaza to leave!

    • Myron Robinson

      You are as delusional as Sanders. He overstated Hamas own figures which are disputed any way by 5 times. It does not make him a liar but unfit to hold office.

    • Zucker

      Gaza was returned to the Palestinians who made it a platform to carry out repeated attacks against Israel. Your comments are so rabid and confused that it is obvious that you are in denial about the nature of Hamas and the existence of the State of Israel.

    • Paul

      Although Algemeiner seems indeed to be very one-sided, you too seem to be so, on the opposite side.
      “It is a sign of weakness that Israel carries out preventative war”. Duhh ?????
      Perhaps YOU can tell us how Israel SHOULD act when Hamas decides to fire THOUSANDS (literally) of rockets at our civilian population. How would YOU react if these rockets were fired at New York ?
      Do you recall that Israel DID NOT enter Gaza during the first week, despite massive firing of rockets at us ? We wanted to avoid ALL casualties. Do you recall that Israel accepted and honored 7 ceasefires, arranged mainly by Egypt, but that Hamas broke these ? We wanted to avoid casualties. Do you recall that Israel only went into Gaza after Hamas commandos broke out of a tunnel right on the border of an Israeli Kibbutz – a situation that could NOT be accepted – (having terrorists emerge from tunnels next to your home) ?
      Although the policies of our government are problematic, our military behaviour is more that of a mensch than any other army – or that of Bernie Sanders. Or, apparently, of you.
      The Hamas uses their civilian population to win the media war. The more they get their civilians killed, the more you and your like support them. Have you seen the footage of Hamas soldiers holding Gazan children in their arms while they shoot ? You give them motivation to use them more in the next round they are planning, because it WORKS ! They trick you very successfully. The blood of the next batch of Gazan civilians is partly on your hands – your ignorant opinions make it pay off for Hamas.

    • Leila

      I wonder how many rockets lobbed into the USA would be allowed to fall without retaliation. Thousands fell in Israel, terrifying the local population which is still traumatised. The fact that on the Israeli side there were bomb shelters is immaterial. It’s a pity that Hamas does not protect its civilians but uses them as human shields for propaganda purposes.

    • robert davis

      Pr”eventive wars cost a few casualties but it’s the only way to avoid wws such as those you leftards provoked in the past and are still doing your best to provoke a 3rd one which will cause at least 1 billion casualties. Is that better than 2,000 ? If Israel did not prevail oin politics it’s only because its damned leftwing is doing its best to oppose expellint those arabs which could end the conflict. Fortunately Israeli citizens are stating eventually to understand this and will soon win all right. The rest of the world will eventually understand it and probably even most of leftards except a few stubborn cretins such as you.

    • Dani

      I will assume you are Jewish. So, for the memory of your ancestors don’t give your vote a a mishugene, a fakakter id that will bring disgrace to the whole world.

  • Sanders is the Gertrude Stein of our time. An antisemitic Jew through and through.

  • Don’t expect Senator Sanders to apologize for his pedestrian comments about Israel. After Mrs. Clinton wins the Democratic nomination, Mr. Sanders will support her. If Mrs. Clinton wins in November, American-Israeli relations will further deteriorate.

    • robert davis

      Hopefully American and Israeli citizens will understand the left ie the fake “liberals” (a euphemism since they do not even have the courage to say they are marxists)is leading the world to DISASTER. TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT.

  • Danny

    Again Israel has the right to defend her self any anyone oppose is opposing the God of Israel. Bless those who bless them and curse those who cuse them

    • Anthony

      Cannot agree. The world recognises Palestine, it has bilateral relations with over 130 countries. There are over 150 UN Resolutions including UN Resolutions 476 and 478 that condemned Israel’s “eternal claim” to Jerusalem. The UK supported that UN Resolution as has she has with others critical of Israel. The UK and EU have Settlement Guidelines and Labelling the former that warns EU citizens of trading with colonies. The Vatican recognises Palestine and the International Court of Justice, EU and UN condemned Israel’s monstrous 421 mile wall.

  • Disproportionate: perhaps the senator from Vermont would like to experience what is in his view proportionate. Vermont votes name recognition, year after year. It’s as if Vermont voters are in a trance. Unfortunately, Israelis are not able to sustain a trance. Life in Israel is unlike life in Burlington or Bennington. Israelis do not vote name recognition. Israelis vote survival.

    As my beloved nation emerges from its present trance, it will find need for leaders that talk about warming, children, the debt bomb, the H bomb, the MRSA bomb, the obesity bomb, and the all encompassing Denial Bomb.

    Bernie Sanders is Chair of the Department of Denial. He tells the truth as he sees it. At least he does not lie. That alone sets him apart.

    But Israel does not lie, either. That’s what sets Israel apart.

  • stevenl

    An undeclared antisemite!

    • robert davis

      And a LIAR since he claims to be…pro Israel!!!!!! He is the worse kind of antisemites who hit Israel several times : Israel bashing first, then claiming they do not so the pressure gets worse and if elected he would do even still worse for fear of being accused of…nepotism. God knows what he would find to increase his pressures!Curse be on him!


    When I first heard Bernie Sanders’ comment about Israel killing 10,000 civilians during the Gaza War it then occurred to me that My God, this man is an IDEOLOGUE…..Of course, they have all the standard answers and opinions about Israel which are wrong. Ideologues give up independent and logical thinking making a Faustian bargain to just repeat the endless, useless dogma that belongs to the group-think Ideology they take upon themselves. So far, I haven’t yet met an Ideologue who has a sense of humour, common-sense or intuition. What a sham deal they make for themselves. Let’s not put an Ideologue into the White House…..

    • shloime

      don’t you mean ANOTHER ideologue?

    • robert davis

      This is why these idéologues are responsible of 2 wws and have not been able to understand their politics cannot stop human behaviour it can only make it worse. If the Allies or even just France had started a preventive war against Hitler in say 1033 or 34 or even still 1936 it could have stopped the nazis with hardly 100 casualties since Hitler had no army just a police force with pop rifles whereas France had a powerful army. However leftards’ DOGMS reject preventive war so that they took 50 million casualtie. Next time the casualties will be at least 1 billion! That’s what dogms do but they cannot understand because they substitute brains with solgans such as dogms.

      • Ron

        “Hitler definitely liked me, and thought he could do business with me.”
        – Neville Chamberlain, prior to WWII

  • Laura Burkhart

    Well, all respect to his being Jewish,his acceptance of the global propaganda machine, thanks to much anti-Semitism. My deep apologies to Israel! As careful as I felt you were in the 2012 Gaza potential war…after their end if the bargain not being kept, plus 3 young men being murdered….and then the while world blames Israel! They have simply never read Tanach…and, sadly, their taunts, though wrong, are devastating!
    Sanders saying the IDF killed 10,000, is wring, mean, and really, reveals what he will do for Israel, if elected!

  • fred

    Saunders no doubt is positively identifying himself not as friend of Israel but that of the Arabs. He also is not interested in the truth of Gaza but what he can do to diminish Israel. A treacherous Jew.I would have thought his team would research and provide him with true information so far only lies of the worst king. Israel has to expect very little support from the democrats.

    • robert davis

      sanders know the truth he simply lies in order to create pressures against Israel. Fortunately as all leftards he is a cretin and does not undersztand pressures against Israel are now almost over : baba knows he cannot bully Israel any longer, likewise France which is the worst of all, sweden is Worth nothing it’s just a negro village, but he sanders has torn off his mask and now everything with turn against him. He will be kicked off the primaries and will soon end up in a psychiatric hospital…I think he cannot understand even this.Probably because of his dogms which may say otherwise…

  • Time to out all anti Semites, everywhere.

  • Bernie Sanders is playing to get the anti Semite vote. He’s worried about appearing pro Israel. Obama has played the same card. It’s absurd. Jews slaughter no one. The Taliban, ISIS folks and bin Laden folks slaughter children, women, and blacks by the hundreds. Yazidi, too. Israel gives its protection to all unable to protect themselves. Sanders is pandering to war criminals.
    His math in banking matters is no better. My dad’s parents were orthodox. My wife fled Germany in 1936. Judaism is not my interest. But I am Jewish to the Nazi, and Christain to the Ultra. My mom was Episcopal. Sanders thinks he’s honest. Sadly, he is honest. There’s the rub.

  • Brenda Dales

    This candidate should be exposed. At best he has not done his homework. At worst we know clearly he is not a friend of ours.
    With him in the Whitehouse the Middle East will suffer terribly.
    Has he visited Sderot? If he had would he still say disproportionate? Really????

  • Lia

    Dear G-d, please protect Israel and the USA from this poor, misinformed man, who seems unable to learn.

  • Michael Fox

    Ho, hum. How boring is this? The woods are crawling with self-loathing Jews. Bernie Sanders is just another Jew in a long line of Jews who wish they weren’t. Progressive politics is a convenient shelter for anti Semites and spineless Jews who would rather befriend the bullies then stand up to them.
    I’m talking to you Bernie.

    • Bernard

      well said

  • Sofia B

    Israel doesn’t need friends like Sanders. How about all cement that is going to Hamas to rebuild thousands of tunnels so that they once again kill innocent Israelis.
    What part is it that Sanders doesn’t understand?

    Poor Palestinians, they got Gaza with everything in there,and if they let terrorists destroy them, they didn’t deserve it in the first place.

    Give them more, and they will destroy more. They will not be happy until everything is gone and all this for hate.

  • Francis Figliola

    At least he is honestly, publicly stating his malformed, misinformed and biased view. Obama and Hillary never uttered an honest word as politicians! With the Bern what you see is what you get. You have been forewarned. Hillary and Obama are quicksand, and Secretary of State, Kerry, the water boy.

    • robert davis

      He is not honestly stating he is misinformed, he keeps repeating his LIES. He knows the truth his eyes and ears do work only his brain is BUST.

  • Dov

    Sanders is a communist. An old communist. He supports Israel, but only on condition that they bow their heads and never fight back. He is as Jewish as the others on J street and I bet would never turn away the money from George Soros, but Soros is not supporting him, because he is Jewish!


    It seems that Bernie Sanders, though Jewish by birth, has decided to side with Israels’ enemies. It parallels the positions of the current POTUS who has chosen to side with Americas’ enemies. It’s my guess that Bernie would do likewise, with both Israels’ enemies and Americas.
    Unless you want to continue the destructive path on which the USA is headed, perhaps it would be wise to vote for someone else.
    Yes, I know the pickings are slim.