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April 14, 2016 7:49 pm

Europe Suffering From Collective Memory Loss Regarding Antisemitism, Jewish Leader Says

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EJC President Moshe Kantor believes Europe is suffering collective memory loss when it comes to antisemitism. Photo: Acvec.

EJC President Moshe Kantor believes Europe is suffering collective memory loss when it comes to antisemitism. Photo: Acvec.

Europe’s collective memory of the deathly power of antisemitism is quickly disappearing, a Jewish leader wrote in an op-ed in The Telegraph on Thursday.

Moshe Kantor, president of the European Jewish Congress, opined: “There is a disease rotting away at the very fabric of our society. This disease has many forms — it can come from right wing neo-Nazis, the Left-wing liberal intelligentsia or from Islamic fundamentalists. It is sometimes obvious and blatant. At other times it is quiet and subtle. The symptoms are intolerance, prejudice and hatred. More often than not…the hatred is aimed at Jews.”

Extremist groups are quickly gaining popularity across Europe, and are “united only by their disdain and hatred of Jews,” according to Kantor. In the UK, “[W]e are witnessing on a daily basis the exposure of the antisemitism corroding the British Labour Party.” In Hungary, Greece, France and Germany, he added, far-right, antisemitic parties are increasing in power. “It seems we all have very short memories,” Kantor wrote.

Referencing a recent poll indicating a third of British Muslims believe Jews control the media, banks and global wars, Kantor asserted that these attitudes are an example of one of “the different faces of intolerance that we are seeing in Europe today.”

Kantor said European legislators “are not fully fit for purpose in tackling the threats to our civilization we face today.” He issued a call to educators and legislators to fight against hate. “We need to respect and protect freedom of speech, but not at the expense of common sense. Currently it is simply too easy to incite violence, recruit jihadists, terrorize Jewish students on campus and spread racist lies online. The preachers of hate must not be allowed to act with impunity,” he wrote.

Claiming the challenges posed by antisemitism are many, Kantor nevertheless said “they are not insurmountable” and the world must “break down the barriers of intolerance…in order to safeguard our way of life.”

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  • John Mark

    Deuteronomy 28 & 29 say that if the Israelites turn away from their God and do not listen to the Voice of God, then a curse is upon them. This was what Moses said to the tribes of Israel gathered on the eastern bank of the Jordan.

    Since that time, Judaism has not listened to the Voice of God because they rejected him when he lived amongst them for a while. He came to his own tribal people but they argued with him when he was telling them the good news, which he had brought from God, his Father.

    They hated him so much that they had Pilate crucify him and eject him for human society. So, what do you think that the God of Moses, who told them about being cursed by God, will do to Judaism. Well, in Deuteronomy 28&29, Moses talks about a salting of the land where they live in God’s anger with them, as well as a hatred of them by the people of the nations.

    Does this mean a radioactive salting, for this hasn’t happened yet in the history of Judaism? Maybe the 70th year from the founding of the State of Israel will be a fateful year for Judaism.

    So, these wishful thoughts that legislators and educators can hold back the rising tide of anti-Semitism is out of touch with the Torah.

  • tiki

    Collective memory loss?
    Call it opportunity!

    Nobody hasn’t forgotten anything but they believe the time is ripe for another round.

    The conspiracy between ultra Left, ultra Right & Islam (which in reality hate each other) and all their ignorant brainwashed friends have bonded together in their common goal……

    The next Holocaust on the Jews!

    The common ground between these extremists is “Human Rights” and the road to success runs through Ramallah in “Palestine”!

  • Europe’s collective memory of the deathly power of anti-Semitism is quickly disappearing。 No! The anti – Semitism of to day is designed under a silence war from the early 60s including in USA. It started seriously to take off from midst 70s, It is amazing that the Hebrew mind of leaders is totally out of reality. It takes 40 years to spray hundreds of thousand new neo – Nazis under different faces worldwide!