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April 25, 2016 2:19 pm

Jerusalem Bus Bomber’s ‘Affluent, Educated’ Parents Blame Israel, Jews for Son’s Actions; Warn Next Generation of Palestinians ‘Will Be Even More Dangerous’

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The parents of Abdel Abu Srour, the Jerusalem bus bomber. Photo: Walla/Screenshot.

The parents of Abdel Abu Srour, the Jerusalem bus bomber. Photo: Walla/Screenshot.

In an interview with the Israeli media, the parents of the Jerusalem bus bomber expressed shock that their son committed “such an act” against innocent people, but blamed Israel and the Jews for it.

Discussing the April 18 suicide attack on a bus in Jerusalem, in which 20 innocent people were wounded — and the perpetrator, Abdel Hamid Abu Srour, later died at the Shaare Zedek Medical Center in the city – the 19-year-old Palestinian’s mother and father told the Hebrew news site Walla why they “still can’t wrap their heads around” the whole episode.

They were referring both to the act itself and to the fact that Hamas claimed their son as a member (releasing a video of him in fatigues and a Hamas headband), insisting they had no idea he had even been involved with the terrorist organization.

“If I had known that this is what he was planning to do, I would have restrained him,” said Abu Srour’s father, Muhammad. “He wasn’t capable of hurting innocent people. That’s what I don’t understand. I never raised him like that. But you know who’s to blame for it? Only you Israelis. You led a whole generation of Palestinians to this. You and your government.”

He went on: “You Jews have to understand something: Abed al-Hamid did not come from a poor family; he came from an affluent one. He had his own car. A family with property and money… a cultured household — with manners, respect, education — which opposes violence.”

Muhammad Abu Srour also said that his son’s actions reflect the difference between the older and younger generations of Palestinians, asserting that the latter “does whatever it feels like.” For this he also accused the Jewish state of being at fault.

“You Israelis have to ask yourselves what causes a boy like ours to want to do such a thing. And I am telling you – Israel is responsible. Israel caused this generation to act this way. This generation has no future. No work. You pressure them and hurt them and create a hopeless situation for them. You are turning the young generation into what it is. The next generation, the young children, will be even more dangerous.”

Abu Srour’s mother, Um Ahmed – a teacher of Arabic at a school in Bethelehem – described by Walla as dressed in modern attire with no head-covering – stopped shy of defending her son’s suicide terrorism.

“It was an act of self-defense,” she said. “As an enlightened person, I would find it hard to do something like [blowing up a bus]. Perhaps I would have done things differently, maybe through writing. But everyone has his own way of [taking part in] resistance.”

When reminded by Walla that even Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas had condemned her son’s action, she called the PA leader by his more familiar Arabic nickname. “Abu Mazen does not represent the Palestinian people, as far as I’m concerned. When your prime minister [Netanyahu] backs the soldier who shot a Palestinian in Hebron, and our president condemns an action of ours, what am I supposed to think about him?”

She was referring to the recent case of an IDF soldier indicted for shooting and killing an already subdued terrorist – though Netanyahu, in fact, did not condone the action, and instead railed against it.

Um Ahmad’s own father, according to Walla, was killed in an Israel Air Force strike on a base of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine. She was born in Syria and moved to Bethlehem in the 1990s.

According to Hamas’ official website, Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, made a condolence call to the Srour family on Saturday, saying, “The blood of martyrs is a beacon of light for those treading the path of liberation.”

The bus attack perpetrated by Abu Srour — a resident of Beit Jala near Bethlehem in the West Bank — marked the first suicide bombing in the latest wave of Palestinian terrorism, often referred to as the “stabbing intifada,” which began in mid-September.

Details surrounding the attack have been emerging slowly, due to gag orders imposed by Israel’s internal security agency, the Shin Bet, which is reportedly arresting Hamas members in the West Bank believed to be connected to the event.

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  • nat cheiman

    Donald trump made him do it. Idiot!

  • NYCView

    It is beyond peradventure that, had these parents possessed even an iota of intellect, civility, decency or humanity, then they would not have raised a radical barbarian. Thus, whatever comment they care to dribble after-the-fact should be viewed from where it comes.

  • andy tamir

    All Arab “Palestinians” (Muslim) should be evacuated to Arab countries. There they will really feel the harsh treatment inflicted on them by their Brethren. Not like the humane treatment they receive in Israel – the only democratic country in the Middle East. And yet, they blame Israel for all their criminal acts.

  • Yonatan

    Having a car and property does not make them “educated.” In fact, the only thing they are educated in is hatred of Israel and the Jews; why do they insist on blaming Israel and the Jews? And neither are they cultured – with manners and respect. Actually they are deceitful, full of hatred and bad mannered! Their son was screwed up, and I blame his parents for that and what he did. NOT Israel.

  • ESLombard

    The revenge mind set of the young can only fester and grow with each generation. Sustaining their mythologies, histories and confabulations as well as UNRWA lies, all add to the frustration of young Arabs.
    Had the US and EU been less craven, the whole matter could have been settled two generations ago, instead they have created misguided youths who cast their lives aside.
    We’ve never had the forthrightness to confront the Arab League with the damage they do to the Palestinians who might have received citizenship in an Arab League country and led productive lives.

  • Steve Wenick

    I hate to burst their bubble of denial but only a fraction of a fraction of Palestinians are terrorists. The bomber’s parents can make excuses for his barbarism but civilized societies have zero tolerance for it.

  • Ilbert Phillips

    Perhaps the talking heads will stop claiming that it is poverty and a lack of education that is the cause of terrorism. The issue is really a moral issue, do you attack, maim and kill innocent civilians for any purpose?

  • Which is why their home must be bought out and they should be relocated outside of he Holy Land. Preferably Germany. They know exactly what kind of an off-spring they begat, and expect the next one to be even more murderous

    • Yuval,

      why so heartless, doesn’t Germany have already millions of terrorists, ah, refugees of that ilk inside their borders?

  • Ronnie Zuckerman


  • Alan Jules Weberman

    Do you really expect them to say they were aware of their son’s activities? Judging from their other statements I would think they were.

  • Anita Kelman

    I’m sorry for their loss, but even sorrier for the harm caused by their son to the innocent riders on that bus.

    As for their insisting that they raised him right and it’s all Israel’s fault? I’m sure grief over their loss and the shameful manner in which their son behaved has clouded their thoughts, but really, how can you say you raised him right when he committed such an act at the age of 19?

    And if they want to blame the current situation with Palestinians and Israel, and say that led him to do this, can they not see that this could be said to be the case as well for the young IDF soldier who shot the Palestinian stabber in Hebron? That a young soldier is tired of being a target for Palestinians with knives, guns or vehicles used to attack he and his fellow soldiers?

    If they won’t accept any blame for their parenting, at least place the blame where it belongs, on the shoulders of the so-called leaders of the Palestinains, such as Abbas and the PA and Hammas. They are the ones who have done wrong by your people.

    • Jacob Gore

      Don’t forget that they live in Bethlehem. Everything they say can be used against them by the PA (and their son’s “friends” in Hamas).

  • Tony

    The EU won’t wake up untill their heads are rolling down the street to the cries of ‘Allah Akbah’

  • Theodore Crawford

    Their son is the one primarily responsible for his own hateful, murderous actions, but they too have a share in that responsibility. The reported hate-conditioning that Palestinian children are subjected to cannot be unknown to Um Ahmed, a school teacher, yet she places 100% of the blame for her son’s actions squarely on Israel; unfair. How much of the blame actually does lie with Israel, I really don’t know, but “all” is a blatantly unjust distortion. Using this viewpoint, all Palestinians can “cop out” of any responsibility for their violence against Israeli Jews; “It’s totally not our fault! Israel makes us do it!”

  • Tony

    The mother is the person who CHOSE, WHERE, WHEN AND WITH WHOM TO BE IMPREGNATED !!!


    Trying to abrogate her responsibility to others is totally disingenuous.

    A typical female response !!!

    No remorse !!! Just attack !!!

  • Michael E

    The Guardian writes: “The bombing has stifled recent optimism among Israeli politicians and security officials that six months of deadly violence between the two sides was declining.”

    “deadly violence between the two sides”?!
    The Guardian is, without doubt, the most revolting newspaper there is in Europe.

    Another, related thing: Why does a Google search for “Abdel Hamid Abu Srour” return The Guardian on top of all other search results separated from the others with a line?

    I have noticed that The Guardian most of the time return The Guardian results prominently on top of search results. Is it really so exceptionally popular? Or is there a bias within Google?

  • Harvey

    I had to read this article twice for it to sink in . It must also be the ‘ Jews fault ‘ that the parents confirm they are affluent . ” we have property , a car ,money , a cultured family with education manners and respect ” . Perhaps if they had thought to buy him an iphone 6 he would not have have had to endure such ‘ suffering ‘ which caused him to become a narcissistic homicidal maniac .

  • Gabrielle Grossman

    Even though they are well educated these parents do not understand that Palestinians are so aggressive and war-like that all Israel can do is to protect itself by using force. Has there ever been a Palestinian peace march? Have any Palestinians ever reached out to seek peaceful interactions with Israeli’s? No, no. It is very unfortunate that the parents are right that the generation who are now schoolchildren will probably be more dangerous, since the Palestinian media, schoolbooks, TV shows, celebrations, etc. are all pushing for more and more Palestinian aggression towards Israeli’s in the name of “resistance”.
    My dream in the time of negotiations under the Oslo agreement was for a State of Palestine, peacefully trading and exchanging cultural events with their neighbor Israel as they built an infrastructure for their proud new State. Many others had this dream and returned to what might become Palestine from their diaspora, hoping to live in a democracy with the freedom to build a business, live freely and build their new country. These dreams were demolished when Arafat unexpectedly said “No”.

  • There are two reasons Palestinian children have no hope:
    1)There are too many of them. The Palestinians typically have more than 2 children per couple. There are not enough jobs for the growing population because the population is growing.
    2) The people who are calling the shots refuse to live in peace with the Israelis. Peace would bring jobs working for the Israelis.

  • Peter Joffe

    The parents. Yes yes Yes it has to be the victims as they ask for peace but you Muslims ask for death and that what you got. Live with it. Your son was radicalized and died for Allah?????? What a sick ‘religion’!!!

  • Pinchas Baram

    the parents’ rambling defense of their son and their accusation that it was the Jews’ fault show 2 things: Arabs have zero sense of personal responsibility; and the arab mindset is so off the wall that it’s more proof that reason and compromise have no role to play, between Jews and Arabs. between Jews and Martians maybe, but not arabs.

  • Spelling of Bethlehem

    Abu Srour’s mother, Um Ahmed – a teacher of Arabic at a school in Bethelehem

  • Michael Fox

    Ah yes, the debased Palestinians and greater Islam never takes responsibility for its malevolent behavior. They are after all the “poor me” victims of a cruel and unfair non-Muslim world.
    If not for Arab oil, all adult Arab males would be driving used camels with their multiple wives running behind them hoping to avoid an evening beating.
    Such good parents were these two that they had not a clue that their sweet son was a member of an Islamic terrorist organization planning to murder innocent men, woman and children.
    If not for Israel, these wealthy, educated Palestinians pictured above would not be…yet they never miss an opportunity to bite the hand that feeds them.

  • Yaakov

    The family is obviously very upset and has resorted to playing the blame game. But before heaping hatred on them and on their neighbors, it is worth while to recall the question posed in Avot d’Rabbi Natan, chapter 23: “Who is the greatest among heroes?” And one of the answers: “He who makes an enemy become his friend.”

  • It is high time that Israel starts banning those that do not swear allegiance to Israel.
    You cannot have the cake and eat it too.

    Remember the One Million Jews from the Arab countries that were forced to leave with their shirts on their back.

    There should be an exchange of Population like Greece and Turkey, India and Pakistan etc.,

  • Luigi Rosolin

    I can understand the parent’s distress but they ideology with Hamas and PLO had cause such crime and they son to died as consequence. They blaming of Jews is out of realty.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    So this woman, Um Ahmed was born in Syria and moved to Israel, where she enjoyed a comfortable life in a civilized country – and raised a son who died attempting to massacre Israeli men, women and children on a bus.

    And then, to add insult to injury – she blamed the Jews for this despicable action.

    I will be delighted to hear that Ahmed’s home will be destroyed and that she and the rest of her family are deported – to Gaza, or preferably, back to that Islamic Syrian paradise from whence she came.

  • April M

    If “parents” like these who are obviously thrilled with the carnage and raised him to do it were arrested along with the son, for aiding and abetting… You may have less problems

  • Sol

    Here we go again! It’s the Jew’s fault that they have to be killed! The Inquisition, the Nazis, the Arabs/Muslims….they all figured out that Jews must be killed, simply because they are Jews! History has proven how the misbehavior of Jews has caused their peril! The biggest crime of the Jews is that they ever existed! Perhap’s Israel’s universities had better stop advancing medicine and technology before they get all of us Jews killed! Jews behaving badly by simply breathing! Horrible Jews caused Abdel to become a terrorist, especially as he came from an enlightened and cultured household! Another ” Palestinian” anomaly! Pseudo logic wins again! Somebody shoot me! Wait! That’s their plan!

    • Ron

      The Babylonians failed, the Romans failed, the Crusaders failed, many Europeans failed, notably the Nazis failed, many Arabic nations failed, so, do you think the Palestinians have a chance?

  • The only one to blame for the bus attack was the Hamas-inspired terrorist. The PLO/Hamas terrorist entities incite young Arabs towards Jew-hatred. These people are not enlightened, but brainwashed. If they were truly enlightened, they would resist the PLO/Hamas occupation.

  • Eve Laing

    Reply #2,

    For the parents of Abdel Hamid Abu Srour, you cannot blame Israel in all honesty for your son’s intention to kill Israeli people on a bus……Here in Australia, a free, happy and openly democratic country, the police here also arrest troubled Muslim teenagers who are trying to kill innocent Australian people, the people who accepted their parents here in generosity and hospitality. The only similarity between your son in Palestine and the teenagers in Australia is a dissatisfaction with the way their lives are going and being a Muslim hearing hatred for Non-Muslims.

  • jakob wasi

    Ain’t that the truth. If a 12 year old girl attacks with a knife, that should tell the Zionists something. Remember ‘Godfather 2’, Michael Corleone is in Havana, Cuba during the last years of the Bautista regime. He witnesses a rebel blow himself along with the chief of police. That one violent act makes MC turn tail, refusing to sink money in gambling/sex/drugs syndicate on that island. He muses, ‘if someone is willing to give up his life for an idea, it is not worth investing in that place.’
    From Israeli history, that should tell you something: the same spirit that motivated the Irugn/Shtern Gang, fires the bowels of young Palestinians today. Only a political solution, not force will end the violence. A Palestinian state is the answer. But the Revisionists are deaf…and so..
    Remember, too, Bernie Sanders is running a campaign that hasn’t come crawling for Israeli anointment nor Jewish money. That, too, should tell you something.

  • Ephraim

    I think they need to be deported. Let them be refugees since they love the murderous kind.

  • Leon Sturman

    Do they have more idiot children? Don’t they have a desire to become grandparents?

  • Mark A

    So basically if your son blows up a bus, it couldn’t possibly be your son’s fault, or yours?

    Your son had no free will?

    This person describes herself as “an enlightened person.” I can’t say I share that assessment.

  • Myron Slater

    These people are certainly brainwashed, not taking responsibility for raising their son to be antisemitic. These type of people don’t want to make peace, only war.

  • Obe

    Always blame the victim.

  • ART

    Their home should be demolished and they should be liable for damages

  • Sofia B

    So, their son bombs the bus hurting innocent people, and what happens, the parents blame Israel. Israel is to blame for the air they breathe. So, this well educated, financially well off – thanks to Israel, commits this heinous crime, and blame it on Israel.

    Their son couldn’t be so enlightened and bright, if he decided to blow himself up. Too bad, so sad, hope the Israelis that were hurt on the bus will recover.

  • Les Lieberman

    How shocking it is when parents find out that their children have developed into strong individuals in their own right! I am sad for Muhammad Abu Srour and his wife. But I am also aware that Israel is NOT to fault for distrusting a population all too ready to destroy their state and acting in accordance with this distrust! Their son, Abdel Hamid, made a choice to not follow what I believe were his family teachings and to follow madmen bent on a cult of glorifying death instead of working to improve and enjoy the gift of life. Mahatma Gandhi could have done the same in India. Abdel Hamid chose a different path. It was a choice he made. The consequences are obvious. The stated goal of Hamas is to destroy the Jewish State and all the Jews therein. As long as Hamas and their ilk continue to pursue this insane objective, the Israelis will have no choice but to defend their right to live in this land as best they can. As long as the Israeli-Arab population continues to live in Israel and not move to other countries, I cannot believe that life for an Arab in Israel is so bad as to drive a young man to become a violent monster bent on killing and harming as many innocents as possible. Not all Israeli-Arabs are buying into the insanity! I send my condolences to the parents who are rightfully shocked at their son’s actions, but I cannot excuse or understand at any level what prompts such a horrible suicidal act.


    My empathy extends to these parents of a young man who blew up a bus and was killed while doing so. But it needs to be understood that their ‘ideology’ colours their thinking completely and is obvious when a question could be asked….”So, what responsibility do you as parents take in the actions of your son?”. Having a Palestinian ideology prevents the parents from seeing reality, that the subtle message they have been sending their son while he grew up in their care was that Israel is to blame for everything. And minus their ideology, maybe they would be able to see that. Just maybe.

  • Elchanan

    In several ways the terrorist parents are correct. The Jews have been allowing the corrupt leftist, Jew hating Israeli governments to funnel their tax money to the PA/PLO to support those arab schools, which teaches the little terrorists in training to believe in the lies that they have a right to live in Israel and how to grow up to be bigger liars and more effective terrorists. All along, those Israeli poliitcians know what is being taught, yet look the other way. At least 3 BB Nuttinyahoo ruled governments are complicit.

  • Gregg Solomon

    Assuming the father and mother are being truthful, I imagine this is shocking and loosing their son painfully said.

    BUT as far as blaming Israel, the either do not know the history, themselves do not understand Islamic Fundamentalism.

    When the three Israeli teenagers were murdered by Palestinians, there was a reprisal attack on a Palestinian boy by Israeli Jews. Prime Minister Netanyahu, the Israeli government, the political, intellectual, religious, social leaders of Israel and the world Jewish community denounced the reprisal attack, the police found the perpetrator and arrested him. Despite that Palestinians had just kidnapped and murdered three Jewish Israeli high school boys. Period.

  • Yadja

    There won’t be another generation this is over.

  • Yadja

    There won’t be any next generation they are going to be cleaned out like spiders and the world will celebrate.

    Not only in in Israel but in America and throughout the world it is the Crusades again.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    A nineteen-year-old man must take responsibility for his actions. In this case, it is not Israel, it is not poverty, it is not the young man’s parents: Abdel Hamid Abu Srour was fully responsible for this act perpetrated on innocent people riding in the bus. Committing suicide and wounding a score of innocent people, he died a criminal and a terrorist.

  • Rabbi Lazer Brody:

    If one does not heed HaShem‘s wake-up call, it only gets louder.

    Intifada #3 – The Whitewash Won’t Help, a public lecture by Rabbi Lazer Brody, 2014/11/11

  • A Simple Jew

    She is a Syrian! What the heck is she doing in Bethlehem? Deport them all into Syria.

  • dan ehrlich

    The parents of this youth do make a good point about the changing views and feelings of Palestinian youth. But is has been shown in western nations that even educated kids can be radicalized into religious zealots. Most of the 9/11 hijackers came from well off Saudi families.

    But,as with virtually all Aabs, it’s always someone else’s fault..never theirs. Civilized people do not kill themselves so they can kill others. People who believe that the next life in paradise will be better than this one do such things.

  • Jack

    The only thing more delusional than Abdel Hamid Abu Srour’s selfish act is his father’s response.

  • steve adams

    Instead of blaming the Jews and Israel blame yourselves for being part of a malignant culture of hate and incitement.

  • The Stabbings, the Rock Throwing, the Shooting, the Car Ramming and the Molotov Cocktails were a “Legitimate Peaceful Demonstration” and the World was more concerned with Israel’s Reaction than the Arabs Actions. They were only Concerned with a Soldier Killing a Terrorist (Who would kill again if given the Opportunity) and they Accused Israel of “Executions” and of planting the Weapons. …….. In GAZA HAMAS Fired 1000’s of Missiles and they Accused Israel of using “Disproportionate” Actions because the Iron Dome Saved Countless Lives. When the IDF Retaliated the Arabs used People as Human Shields and they Fired their Missiles from Schools, Hospitals & Mosques, but that was OK, what wasn’t OK was Israel’s Response …….The Arabs have been Inciting Since Day One and they have been Encouraging, Rewarding and Honoring Terrorists & their Families. They even Produced a Video that Encouraged People to Blow up Busses. Now it happened but because No One Died the World will be more concerned with Israel’s Reaction than with the Terrorism that was Incited, Committed and will be rewarded. ……… When this Intifada Began (And Don’t Delude yourself and think this isn’t an Intifada) Obama said that both the Israeli’s and the Arab’s should show Restraint. Both the Israeli’s and the Arab’s. That’s like asking a Rape Victim or a Battered Wife to show Restraint. Israel is the Victim. You can delude your self and say that the Arab’s are justified, but Terrorism is Never Justified, and Israel should REACT!!! IF NOT NOW, WHEN???

  • Howard

    As for this quote from his father – “… he came from an affluent … family with … manners, respect, education — which opposes violence.”

    Yes. It shows.

    Rather than take responsibility, yes, please blame everyone else.