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May 13, 2016 8:06 am

University of London Panel Calls for Annihilation of Israel as Solution to Global Antisemitism

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Hamas supporter Tariq Ali, who spoke at the ULSU-sponsored panel on Wednesday. Photo: Wikipedia.

Hamas supporter Tariq Ali, who spoke at the ULSU-sponsored panel on Wednesday. Photo: Wikipedia.

Speakers at a Wednesday evening University of London Student Union (ULSU)-sponsored panel called for the destruction of Israel as a solution to antisemitism, a British watchdog group reported.

According to UK Media Watch, several panelists issued the calls during an event centered on the theme of antisemitism in the Labour Party and alleging that the ongoing uproar over widespread anti Jewish rhetoric in the party is being used to silence critics of Israel and bring down leader Jeremy Corbyn. A leaflet handed out at the beginning of the panel, titled “Labour Jews Assert,” stated, “some people…are wielding ‘antisemitism’ allegations as a stick to beat the Corbyn leadership.”

Speaker Tariq Ali — a British Pakistani writer, journalist and filmmaker, who is an outspoken supporter of Hamas — said the annihilation of Israel would greatly benefit both Palestinians and Israelis. Antisemitism, according to Ali, is a result of the creation of a Jewish state, and once Israel is wiped off the map, antisemitism will disappear. Ali’s calls for a one-state solution were seconded by fellow speaker John Rose, a notorious anti-Israel and anti-Zionist author.  

Ali also accused Israel of branding those who criticize the country as antisemites, stating, “This is not a decision that was taken here [in Britain] or in Washington, DC. This was a decision that was taken by the Israeli government in Israel.” He referred to the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement as the “first mass non-violent movement to get Palestinian rights and defend Palestinian rights.”

Ali said the Holocaust “taught as a unique crime is not helpful” and minimizes other global atrocities. “If what is being done with Muslim communities today were being done to the Jews again, how many would tolerate it? Very few. And these are the double standards,” he said.

Also present at the panel was Weyman Bennett of Unite Against Fascism, Arthur Goodman of Jews for Justice for Palestinians, Lindsey German of Stop the War Coalition, and “As a Jew” activist Walter Wolfgang.

According to the report, Goodman said Jewish organizations should not be allowed to take part in defining antisemitism, due to a conflict of interest. He claimed Israel “ethnically cleansed” Palestinians in 1948, referring to it as the Nakba, Arabic for “catastrophe.” Echoing Goodman’s ideas on the Nakba, Wolfgang asserted that Palestinians were “driven out of their habitations” in 1948 and called for Israel to withdraw to pre-1967 lines. 

Bennett praised the Left for its fight against antisemitism, citing his organization’s protest against Hungarian party Jobbik leader Gábor Vona’s visit to the UK in January 2014. German called for open criticism of the political ideology of Zionism and argued that many Jews do not support the state of Israel.

Present in the audience of 300 attendees was Israel activist Jonathan Hoffman, the report noted, who handed out copies of the European Union Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC) Working Definition of Antisemitism. During the question-and-answer session at the end of the panel, Hoffman attempted to “articulate Israel’s case under immense pressure.”

The University of London has been the site of high-profile anti-Israel activities. In January, police were called to the scene of an anti-Israel riot on campus, in which one Jewish student was physically assaulted. The riot broke out after a speech by former Shin Bet (Israel security agency) chief Ami Ayalon. In March, the ULSU passed a motion supporting the BDS movement.

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  • Frank Adam

    Anti-Zionism becomes Antisemitism as soon as it shades – or segues – from criticism of Israeli activities or policies to denying the Jewish people something the speaker would not deny any other people.
    If those who deny the right of Israel to exist as a self determined Jewissh State also denied Pakistan its right to be a Moslem self-determined majority state; or the right of Ireland and Poland to be self determined Catholic; then I might believe their secular consistency.

  • Daiyan Ghanem

    You say you could end antisemitism by destroying Israel.
    No one is born an antisemite, it’s a learned behaviour.
    So how about ending the spread of antisemitism by destroying antisemites? Much more logical.

    • Otto Schiff

      Destroying anti Semites seems like a novel and practical idea.

  • Tommy

    The logic of ending anti-Semitism by abolishing Israel presumes there was no anti-Semitism until Israel was established. That is so obviously wrong that it is hard to see how anyone could make the argument with a straight face.

    You can just as well put an end to cancer by killing anyone who has the disease, or who is genetically susceptible to it, but that is hardly a cure.

    • Colin

      It is such a shame that they did not mention that most of the atrocities against Muslim is mainly by the Muslim.
      the hatred between Sunni and Shiite has been going on for years. Perhaps they should all be put in one state and left to get on with their fighting. The shame is that one day the hatred they have for one another will once again be forgotten when they have another go at Israel and get well and truly defeated. They forget when they act the way they do against Israel and the Jews they are also defying the one and only Living God, and he will not be mocked or defeated.

  • David Goldenstein

    If there were no Jews, there would have been no Jesus and there would be no Christians. Muhammad studied the Jewish Torah – read the Koran and you will see how it was derived from Judaism and the Torah. So if there were no Jews, there would be Arabs but no Muslims. That’s why they are all called Abrahamic religions – because they all started with Abraham, the first Jew.
    Perhaps the world would be a safer place with less wars if there were no Jews, Christians or Muslims. But who would the racists have to hate? Only each other?

  • Joseph Feld

    I hate to have to point it out but pre-Holocaust there was no state of Israel, but there was racial anti-Semitism and some Christian anti-Judaism just the same. In Nazi racial science Jews and Arabs are similar ‘mongrel’ Middle East races, BUT the Arab leaders were stupid enough to support Hitler and oppose the UK who represented democracy and human rights. If Jews are excluded from defining anti-Semitism, are women excluded from defining sexism? Are racial minorities excluded from defining racialism? Are Muslims excluded from defining ‘Islamophobia’? The mental state of some UK universities is in strong contrast to my six years in Johns Hopkins years back when Near Eastern Studies was headed by William Foxell Albright.

    • Dennis Borden

      Excuse me, but there was indeed a pre-holocaust Israel. The land, though not inhabited for many centuries due to the diaspora, has always been and always will be, the law of the Jews. God promised and ordained it to be because it was HIS land given to Abraham. The Israelis could continue to co-exist with the Palestinians who are the real squatters, if it wasn’t for the terrorists who keep the latter in danger. The terrorists have no interest in the Palestinian peoples except to make them pawns and provide they (the terrorists) a base to attack Israel and wipe them out. There will never be peace between them because the Arab neighbors have all vowed to push Israel into the sea. They even deny Israel’s existence so how can you possibly negotiate any peace under those circumstances?

  • Perry Mason

    You say there are 83 comments. Where are they?

  • ToTellTheTruth

    Oh, that’s right; anti-semitism and the ongoing attacks on, and annihilation of, Jews never, ever happened before the establishment of the State of Israel.

    Yeah, that’ll do it.

  • Laura Burkhart

    I feel so sorry for Tariq Ali,& for the Palestinians…even all followers if Islam, with hearts filled with hate.
    Truth is always twisted by hate groups…and the 68 years of Israeli history is twisted in Jews being inhumane, when the reality is, Israel is a place & land of love, energetic people…and miraculous connections with God! No wonder Israel’s enemies tremble.. they are blessed…wise, forgiving…and changing the planet!

  • dan ehrlich

    Remember the old phrase: Consider the source…Effete Third World morons who make up outrageous lies to cover up the horrendous human rights abuses of their own parasitic bankrupt homelands.

    What they fail to grasp is that Israel is a world power and can’t be dismissed by colonial refugees. .

  • pat o’connor

    A novel, but not original, way of solving the scourge of antisemism; get rid of the Jews! One cannot deny the truth in the logic: no Jews, no antisemitism. I can’t fault their reasoning, but I question their humanity. The Jews are going nowhere and their response must be to hate Jews.

  • Ann Levin

    Hard to believe there was a time when such heated and disgusting debates would never have been allowed to take place. Political Correctness combined with general unwillingness to learn the true facts have enabled these scumbags to preach their lies and hatred of Israel and Jews.
    Well done Jonathan for your continued support for Israel and decency.

  • Some people incite each other. It goes from bad to worse. Criticize and demonize Israel. Someone suggests to annihilate Israel. Is that the solution? And then anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism will stop? You believe that? No hate any more? We all want that! We want peace! It is written in the Bible: ‘The Lord Jesus said: “My commandment is this: love one another, just as I love you.” (The Gospel of John 15 verse 12 and also in the Book of Leviticus 19, verse 18). And in John 15 verse 17 the Lord Jesus says: “This, then, is what I command you: love one another.” This is Spiritual love. Respect your neighbor, the other human being.

    More verses from the Gospel of John chapter 3: as from verse 14 “As Moses lifted up the bronze snake on a pole in the desert, in the same way the Son of Man must be lifted up, 15 so that everyone who believes in Him may have eternal life.16 For God loved the world so much that He gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him may not die but have eternal life.17 For God did not send His Son into the world (all people) to be its judge, but to be its (all people’s) savior.”

    That is Life!

  • Shalom-Hillel

    The UK media and elites have become the central hub of anti-Semitism in the Anglophone world and do their best to spread it far and wide. The BBC is their mouthpiece. Ordinary Brits who protest the Muslim takeover have been criminalized. This is why I am voting for Donald Trump. He has declared war on the PC imposed by media that makes all of this insanity possible. He is likely the last chance we have to stop our social devolution and ultimately to stop nuclear war which is coming due to the Iran deal.

  • John Gardner

    Set irony ::= ON;

    I agree w/Tariq Ali and others. There was no anti-semitism before Sykes-Picot and 1948. None whatsoever.

    Set irony ::= OFF;

  • Lloyd

    How does he justify the Antisemitism prior to the re-establishment of Israel? But justification requires reflection. Reflection requires a quiet mind. A quiet mind requires stable thinking.
    It is easy to blame others for one’s owns failures. He speaks of the Holocaust as an unfair example which takes away from the conflict among Muslim groups.
    But, unfortunately, they do this to themselves. Following his lack of reflection, is he suggesting that Muslims should get wiped out to prevent anti-Muslim conflicts among each other? He would say no, which demonstrates he is unaware of his own untruths.

  • walt kovacs

    and i believe that islamaphobia will disappear if we nuke the kabaa

  • David Wellendorf

    Their word against His.

    “Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD and against his Anointed, saying,
    “Let us burst their bonds apart and cast away their cords from us.” He who sits in the heavens laughs; the Lord holds them in derision. Then He will speak to them in his wrath, and terrify them in his fury, For the Lord declares, “I have placed my Chosen King on the throne in Jerusalem, on my holy mountain.” The king proclaims the LORD’s decree: “The LORD said to Me, ‘You are my Son. Today I have become your Father. Ask of me, and I will make the nations your heritage, and the ends of the earth your possession.”

  • Geoff

    If Israel were destroyed, sure, Ali and his ilk would hate Jewish a little differently. Maybe even less. It’s just that no one supports that.

    Say, remember back when Ahmadinejad was talking about “wiping Israel off the map” and everyone vilified him for a while, and then his Islamic and neo-leftist/regressive enablers dismissed anyone taking notice as being “Islamophobic”? Remember how affronted they all were? How they insisted we simply didn’t understand how things were in the Middle East and Iran – “Death to the USA” and “Death to Israel” were just, you know, things people said, sometimes. Why, it was all just a big slogan! They didn’t mean it! And, anyway, he never said it. And they roundly abused and condemned the reasonable interpretation, supported all the way by neo-leftist regressive rags like the Guardian.

    And then the head of the Iran Expediency Council reiterated this same position in no uncertain way, and then the commander of the Iranian militia (Basji), and now this dolt Ali. Then Palestinian schools, CNN, Air France and NPR all seemed to lose Israel on _their_ maps. It’s the darndest thing in cartography, I guess, but maybe just a hazard of the biz.

    It’s – forgive me – almost as though the regressive perspective were taken up with some kind of… I don’t know, dishonesty or something. For some reason.

    But surely _that_ couldn’t be so… could it? Hmm.

  • Uriel Priwes

    Tariq Ali is perfectly right. If there were no Israel, there would be few if any Jews and therefore no room or need for antisemitism. Hitler’s posthumous victory would be complete. I think that only total idiots would accept this person’s view.
    As a graduate of the University of London, I am disgusted and ashamed at its tolerance for anti semites.

  • Gerd Kaluski

    To moderate my last comment, perhaps it should be stated that I am a Holocaust survivor who came to the United States in 1939. As such I know a great deal more about antisemitism than Tariq Ali and most of the participants of this conference. I rather doubt that most of these anti-semites were even alive during WW2 and have any real time knowledge about the events establishing the State of Israel.

  • Nimat

    This type of nonsense being peddled in schools only gets by because of the ignorance that binds the minds of the students.
    They don’t even know their own history let alone that of the Middle East.
    They know nothing about British and European meddling which has led to immense suffering around the world; not that knowing what took place in Africa and Asia would worry them at all. It is only when a Jew is involved that they get carried away with their hypocritical bigotry.
    Now if a Jew was involved in getting rid of Ghadafi, who was no threat to the US or Europe, the screams would have been heard on the moon.

  • Gerd Kaluski

    It is amazing when such a well known Jew Hater and brain dead idiot such as Tarig Ali appears at a meeting of anti-semits it reminds me of a swarm of flies feasting on fecal matter.

  • Edwrad Paul Campbell

    I have just bought my partner several books on Marxism by Tariq Ali. I didn’t know Muhammad was a Marxist too… did you ..? :/

  • Algernon

    These blinded, myopic Pro-Arab, Pro-Muslim, Pro-“Palestine”, Anti-Israel and Jew-Hating Anti-Jew Activists, Antisemites, and “self-proclaimed saviors”, know-it-all’s and experts who obviously are “a legend in their own minds” don’t know what they are talking about. Racism, hatred, discrimination, anti-Semitism, bigotry, deliberate social/political blindness/deafness and prejudice have been around since long before the time of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin or Jesus and the Roman Empire….
    The fact is that the tiny Jewish state of Israel is an open, free and democratic state that shelters and protects all who live there in peace and does not discriminate against any one ethnic or racial group or another; I know; I, an American, lived, traveled and worked there for several years…
    In Ireland the Catholics are still hating and killing the Protestants, etc. India was partitioned/divided to create the Muslim Pakistan because they hated the Hindu’s, Gaza is not being destroyed by Israel, it is being destroyed by their own militant and extremist, Arab Hamas, and in the US the racism, blind hatred and discrimination is still as strong as ever… Grow up, all you twisted, myopic hate mongers, take your blinders off and smell the truth; if you didn’t have the Jews, the Whites, the Asians, the Eskimo’s or the Blacks to hate you would find some other victims so you could boost yourselves up; this is how cowards feed, twist and manipulate the truth so that they can live with their own disease…
    I think BB said it best; If all the Arabs/Muslims neighboring/surrounding Israel lay down their weapons tomorrow, there will be peace and prosperity for all countries and all people in the entire region; If Israel lays down its weapons tomorrow, there will be no Israel next month.

  • Janus Avivson

    I wonder what would have happen if an institution in London or elsewhere would advocate, and vote accordingly, for a destruction of Palestinian people as an amazing and immediate solution to the Middle East crisis? How would they be called? Fascists? Murderers? Degenerates? I believe the same names can be ascribed to people calling for anything similar to Israel. But who will mention that in public?

  • Nimat

    ” Antisemitism, according to Ali, is a result of the creation of a Jewish state, and once Israel is wiped off the map, antisemitism will disappear. ”

    They lie like their feet stink. Taqyya is part and parcel of their daily life and the uninformed and ignorant fall for it all the time.
    As a Muslim he should know his three holy books,(Qur’an, Hadith and Sirra), off by heart and the demands they make to rid Islam of the Jews.
    1929 was the massacre of Jews in Hebron, where they had been living for centuries, well before 1948.

  • Jerry

    The audacity of this piece of garbage to vomit up his anti-Semitism is beyond comprehension. The solution really is to get rid of human cancers like him and his ilk.
    The Jews have been around for thousands of years and were always victims of anti-Semites like him. The solution, really , is to urge anti-Semites to dispose of themselves without contaminating the earth!

  • Adrienne

    I have a great solution to antisemitism…annihilate all the antisemites. Voila! Problem solved.

  • nelson marans

    What else in Great Britain is new. Antisemitism is deeply rooted in that nation with the Cliveden set during World War II a prime example. Matters will only get worse with an influx of Muslims and their intolerance toward Jews.

  • kris Kristian

    Hey!! This mamzer forgot to say “Some of my best friends are Jews”
    re The ignorant anti Israel Jews.
    Thank heaven that they are a small minority, who probably has business connections with Muslims.
    I hope that they never dirty any Synagogue by putting their “dirty” feet on the Synagogue premises (That is what the”richest” Arab, Abbas, said of the Jews who entered the Al Aksa mosque>
    I wonder where all the money has gone to, which was given to Arafat and now Abbas to help build Palestine
    They have both become multi millionaires


    why give print space to these complete idiots who are well past their sale by date.If they were living in their country of origin they would not have the chance to even stand up and make these comments .Anti semites will live on as long as there is world poverty and sickness be it of the mental kind or physical they will look for someone to blame and it was ever thus. We are strong we will survive but we need to be watchful.

  • ricardo

    It’s terrifying that the absurd hypothesis that Israel is the source of antisemitism is so blithely accepted as rational. There has been antisemitism for two millennia. There was bloody antisemitism in the 1800’s, with pogroms throughout the West, which most people know about, and similar vile actions throughout the Middle East, of which people are largely unaware. Well before there was a hint of a thread of a hope for the reestablishment of a Jewish nation in their ancient homeland Jews were being massacred on a whole range of pretexts, from Syrian blood libels to the long-delightful, Church-inspired notion that “Those damned Jews killed Christ” For these boob-bigots to assert some entirely different cause of antisemitism is a reflection on their prejudice and a complete repudiation of their objective, academic abilities.

  • April Martin

    Well it looks like Hitler conquered Britain after all.
    If they put up with this without a word, it proves the average British student now, wasn’t worth fighting for all those years ago.

  • Myron Slater

    The British have had an antisemitic attitude for many years, all the Jews in England should leave and move to Israel.

  • Joel Savitz

    After reading the article, I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of the problems in the Middle East relate to Britain who came to that area and colonized everything. The Brits are very narcissistic and believe they are always right. The problems they have now is that the Muslims they allowed into their country are taking over and soon the next monarch will wear a burqa. It’s time the Brits wake up and recognize what they have done to the Middle East over the last 100 or years as they have screwed most of any countries they took over. They are responsible for the slavery in the US in addition to that other wonderful country France. Wake up Europe!! Look what your colonization’s produced. Deal with your problems before you try to solve others. Look in the mirror!!!!

  • Yoni Ariel

    Tariq Ali said ” If what is being done with Muslim communities today were being done to the Jews again, how many would tolerate it? Very few. And these are the double standards.”

    He forgot one minor fact. It is neither Jews, Christians nor Hindus currently killing Muslims, but Muslims killing Muslims, as Shiites and Sunnis wage a war over who will dominate Islam. In Syria, where over half a million have been killed, and over 5 million ethnically cleansed out of the country, it is Shiites killing and ethnically cleansing Sunnis. Better if Mr. Ali was to admit his culture is in crisis, and use whatever brain he has to try and help it solve it, rather than blame the Jews for his culture’s shortcomings and inability to functionally evolve into the 21st century.

    I admit the Arab world has been a victim of Western imperialistic aggression. This month we are marking the 100th anniversary of the notorious Sykes-Picot agreement, which, by carving the Arab world up into a motley collection of artificial dysfunctional states, laid the foundations for the current mayhem and havoc the Arab world finds itself in.

    I guess it’s easier to blame Israel than admit you’re in a mess, and take responsibility for it.

  • enufizenuf

    If only the muslim states were annihilated there would be no islamophobia.

  • Ephraim Levi

    The annihilation of these hateful, intolerant, ant-intellectual, misogynistic, anti-democratic and anti-Jewish troglodytes will help the cause of anti-Semitism.

  • ilan klinger

    I’m confused.
    The holocaust was before or after Israel was founded?

  • tracy coltellino

    so what is his explanation for the jews being forced out of Spain….the pograms…..there has ALWAYS been brutal subjugation of the jews. That is WHY the homeland Israel had to be RE-created… that jews had somewhere to go home TO. There has ALWAYS been antisemitism…..just like there has always been rampant, moronic, blatant, criminal stupidity. Neither will EVER change.

  • Ani

    It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. The notion that antisemitism only exists due to the presence of Israel. Guess Hitler was really a lover of Jews I suppose, given that the country of Israel wasn’t even established until 1948. What are these people smoking?

  • David Goldenstein

    Is this the University of Illogical Arguments? Do they believe if there were no Israel, there would be no antisemitism? That’s brilliantly illogical. When there was no Israel, antisemites murdered 6 million Jews in the World War II Holocaust.
    These misguided students are following the same stupid logic as the people who claim that Israel’s building of settlements in Judea and Samaria is the cause of the current antisemitic attacks in Israel. Yet between 1948 and 1967, when there was not a single Jewish settlement in Gaza or Judea or Samaria, the Arabs were attacking and killing Israelis.
    Read my book, “The Nuclear Option” and you will learn everything you need to know regarding antisemitism and the current situation in Israel.

  • Donna Gabrieli

    One should not be surprised by antisemitism in British universities. Britain has always been anti-Israel. If these people want to destroy Israel, they will have to join a rather long queue. If universities want a subject to debate, they could choose, “Which will happen first, the destruction of Israel or the Islamisation of Britain?” The extent of antisemitism in Britain is well highlighted in an excellent book I have just read, “The Nuclear Option” by David Goldenstein. Read it, it’s an eye opener. Be prepared to be surprised.

  • It does not mater who loves and who hates, they are all irrelevant , the creator of the universe loves Israel. ,………that’s what counts , run and hide you haters of HIS people .

  • So the next ULSU panel will propose the annihilation of Jews to rid the world of antisemitism. How banal.

  • A Sander

    If this isn’t incitement to hatred , what is? The solution to eradicating anti-Semitism is the annihilation of Jew haters and Israel haters not the other way round. However, would it not be better that Ali and his like promoted peace and reconciliation between everyone so that we can work towards an everlasting peace.

  • Doug1943

    That the hatred of Israel is motivated entirely, purely, totally by old-fashioned anti-Semitism can be seen by applying one simple test:

    Suppose that in 1948, it was not Jews, but some other European people — Dutchmen, say — who landed there from Europe, killed some Palestinians and drove out others, seized their homes and land, and created a ‘Dutch state’, to which all Dutchmen, but no Palestianians, could immigrate.

    Suppose that, after a war in which they were attacked by Arabs, they expanded their terrotorial control, and now ruled over millions of Palestinians, again seizing their land and making it clear they intended to rule there forever, replying to pinprick attacks with massive retaliation inflicting one-to-a-hundred casualties on the untermenschen.

    Do you think the world would care? Do you think the Arabs would care? Wouldn’t the Palestinians rather love their new Dutch rulers, and be grateful that they had these civilized new masters rather than some Arab dictator running things?

    The hypocrisy here is clear.

  • I read up to the ‘antisemitism is a result of the creation of a Jewish state’! Based on that comment, anything that follows is obviously just a lot of nonsense.

  • ESLombard

    If there were no Jews, Jew haters would seek someone else to feel inferior to.

  • ESLombard

    If there were no Jews, Jew haters would have to seek someone else to feel inferior to.

  • RobertB

    Tariq Ali, another typical nobody that thrives on Jew-hatred. His contribution to society is inciting more death, destruction and mayhem.

  • Paul Winter

    Oh how very enlightened and original ULSU is; they have independently reinvented Hitler’s Final Solution. And their generosity of spirit, fairness and receptivity of challenging ideas identifies them as the true 21st century intellectuals that they are; none but such high-minded, discerning giants of progressive thinking could have conceived the notion that Jews should be excluded from contributing to the definition of Jew-hatred.

  • fishydude

    Apparently this turd is unaware of 20th century history.
    Hitler started his extermination of Jews will before Isreal became a country,.
    Muhammadin have been slaughtering Jews for centuries.
    What this turd means is that only when there are no more Jewish people on earth there will be no more Jews to hate. The goal of his kind has never been coexistence. It is the forcible submission of the world to Islam.

  • nat cheiman

    Tariq Ali is in fact a mentally disturbed man masquerading as a journalist. His country Pakistan is a nuclear power who in fact probably know very little about the physics thereof .

  • Sally Isaac

    Of course there was never any antisematism before 1948?? So the anihalate on of the state of Israel will end it ?What deluded idiots were chosen to put forward that ‘final solution ‘ to the world troubles in the ME?
    The dreadful,plight of the Muslims in the world today? Caused by Muslims slaughtering each other because they are a very bellicose group and unable to live side by side with any democracy,only in constant tribal wars with each other or in states ruled by religious despots.
    In 1948’the Arabs who stayed in Israel are equal citizens with equal,rights ,they have MK s in the Knesset and good jobs and professions.

  • Sheree Rihari

    This happened at a university with supposedly some of the finest brains in the UK present? I think I will remain uneducated thank you very much. Who are these people trying to kid? The sad thing is that they are the movers and shakers in society and their numbers are growing because the media only seem to present their views. Hang in there Israel. There are people who support you to the hilt.

  • As if there was no Antisemitism before Israel was established or before the advent of Zionism as a modern national independence movement. Clapped-out old Trots like Tariq Ali are being allowed by Corbyn to exert their baleful on influence on UK Labour and the disastrous results for Labour were all too evident at the recent council elections – the first time in 30 years when a national Opposition failed to make up ground against the incumbent government. (In fact Labour went backwards, which is why Ali et al are having this ‘debate’). It is not allegations of Antisemitism that are killing the Left but rather the fact that the allegations are true.

  • Gary Katz

    If Tariq Ali lived in Israel, he would probably be the stupidest person in the country.

  • Jane

    There was no State of Israel before 1948. But there WAS anti-Semistism! For centuries! How does Tariq Ali explain that?

    Oh, and when we say “never again” . . . we mean it!

  • Abdul Ameer

    It is not just Ali; It is the University of London Student Union, and the University of London administration, and the other people present at Ali’s talk, and all of the fans of Ali’s writings and movies. Nobody protested his call for wiping Israel off the map, presumably, together with the millions of Israeli Jews.

  • David

    Only in an intellectually dull world, would an intellectually dull imbecile like Tariq Ali be allowed to teach, to write his intellectually dull moronic statements and to infest the poor students who have to be infected by this man’s stupidity and brainlessness.

  • brenrod

    And yet, it appears to be Britain and Europe who are being annihilated is an ironic twist of fate where the chronic millenial and serial Jew killers are now being slaughtered by those they hired to kill the Jews. The honor killers call to kill the yahud and then like lemmings slaughter each other and flock to their employers to take their heads. So much talk and noise but in the end they are confused and going mad while Israel sits in the eye of the storm watching all around a jew killing world killing each other. Apparently there is a G_D and he appears to be fulfilling his covenant in real time.

  • Dani Renan

    Tariq Ali has a point, since we know from history there was no Antisemitism before the establishment of the state. (the slaughters by Muhammad as described in the Quran, those by the Crusades, by the Inquisition, by the Russian Tsar and his Black Hundreds, not to mention the Germans are all just Zionist propaganda).

    Of course there is the argument that if there are no Jews, then there won’t be any Antisemitism. The Jewish population of Malaysia is 0. The press and the government are extremely Antisemitic (and among the most virulent).

    Well if the Jew only all converted. Doesn’t quite work either. There are still “Arabs” that are discriminated because their families only converted during the Ottoman period, and are shunned by the others as al-Yahud (e.g., Yatta). Likewise, various Marranos/Anusim families in Spain are similarly shunned by the general population. In the 16 century, one was not allowed to immigrate to the colonies (Latin America)unless one was able to show Jews (or Moors) in the family for at least 4 generations (one more than the Nazi definition). And like Germany, it was true Antisemitism, based on “blood” not belief.

  • Frances Weingarten

    It’s hard to respond to this article as its proponents are so evil and despicable that I don’t know where to begin. Suffice it to say that their distorted views, their lies and their ignorance of reality show their contemptible nature. People like Arthur Goodman are even more despicable than the people he works with and it would be no loss if they were all to vanish from this earth.

  • stevenl

    Lots of schools in the Western world teach full time political and moral relativism!

  • stevenl

    Those HE wants to lose, He make them crazy! These morons microcephals must have been bitten long ago by Zika!

  • Isaac Semaya

    If the British people do not wake op to the lies being told about the Jews, ONE DAY THEY WILL BE FACING SHARIA LAW. And will not know what has happened. BRITS WAKE UP!!!!!!! The scum of the earth is among you. Eating away at your freedom.

  • Carl

    Following the same “logic” we can eliminate hunger by ceasing the production of food. We can eliminate poverty by getting rid of all forms of currency and employment. Disease can be eliminated by stopping the practice of medicine and ridding the world of pharmaceuticals. And all debates, discussions, and scientific discourse would be FAR easier without those pesky experts and affected parties involved. Imagine how much easier it would be to conduct government business without those pesky public hearings. Yes, these loons may actually be onto something! not

  • Palin Smith

    Earth would be a very peaceful, WILL be a very peaceful planet when every vestige of Islam is purged.

  • Robbins Mitchell

    Well then,the obvious cure for “Islamophobia” is to eliminate every Muslim on earth

  • tiki

    When Israel/Jew hating Pakistani & ashamed Jewish ‘Brits’ meet, it becomes a political SM orgy with Israel, the collective Jew, as the servant of these identity lacking idiots as the Masters.

  • shneerhere

    Uh, no Israel existed during the Crusades, Inquisition, Chelmoniki massacres,pogroms of 1880s, and Holocaust. All landmark antisemitic events. Arthur and Wolfgang shouuld be disappeared.

  • Ayatollah Ghilmeini DD

    I am willing to go out on a limb here and state that if Israel were annihilated, Mr. Ali would still hate Jews.

    The Guardian and BBC have done a great job teaming with the far left to infect the minds of a wide swath of the UK with antisemitism.

    We will fight them. Whatever it takes because there is no backing down to this hatred. They are immoral, twisted with hate and unjust, just like every other extremist villain throughout history.

    The good news is Israel is really strong and the better news is that while these characters pretend they are a rising tide, events have so overtaken their cause that any change in the Israel-Palestine story is not happening for years to come.

    • stevenl


    • brenrod

      no need to fight them, the Jews will continue to be gathered to Israel while Mr. Ali and euro defamers go at each other for decades.

    • Antonius

      You do realize that semitism creates anti-semitism. Go look up which lobby groups changed the immigration laws of USA, Germany, Sweden, Australia etc? Then comes the flood of Muslims? Perhaps to get the Jews to leave Europe and go to Israel and thus give legit cause for the instability that they and the USA created in the ME in the first place?

      Back to the original point, no one in Europe calls themselves Romans, Gauls, Picts, Pechangs and all the other hundreds of civilizations that melted into more current ones, or just outright dissappeared. Yet we have the enigma of the Jewish race. The descendants of Abraham (the racial aspect) and observers/followers of the Torah. Yet those who currently inhabit Israel are mostly atheists who treat the orthodox Jews terribly. Ashkenazi is number one and two on the Knesset list for first dibs on new housing developments (which are made so by illegal expropriation of land from Palestine). All the while, making Europeans foot the bill by which is done so by borrowing from their banks, which gives them more power. Eg like the USA being the bitch of the Federal Reserve Bank.

      I am no libtard. Centre right actually. But Israel does not follow the rules everyone else does. No one knows how many nukes it has. It made biblical claims to its existance which was allowed. He who built it dragged America into a war that its people did not want to fight, and dragged out its length as well (of which he funded so to speak) which upped the casualty numbers considerably and led to the inevitable cause of WW2. And with all that blood money he built Israel. They who suffered the holocaust, were quick to disregard the initial agreement of the Belfour Accord by which the Palestinians would not be interfered with. In barely over a year upon facing the Holocaust, Israel had an army. The IDF arose from the terrorist group Irgun. And today ISrael ranks up there with Iran and China for counter intel. Yet no president of the USA can become as such without paying respect to the wailing wall. Thats not anti-semitism (which itself is a bullshit term as “Jews” are not the only semitic people). ALso as I mentioned earlier, how do I people cling onto a label where they had no homeland since Simon Bar Kokbha? Was everyone else anti-semitic? Or were they in the hubris of their “Chosen Ones” identity, racist towards everyone else?

    • Pierrette Winter

      Indeed, the BBC and The Guardian have diligently fanned the flames of antisemitism, and giving a forum to people like Mr. Ali, and dignifying his “views” with a forum adds fuel to that brisk fire. Israel is a handy excuse.

    • Dan

      Shalom,your right on the dot brethren,even if they could execute that notion of wiping Israel off the map, (God Forbid) they would still hate the Jews. This is not about land ,or them wanting to live umin peace umin a 2 state solution,this us strictly a demonic level of hate and since Israel is The nation God choose to establish his name there, the whole world wants a piece of slaughtering Gods anointed. You know for years people have been talking about the end of the age but looking at the world right now, our supposed leaders and what’s going on with the generation of this age I really can see the end right at the front door,this is the time for all who are warrior s to start putting on the whole armor and fight. Not a physical one but a spiritual one. Those who have ears let them listen. Shalom…peace. Watch & pray brethren, the time is now….

    • Israel has the right to exist, every people and country on earth has the God given right to exist and to pursue peace amongst each other. You have people like Mr. Ali who lacks the ability to reason which is a lost art these days. Israel does not provoke, Israel will attack when attacked.Thats reasonable. Israeli policy is not driven by hate. Mr. Ali should examine himself every morning and if he looks long enough maybe he will see what extreme hate toward other people brings. Mr. Ali you are a walking dead man.

  • Jonas

    Tariq Ali is a kind of microbe no brain before the state of Israel, says the imbecile, there was no Jew hating.

    • George

      You are so right Jonas