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May 19, 2016 5:42 pm

Former Senior US Official: White House Launched ‘Venomous Whisper Campaign’ Against Netanyahu to Sell Iran Nuclear Deal (VIDEO)

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Michael Doran said the White House launched a public smear campaign against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as part of its strategy to garner support for the Iran nuclear deal. Photo: Video Screenshot.

Michael Doran said the White House launched a public smear campaign against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as part of its strategy to garner support for the Iran nuclear deal. Photo: Video Screenshot.

As part of the Obama administration’s strategy to sell the Iran nuclear deal, the White House launched a smear campaign against one of the deal’s biggest critics,  Israel’s prime minister, a former policy official told Congress on Tuesday.

According to the congressional testimony of Michael Doran — Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute and a former senior director in the National Security Council (NSC) in the administration of President George W. Bush — the White House initiated a “whisper campaign” against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to cast him “as the villain of the Middle East peace process, an arch-nationalist with unseemly ties to the Republican party who refuses to make the necessary compromises to bring about an historic reconciliation with the Palestinians,” he told the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

Doran’s testimony came in response to a controversial New York Times Magazine profile on White House national security advisor Ben Rhodes, who gloated about how he was able to deceive the public to garner support for last July’s nuclear agreement. Rhodes admitted to creating an “echo chamber” among susceptible journalists, policy experts and officials to spin the White House’s narrative.

According to Doran, the Obama administration engaged in a strategy of “deception” in order to create a “detente” with Iran. Had the White House been open and honest about the true nature of the agreement, there would have been significant public backlash, Doran said.

In Doran’s estimation, Rhodes’s behavior is part of a greater problem: the growing size and power of the NSC. “Rhodes’s war room is not an isolated problem, it is symptomatic of an NSC that, according to all three of Obama’s former secretaries of defense, has grown imperial in both size and ethos. In order to protect our system of checks and balances, Congress must take action to school the White House in a healthy respect for republican values.”

Rhodes himself was also called to testify before Congress but was blocked by the White House, which invoked executive privilege. In a letter sent to the committee, the White House said “the appearance of a senior presidential adviser before Congress threatens the independence and autonomy of the President.”

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, took to Twitter on Monday to criticize the White House’s decision after being informed that Rhodes wouldn’t be testifying. “[Rhodes] Talks to reporters and his ‘echo chamber’ but not Congress,” he tweeted. “Disappointing but typical.”

On Sunday, Obama’s national security advisor, Susan Rice, denied allegations that the administration lied to the public and manipulated the media to sell the nuclear deal. “There was nothing hidden. There was no effort to – or reality of misleading,” she said during an interview on CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS.

“There is nothing that Ben or the president or I or anybody who was involved in explaining the Iran deal to the American public said that wasn’t factually correct,” she said. “The notion that there was any ball to hide or spin to put on it, I think, is really misguided.”

Watch Doran’s testimony below:

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  • lena866

    The propaganda Obama inserted into an already racist left led to the constant repetition of these points on FB. How many little Jew haters have posted, when confronted on why they hate Israel, can only mention Bibi, whose name they mangle. And the constant false refrain that the only choices were between Iran “deal” and war.

  • Yale

    What Ben Rhodes is really saying is that the Obama presidency is based on the premise that the American people are too stupid to realize how much of a mess he is making of the world as well as of this country.

    The great irony of all this is that Obama’s goal of undermining American democracy will be his most lasting legacy. The next president — as long as it isn’t Obama — must spend his/her entire tenure undoing essentially everything Obama has done or America is doomed.

  • nelson marans

    Should anyone be surprised at this recent disclosure. President Obama has demonstrated from the very beginning of his presidency a pro-Muslim bias including even the terrorist regime of Iran. His foreign policy is replete in favoring the enemies of Israel.

  • Chris Rettenmoser

    The TRAITOR Obama has to be IMPEACHED !!!

  • Will someone in Congress get some courage and bring impeachment charges against POTUS!

    This, added to the incredulous report about Ben Rhoades shows a complete disdain for the laws of the country.

    Though only a few months until the end of his disastrous presidency, we need to show him that his misdeeds will not go unpunished.

  • “Had the White House been open and honest about the true nature of the agreement, there would have been significant public backlash, Doran said.”

    There WAS significant public backlash, but no one listened to us!

    I can’t tell you how many times Americans expressed the wish that Bibi was OUR President, instead of a man who would rather bring down the US just so he could say he did.

    • Amen,Wendy!

    • bertie

      Your BeBe already thinks he is the President of the USA. Americans are fed up with that savage.

  • H. Givon

    Once again, President Obama has reneged on his promise of ‘transparency’ by using ‘executive privilege’ to block revelation of facts that might reflect poorly on his administration. That, in itself, exposes the manner in which the White House has pushed through controversial projects.

  • Ani

    Why isn’t the American public angrier over this? Watching the well orchestrated campaign to smear Netanyahu and denigrate what he had to say was frustrating indeed. It was apparent to me what was going on even if I didn’t know the exact cast of characters that was operational in the spin campaign. That it came from the White House was a given.

    As Obama was so intent on making this deal to create a legacy, I wonder what the ultimate legacy of it will be. While I’d like to see it tarnish his legacy for good, as well deserved, I dread that this might be because Iran is able to harm Israel as a result of this horrible “deal”.

    As for me, the Democrats lost me as a voter for good.

  • What said state US is in, rhodes story cannot be question by senate or congressman, they all elected by people, even the prez who should have impeached along ago for being a con man, clinton was impeached for a lie under oath, the now prez has lied of many occassions, no arm of govt dare impeach him. after his term he goes to an islamic country to live so that he can hear the morning call to prayer which is very sweet to him according to him

  • Richard E Sherwin

    amusing. Netanyahu’s slandered in secret for bravely stating in public Israel’s disagreements with a proposed (and now completed) nuclear ‘deal’ between USA and Iran. The USA has withdrawn from the Middle East (except for secret boots on the ground of course) after first abandoning what few allies it had (Israel the only dependable one), and blaming Israel for everything gone wrong. What other glorious legacy has the current President got to leave behind among the corpses he avoided helping when alive, leaving it to Putin to replace him helping Assad barrel bombing and gassing whoever he could. Respecting Islam is one thing, folly is another, and deceit…. oh well…. went with the job and the Nobel prize i guess. and the slander continues. Netanyahu may as well make Lieberman defence minister. Speaks his mind publically whatever the state of his finances may have been.

  • harri

    Hussein Soetoro hypocrisy # 189,0900,309; he objected to Netanyahu’s influence on American Jewery (finally waking up to his islamic agenda) yet has not compunction about mucking in Israeli affairs, or could it have come from his handler Valeria Jarrett?

  • SteveHC

    NO one should be surprised by *any* of these “spin” games; it’s all been outrageously obvious from day one. And US presidential attempts to amass power followed by (usually vain) Congressional attempts to reign it in have been a cat-and-mouse game that’s been played for over two centuries now. Right now all that counts are three things: whether or not the American public believes that Obama did all of this with the best of intentions, whether or not the deal with Iran was worth it, and whether or not Americans really want their government to continue to function in this manner.

  • Francis Figliola

    This is a perfect example of what a faux president without clothes or portfolio, does in collusions with his faux cabinet ministers and WH officials – FAKE IT!

  • Howard Kahan

    It appears that Obama and his lackeys can even S–T on the US press,that has covered his back from day one, and get away with it. This is tough to fight.

    • Dana

      Still waiting for the press to wake up to how it has been manipulated and possibly tell the truth about the Obama years. I guess that will be a long wait.