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May 23, 2016 2:38 pm

Student Group Mulls Legal Action Against Violent Anti-Israel Protesters ‘If University Sweeps Incident Under the Table’

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Hundreds of students at UC Irvine showed up in solidarity with Students Supporting Israel the day after a violent anti-Israel protest disrupted a campus event. Photo: SSI.

Hundreds of students at UC Irvine showed up in solidarity with Students Supporting Israel the day after a violent anti-Israel protest disrupted a campus event. Photo: SSI.

If an internal investigation into last week’s violent, anti-Israel protest at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) “sweeps the behavior of the demonstrators under the table,” legal action will be pursued, the founder of a grassroots, pro-Israel organization told The Algemeiner on Monday.

Ilan Sinelnikov, founder and president of Students Supporting Israel (SSI), was referring to an aggressive protest Wednesday evening, held by members of the local chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and the Muslim Student Union (MSU), against the screening of “Beneath the Helmet,” a documentary film that follows the lives of IDF soldiers.

As reported by The Algemeiner, during their demonstration, the students shouted “long live the intifada,” “f*** the police,” “displacing people since ‘48/ there’s nothing here to celebrate” and “all white people need to die.” Pro-Israel students in attendance at the screening, along with IDF veterans, were barricaded inside the building, and though police were called, the protest was allowed to continue. One female student was harassed and chased, to the point that she was forced to flee and take refuge inside a nearby building.

Following the protest, UCI’s SJP issued a statement on Facebook, gloating about how they had “successfully demonstrated against the presence of IDF soldiers on campus.” The group accused Israel of enforcing policies of “Zionist settler colonialism and military occupation of Palestinian land,” murdering Palestinians in cold-blood and using “Gaza as a laboratory for weapons testing.”

According to Sinelnikov, police and campus officials are working to identify the perpetrators. “The university is taking this very seriously, and we should have the results of its investigation by the end of the week. The best scenario is that the university will take action against the student protesters, either suspending individuals or even suspending SJP as a whole from campus. However, if that doesn’t happen and the students are cleared, then we will be looking into filing police complaints and/or lawsuits against the students,” he warned.

SJP, Sinelnikov said, “could do whatever they wanted without any consequences for years. Now we are going after the students and those involved, so they cannot continue disrupting and shutting down pro-Israel events.”  

Sinelnikov told The Algemeiner that what is even “more incredible” about the aftermath of the protest is that the following day, on Thursday, “SSI hosted a big event at UCI and it was attended by hundreds of students showing their solidarity with us.”

The event, which took place outdoors in a public space, featured tables of pro-Israel organizations, artists, Israeli music and the distribution of materials about Israel. “There wasn’t even one protest against us,” he said. “Everything went down perfectly and this, on its own, is a victory.”

Thursday’s UCI event is reflective of SSI’s overall strategy in combating those who seek to shut down the student group’s Israel advocacy, Sinelnikov explained.

“The best way we arm students is to give them every possible scenario that did happen and can happen against their events. At the same time, we tell students that from the moment they put up a flier for the event, people will try to stop them, but they must try to follow through and finish the event. After that, we will deal with the consequences and issue an even stronger pro-Israel message on campus,” he said. Just like the Israeli people face terror and violence and it doesn’t stop them, the terror and violence SSI faces on campus for our Israel advocacy work will only make us stronger, and our message will go farther not only at UC Irvine, but on every SSI campus across the country. We will not let anyone stop our events from happening and the next time, they will be even bigger and better.”

SSI is among the more rapidly growing pro-Israel campus movements in North America. It currently operates 43 college and university chapters across the country.

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  • Douglas Errington

    All our love and support to SSI from us here in Canada. To far hell with these Arabs.

  • Please help show support for the students who were in that room who greatly appreciates the encouragment and support from the Pro-Israel community around the world! https://www.facebook.com/Show-Support-for-Pro-Israel-Students-at-UCI-248243575532024/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

  • Al Talena

    Both the leftys & arabs use the same tactics: disrupt any events that are at odds with their view. Then claim “freedom of speech” allows them to do that.

  • What “violence”? Yet another misleading headline to undermine the credibility of this newspaper and of anyone who carelessly shares this link.

    It’s not even clear that the protesters disrupted the event; it sounds like the protesters were kept outside the hall during the event.

    • Al Talena

      Typical lefty & pro arab response to give opponents of Israel a free pass. The tactic of disrupting events that leftys & arabs oppose goes on in so many different venues and is well known.
      Ironic that the liar is calling his opponents deceivers.

  • Martin Bookspan

    Bravo Brenrod! A brilliant suggestion.

  • Barry Goldberg

    Bless you, Sinelnikov, and all other leaders and members of SSI on all campuses. There is no question that the ONLY effective technique to engage SJP and related anti-Semitic organizations is to fight fire with fire. We’re proud, proud, proud of you!!!

  • Lawrence Kuznick

    Problem is that most Jewish students arrive from homes of little discussion or involvement. They have no agenda, as do the BDS crowd and Muslims. It is time to be not only defensive… and they are hardly that, but to be also offensive. That the others will understand. Come on, Jewish kids, be more like your Israeli cousins.

  • Gillian

    Obama said that an anti-Semite is someone who refuses to recognize the 3,000-year connection between the Jews and the Land of Israel. An anti-Semite is also someone who refuses to recognize the long history of persecution that the Jewish people suffered in the Diaspora.
    According to Obama, an anti-Semite is someone who refuses to understand that this history of persecution together with the Jews’ millennial connection to the Land of Israel is what justifies the existence of Israel in the Land of Israel.
    Moreover, according to Obama, anti-Semites refuse to understand that Israel remains in mortal danger due to the continued existence of anti-Semitic forces that seek its destruction.
    In his words, “If you acknowledge those things, then you should be able to align yourself with Israel where its security is at stake, you should be able to align yourself with Israel when it comes to making sure that it is not held to a double standard in international fora, you should align yourself with Israel when it comes to making sure that it is not isolated.”

  • Susie Kaplan

    As a recent new immigrant to israel, I find it so absurd what is happening in the world. Just walk on any street in this country and you will find Arabs shopping, working, in givernment offices collecting unemployment , social security, hospital care These “students” only want the destruction of israel, nothing else. G-D help us all

    • Marilyn

      We just came back from our 8th trip to Israel and anyone can see that this is a multicultural country (just look at Sharei Zedek hospital for instance) allowing all peace loving people to dwell safely.

  • Cindy

    I am following this story VERY closely as I am very discouraged by the lack of action by the Administration of UCI regarding Anti-Semitic behavior on their campus. This is far from being the first disruption and will not be the last. This is getting out of hand, Jewish students are fearful for their lives and are being chased to the point of having to hide in buildings!! UCI is too busy being PC and catering to the demands of the Muslim students. Maybe if these students that are protesting and harassing these Jewish students understood their biblical history they would understand there is no such thing as a Palestinian because there isn’t a Country or place called Palestine. I do not understand why the ADL is not more involved in standing up for these students as they have to experience these horrific attacks!!!! G-d Bless Israel!!!!

  • nat cheiman

    Sue them. Arabs & muslims must understand that they are living in America by courtesy of the American people. Not their islamic faith

  • “All white people need to die ” ?? Why was this statement alone, not worth police attention as a hate crime, incitement to violence, a threat ? Had someone shouted that about black people or Muslims,their feet would not have touched ground as they were slung into a police van. What we need is real equality not selective.

    • Al Talena

      Tyranny of the Left.

  • Sheree Rihari

    I hope these protesters are held to account. “All white people need to die?”Really? These are our finest minds? They are all blind! Good to see that Jewish students are not taking these incidents lying down.

  • Cliff Oswald

    The BDS movement should be made illegal? What’s wrong with dissent? Its one thing to rightly condemn violence, but another to restrict one’s right to decide where to buy or not to buy.
    The BDS movement is supported by a large, young Jewish contingent. What about their democratic right to dissent?

  • stevenl

    The vast majority of academics from 1st grade to 18th grade is leftists and anti-Semitic in the US and in Europe.
    Legal action is the only way against anti-Jewish racism.
    This is the result of two thousand years of internal bias coupled with billion of Arabic petro$ and American GREED.
    The goal of Islamists (with the Middle Eastern studies, dear to academia) is the destruction of the Western world with the cooperation of the pseudo-intelligentsia.
    Where the communists failed, greed promoted by Islamists may succeed.

  • Harvey

    Instigate a class action against the university for failing in their duty of care towards their students and failing to provide a safe environment in which to study and thrive generally .
    Benefactors to cease funding . Hit them in the pocket .
    Identify the participants and expel not suspend

  • Scott A. Wolf

    Don’t mullor debate,do. Action is the only course with these anti semites.

  • racy

    These young hoodlums are paid to harass and threaten Israeli supporters. They and their pro Palestinian professors must be shut down and ultimately removed from the campuses. No student or professor has a right to inflict fear on others. This has gone on too long. Colleges are protecting these rabble rousers, but when you start hitting the colleges where it hurts, donations, fines and law suits, they’ll be singing a different song. This will NOT be allowed to continue. Leftists and Palestinian professors have hijacked college students’ brain. They cannot take different points of view; they make them fear for their lives; they threaten to inflict bodily harm on those who disagree with them. SUE THE COLLEGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Reuven

    SSI is very much needed at Brooklyn College, Vassar, and Brandeis University.

  • Reform School

    Are Writs of Mandemus reasonable? Ask Professor Dershowitz

  • What a fantastic response of brave Jewish youth who want to stand up against this brazen attack against Jewish students who peaceable were having an event showing support for Israel. There should be zero tolerance for the Students for Justice in Palestine. A group that has the financial support of terrorist groups within the U.S.A with the support of Qatar oil money.

  • Docvisuals

    Left wing anti-semitic red/green/brownshirts and goons – a radical minority, doomed to the dustbin of history, but going through their pathetic death throes of mindless violence. Truly a tragic waste of their energy, for it will get them nowhere, drowning themselves in a sea of lost opportunity.

  • MH8169

    I agree with one of the commentators: secure legal action against the perpetrators, seek financial claims against these individuals and the organization. Make them feel the pain for their stupidity. Seek legal action against professors who prevent freedom of thought and speech. Attack them where it hurts!

  • brenrod

    destroy the lives of individual students and faculty members with criminal and civil charges.. make them unemployable.

    • Cliff Oswald

      I agree that some form of action must be taken against violent acts perpetrated on peaceful protesters, its a bit of a stretch to make them unemployable. That can only lead to a worse radicalism.

    • wsg

      Indeed,identify them and get them onto canarymission.org

  • BDS must be made illegal, in California to stop these flash mob bullies from their legal protection in the guise of free speech

    BDS must be made illegal, in California to stop these flash mob bullies from their legal protection under the guise of “free speech”

    • Julie Weiner

      So only SSI should have free speech, but not critics of Israeli policy? “First, they came for the communists, but I was not a communist….”

      • Marilyn Chernack

        There’s a big difference between hate speech and free speech. When one calls for the murder of whites and /or Jews, it’s called hate speech, dummy.