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June 26, 2016 6:01 pm

5 Months After Surviving Palestinian Stabbing Attack, Israeli Woman Gives Birth to Healthy Baby Girl

avatar by Ruthie Blum

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Michal Froman, in the aftermath of the January 18 stabbing attack that left her moderately wounded. Photo: Facebook.

Michal Froman, in the aftermath of the January 18 stabbing attack that left her moderately wounded. Photo: Facebook.

Five months after surviving a Palestinian stabbing attack, a 30-year-old Israeli woman gave birth to her fifth daughter on Saturday, the Hebrew news site Walla reported on Sunday.

Michal Froman, a resident of the Judean community of Tekoa – is the daughter-in-law of the late Rabbi Menachem Froman, famous for his efforts at Jewish-Arab peaceful coexistence.

Her husband, Shibi, posted a message on Facebook on Saturday night about the baby and the significance of her entering the world under such circumstances.

“For the months since the stabbing, I have been wondering whether the baby would be born a [far-Right extremist] hilltop youth or an extreme leftist,” he wrote. “In the end, she emerged on Shabbat and she is merely a lump of sweetness. Simple and relaxed sweetness. It seems that it will take a lot of time to persuade her that there are conflicts in the world, other than gas, of course. In the meantime, she and I share complete admiration for her mother, who again is surprising us with yet another example of heroism and greatness and being able to see beauty in the midst of difficulty, and goodness in times of crisis. Thank God for everything.”

Shibi Froman told Walla about the impetus for his post. “We always joked that [the baby] had experienced the [Arab-Israeli] conflict in utero, and thought it interesting to consider how she was going to fare in the world outside.”

This is in keeping with how Michal herself responded in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attack, which left her – at the time 18 weeks pregnant — in moderate condition from wounds sustained to her upper body.

“The [Arab] ambulance driver who drove me had more human compassion than many of the Jews I know,” she said at the time. “I call on Arabs like him to join hands and do something together to change things… I know this is hard, and it may take many years to achieve, but together we will emerge victorious; the faster we get this done, the better things are for everyone… [I feel] a great urge to give back and to implement the lessons I learned from this ordeal — namely, to make life stronger and to give to others.”

Froman, was attacked on January 18 by a 17-year-old Palestinian in the clothing store where she was employed. The terrorist fled, ignoring orders by security forces to stop. He was then shot and wounded by a civilian, and taken to the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, while Froman was evacuated to the Shaare Zedek Medical Center, where it was determined that her unborn baby had not been harmed.

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  • Moon

    Best boot some more Palestinians out of their homes to make more space then

  • A question for those ready to give Israel to those who would kill Jews: each time Israel makes concessions to the Palestinians they ramp up the violence and give nothing back. Some of you will no doubt remember what happened when Chamberlain gave Czechoslovakia away. It did not bring peace it only emboldened the aggressor. When the disputed land is given to them they will be much closer to Israel and their rockets will be more accurate.

  • Leor Suissa

    Just goes to show, even if you are a bleeding heart liberal and want to give the Palestinians a state and care about them, as long as you are a Jew, they still try to kill you. Her father must be turning over in his grave. GOod job labeling people. Really following in your father’s footsteps.”Far-right hilltop youth”? Why do you hate your people so much. Maybe move to an Arab village. Seems like you’d prefer it. I know I would prefer you not living in my community.

  • Linda

    Mazel Tov!

  • Mazal tov to Michal , her husband , their whole family and all decent human beings everywhere, irrespective of ethnic/religious affiliation. What courage and refinement of character , to view their terrible experience.
    What else can one learn from uncontrolled anger and resentment , but to look for reasoned and reasonable ways to overcome rigid ways of thinking based on horrible pre -judgements of one’s presumed ‘enemy. ‘One can only go forward if there is hope that within the ‘enemy ‘ one may hate , there is the opportunity for a gradual reconcilliation.

  • Jay Lavine

    Rabbi Froman was the kind of person who could see the good in all people. I recall the time he traveled wearing his tefillin to see Sheikh Yassin and got him to agree that civilians should not be targeted by terrorists. I hope that the child will be extreme in her manifestation of good midot. That is the only acceptable kind of Jewish extremism. I’m reminded of the time U.S. presidential candidate Barry Goldwater, whose father was Jewish, responded to the accusations that he was extreme by saying that some people would say he was extreme if he loved his wife too much.

    • shloime

      rabbi froman went to gaza wearing tefillin. where would he go and what would he say today? hamas never actually stopped targeting israeli civilians, no matter what yassin, ym”sh, said in front of the cameras. and offering up yet another kuffar head to be hacked off by the murdering savages of isis is even more meaningless.

      we have eaten of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, our eyes have been opened, and we must accept the responsibility of that knowledge. “seeing the good in everyone” is a wonderful quality, but when it prevents you from recognizing evil, it is a form of blindness worse than that of the blind sheikh.