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July 6, 2016 5:59 pm

Synagogue, Church Members Named on New ISIS ‘Kill List’ Targeting 1,700 Individuals

avatar by Lea Speyer

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An English-speaking Islamic State fighter. Photo: Screenshot.

An English-speaking Islamic State fighter. Photo: Screenshot.

The notoriously bloodthirsty terror group ISIS has released a new “kill list” naming over 1,700 targets — specifically members of synagogues and churches — for attack across the US, the International Business Times reported on Wednesday.

The list was released online by ISIS’s cyber hacking arm the United Cyber Caliphate (UCC) and first uncovered by intelligence analyst group SITE. The terror group called on its supporters to carry out lone-wolf terror attacks, and urged: “kill them all,” “slay them.”

According to SITE, the list was first published on July 3 but was then quickly deleted. A new list was uploaded on July 5 with additional links and information. The notice doesn’t explain why specific religious organizations are being singled out by the terror group.

US security officials appear to be taking the most recent target list seriously. As reported by Nashville’s WSMV, the FBI has begun warning residents in the area of their inclusion. 

FBI assistant special agent-in charge Matthew Espenshade told the news station, “When we find information like this, we’re always doing our best to contact the public, let them know, even if we don’t understand why necessarily that information was out there or compromised.”

The use of kill lists by ISIS and its affiliates has evolved into a common terror tactic. According to a report by SITE, “These lists, with targets spanning drone operators to random civilians, appear to have achieved at least part of their presumed intentions: heightened alert by government workers, FBI visits to startled civilians, and significant media attention.”

Over the last year alone, kill lists by pro-ISIS hacking groups have “not only become more abundant, but have also expanded in terms of target selection.”

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  • Why was my accurate and informative comment not posted? I am an expert in this field and my remarks were accurate.

  • duPont

    ISIS has proved itself to be an aberration/contaminant of Islam in that they are even killing innocent Islamic people as evidenced by the recent attacks in Turkey, Bangladesh, etc. ISIS is simply a cult composed of Muslim human failures, sociopathic, weak minded, poorly taught criminals who are easily convinced to join the group to gratify their basest instincts: murder and mayhem. They are a band of murderers that have demonstrated that they really don’t care whom they kill be it Jews, Christians or Muslims. Since these are the spawn of Muslims, the Muslim countries should take the lead against them, which up to this point they have failed to do. We need to protect our own. Let the Muslim countries battle each other. Let us protect our own.

    • Not so Dupont,
      According to standard Islamic teaching one is not a Muslim if one is not living in full submission(“islam”) to the deen. ISIS does not kill observant Muslims, they only kill non-observant ones. Under Sharia, these non-observant people are not Muslims, they are heretics and are thus regarded as lower than the kafir and deserving of the death penalty. What ISIS and similar groups are doing is precisely what al Qur’an and al Hadith require of Muslims.

    • Stuart Goldsmith

      The Muslim countries have not balls. They are afraid for their own lives.

  • “No weapon formed against the people will prosper, and every word of judgment is condemned” Isaiah 54

    “Let the devices of the wicked go back over their own heads” Psalm 10

    • Jo

      Thank you Pastor for these Good Words

  • bernice schreier

    we should dry up their source of funds…that is the key to everything…our President…the Palestinian Authority…Iran..etc……without funds nothing much can be done…I forgot the third world UN

    • ellen

      they are not going to stop funding them with $$ or guns, knives, bombs etc etc whatever they are funding them with they will continue so they can have their new world order. we are not apart of that. our best chance is to get trump in office and pray for his safety

      • Stuart Goldsmith

        The problem is Trump has not stated what he will do He is another politicians who promises

    • I couldn’t agree more. The huge amount of funding only increases terror. It needs to stop now!

    • Stuart Goldsmith

      Stop all funds to countries that abet terrorism, to all organizations such as Hamas and the Palestinian Authority who encourage terrorism

  • Sam Harris

    All shuls must wake up and have armed guards.It’s worth the increase in dues!

    • I agree we certainly need proper armed protection at schul and many other venues. Terrorism is not a matter to be dealt with in a genteel manner.

    • ricardo

      There are several worthwhile considerations that contradict the notion of needing armed guards. The first is probability. The risk of armed attack on most synagogues right now in the US is very, very small. While it may very well increase in the future, you can’t drive yourself nuts and take wildly unproductive actions based on low probability fears, though it would be reasonable to take temperate actions based on reasonable analysis and thoughtful response.
      Armed guards make great first targets. If they are obvious and visible, they’re immediately taken out, and then the massacre is free to continue unimpeded. We need a more community-centric approach, for philosophical, social, and most important, practical reasons. That would mean a kind of home guard, with members trained, armed, and even patrolling. Don’t forget that attacks have included bombs planted near the outside of Jewish gathering places.
      I have a lot of trouble with Jewish attitudes about hiring others to do their dirty work. Do you know any shuls that have Jewish janitors? Jewish guards? Jewish secretaries? In Israel, sure. Here? Very unlikely. My lifetime experiences within the Jewish Community are gradually making me antisemitic. We have our own attitudes about untermentschen, and it’s not pretty.
      So I think that hiring guards is a wasteful expense, an action which is anti-factual, anti-practical, anti-commuinity-building, and pro-antisemitic.
      We can do better.

  • nat cheiman

    Isis will never succeed. Their star is waning

    • Lucille

      ISIS is on its way out of existence. It’s just a matter of time. “And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.”

  • brenrod

    If all the muslims are sent to syria, iraq and libya… problem over.

  • Eric

    Nu… how do we see who is on list???

    • Isahiah62

      EXACTLY- do we not have a right to know if it’s our synagogue or church at risk? the right to take precautionary measures?

      Our fascist govt thinks no. You have no rights to know the info you are paying them to collect. We are supposed to TRUST this admin after seeing nothing but lies and obfuscation, fancy-dancing with language for 8 long years.

  • H. Givon

    Not only does ISIS murder innocent people, it causes mental anguish in its threats of future terrorism. Those who are committed to the destruction of this organization must understand the imperative to eliminate the evil ideology which attracts supporters.

  • Reform School

    They didn’t target the family at 1600 yet. Or did they?

  • Pick me! Pick me!

  • enufizenuf

    Did Max Blumenthal supply them with the list?

    • ellen

      I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Obama or Soros hey maybe even Hillary

  • Lia

    Why, with Jews & Christians targeted, don’t security forces understand why these two specific religious organisations are being singled out by the terror group? They must have heard f both the Saturday people and the Sunday people?

  • RD Smith

    Hey ISIS! You don’t know it yet, but your days are numbered like the calendar. And according to the date, that’s how many of YOU WILL DIE on each of those dates. So if the date is the first, only one of you dies. But if it’s the thirtieth…then thirty of YOUR FILTHY GROUP WILL DIE. The more you try to do harm, those numbers for each date will double, then triple. I’m sure you get the idea. B’bye ISIS. B A N G !!! You’re DEAD!

  • How kind and considerate of ISIS to publish the names of its intended kill targets.

    Wait, this is impossible! Our POTUS tells us there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism. What would anyone possibly be afraid of with his confidence in the Religion of Piece?

    I’d say, run, do not walk to buy your guns and ammo before the Dems prevent this option, spinning every Islamic terrorist attack into a gun-control problem in gun-free zones.

    Maybe Obama’s and Clinton’s bodyguards would like to lay their weapons down and just walk away? Set the first example of a no-gun policy for everyone?

  • Stein

    Anybody on this murder list, must vote Republican, in order to destroy ISIS, in self-defense.

    It is necessary to destroy ISIS for the sake of the preservation of human life, for the lives of those on this list and the lives of all members of the human species.

    The Islamists of ISIS put the human species at risk.

    Remember, the Islamists of the theocracy of Iran, are equally evil as the Islamists of ISIS.

    Moreover, all Islamist imams and leaders conspire to commit mass murder. The ideology itself is the danger to human life.

    I am disappointed that the Democratic party is so painfully incompetent at combating Islamism.

    • Kris Kristian


      I pray that Hitlery gets the hiding she needs by the Americans turning to Trump as they know that Trump means business.
      He will send this migrants back to the deserts whence they came.

  • Jonah

    Trump is probably on it but you will not find Hillary or Bill on it…they are part of the Obama team.