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July 21, 2016 2:01 pm

Poll: Majority of Israelis Attach Little Importance to Relations With Palestinian Authority; View Egypt as Crucial

avatar by Ruthie Blum

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King Abdullah II of Jordan (far left), Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Photo: Wikipedia.

King Abdullah II of Jordan (far left), Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Photo: Wikipedia.

A new survey revealed that most Israelis attach little importance to relations with the Palestinian Authority (PA), the Hebrew news site nrg reported on Thursday.

According to the report, the survey – conducted by the Rafi Smith Institute on behalf of Mitvim, the Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policies, and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, associated with Germany’s Social Democratic Party – examined how the Israeli public views cooperation between the Jewish state and various Arab countries.

The poll found that approximately 54 percent of the public placed Israel’s relationship with the PA in one of the two bottom slots among five options. The others were: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Morocco. Some 68% ranked Egypt in the first or second slot, while 44% put Jordan in one of the two top spots. Another 35% listed relations with Saudi Arabia in one of the two top slots.

Despite the low rating given to relations with the PA, 26% of the respondents rated it in first place, with only Egypt topping that, at 37%.

Arab-Israeli respondents rated the PA in first place and Egypt second.

Survey findings revealed that Egypt was viewed as crucial across the political spectrum, ranking first place by voters of all parties, with the exception of the left-wing Meretz and Joint Arab List parties, both of which placed the PA in the top slot.

Right-wingers ranked relations with Jordan high in importance – second place – while placing the PA in last place. Only 9% of the public rated relations with Morocco as highly important.

Eli Podeh, a board member of Mitvim – and a professor of Middle Eastern studies and Islam at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem — said, “The results of the survey teach us, not surprisingly, that the Israeli public mainly supports cooperation with Egypt. The bad news, however, is that more than half of the public attaches little importance, if at all, to cooperation with the PA. This completely ignores the understanding that open and continual cooperation with Arab countries, particularly the Gulf States, will exist only with real progress made in finding a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

The survey, which was conducted among 500 adult men and women, coincides with a recent boom in Israel’s diplomatic relations with African countries.

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  • cojavit iam

    A two-headed hydra.

  • The PLA led by a PhD in Holocaust Denial from Moscow U. Abbas is behind the recent stabbings and attacks on Jews in Israel.

    He incites, he names streets after those killed in defense of Israel and he pays for the families of the terrorists.

    Is this the man we really want to have a nation exist by our side?

    I hope not for our sake>

  • nat cheiman

    Do you blame the Israelis?

  • Alan Bly

    It’s not likely that the results of this poll were manipulated, but the analysis of it is clearly one that the left-wing sponsors misunderstand because of their agenda. A large portion of Israeli society has come to the conclusion that the Palestinians, in both it’s PA and Hamas manifestations, have become so anti-semitic, bellicose and pathological that they are nothing short of impossible to deal with and are irredeemable.

    Parallel with that conclusion is the belief by many Israelis that the Arab countries have always used the Palestinian “issue” as nothing but a red-herring to keep their own people in line by focusing them on a foreign enemy rather than being able to recognize that their own governments are abusive at best and completely oppressive at worst. This phenomenon has been losing its energy in recent years because the Sunni Arab States are showing clear signs that they are now facing the reality that Shi’ite Iran (with its client Hezbollah) is the real external threat to them and at the same time the Muslim Brotherhood (with its client Hamas) and ISIS are the real existential internal threats to them. Israel is the obvious singularly stable element in the Middle East and is no longer sincerely viewed by Sunni heads of state as an external enemy. They now have immediate concerns about their own continued existence that supersedes focusing on the Palestinians (about whom they never really cared, anyway) and the utility of perpetuating Israel’s evil as something to keep their population obsessed over. While it is true that the Arab States will continue into the immediate future to pay lip-service to the “plight” of their “Palestinian Brothers” and the evil of the “oppressive occupation,” Israelis increasingly recognize all this. Many now see the Palestinians as the thorough cultural misanthropes that they have allowed themselves over so many years since the creation of the State of Israel, to become. While all these developments have been appallingly slow there is justification for the conclusion that there is a real abandonment of the Palestinian obsession among the other Arabs. Seeing “relations” with the Palestinians under all of these considerations has led an increasing number of Israelis to come to the conclusions that are reflected in the results of this poll, which includes the notion that attempting to improve “relations” with the Palestinians is a simple waste of time.

  • robert davis

    Sorry I meant 90% of the public.

  • robert davis

    Only 54% of the public placed Israel relations with the “pa” in the bottom slots? I would have thought hardly 15-20%ie the arbs and radical left. “palestinians” have no fture in Western Palestine, they will soon be expelled and what they or some of the public think about Israel is of NO importance whatsoever.

  • Ron Jontof-Hutter

    Perhaps Israelis have seen through the lack of sincerity for a genuine 2state solution.
    Perhaps Israelus are fed up with mindless populism and it’s cousin , political correctness, while being murdered and accused of poisoning wells. Self serving hypocrisy is satirised in the novel, ” the trombone man: tales of a misogynist,” based on some real events, where misogyny is used as a metaphor for anti semitism and anti Israelism.

  • Jonah

    See what scripture says about Egypt. I believe it implies that they are invited to the party in Israel after the tribulation wars. That does not mean they may inadvertently do some stupid things but all in all they will not feel the full blunt of Gods wrath. As a Side note after Trumps acceptance speech tonight my guess is our generals have been ordered to start a war with Russia posthaste. Obama must get his show on the road while Europe and the Baltic states feel they are under imminent danger of Russia attacking them. What the lemmings being lead over the cliff fail to understand is Obama could give a hoot if Russia is supposedly breathing down their necks he wants an all out war to accelerate the caliphate and to prevent Trump from taking office.