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July 27, 2016 2:15 pm

Chief Palestinian Peace Negotiator Condemns ‘Criminal’ Killing of Hamas Terrorist Who Murdered Israeli Father-of-Ten in Cold Blood

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Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat. Photo: Wikipedia.

Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat. Photo: Wikipedia.

The Palestinian Authority’s chief peace negotiator condemned Israel for the death of the Hamas terrorist who killed a prominent rabbi earlier this month, the Hebrew news site nrg reported on Wednesday.

According to the report, Saeb Erekat called the IDF’s raid, in which 29-year-old Muhammad Fakia lost his life resisting arrest, a “crime.”

Fakia – whom Hamas referred to as the “hero of the Otniel attack” – shot and killed Rabbi Michael (Miki) Mark, as he drove his wife and two of his 10 children to a Shabbat dinner.

In spite of Erekat’s response, a member of Fakia’s family accused the PA’s security forces of providing Israel with the information on the terrorist’s whereabouts, which led to his death.

In Fakia’s hometown of Dura in southern Hebron, a general strike was declared in his honor.

The raid in which Fakia was killed was the culmination of a joint operation of the IDF, the Shin Bet and the Israel Police. Over the past few weeks since the shooting attack on Mark’s car, in which some members of his family were also wounded, intelligence-gathering exposed Hamas infrastructure in the West Bank. Late Tuesday night, joint forces raided the Palestinian village of Tzurif near Hebron, where Fakia was hiding out. He was killed in a gun battle that ensued when he resisted arrest.

According to the Shin Bet, Fakia had served prison time in the past for his activity in the terrorist organization Islamic Jihad, which included the planning of terrorist attacks against Israelis. It was during his time in jail that he shifted loyalties and became a member of Hamas.

During Tuesday night’s raid, Fakia’s accomplices to Mark’s murder were arrested. These were: Muhammad Amira, who also took part in the attack, and members of an additional cell that abetted the two. Amira, 38, was a member of the PA’s national security forces. He had been arrested about three days after the attack, and during his interrogation, he admitted to having driven the car out of whose window Fakia committed the fatal shooting. He also led the Shin Bet to the vehicle and weapon used in the attack.

Also arrested was Tzahiv Fakia, Muhammad’s brother, who confessed to helping his brother hide out and store weapons in his possession. A cousin – Ma’ez Fakia – was also arrested, confessed to providing the killer with a place to stay during the days immediately following the attack. Additional family members were detained for questioning about their role in helping Fakia hide out after the attack.

According to nrg, the Mark family responded to the news of the raid with a mixture of relief and anger. They were glad that the people responsible for the murder of the head of their household were apprehended, but furious at the discovery that one of the perpetrators was in the employ of the PA security forces – and at the revelation that others had served in and been released from an Israeli prison.

As The Algemeiner reported, the attack took place on Route 60 in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria), when terrorists overtook the family car and fired at least 19 shots at them. Michael Mark, who was driving, was killed, causing the car to flip over. His wife, Hava Mark, was treated for critical injuries at the Hadassah/Ein Kerem Medical Center in Jerusalem – and was unable to attend his funeral. The couple’s 14-year-old daughter and 15-year-old son were wounded, but have since recovered.

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  • Bill

    It is hard to imagine any peace agreement between Israel and the West Bank when there is so much animosity between West Bank and Gaza groups. Look at the dreadful way Hamas treated the Arab population of Gaza in the last war between Hamas and Israel (using them as human shields etc.).

  • Steve Katz

    Has Erekat ever met a terrorist who DID deserve to be killed?

    If not, then his protestations are meaningless.

  • Yehudah

    And yet the same Erekat says that the obstacle to peace is Israel building in the territories.

    It never occurred to him that the Palestinians’ praising terrorists and murderers as martyrs is THE obstacle to peace.

  • Michelle

    The children of Hamas attend summer camps where they are taught how to shoot using live ammunition. Without educating the youth there is no solution. This is an ongoing fight of hatred enacted “not in G-D’s name” but by unstable persons with their own agenda. No disrespect intended however as for Mr. Saeb Erekat’s statements re the killing of Muhammad Fakia, one can only presume that he is detached from abd blinded by the fact that a fellow human being regardless of religion, colour or creed, a husband and father of 10 children was brutally murdered.

    • Bill

      Hi Michelle. I mean no disrespect, but why is it that you write G-D instead of God?

  • This guy has become drunk with populism and misguided celebrity status. He represents a world that is upside down and inside out, as depicted in the wacky satire” The trombone man: takes of a misogynist.” Erekat is a cheap propagandist and evil.

  • Ted U.

    It’s time Erekat gets what he deserves. This guy is a thug and a liar. They came to arrest the terrorist, he kept firing on them, they demolished the building thereby saving Israel hundreds of thousands of Shekels. Job well done. Now surround Erekats home and do the same.

  • This idiot has quite the sense of humour.

  • There is only one type of good Hamas Terrorist and that is a dead Hamas Terrorist.

  • there are several views regarding route 60:
    1-all humanity should be able to travel the historic road connecting the ancient cities of jerusalem and hebron
    2-only arabs should be able to travel the road safely
    3-only jews should be able travel the road safely

    related: who should be able to travel between jaffa and jerusalem safely?

    a jew only route 60 is called by the world racism and occupation
    why is an arab on route 60 not called the same
    why was there silence 1948-1967?

    the arabs are free to travel route 60 if they respect the right of the jews to do the same

    but if they claim route 60 as there own, we have superior historical basis to claim it as ours

    if they want to live in peace we can both travel the road to the holy city of jerusalem, but if their presence on the road threatens the safety of Jews who are not threatening their
    safety then the arabs will have to stay home

    but…………this is a war and the arabs have a right to fight for the homeland that they feel is their’s

    the above is a valid statement and historically one has waged war but when when one looses a war………….one pays the price for war

    if the Palestinians have the right to kill and wage war for what they feel is their’s then the jews have the right to do the same – and we claim and are ready to and have fought for all the land west of the Jordan and have won it!!!!!!!!!!

    if the Palestinians want to chase Jews off of route 60 they must be prepared for the Jews to do the same

    War means the strongest man wins
    peace means that we all give up what we want but the killing stops

    The Palestinians continue to choose war but want to drive in peace while rejecting the Jews of the same. The world hates the Jews and backs the Palestinians as they kill in you France and Germany.

    israel withdrew from the sinai (and oil) for peace
    israel withdrew from gaza for peace

    what are the palestians -prepared to give up for peace?

    Israel has withdrawn from gaza………..what concrete steps have the Palestinians done – Israel first???? – Israel went first and the Palestinian’s only response was to ask for more

    peace is give and take – the Palestinians have given nothing

    reciprocity is the path to peace let the word demand of the palestians what they ask of Isreal

    Until then route 60 should be a Jew only road ……….these are the teachings of uncle mohamed – the arabs are free to rebut it in deeds (but won’t)

  • stevenl

    This kind of stupidity is unworthy of reporting!
    These are subhumans.