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August 25, 2016 4:48 am

Once Again, J Street and NIF Give a Platform to Israel’s Enemies

avatar by Ronn Torossian

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Columbia University Hillel Hosting a Breaking the Silence event. Photo: Facebook

Columbia University Hillel and J Street Hosting a Breaking the Silence event. Photo: Facebook

There is no ambiguity when a group asks Senator Bernie Sanders to speak; it expects to hear the denunciation of capitalism, support for socialism and an attack on DC insiders. When someone has Glenn Beck speak, he expects to hear invectives of all kinds. So why would groups like the New Israel Fund (NIF) and J Street try to convince anyone that their speakers have any other agenda than what they are known for?

These groups continue to sponsor lectures by outspoken anti-Zionists and Hamas sympathizers, under the guise of what they call “progressive Zionism.” They market these events as pro-Israel discussions, targeting young American Jews who they say have not been exposed to all sides.

On Wednesday, August 24, J Street and the NIF were supposed to host Matthew Duss at an event at Seattle’s flagship reform congregation, Temple de Hirsch Sinai. The location was changed at the last minute — to the Kavana Cooperative/Queen Anne Christian Church in Seattle — with no explanation.

Duss is the president of the Foundation for Middle East Peace, which publishes content that supports NIF grantees like B’Tselem and Breaking the Silence in their missions to vilify Israel as a corrupt and murderous military state; both organizations accuse Israel of committing war crimes.

Duss brings prior controversial views to the Foundation, stemming from his days writing for the Center for American Progress (CAP) and its blog, ThinkProgress. While Duss was employed there, CAP came under fire for hiring a collection of individuals who expressed hostile attitudes towards both Israel and pro-Israel Americans. Duss, in particular, was known to write about Israel’s “occupation,” and was prone to using the metaphor of the Jim Crow laws to describe the situation in the Gaza Strip.

If Seattle’s Jewish institutions were hoping to hold an educational and open discussion on Israel, they did not choose a lecturer who is actually open to other perspectives.

On his social media accounts, Duss often posts news articles painting Palestinians as victims, and questioning whether radical Palestinian incitement is an issue worth addressing. He has repeatedly attacked Israeli “occupation,” and propagates the faulty parallels drawn between America’s race issues and the Palestinian situation via the Black Lives Matter movement.

The NIF and J Street are making their way into mainstream Jewish life, while the American Left helps further their views of Israel and the world. Americans who support the NIF are actively helping support a platform aimed at seeing Israel delegitimized in America and abroad.

Ronn Torossian is the Founder, President and CEO of 5W Public Relations, one of the 20 largest independent American PR firms.

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  • In fact men who are born in western urban spaces are not aware of the cause of human intellectual “contradiction – denials” which is the causes for men to lose character in the long run. How and Why? History of western human thinking says that men very often unconsciously renounce the people who did influence their brains, which unconsciously bring their minds into the labyrinth of boredom – Emptiness – self hates, is as eating potatoes everyday or as using the same “word” day in day out! If the Hebrew collective brain was to be forgotten, it should be forgotten four thousand years ago! The Pope did say that every Christian has a Hebrew soul in him which I do believe it does. How and why? Because we all do live gathered on one planet which no men can escape the magnetic gravitation forces on our planet brains bodies. Few men of the Arab world did say that the Palestinians had fife opportunities to make peace with Israel which the first one did take place in 1948. Facts!!!!!!!! Trust comes to life by knowledge, hates rises by twisted reality. There is no more “The question” of existence! Existence can never eliminate existence even by death!

  • The New Israel Fund (NIF) and J Street will not be happy until all of Israel is wiped off the map, and the Jewish people suffer another Holocaust in which every Jewish man, woman, and child in the land of Israel is murdered by Muslims.