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November 1, 2016 1:56 pm

Trump Campaign Unveils New Policy: Will Ask Justice Department to Probe Anti-Israel Intimidation on US College Campuses

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks in Pennsylvania in September with his daughter Ivanka looking on. Photo: Michael Vadon via Wikimedia Commons.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks in Pennsylvania in September with his daughter Ivanka looking on. Photo: Michael Vadon via Wikimedia Commons.

A Donald Trump administration would ask the Justice Department to investigate coordinated attempts to intimidate Israel-supporters on US campuses, a senior adviser to the Republican presidential candidate revealed to The Algemeiner on Monday in a new policy announcement.

“Colleges are generally being far too lenient in allowing the pro-Palestinian community to deprive those in the pro-Israel camp of their First Amendment right to free speech,” said attorney David Friedman — with whom Trump regularly consults on matters related to the Jewish state. “This is a serious constitutional deprivation, so it is something that must be looked at.”

Where Trump’s approach to Middle East peacemaking is concerned, Friedman said that, as part of any future Israeli-Palestinian peace deal, the administration would not expect the Jewish state to uproot its citizens who now live in the West Bank and east Jerusalem.

“It is inconceivable there could be a mass evacuation on that magnitude, in the unlikely event that there was an otherwise comprehensive peace agreement,” Friedman said. “It makes no sense for Judea and Samaria to be ‘Judenrein [void of Jews],’ any more than it makes sense for Israel to be ‘Arabrein [void of Arabs].’ It’s not fair.”

This would mark a departure from the Obama administration, which criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier this year after he said, as reported by The Algemeiner, that the main obstacle to peace was the demand of Palestinian leaders for the “ethnic cleansing” of Jews from the West Bank.

Friedman went on: “The critical thing is to recognize that there is not going to be any progress on a Palestinian state until the Palestinians renounce violence and accept Israel as a Jewish state. Until that happens, there is really nothing to talk about in terms of a political process.”

What our administration will not do, Friedman said, “is put its finger on the scale and try to force Israel into a particular outcome, but rather will support Israel in reaching its own conclusion about how to best achieve peace with its neighbors.”

“We trust Israel,” he continued. “We think it is doing an excellent job of balancing its respect for human rights and its security needs in a very difficult neighborhood. Israel is a partner with the US in the global war against terrorism. And we want our partner to be attendant to that task and not distracted by foreign countries telling it what to do. That’s really the overall premise of the policy — to respect Israel as a partner, and not to unduly influence its decisions.”

Furthermore, Friedman said, “The only thing that makes sense now is to take small steps to try to improve circumstances on the ground and provide encouragement and assistance to Palestinians who are not pursuing a hateful agenda.”

Turning to the nuclear deal reached last year between Iran and the P5+1 nations, Friedman said a Trump administration would “reengage with the world powers in a way that seeks to reintroduce leverage on Iran. A nuclear Iran in nine years is unacceptable. Nine years may sound like a long time, but it passes in the blink of an eye.”

Friedman predicted that Trump would fare better among Jewish voters than his Republican predecessors Mitt Romney (30%) and John McCain (22%) did in the past two presidential elections.

“If you didn’t like the Obama relationship with Israel, you’re not going to like the Hillary Clinton one,” he said. “And I think Jews who care about Israel recognize that.”

Regarding education — an issue of interest to many Jewish voters — David Peyman, the Trump campaign’s national director of Jewish affairs, told The Algemeiner on Monday that, as president, Trump would “add an additional federal investment of $20 billion in school choice programs, understanding the fact that currently if you send your kid to a Jewish day school or, for that matter, a Catholic school, you are effectively funding two school systems. One is the public school system through property taxes, and the second is the private school through your tuition.”

Trump, Peyman said, “recognizes the fact that there should be some relief there. This will be done by reprioritizing existing federal dollars. We will give states the option to allow these funds to follow the student to the public or private school they attend. Distribution of this grant will favor states that have private school choice, magnet schools and charter laws, encouraging them to participate.”

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  • Kenneth Andrew Morgan

    This is the only thing I’ve got against Trump. Just once I’d like to see an American politician who supports America instead of a foreign nation.. Israel is worthless to the United States, and is not worth the slightest investment of American capital or prestige. Just strip Israel of all it’s WMD’s, cut off all aid, then take a lawn chair and watch them fight it out in the Middle East. It will be a great show; who wins is none of America’s concern.

    • TexasVulcan

      Too bad there are so many Americans who disagree with you. Like me. And most of my Jewish brethren who donate huge sums of money to candidates to support Israel. Too bad…

  • roundthings

    Where is Obama on this issue? No where to be found
    All those harassing Jewish students should be expelled.

  • roundthings

    Why isn’t Obama or Jewish leaders doing anything about this? It’s in the news all the time with Jewish students being harassed on campus.
    Why aren’t the offenders being expelled? You can bet if it were the other way around they would be,’
    Many of these Colleges and Universities probably have major Jewish donors. They should withhold all donations until the offenders are removed and Jewish students can go to school in peace

  • Mark gross

    This is not an election dems vs rep, ( I am a former dem) this is a popular uprising against crooked politicians…. we have had it… time to send politicians everywhere a message , clean up your act or your next

  • SBSteelers

    April 30 1997 Wall Street Journal – Trump shakes up Palm Beach – threatened to sue PB over a local law stating Jews and Blacks not allowed in clubs. And who golfed at these exclusive clubs during the 1990s? Bill Clinton and his wife in name-only, Hillary Clinton. No Blacks, No Jews was okay by POTUS Bill Clinton. Then Trump threated a $100 million lawsuit because he wanted his property opened to everyone.

  • Gnomercy9 ✓Jewish
  • That alone is an excellent reason to vote for Trump, otherwise under Clinton the pro-Palestinian mafia will continue to expand and poison all the campuses where they have been and will be unduly allowed to develop their activities. As supporters of terrorism and of intimidation tactics, pro-Palestinian groups do not belong in academia, and where they remain allowed to operate, they must do so under tight restrictions, with equal amount of time and resources allocated to couter their claims.

  • Alyssa Cohen Kaplan

    He’s pandering. What about condemning the antisemitism his campaign has created and the antisemetic wording and imagery – e.g. pepe the frog

    • RvD

      A cartoon frog……what is next, saying international bankers is antisemitic?

  • bargouti

    If Trump wins this election…I will throw The Mother Of All Parties…
    With palestinian Belly Dancers and All…..Va Nomar Amen….

  • brynababy

    This is b.s. and anyone who believes this disgusting attempt to get Jewish votes, is in another dream world. But we Jews aren’t so stupid- most of us anyway. Hilary has always been a friend to Israel!. As is her husband. Trump is a proven thief and liar.

    • SBSteelers

      ha ha ha ha….yeah….Hillary taking $20 million from the Saudis is going to make her a friend of Israel and ignore the wahabis of Saudi Arabia

  • Morris Dubin

    You mean if Trump becomes President he will expect the Palestinians to act civilized in order to be treated like a people of a civilized nation. and a President Trump will do WHAT THE ADL (Anti-Defamation League ) a Liberal Jewish American Group who is afraid to offend other minorities, even if it takes away the Constitutional rights of Jewish College Children. You can call them the Jewish Democratic puppets.

  • If Mr. Trump wins, then asking the Justice Department to probe Anti-Israel intimidation on US college campuses would be a great way to begin his first 100-days.

    • RvD

      Then it will be Israel first for Trump as well. Would be a major disappointment.

    • Olutomi Brown

      What about black people cops killed, Isn’t that a great way to start too? BLM, Marc

  • Efram Paul

    It is about time that he said it. It is the right thing to do. And Hillary will do the exact opposite. I am sorry he did not introduce this at the debates.

    As for supplementing private schools, that should not happen. Public schools are just that, funded by the public for the public. They should NOT have an agenda, such as whitewashing Muslim atrocities. If people wish to send their children to religious institutions for their education, let them pay for it. The public schools are there for them. If they reject them on religious grounds, that is on them, not the state, to be responsible.

  • Jan Susan

    This is NO reason to vote for Trump! Trump will say anything to anyone for a vote. He is saying this ONLY to court Jewish votes. Does he represent YOUR values? He is a liar, narcissist, tax evader, manipulator, racist, bigot, and misogynist. He has NO political experience. Every business venture he has tried has flopped. He makes money by refusing to pay contractors and other professionals for the work they have done for him. So essentially he STEALS their labor. He has been SUED over 3000 times! Is he in ANY way deserving of being the leader of our country? So he has Jewish grandchildren — does THAT factor mean he ought to be our Chief Executive? He does not care a jot about the fate of Israel or of the Jewish people. He is interested in the well-being of only one person: Donald Trump. No way is he getting my vote!

  • Holy Shirt

    Israel-bashing was/is Obama’s & Clinton’s most consistent foreign policy.

    • Ron Lindsey

      Obama shows reluctant support of Israel because many non-Jewish American support the nation and people of Democratic Israel!
      By the way, can we borrow Bibi when for President when Israel gets thru with him in government?

  • jlschmugge

    News and Nazis voting for the same person? Huh.

  • watsa46

    About the antisemitism on campuses, many liberal Jews are among the promoters! Friends of the Blumenthals & NYT (US Pravda)!

  • Peter

    Way to go TRUMP, this is an area that has been completely ignored by the OBAMA/HILLARY camp!!!