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avatar Elder of Ziyon
Elder of Ziyon has been blogging about Israel and the Arab world for a really long time now. He also controls the world, but deep down, you already knew that.

ARTICLES BY: Elder of Ziyon

December 28, 2016 7:23 am

The 50-Year Plan to Criminalize Israel

The world claims that Israel constantly violates the Geneva Conventions, specifically Article 49, Paragraph 6: The Occupying Power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own...

December 20, 2016 7:02 am

Time Magazine Lies About Jerusalem

Time magazine has an article that claims to discuss the legal status of Jerusalem --and it's totally inaccurate. Every single thing that it gets wrong has an anti-Israel bias. In...

December 14, 2016 6:41 am

UNRWA Says Half of the Residents at the Shuafat Camp Aren’t Even Refugees

As people continue to react to the New York Times magazine piece on Shuafat -- written by Rachel Kushner, who was sponsored by Breaking the Silence to write anti-Israel articles for a...

November 30, 2016 11:35 am

Jimmy Carter Lies, Distorts UN Resolution in New York Times Op-Ed

Jimmy Carter has written yet another tendentious op-ed for the New York Times. The first paragraphs show yet again that he is simply a liar: We do not yet know...

November 24, 2016 11:55 am

Reuters’ Jerusalem Bureau Chief Luke Baker Tweets Report From Discredited PA News Agency

A tweet from Luke Baker, Reuters' Israel bureau chief: Israeli minister Naftali Bennett says those setting fires can't be Jewish, suggesting they are Arabs. But then this: —...

November 21, 2016 7:45 am

Palestinians Claim Tolerance for Jewish Prayer — Yeah, Right

The General Authority for Supreme Islamic Authority in Jerusalem has complained about the proposed law to ban loudspeaker-fueled calls to prayer. The Authority says that...

November 15, 2016 7:39 am

Obama’s View of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Will Fade Away With Him

I have no idea what is going to happen in a Trump administration, either domestically or in foreign policy. I don't know what his Israel...

November 9, 2016 8:31 am

Russia Shows Why Palestinians Can’t Be Allowed to Join Interpol

The Times of Israel reports: Israel successfully prevented the Palestinians from joining the international police force Interpol, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Tuesday, praising the Foreign Ministry’s diplomatic...

November 1, 2016 6:16 am

Things Fall Apart for Abbas and Hamas

Things are starting to fall apart in both the PA and Hamas-controlled territories. In Gaza, Hamas quietly arrested and reportedly tortured one of its own senior...

October 6, 2016 8:09 am

The ‘Women’s Boat to Gaza’ Has Different Messages for Different Audiences

According to AFP: A group of women will try to reach the Gaza Strip on board a boat on Wednesday in a bid to break a decade-long...

September 28, 2016 12:36 pm

Syria, Allowed to Speak at the UN, Calls Israel a ‘Terrorist’ State

At the UN last week, Syria was represented by Deputy Prime Minister Walid Al-Moualem. He called Israel a "terrorist" state: Syria is confronting mercenary terrorists on its...

September 26, 2016 6:45 am

Abbas’ Words Show He Has No Desire for Peace

During Mahmoud Abbas' address to the UN last week, he barely alluded to the "right to return:" It remains our hope that such a conference will lead to...

September 26, 2016 6:34 am

Hamas Brags: We’ve Doubled Our Number of Weapons Since 2014 War

Khaled Meshal, the "political" leader of Hamas, just bragged at an Al Jazeera forum in Doha that since the 2014 war, his organization has doubled the number of weapons...

September 22, 2016 7:28 am

Jordan’s King at UN: Jews ‘Attacking’ Jerusalem Holy Sites

King Abdullah of Jordan said this in his speech to the UN General Assembly on Tuesday: Safeguarding Jerusalem is a key concern...the Holy City; a strategic linchpin not...


Israel to Host International Cybertech Conference for 4th Time -- Israel will host the world's most significant cyber technology summit, outside the US, later this month. Dozens of prominent...

Ivanka Trump Shares Snapshot of Kosher Inauguration Cake Featuring Mini Donald

President-elect Donald Trump's Jewish daughter, Ivanka, posted a picture on Instagram of a...


What Will Trump’s Presidency Mean for US Ties With Israel’s Peaceful Arab Neighbors? - The upcoming Donald Trump presidency likely means a sharp break...

Israel’s German-Made Submarines Engulfed by Controversy, Shrouded in Secrecy - Silently cruising in the depths of the seas, the Israeli Navy’s growing...

IDF Welcomes Soldier With Cerebral Palsy -- The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has welcomed its newest member, a soldier with cerebral palsy, as part of the military’s...


5 Jewish Democrats Among Dozens of Congressmen Boycotting Trump Inauguratio... -- At least five Jewish Democratic lawmakers have announced that they plan to join dozens of other Congressmen in boycotting Friday's inauguration...


Israel: Upgrades to Security Fence Along Egyptian Border Complete -- The Israeli government has announced that it finished upgrades to the electronic security fence between Israel and Egypt's Sinai Peninsula. The height of the 150-mile fence -- which runs from...

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Team Trump Says ‘Stay Tuned’ for Decision on Embassy Move to Je...

A few hours before incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer told journalists on Thursday -- 24 hours before the inauguration...