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avatar Mordechai Kedar
Dr. Mordechai Kedar is a senior research associate at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies. He served for 25 years in IDF military intelligence specializing in Syria, Arab political discourse, Arab mass media, Islamic groups, and Israeli Arabs, and is an expert on the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups.

ARTICLES BY: Mordechai Kedar

August 12, 2021 12:17 pm

Dismantle the Islamic Republic

In recent weeks, mass demonstrations have taken place in three peripheral provinces of Iran populated by non-Persian ethnic groups. The most prominent is the Arab-inhabited...

May 13, 2021 10:30 am

The Jihad Within Israel - When synagogues and religious seminaries are torched, it is a religious war. When Torah scrolls are desecrated, it is a religious war. When cars are...

April 7, 2021 11:00 am

Mansour Abbas and the Lebanonization of Israel

The political struggle in Israel has reached a deadlock because the actors are focused not on issues and ideology but on personal, sectorial, factional, and...

March 17, 2021 12:31 pm

Implications of the Latest Iranian Attack on Saudi Oil Facilities

The past two weeks have seen a considerable escalation in the fighting between Saudi Arabia and the Houthis in Yemen. The latter recently succeeded in...

February 16, 2021 12:23 pm

The Truth About Financial Aid to the Palestinian Authority

Much is said about the huge sums the world pours into the Palestinian Authority (PA), and what happens to them after they get there. The...

February 8, 2021 1:03 pm

The Double Whammy of the New US Envoy for Iranian Affairs

The new Biden administration has appointed Robert Malley as special envoy for Iranian affairs. This appointment puts Malley in a key position with great influence...

February 1, 2021 6:50 am

Is Israel in Contact With Syria?

Sporadic reports have been appearing lately about secret contacts between Israel and Syria aimed at forging ties. One report that garnered attention was published about...

January 25, 2021 5:08 am

What Can Israel Learn From the Descent of Lebanon?

Lebanon, like Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and Israel, was born on the ruins of the Ottoman Empire after its lands were conquered by Britain, which, together with...

January 18, 2021 4:50 am

The Interests Behind the Saudi-Qatar Rapprochement

The year 2021 began with refreshing news: after three years of a diplomatic and economic boycott of Qatar accompanied by a land blockade, Saudi Arabia...

January 5, 2021 5:10 am

Saudi Arabia vs. the Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood was established in Egypt in 1928 to engage in three pursuits: to fight the British occupation of Egypt, to struggle against the...

January 4, 2021 5:50 am

The US and Israel Prepare for Iranian Revenge

On January 20, 2021, President Donald Trump is slated to exit the scene and perhaps even the stage of history -- but Iran remains. Its...

December 17, 2020 7:05 am

Ten Years Since the Arab Spring

On December 17, 2010, in a small provincial town in Tunisia, a young man named Muhammad Bouazizi set himself on fire in protest against a...

December 7, 2020 5:51 am

Politics, America, and Culture: Behind Saudi Arabia’s Hesitation

Many are puzzled by the Saudi reluctance to join the peace train and normalize relations with Israel. It is clear, after all, that Riyadh gave...

November 10, 2020 7:07 am

How Israel Should React to President-Elect Biden

One of the realities to which Israel will have to adjust during a Biden administration is that Barack Obama will probably play a role, officially...


Netanyahu: French, Israeli Positions on Iran ‘Have Drawn Closer...

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday said that Europe "identifies more with the Israeli position" on the Iranian nuclear...


Prominent Israeli Ex-Pilot interrogated Over Alleged Death Threat to PM

i24 News - Israeli police on Sunday detained for questioning a social activist and highly decorated former pilot in connection with alleged incitement to murder against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu...

Middle East

Iran’s Supreme Leader Issues Pardon for ‘Tens of Thousands...

Iran's supreme leader has pardoned "tens of thousands" of prisoners including some arrested in recent anti-government protests, state news agency...

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