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November 16, 2016 7:13 am

The Miracle of Children

There is a mystery at the heart of Jewish existence, engraved into the first syllables...

November 15, 2016 8:55 am

America’s ‘No Fair’ Cry Babies

Since last Wednesday, when Donald Trump was officially declared the winner of the US presidential...

November 15, 2016 7:49 am

Foreign Policy Priorities for Trump in the Wake of Obama’s Abysmal Failures

President-elect Donald Trump has just over two months to get his administration's key personnel and...

November 15, 2016 7:45 am

Donald Trump Isn’t Entitled to Support; He Must Earn It

Now that Donald Trump has been elected president, many argue that he is entitled to...

November 15, 2016 7:39 am

Obama’s View of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Will Fade Away With Him

I have no idea what is going to happen in a Trump administration, either domestically...

November 15, 2016 7:34 am

Eyewitness Accounts From Persecuted Iraqi Christians

It is painful to recall the events of late summer 2014, when the Islamic State...

November 15, 2016 7:16 am

Middle East Studies Professors Back Antisemitic BDS Campaign

The renowned Middle East scholar Bernard Lewis once observed that Middle East Studies programs have...

November 15, 2016 7:09 am

Hamas’ Funding Sources Are Drying Up

Hamas in Gaza is facing an acute financial crisis, as its overseas cash sources are...

November 15, 2016 7:03 am

Is Poland Normalizing Auschwitz?

What is life like in a town that's associated with the biggest crime in history, but that's also...

November 14, 2016 3:55 pm

Florida Tells an Important Story About Jewish Support for Trump -- You couldn’t trust the pundits and spinmeisters before the election, and you still...

November 14, 2016 7:36 am

Trump Will Be President; Deal With It

This was a hard-fought, ugly election. Now it's over. To quote President Obama, the losing...

November 14, 2016 7:33 am

Examining the Jewish Vote

According to exit polls, 71% of American Jews voted for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, while...

November 14, 2016 7:27 am

Did a CAIR Official Call for the Overthrow of the US Government?

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) successfully presents itself to the media as a benign...

November 14, 2016 7:19 am

What Does Trump’s Election Mean for Israel and the World?

How should Israelis react to the election of Donald Trump? Given America's loss of influence in...

November 14, 2016 7:06 am

An Open Letter to Kent State University on Requests to Remove a Photo of Golda Meir

President Warren, You are no doubt aware that Kent State's Students for Justice in Palestine, in league...

November 14, 2016 7:00 am

The Jewish Left Reaps What It Sows -- The United Nations Security Council devoted a recent session to bashing Israel, criticizing the country's policy...

November 14, 2016 6:55 am

Pamela Anderson and I Launched a ‘Sensual Revolution’

Pamela Anderson and I headed to Oxford earlier this month with a mission. We wanted...

November 14, 2016 4:20 am

Kaparot Is Not Protected by Religious Freedom

Several recent legal decisions in the US now prevent the Jewish custom of taking chickens...

November 14, 2016 12:26 am

New York Times Coverage of Jews, Israel, Is as Slanted as Its Coverage of Trump

Some of the best illustrations of anti-Jewish bias by the New York Times come when...


Members of India’s ‘Lost Tribe’ of Jews Visit Auschwitz for the First Time - Members of India’s so-called “lost tribe” of Jews visited Auschwitz...


Israeli Pre-Military Academy ‘Breaks You and Builds You Anew’ - “Put your hands behind your back and get on your knees,” 19-year-old Noam Ohayon told me. I complied. “Now fall forward...

After Massive Diaspora Response, Israel’s Raging Fires Come Under Control - Improving weather conditions, a massive influx of support from the international community...

Baptist Pastor Unearths His Father’s Holocaust Heroism in Wartime Diaries -- Master Sgt. Roddie Edmonds never spoke about his experiences as a prisoner...


Pro-Israel Group Praises General James Mattis as ‘True Friend’ ...

Retired Marine General James Mattis, who President-elect Donald Trump has unofficially announced will be appointed to serve as America’s next...


Jewish Agency, Boston Philanthropies Distribute Aid to Haifa Fire Victims - The heads of the Jewish Agency and Boston’s Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP) visited Haifa Wednesday to distribute aid funds to victims of last week’s wildfires. “In these trying times, the...

Middle East

New Israeli Ambassador to Turkey Arrives in Ankara Amid Efforts to Improve ...

Israel's new ambassador to Turkey has arrived in Ankara as the two countries seek to mend relations that soured after...