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Opinion WHAT IS WRONG WITH JEWISH MEDIA A2. . Tradition A13. MIRAclES AND WONDERS. THE . 3 THAI WORkERS HuRT IN MORTAR STRIkE A3. algemeiner 1.00 PRINTED IN NEW YORK FRIDAY, JANUARY 14, 2011 9 SHVAT 5771 VOL. XXXVIII NO. 1994 IDF Eliminates Ticking Bomb Terrorist in Gaza Gabriel Giffords Fighting On, Doing Right By the World By Maxine Dovere Medical Update Giffords is holding her own, able to follow simple commands, not showing signs of further brain swelling, days after she was sh

A2 FRIDAY, JANUARY 14, 2011 Opinion . In the Mea Sharim neighborhood in Jerusalem, posters are the common form of social communication. In the wider community Jewish media is still somewhat limited in its scope and broadness of its appeal. Photo Nickolette. What is Wrong with Jewish Media DOVID EFUNE N E W YOR K Media defined as the means of communication, such as radio, television, newspapers, and magazines that reach or influence people widely. In seeking to label the period in which we World News . A3 Netanyahu Paid Less Than David Cameron BY JENNIFER LIpmaN Benjamin Netanyahu is paid less than both David Cameron and footballer Yossi Benayoun. The Israeli Prime Minister revealed his monthly salary of 15,027 shekels 2,700 by posting his pay slip on his Facebook page. Personal information was blurred on the slip, but the document suggests that Mr Netanyahu makes more than 90,000 a year. Writing in Hebrew, Arab and English, Mr Netanyahu told his 3,750 Faceb

A4 FRIDAY, JANUARY 14, 2011 World News . The final results were amazing Women who had one child and in contrast, women who had five children or more were at a significantly higher risk of dying young from various diseases. Professor Uri Elchalal the director of Hadassah Einkarems clinic for high risk pregnancies, who conducted the study together with Professor Yechiel Friedlander, of the epidemiology unit, offers a possible explanation. During pregnancies, the womans body goes through extre US News . A5 American Rabbis Kidney Saves Life of Israeli Family Man BY tamaR RUNYaN aND JESSICa NaImaN When someone is sick, loved ones pray for their health, recite Psalms and try to add a measure of goodness in this world in his merit. But for Rabbi Mendy Mathless, such efforts werent enough. Informed that someone he never knew was in need of a kidney, he gave him his. Two months after the lifesaving donation, Mathless the new director of ChabadLubavitch of University

A6 FRIDAY, JANUARY 14, 2011 US News neshoma it is the core of her work in the world. She characterized the Congresswoman as shining, brilliant and amazing, always available as a speaker at the synagogue...We hope and pray she continues to get well....We will pray for healing of Gabrielle, everyone injured and the families of those who lost their lives. Chaverim means friends. This is indeed a gathering of friends, of community, of people who have a common bond. The gathered strength of our co Opinion . A7 THROUGH JANUARY Only Moral Courage Will Make Rabbis Relevant SHmULY BOtEaCH NE W YORK THROUGH Few columns I have written have generated as much heat and as many responses as the recent two on Rabbis. The means allowing yourself to be treated derisively and I shared how, although the American Jewish University advertises on its website that it was given 33 million for adult education, it offered me a fraction of what I later learned it was paying two atheis

A2 A8 FRIDAY, JANUARY 14, 2011 World News shrivel because of their neutrality and his producers are now encouraging him to get in the face of his interviewees. Not long ago I vouched for a man who wished to convert to Judaism and told the Beth Din he was Sabbath observant. A few weeks after his conversion he had Friday night dinner with us and drove home. I knew I was risking my friendship with him when I told him that he owed those who vouched for him more. He took the admonishment to heart World News . A9

A10 FRIDAY, JANUARY 14, 2011 World News . DESIGNER CUISINE BY THE CULINARY STAFF OF Special Family Packages Newly Renovated 1 2 Bedroom Suites Lake Golf Course Views Balconies Private Seder Rooms Private Dining Rooms Available World Class Red Door LifeStyle Spa by Elizabeth Arden State of the Art Fitness Facilities 3 Heated Swimming Pools Resort Nature WalkingJogging Trail Golf Tennis Basketball Reunion SUNDAY JANUARY 16TH 2PM5PM BACKSTAGE AT WOOD MERE LANES 942 Broadway, Wood World News . A11 vWc E VOTm WA.AJew h ww 1 w n. 2 ing is Ja ot line for v Dead CHOOSE YOUR STAR Vote online which of the LIVE SHOW SUNDAY 144 contestants FEBRUARY 20, 2011 16 ADAR I, 5771 700 PM SHARP BROOKLYN SCHOOL OF MUSIC will make to the finals of the Jewish singing talent competition 883 CLASSON AVENUE AT THE SOUL II SOUL CONCERT Sponsored by Unique Advertising Group

A12 FRIDAY, JANUARY 14, 2011 Impressions . Lone Soldier Week 15 Its only been the first six kilometers of the hike, and Im already soaked with sweat. But, then it gets cold and the sweat congeals on you. After an hour of marching amidst the desert plains, we stop for a five minute break in which we can drink, relieve ourselves, stretch ya legs a bit and swap the stretcher for the big waterbag. By now its dark and gettin cold we move fast to stay warm. You cant feel your feet unless youre wea Tradition . A13 Miracles and Wonders Beshallach 5770 JONatHaN SaCKS LO ND ON, U K The division of the Red Sea is engraved in Jewish memory. We recite it daily in the morning service, at the transition from the Verses of Praise to the beginning of communal prayer. We speak of it again after the Shema, just before the Amidah. It was the supreme miracle of the exodus. But in what sense If we listen carefully to the narratives, we can distinguish two perspectives. This is the

A14 FRIDAY, JANUARY 14, 2011 Tradition . Your Unshakable Essence SImON JaCOBSON N E W YOR K Are you indecisive Do you vacillate Are there important decisions in your life that you are postponing and with very good excuses which you may rationalize as reasons None of us are immune from inertia. As mere mortals we have our different fears and insecurities. Mood swings and circumstances dont help. Often, lifes overbearing pressures simply wear us down, leaving us with little strength to brea Social . A15 Yardeni Expresses Support, Pride in IDF By Maxine Dovere Emotions filled the room at the Fifth Annual Real Estate Reception of the Friends of the Israeli Defense Force. The pride each attendee had in the young soldiers whose mission is the protection of the Jewish state and in the honoree whose efforts support the important work of the FIDF was palpable. The excitement of the crowd gathered at Gotham Hall to commend Ofer Yardeni, Managing Partner and cofounder

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