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Opinion . Tradition . THE JEWISH A2. ANSWER TO AL JAZEERA WHAT WOULD IT TAKE THE A13. SCAPEGOAT POWER CLARIFIES COMMENTS ON ISRAEL A3. algemeiner THE JOURNAL 1.00 PRINTED IN NEW YORK FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 2011 11 NISSAN 5771 VOL. XXXVIII NO. 2008 World Interested in Iron Dome, but Israel Isnt Selling Syria Seeks Solutions on the Street BY MAXINE DOVERE Popular protests and attempted regime change is evidenced in countries from Tunisia to Libya, Syria to Yemen, rolling through the regi

A2 FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 2011 Opinion Jewish activists to establish this project in a comprehensive and far reaching manner. This however would be a great feat to set up, and an even greater challenge to ensure continual success. It is unclear how advanced or extensive Mr. Mashkevitchs plans are, but here are a few thoughts that may be useful to keep in mind in ensuring the viability of such a project. 1. In order for an international news network to have long term sustainability, a very substant World News . A3 Israel Claims Russian Missle Hit School Bus BY ItAMAR EIchNER A diplomatic crisis is threatening IsraelRussia relations after the Kornet, a Russianmade antitank missile, hit an Israeli school bus driving near Shaar Hanegev Regional Council last Thursday. Israel protested the fact that a Russian missile found its way to Hamas and was used for a terror attack against Israel, Yediot Ahronot reported. Unlike may other means of warfare the manufacturing of the K

A4 FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 2011 World News . bombing at Moscows Domodedovo airport. A year earlier, on March 29, 2010, 40 people were killed and dozens more were wounded when two female suicide bombers attacked the Moscow metro during morning rush hour. In July 2008, some 50 people were wounded by shrapnel when a bomb exploded at an openair concert in MInsk attended by Lukashenko. No one had claimed responsibility for Mondays blast by evening, and officials have been careful not to speculate on an A5 World News The Globe at a Glance April 5 1 Cuba announced plans to drill five deepwater oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico beginning this summer, expressing confidence that its efforts will be rewarded with major new energy finds. Were all really hopeful that we will be able to discover large reserves of oil and gas, said Manuel Marrero, an official tasked with overseeing Cubas oil sector, who added that the ventures would be undertaken with the help of unspecified foreign

A6 FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 2011 continued from A9 by their green striped boxes and the words Kosher for Pesach printed on the front of the boxes. The Kosher for Pesach Fish Fillets, Fishies and awardwinning Fish Sticks, contain a crunchy potato crust instead of the usual breadcrumbs. So scrumptious that they are actually preferred by some over the year round breaded fish varieties, these main dishes are ideal for Pesach or those hectic prePesach meals Dr. Praegers also offers Kosher for Pesach Spi A7

A8 APRIL 15, 2011 FRIDAY, JANUARY 21, 2011 Opinion opponents of President Obama had unfairly taken her disorganized comments further and characterized them as invade Israel talk. She said that if she really believed that Israel could even be remotely accused of practicing genocide against the Palestinians then the correct forum for her to express that view would have been somewhere in the 664 pages of her book wherein she details all the genocides of the twentieth century. She never even hint US News . ADVERTORIAL A9 Celebrate the Freedom to Choose Delicious and GoodForYou This Pesach This Pesach season, healthconscious kosher consumers have all the more reason to celebrate The freedom to choose from a muchexpanded line of strictly Kosher for Pesach delicious, goodforyou products to enhance their Pesach menus. The products range from gefilte fish traditionally served at the Pesach Seder meal, to homestyle pancakes, all strictly Kosher for Pesach, low in sugar,

A10 FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 2011 Continuations continued from page A2 Israel Under Siege Is It Different This Time continued from page A8 Syria Seeks Solution on the Street . last five years, Deputy Minister for the Galilee Ayoob Kara has instituted family reunification visits and initiated limited agricultural trade. It is a peace, says Abadi that is not written, not even spoken about. Overall, he believes the current protests are unlikely to instigate any policy change vis a vis Israel. Deputy M Opinion . A11 Everybody Wants To Be In The Middle Class BY ED KOch Last weeks budget negotiations in Washington, D.C. about the current years budget was an overwhelming victory for the Republican right wing, a.k.a. the 80 Tea Party members of the House of Representatives. Originally, the Democrat negotiators Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Obama offered a 4 billion reduction in the current budget in their initial talks with the Republican negotiator, Hous

A12 FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 2011 Impressions . Holiday Shopping Kosher Wine Buying Guide Part I BY YOSSIE hORWItz The weeks leading up to Pessach are among the US kosher wine industrys busiest, and more kosher wine is sold during this period than the rest of the year combined. As the popularity of quality kosher wine continues to increase, the quality and variety of wines available to the kosher wine consumer are truly astounding. While truly a blessing, the tremendous choice can make for a some Tradition . A13 The Scapegoat jONAthAN SAcKS lOND O N, U K At the heart of the service of the High Priest on the Day of Atonement was a ritual that has added a key word to the vocabulary of the West the scapegoat. On the most solemn day of the year, the High Priest after confessing his own sins and those of his household undertook a ritual to achieve expiation for the most serious sins of the community. He took two goats, identical in appearance, and cast lots over them.

A14 FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 2011 Tradition . 1629.99 Continuations continued from page A12 Holiday Shopping Kosher Wine Buying Guide . 15 Ways to Invigorate Your Seder SIMON jAcOBSON NE W YO R K continued from page A8 Power Clarifies Comments About Israel Passover, perhaps like no other holiday, captures the diverse spectrum of religious and spiritual experience, from one extreme to the next. For the most observant, the Passover Seder is a solemn time, heavily filled with rules and regulatio Social . BY NAtAlIE BRAIER A15 Carmel and Yatir Dinner at City A thumbs up for the work of the JCRC NY Board member Sally Goodgold joined Veronica Kelly and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly in a comment on the JCRC dinner. Photo Maxine Dovere. Breaking Bread at JCRC Dinner BY MAXINE DOVERE More than 600 Jewish, communal and political leaders gathered at the Pierre Hotel in Manhattan for the annual dinner of the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York April 6. The eve NotForProfit Organizations Tribul Merchant Services Be part of the Attention Charity Ventures Program For over 10 years Tribul Merchant Services have been working with NotForProfit Organizations across the country, now we invite you to join our Charity Ventures Program. All you need to do in order to enter the program is to refer us to any business that currently accepts credit cards tell them to expect a phone call from Tribul Merchant Services. We keep it simple Leave it

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