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Opinion. Tradition . THE JEWISHH100 LIST. A2. FIRE A9. HOLY AND UNHOLY. JOURNALISM OF THE MOST AMORAL SORT A8 algemeiner THE JOURNAL 1.00 PRINTED IN NEW YORK FRIDAY, APRIL 5, 2013 25 NISSAN 5773 VOL. XXXX NO. 2103 We Will Not Return to Reality Seen in South Before Operation Pillar of Defense Report Israels Navy Seeks 760 Million Gas Field Defense Force BY ZACH PONTZ Israels navy is scrambling to assemble a force of new warships worth 760 million to protect the countrys natural gas f

A2 FRIDAY, APRIL 5 2013 Opinion . great expense. Some that will be listed, though rarely heard from in public, nonetheless have a real influence on the important Jewish or Israel related events of our time. What they share in common, is their significant positive influence on the Jewish future. As we are now reaching the crescendo of the nominations process, we turn to our dedicated readers for your input and insight. Please join us on this journey by submitting your selections by emailing e World News . FRIDAY, APRIL 5 2013 A3 Middle East Expert Obama Risks Being the President on Whose Watch it All Became So Much Worse BY ZACH PONTZ An acclaimed Middle East analyst and former presidential adviser on the Middle East is unimpressed with U.S. President Barack Obamas accomplishments in the region, and hes voicing his dissatisfaction. In an article in Foreign Policy titled Why Obama Has Failed in the Middle East, Aaaron David Miller writes that saving Syria, res

A4 FRIDAY, APRIL 5 2013 World News . Israeli Military Court Convicts Palestinian of Killing Asher Palmer, Son BY JNS.ORG The Ofer Base Military Court in Israel on Tuesday convicted a Palestinian man of the 2011 murders of 30yearold Asher Palmer and his 1yearold son Yonatan in a ruling that is expected to set a legal precedent. This is the first time a man has been convicted for murder over stonethrowing, Attorney Adrian Agassi, a former military court judge who represents the Palmer family, U.S. News . FRIDAY, APRIL 5 2013 A5 Palestinian NGO Apologizes for Posting Jewish Blood Libel Article BY JNS.ORG The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy MIFTAH has apologized and removed an article from its website stating that the Jewish Blood Libel is true. Does Obama in fact know the relationship, for example, between Passover it also said. MIFTAH, which was founded by Palestinian Authority lawmaker Hanan Ashrawi, apologized for t

A6 FRIDAY, APRIL 5 2013 Opinion . back to the wine industry. In 2001, Welner decided he was tired of working for others, and the following year, with his wife Liora, Welner started selling wine through their familyowned corporation, Welner Wines. While the corporate name Welner Wines may not be well known among kosher wine Israel Apartheid Week The Dirty Product of a Grotesque Alliance EDWARD ALEXANDER WASHINGTON D C The enemies of Israel neither slumber nor sleep. Right now they are engag Opinion Continued from Page A2 War A previous poll published last December, shortly after the end of Israels recent military campaign against Hamas, highlights among its main findings that the events of the past several weeks have given Hamas a significant boost ... The fourth quarter of 2012 shows a dramatic change in public attitude favoring Hamas. Haniyehs popularity increases significantly allowing him to defeat Abbas if new presidential elections are held today. ... Need

A8 FRIDAY, APRIL 5 2013 Impressions . Israeli Hero Saved Two Bedouin Brothers from Drowning BY ANAV SILVERMAN TAZPIT NEWS AGENCY The tragic deaths of three brothers from the Bedouin village Kuseife in the Negev, who were swept off to sea by strong currents during their familys visit to the Ashkelon coast last Thursday, shocked Israel. After four days of rescue efforts which involved the Israeli Navy, police ships, jet skis, helicopter, and divers, the third brothers body, Nahed Sariye was d FRIDAY, APRIL 5 2013 A9 Tradition. Legal Notice. Testament. When the Torah itself uses such language it speaks in the language of humanity that is to say, in terms people will understand. In truth, Tenakh is a love story through and through the passionate love of the Creator for His creatures, that survives all the disappointments and betrayals of human history. Gd needs us to encounter Him, not because He needs mankind but because we need Him. If civilization is to be

A10 FRIDAY, APRIL 5 2013 Tradition . Then and only then do we become ready to absorb the 50th day the Sinai experience, an even greater transcendent dimension, when we receive the Divine blueprint and power to fuse matter and spirit. We dont count the 50th day, but we cannot reach it unless we first count and refine our 49 7x7 personality features. What a fascinating way to look at the postholiday period. Usually one would think that after a long and beautiful holiday we return to our regul Social . FRIDAY, APRIL 5 2013 A11 From Sands to Skyscrapers Tel Aviv Launches the Future Henny Wenkart. Photo Courtesy of HBO. The children rescued by Gilbert and Eleanor Kraus. Photo Courtesy of HBO. BY MAXINE DOVERE JNS.ORG Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai recently came to New York City to talk about his city of sun, sand, skyscrapers, and startups. With just two minutes on a winter afternoon to introduce the city and its entrepreneurs, he began his presentation with a weath

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