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Opinion . Tradition . INFORMATION AGE LESSONS FROM PASSOVER A2. SHARING OUR A9. VULNERABILITIES PASSOVER MESSAGE FROM MICHELE BACHMANN A8 algemeiner THE JOURNAL FRIDAY, April 6, 2012 14 Nissan 5772 PASSOVER EDITON 1.00 PRINTED IN NEW YORK VOL. XXXIX NO. 2055 Arab Professor Moses Was a Muslim Debit Cards Provided to Thousands of Needy Jewish Families BY LAKKANA NANAYAKKARA Prepaid American Express debit cards are being provided to needy Jewish families by the Metropolitan Council o

A2 FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 2012 Opinion . papers were right at the bottom, dropping close to 30 from 2007 to 2011. Incredibly however, three out of the top 5 growing industries are largely relevant to the consumption and spreading of ideas and information and the other two are party relevant. The list from top to bottom is as follows Internet, Online Publishing, Philanthropy, ELearning and Public Policy. Jewish efforts to harness these platforms and tools are incredibly limited relative to the opp World News . A3 10 Years Later, Brutal Netanya Seder Terrorist Attack Remembered BY JOINTMEDIA NEWS On March 27, 2002, a Palestinian suicide bomber killed 30 people at a Passover seder in a Netanya beach hotel. Survivors and bereaved family members recently gathered to commemorate the 10year anniversary of the gruesome attack. Of those killed, the oldest was Chanah Rogan, 90, and the youngest was Sivan Vider, 20. You want to die. You dont want to live, said Corinne Hamamiw

A4 FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 2012 World News . guns to Mansour Abbas, who is an officer in the Palestinian General Intelligence Service in Ramallah and is responsible for the guards at Hamas Linked AntiIsrael Politician Wins Back British Parliament Seat BY ALGEMEINER STAFF George Galloway, a man who once claimed Jews control British media and was not allowed into Canada for his links to the terrorist organization Hamas, has just won back a seat in the British House of Commons. Galloway now brings h World News U.S News .. for a clarification on Jerusalems status, State Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland said the issue will be resolved through negotiations and that the U.S. will not prejudge the outcome of those negotiations, including the final status of Jerusalem. A5 Chris Christie Jerusalem Trip Fuels VP Speculation BY LAKKANA NANAYAKKARA New Jersey Governor Chris Christie visited Jerusalem on Monday as part of his first overseas trip since taking office. He an

A6 FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 2012 Opinion . hands. You dont become judge and jury as to a persons intent. If it were a Jew murdered in similar circumstances for simply walking around a neighborhood at night with a bottle of Coke and a black hat I would hope that our community would likewise be up in arms. No doubt people with white skin can appreciate that when you have darker skin and you go out to buy some candy its outrageous for others to assume that you may be a criminal. Then there is the Flor

A8 FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 2012 Impressions . Dr. Phil, Shauli Grossman, ExHassidim, and the True Path to Enlightenment BY MOSHE AVERICK Writers and pundits of all ideological stripes have weighed in on the controversy surrounding the bestselling expose of the Hassidic world by Deborah Feldman and the custody battle of another former Hassidiccommunity member, Pearl Reich. Ms. Reich recently appeared on the Dr. Phil show with Mr. Shauli Grossman another exHassid and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. I have c A9 Tradition. Legal Notice. offer of food was the first human gesture that occurred among us. I believe that that moment can be dated as the beginning of the change by which we, who had not died, slowly changed from prisoners to men again. LEGAL NOTICE RANGER STUDIO LLC, a domestic LLC. Arts. of Org. filed with the SSNY on 07142011. Office location Kings County. SSNY has been designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. SSNY shall mail process to Ben

A10 FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 2012 Tradition . By looking honestly at your life, you will recognize the miracles within nature and the miracle of nature itself. You will recognize the divine providence in all your activities. You will learn to appreciate the miracles of your own life the successes youve had and the very miracle of life. Thank Gd for these miracles dont take them for granted. And finally, you will realize that the world around you is experiencing miracles within miracles, a revoluti Social . A11 Passover Kosher Wine Buying Guide BY YOSSIE HORWITZ As you probably already know, the weeks leading up to Pessach are the US kosher wine industrys busiest with more kosher wine being sold during this period than the rest of the year combined. As the popularity of quality kosher wine continues to increase, the quality and variety of wines available to the kosher wine consumer are truly astounding. While obviously a blessing, the tremendous choice can make for a

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