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Opinion. Tradition . ISRAEL TRIP A2. ROMNEYS PERFECT TIMING. WHY IS THE A9. JEWISH PEOPLE SO SMALL. JEWISH WOMAN CARRIES OLYMPIC FLAG A11 algemeiner THE JOURNAL 1.00 PRINTED IN NEW YORK FRIDAY, AUGUST 3, 2012 15 AV 5772 VOL. XXXVIII NO. 2071 Netanyahu I Will Not Allow Iran To Destroy Us Image of Bulgaria Terror Bomber and Accomplices Soon To Be Released BY ATARA ARBESFELD On Tuesday, Bulgarian Tourism Minister Delian Dobrev announced that forensic experts will soon be able to gener

A2 FRIDAY, AUGUST 3 2012 Opinion . rusalem Foundation was also riddled with other intrinsic contrasts between himself and President Obama on attitudes toward Israel. Including by not limited to His confirmation of Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel. It is a deeply moving experience to be in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, he said. The Obama administration has consistently rejected this position. He affirmed the basis of the United States special relationship with Israel as one based o World News . FRIDAY, AUGUST 3 2012 A3 Israeli Daily Yediot Ahronot to Fire Dozens of Journalists, Blames Competitor Adelson BY ALGEMEINER STAFF Yediot Ahronot, one of Israels leading newspapers, will be cutting dozens of journalists from its staff in a cost cutting measure that a senior executive is blaming on billionaire Sheldon Adelsons free paper, Israel Today. Were on the eve of very hard and major cutbacks at Yediot Ahronot, the executive told Globes, an Israeli bus

A4 FRIDAY, AUGUST 3 2012 World News . 16 Year Old Stopped From Suicide Attack in Israel BY ALGEMEINER STAFF A 16 year old boy was arrested near the Kerem Shalom kibbutz recently in connection with a planned suicide attack against Israeli Jews. According to Israeli Police, the Palestinian boy jumped over a border fence and walked for two days, from Gaza into Israel. Israeli soldiers with the IDFs Golani Brigade spotted the boy, with a large axe, as he approached a kibbutz, and arrested him. U.S. News . FRIDAY, AUGUST 3 2012 A5 Syria Used Western Money to Expand Chemical Arsenal BY JNS.ORG Documents and news reports reveal that Iran helped Syria expand its chemical weapons arsenal, and that aid money provided to Syria by the West was used to purchase more weapons. According to the Washington Post, the Syrian Ministry of Industry used 14.6 program. Iran would provide the construction design and equipment to annually produce tens to hundreds of tons of precurs

A6 FRIDAY, AUGUST 3 2012 Opinion . Crying Over Dead Jews Lithuanias Jewless Jewish Institutions GEOFF VASIL L I T H UA N I A Lithuanias Jewish community isnt immune from the broader issues facing Jewish existence in Eastern Europe and the same problems of Jewish identity that crop up in Russia, Bulgaria, Poland and elsewhere are prevalent. And just as there are Christian Evangelicals and others who support the policies of the rightwing in the State of Israel and elsewhere in Europe, there Opinion Continued from Page A6 Crying . FRIDAY, AUGUST 3 2012 A7 other Lithuanian libraries, would there be trades or movement of books between the Jewish library and the others No, Lithuania does not really have this tradition, she explained. I looked over the meager collection in the stacks, all four shelves, and saw a few things Id read before, including Blacks IBM and the Holocaust, with a shiny dust cover, looking as if it had never been opened. Not only is the Viln

A8 FRIDAY, AUGUST 3 2012 Impressions . a textile industry, there was nothing in the Holy Land to sustain large numbers of immigrants. Chelebi wanted to persuade the Ottoman authorities to permit the establishment of new industries and agricultural settlements. But he needed a front man, someone with presence and stature to impress the Ottoman authorities as a spiritual man of peace rather than a commercial speculator. or worse, a military adventurer. The sultan hated instability but did resp FRIDAY, AUGUST 3 2012 A9 Tradition. Legal Notice a nation as small as the Jews could produce an everrenewed flow of prophets, priests, poets, philosophers, sages, saints, halakhists, aggadists, codifiers, commentators, rebbes and roshei yeshivot that they could also yield some of the worlds greatest writers, artists, musicians, filmmakers, academics, intellectuals, doctors, lawyers, businesspeople and technological innovators. Out of all proportion to their numbers Jews c

A10 FRIDAY, AUGUST 3 2012 Tradition . Obviously, no change happens for one reason alone. Yet, no one can deny the powerful influence of religious control on the breakout of free spiritedness. However, though driven by some healthy impulses, this rebellion also went too far in many circles. In face of the newfound science and freethinking atmosphere, religion began to be seen as at best an idea whose time had passed. It may have served the needs of a primitive people, but is no longer necessa Social . FRIDAY, AUGUST 3 2012 A11 Aerial shot of Olympic Park in London. Photo wiki commons. Sally Becker is First Jewish Woman to Carry Olympic Flag BY ALGEMEINER STAFF Sally Becker saved hundreds of lives in Bosnia and Kosovo during the 1990 s and was chosen as one of the 8 people to carry the Olympic flag during last Fridays opening ceremony at the London Olympics. Ive been waiting for someone to tap me on the shoulder and say this is a big mistake, she told The Alg

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