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Opinion. Tradition . DOUBLE A2. DOWN ON N. CONSTRUCTION. DISGUISE. A9. CHANUKAH AND THE NECHEMYA WEBERMAN CASE A8 algemeiner THE JOURNAL 1.00 PRINTED IN NEW YORK HAPPY CHANUKAH FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2012 1 TEVET 5773 VOL. XXXVIII NO. 2081 Netanyahu Voices Support for Levy Panel in Wake of Jerusalem E1 Criticism IDF Defends Policy of Restraint Following Multiple StoneThrowing Incidents BY ZACH PONTZ The IDF continues to investigate two incidents in which IDF soldiers were forced to r

A2 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14 2012 Opinion . a visceral hatred towards them. Typically sanctions and condemnations are reserved for dictators, theocrats and regimes, tyrants that have hijacked the will of their populations. I would like to see the United Nations Secretary General explain why Israel is the exception to this rule. Condemnation or sanctioning of the pure representative democracy that is Israel, amounts to a rejection of the collective decisions of the Jewish people in the Jewish state World News . FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14 2012 A3 Journalist Accused of AntiIsrael Bias, Christiane Amanpour, to Host ABC Series on Israel BY JNS.ORG ABC News has announced that controversial veteran correspondent reporter Christiane Amanpour will host an upcoming series on Israel, raising concerns within the proIsrael community over media bias. Titled Back to the Beginning, the series will follow Amanpour as she travels to Israel to explore the powerful stories from Genesis to t

A4 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14 2012 World News . the country and the region, Salehi added. In recent weeks the specter of chemical and biological weapons being used by both government and rebel forces has raised fears in the West and has prompted Israel to send an elite special forces unit into the country to track weapons movement, according to reports. The Syrian crisis has been ongoing since early 2011 and human rights groups place the number of those killed due to the conflict at 40,000 people. U.S. News . FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14 2012 A5 Israeli Ambassador to U.S. Warns U.S. to Sell More BunkerBusting Bombs to Israel Against Chemically Armed Hezbollah BY ZACH PONTZ BY JNS.ORG Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren said Sunday that if Syria transfers chemical weapons to terrorist organizations like Hezbollah, it would be a game changer and a red line for Israel. We are watching the situation very carefully. Syria has a very varied, deep chemical weapons program

A6 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14 2012 Opinion. Chanukah, Where the Jews Lit Candles Rather than Celebrate War SHMULEY BOTEACH N E W YO R K Chanuka is Judaisms most universal holiday with deep resonance for all Americans. Our great country was founded by refugees who escaped religious persecution in Europe and were prepared to cross an ocean in order to found a colony where they could worship as they chose. Indeed, freedom of religion applied as a principle of colonial government goes back to the Mary Opinion. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14 2012 A7 Continued from Page A6 Diarist class. Indeed, such pieties are often observed, if perfunctorily, by even the most shrill critics of the modern Jewish state. However, in observing the failure of such a large segment of the progressive community to engage in serious moral resistance in the face of explicit threats by many leading Islamists such as the leaders of Hamas to annihilate the Jews, it seems extremely unlikely that the next coo

A8 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14 2012 Impressions . International Birdwatchers Flock to Israel for Bird Festival BY ANAV SILVERMAN TAZPIT NEWS AGENCY Some of the lesser known tourists that visit Israel by the millions each year, are the 300 species of birds, which use Israel as a reststop as they migrate en route from Africa, Asia and Europe. For international bird watchers attending the Second International Hula Valley Bird Festival in midNovember, it is common knowledge that northern Israels Hula V FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14 2012 A9 Tradition. Legal Notice. that Jacob, Leah, Tamar and Joseph can be recognized, in the sense of attended, taken seriously, heeded. Isaac loves Esau, not Jacob. He loves Rachel, not Leah. Judah thinks of his youngest son, not the plight of Tamar. Joseph is hated by his brothers. Only when they appear as something or someone other than they are can they achieve what they seek for Jacob, his fathers blessing for Leah, a husband for Tamar, a son fo

A10 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14 2012 Tradition . dred souls came alive. Above all We listened. We listened to the flames, to each other, to voices within and above ourselves we listened to our souls instead of our bodies. For those few hours at least, we freed ourselves from the narrow confines of our daily routines, which hold us hostage in its tentacles, and allowed our souls to take over. The result Pure magic. Unbelievable energy. That is the power released when matter converts into energy. I ha Social . FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14 2012 A11 Actress Zooey Deschanel Lights the Menorah, Tweets Happy Chanukah Yall BY ZACH PONTZ Billy Joel rocking out in Perth, Australia in 2006. Photo Wikipedia Billboard Releases List of Top 30 Jewish Musicians BY ZACH PONTZ Billboard, one of the oldest trade publications in the world, has been the litmus test for popular success in the music industry for decades. Over the weekend it released its list of the top 30 Jewish musicians to cel

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