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Opinion . Tradition . WHY DONORS LIKE CHABAD PART 2 A2. THE TRIUMPH OF FREEDOM OVER HATE A9. ARIANNA HUFFINGTON AT NYSE ISRAEL DAY A11. algemeiner THE JOURNAL FRIDAY, December 2, 2011 6 Kislev 5772 VOL. XXXVIII NO. 2037 1.00 PRINTED IN NEW YORK Syria at a Crisis Crossroads Are Syrian Jews Safe Iceland Votes to Recognize Palestine BY NEWS AGENCIES Icelands parliament voted on Tuesday in favor of recognizing the Palestinian territories as an independent state, the first Western Europea

A2 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2011 Opinion . He writes, In another community, the violent deaths of such a young and promising couple might have sent shivers through the leadership, prompting them to pull other emissaries from the field. But Chabads leadership did the opposite, immediately sending another couple to take their place, again showing the degree of commitment and dedication that the movements followers have ascribed to their mission. Investor Warren Buffett famously said, Wide diversifi World News . A3 Hannah Rosenthal Does It Again BY DOVID KATZ A year has gone by since President Obamas special envoy and head of the Office to Monitor and Combat AntiSemitism was taken to task by the Simon Wiesenthal Center visvis Lithuania, in an opinion piece in the Guardian. Some months before that, in May 2010, The Tablet reported Rosenthal Lays tion. Totalitarian temptations and new trials of tolerance. The session was chaired by Ronaldas Racinskas, known for giving d

A4 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2011 World News . believes that he was hurt by the online content will be allowed to contact the service provider and receive from it, without due process, an identification that will allow to locate the computer from which the content was published, provided that the applicant declares that he is requesting the information only to conduct a legal proceeding and that he undertakes not to use the information The provider will then notify the subscriber and ask his conse World News U.S News .. A5 Jewish Groups Say Hate Crime Charge Against Shuchat Unwarranted BY SANDY ELLER One week after an Israeli court approved Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes request to extradite a former Crown Heights resident to the United States in order to face charges of a 2008 bias attack, people are rallying to his support, calling the district attorneys campaign politically motivated and a miscarriage of justice. Yitzchak Shuchat, who now lives outside

A6 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2011 Opinion . Rabbi Shmuley Boteach has just published of Ten Conversations You Need to Have with Yourself. Wiley and will shortly publish Kosher Jesus. Follow him on his website www. and on Twitter RabbiShmuley. Are Mormons Any Weirder than the Rest of Us SHMULEY BOTEACH N E W YO R K the governors mansion in Utah a few years back or any of my countless other Mormon friends. All should be judged on their merits as people and politicians, whatever their Opinion Continued from A6 OWS . A7 Council of North AmericaAlAwda and the Majlis AshShura of Metropolitan New York. The demonstration attracted hundreds of Muslims and approximately 50 OWS protesters, carrying signs reading, NYPD Watches Us. Who Watches NYPD Many many other people at Occupy Wall Street stand in solidarity with Muslim communities, and all targets of NYPD, CIA, FBI and government repression, Jen Waller, a representative of the OWS movement and a member of t

A8 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2011 Impressions . the argument. Be that as it may, what does Science actually have to tell us about the fundamental and essential nature of human consciousness Consider the following statements by atheistic scientists Nobody has the slightest idea how anything material could be conscious. Nobody even knows what it would be like to have the slightest idea about how anything material could be conscious. Dr. Jerry Fodor, Professor of Philosophy and cognitive scientist, R A9 Tradition. Legal Notice everywhere. Jacob is the refusal to let large powers crush the few, the weak, the refugee. Jacob refuses to define himself as a slave, someone elses property. He maintains his inner dignity and freedom. He contributes to other peoples prosperity but he defeats every attempt to be exploited. Jacob is the voice that says I too am human. I too have rights. I too am free. If Laban is the eternal paradigm of hatred of conspicuously successful minoritie

A10 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2011 Tradition . asleep we are often shown a vision a dream of a ladder upon which the powers of history have been climbing and descending from the beginning of time. And now we are invited to climb the ladder. By showing us the Jacob within each of us this vision we are being prepared as the original Jacob was prepared for what is to come, and is giving all of us the tools to face these challenges and prevail. The message for each of us today is clear To face the Social . BY MIRI BENDOR A11 Israel Day at the New York Stock Exchange A Partnership of Business innovation The annual Israel Day at the New York Stock Exchange 2011 focused on the effect of human interaction on innovation. From the ringing of the opening bell to the dedicated workshops, the full day program looked at the integration of innovation and consumer demand. Innovators in areas ranging from energy efficiency to overthecounter consumer products presented an update

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