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Opinion. Tradition . BUILD, BIBI, BUILD. A2. THE REFUSAL TO BE COMFORTED A9. INTERVIEW MITT ROMNEYS JEWISH MATCHMAKER. A11 THE algemeiner JOURNAL FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2012 23 KISLEV 5773 VOL. XXXVIII NO. 2086 1.00 PRINTED IN NEW YORK Calculated and Measured Response to Jerusalem Building Israeli Intelligence Official Border with Syria Will Soon Be the Hottest Border In Israel BY ZACH PONTZ A senior Israeli intelligence official has told Israels Channel 2 that soon the countrys border

A2 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7 2012 Opinion . cent history we are sidelined not as individuals, but as a robust unified collective in the form of the state of Israel. If Israel is being offered up by the international community as an appeasement sacrifice to the Arab states, the Jewish peoples only recourse is to strengthen its position and secure its citizens in every possible way. And this is why it is imperative for Israel to build and settle Jews in every corner of Jerusalem and the West Bank ter World News . FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7 2012 A3 Bolton Blames Obama for UN Recognition of Palestinian State BY ALGEMEINER STAFF ormer United Nations Ambassador John Bolton blamed the Obama administration for last weeks approval by the UN of a Palestinian state. This is a reflection of an ongoing failure by the Obama administration to take this issue seriously, Bolton told Fox Newss Greta Van Susteren Thursday night. At last weeks General Assembly vote, current Amb. Susan Rice op

A4 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7 2012 World News . Israelis negotiate with them in circumstances where theyre firing rockets out of Gaza. Scarborough And still saying you dont have the right to existBlair Yeh, so would it be better if you had a Hamas at the table, yes, but in order to have them at the table in anything other than a totally unrealistic Scarborough What do they want Other than the destructionthey know Israels not going away. What does Hamas want Blair To be frank you cant be sure. And th U.S. News . FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7 2012 A5 Harvard Students Receive Club Invitations Excluding Jews, Welcoming Coloreds BY JNS.ORG Harvard University students received flyers from a supposed Harvards Newest Final Club explicitly stating that Jews should not apply but coloreds are welcome to do so. The flyer invited students to an introductory club event, listing three virtues inclusion, with the footnote of Jews need not apply diversity, followed by the words Seriously, no f

A6 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7 2012 Opinion. Rices Failure in Rwanda Precludes her from Becoming Secretary of State SHMULEY BOTEACH N E W YO R K That Susan Rice either willfully misled the American people on the Benghazi attacks, or lazily absorbed intelligence briefings without the least bit of personal involvement, is obvious. That she was covering for the Obama Administration in denying a terror attack just weeks before the election is speculative but likely. That she does not, therefore, deserve Opinion. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7 2012 A7 Did Israel Kill Yasser Arafat And if so, Was it Justified ITAMAR MEARCUS AND NAN JAQUES ZILBERDIK Likewise, PA cleric Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Madi preached I was delighted when a youth said to me Oh, Sheikh, I am 14 years old, I have four more years, and then I will blow myself up among Allahs enemies ... We blow them up in Hadera, we blow them up in Tel Aviv and in Netanya ... they will not be deterred except by the color of the blood of

A8 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7 2012 Impressions . perhaps because of the way that Spanish figures into the dynamics of my family, Sephardi music is like this interesting part of my extended family that I feel connected to. On a simpler level though, I want to play the oud and I want to play music that celebrates Jewish culture, Sephardic music is the connecting point there. Q Who do you see as your target demographic AL I think we have a few target demographics. Perhaps the most obvious is the one y FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7 2012 A9 Tradition. Legal Notice. refusal to be comforted shows that he was unconvinced. He continued to hope that Joseph was still alive. That hope was eventually justified. Joseph was still alive, and eventually father and son were reunited. The refusal to be comforted sounded more than once in Jewish history. The prophet Jeremiah heard it in a later age This is what the Lord says A voice is heard in Ramah, Mourning and great weeping, Rachel weeping fo

A10 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7 2012 Tradition . now educates, according to the rabbi, 28 special students. In the twelve years since its founding, the school has produced eight students who have integrated into mainstream educational institutions, and four who have graduated and hold steady jobs. Were the Rebbes words fulfilled Has the childrens education visibly improved their communication skills Let me share with you the following episode, he tells me, and you will judge for yourself whether ther Social . FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7 2012 A11 Mitt Romney with his Director of Jewish Outreach, Lisa Spies. Photo Courtesy Lisa Spies. Mitts Matchmaker Lisa Spies Looks Back and Ahead BY ARI WERTH When Mitt Romney set out to woo Jewish voters, he needed access to the top Jewish donors and leaders. But how Romney got himself a shadchanJewish matchmakerof the political variety. Her name was Lisa Spies. As Romneys Director of Jewish Outreach, she was at the center of the battle for

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